Averr Aglow Reviews: Customer Report

Aaverr aglow reviews are everywhere, but here you will find the qualitative analysis of 91 real customers that told us everything about their experience.

Keep on reading because you’re going to have an impartial customer report based on genuine reviews by real customers that exposed everything! 

What Is The Averr Aglow Skincare?

Averr Aglow is a cosmetic line specializing in acne and anti-aging skincare.

This cruelty-free line claims to use natural ingredients to clear up your skin from acne, blemishes, and spots.

Here’s what they are promising to you:

  • Balanced Skin for oily skin
  • You are going to break out free
  • Brighter  glowy skin
  • Cleared up acne and dark spots, including chronicle and cystic acne

Ideally, this is what you should expect if you decide to give it a try. But does that correspond to reality?

To find out, we will dive into genuine reviews from real buyers who are not afraid to tell all they think and feel about Averr Aglow.

We have a total of Averr Aglow Reviews & Customer Report Exposed right here, but here’s the summary for those in a rush. ↓↓↓

Averr Aglow Reviews & Customer Report Summary

After analyzing 91 reviews, we could see that Averr Glow had more positive than negative reviews.

However, what concerns me is the still huge number of negative reviews and how often people mentioned that their skin got worse.

What Do Reviewers Think And Feel About The Products?

Among the 18 characteristical statements that emerged from reviewers, here are the most frequent affirmations:

  • I love it, and my skin has improvements (reported 39 times)
  • My Acne/skin situation got worse (reported 21 times)
  • My skin Has Fully Cleared Up (reported 20 times)
Averr Aglow Reviews

Averr Aglow Reviews & Report

Is the Averr Aglow Worthy?

Even though we had better reviews than bad ones, it is undeniable that there are high chances that this product may not work for a good number of people.

This is hard to know beforehand if you will be suitable for using it and experience improvements.

The only way to go is to take the risk and buy their products and test it out. The problem is that they are pretty expensive.

If you go through what they call the purging time (which is a period where the skin gets worse to get better then) and realize that your skin got better instead of worse in a reasonable time, you succeed.

A few reviews say this is not worth the time and money, and you better switch to something more reliable.

Keep on reading to see the actual numbers and further explain this conclusion.

Averr Aglow Reviews Complete Customer Report [ Exposed!]

This Averr Aglow Review is a bit different because even though I never used Averr Glow myself, I dug into data to understand what customers think about this brand.

Here I analyzed 91 reviews extracted from Trustpilot where users wrote about their own experiences. 

Trustpilot is a perfect place where good and bad reviews are exposed impartially, and the companies cannot delete them.

You can find hundreds of reviews there, but for a qualitative report, a sampling of 91 reviews can give us great insights.

All reviewers reported using the Averr Glow products for at least two months from this sampling.

There is no age information about the reviewers, but it is very insightful to go into this data. 

First findings: Positive Vs. Negative Vs. Neutral Reviews

From a sampling of 91 reviews, 61 reviews were positive, 28 reviews were negative, and two were neutral.

Don’t worry. We are going to dig deeper into more details in a while. 

Positive Reviews 

Negative Reviews

Neutral Reviews





Total: 91 reviews

If you are more of a visual person, here you have a graph that will reflect the good vs. the bad and the neutral reviews.

Averr Aglow Reviews

As you can see, in this first Averr Glow Review report, the brand managed to have more positive reviews than negative ones.

But our conclusions are not going to stop here. There is so much to address in these reviews.

Averr Aglow Bad Vs. Good Reviews: What Is It Telling Us?

After this quick analysis, I could see that Averr Aglow’s reviews are very controversial, in my opinion. 

People love or hate it. 

From my experience with reviews in general, I have never seen one product have too many negative reviews.

I could see that Averr Glow skincare is not for everyone, especially those with severe skin problems.

Even though this product is designed to treat severe chronicle acne and similar skin problems, in my opinion, it is risky to try this out.

Of course, we have more positive than negative reviews, but at the peace that we dig into data, we will see how risky it is to invest in this product.

Keep on reading; this will make more sense for you.


Now, this is not yet a review of individual products. This is a review of the brand in general.

Most people in these reviews used a combination of products for at least two months or more.

All reviewers used at least two or more products in combination and with the hopes of combating acne to one degree or another.

While analyzing the 91 reviews, where users wrote how the Averr Aglow products worked from them, we could see a pattern of common key mentions and characteristics.

The Main Characteristics That Came Up

Eighteen main characteristics came up.

Down below, there is the report of all characteristics that were mentioned at least three times or more.

Eighteen main characteristics came up (mentioned at least three or more). Take a look at the key mentions frequency table:

Key Characteristics Mentioned

Number Of Mentions

1. I love it and my skin had improvements 

39 Mentions

2. My Acne / skin situation got worse

21 Mentions

3. My skin Has Fully Cleared Up

20 Mentions

4. I don’t recommend Averr Aglow Skincare

9 Mentions

5. My Skin Broke Out After Using It

9 Mentions

6. This product is Inefficient and doesn’t work 

9 Mentions

7. This is a bad and expensive line, not worthy the money spent

8 Mentions

8. They hidden My bad reviews on their website and social media channels

7 Mentions

9. Package and bottles looks cheap and spray do not work properly

7 Mentions

10. I am very disappointed

7 Mentions

11. I Recommend Averr Aglow Skincare

7 Mentions

12. My skin got terrible oily and greasy

6 Mentions

13. I got brighter skin after using Averr Aglow

6 Mentions 

14. My Skin got better when I stopped using it and switched to cheaper drugstore products

4 Mentions

15. Products have a great smell

4 Mentions

16. My skin looked balanced 

4 Mentions

17. My pores were minimized

4 Mentions

18. Misleading Advertisement / Line doesn’t keep the promises 

3 Mentions

This is the full list of the main characteristics of the Averr Glow Skin Care, followed by how many times each individual characteristic was mentioned.

Now you can understand what I said before; this is a polemic product. 

Unlikely most products I have reviewed, there are many mixed opinions, and opinions are very divided.

People seem to love or hate Averr Aglow skincare; even though the majority were satisfied with it, this is not the vast majority.

It is essential to look at the table above because you will be able to know precisely the side effects you may face.

If you decide to try it out, you are aware of the possible scenarios you may face. 

For example, people mentioned that their skin got worse 21 times. 

This is a significant number, to have in mind before buying it because it represents 23% of reviewers.

In my opinion, this is something you should have in mind while making your buying decision, for sure.

We are indeed talking more in detail about this later on. But let’s start talking about the top 3 mentions for now.

Then we will talk about some essential mentions that I believe need more details.

The Top 3 Key Characteristics Mentioned   

Let’s look at the Top 3 characteristics or mentions revealed by the review analysis.

Here’s what the reviewers reported the most:

  • I love it, and my skin has improvements (reported 39 times)
  • My Acne/skin situation got worse (reported 21 times)
  • My skin Has Fully Cleared Up (reported 20 times)
Averr Aglow Reviews

I Love It And My Skin Had Improvements (Reported 39 Times)

The mention “I love it, and my skin had improvements” was reported 39 times.

If we stop to think about it, these people reported to love the product because they started to see improvements, but it doesn’t explain to what extent their skin improved.

However, it gives the impression that they are happy with the results, but when they mention improvements, we can only think their skin got better, they are happy that this is what matters the most.

My Acne / Skin Situation Got Worse (Reported 21 Times)

This is actually very important to clarify and explain further this mention because it touches directly on reviewers’ overall skin health and self-esteem. 

The Averr Aglow talks about the “purging time” where the brand claims that skin gets worse to become better.

However, all reviewers that fall into this category have reported that this is just an excuse from the company.

Here’s an example of a review:

“But don’t believe that you need to push through their “purge.” True skin purging starts after 4-8 weeks of use, not within days, and usually doesn’t last longer than two weeks.”

All reviewers in this category mentioned they believed that when their skin got worse, there was nothing to do with the “purge” because they waited enough time to realize their skin was not improving after the “purge time” limit.

These reviewers reported they continue to use the product and even purchase more products from the line, hoping that their skin would eventually get better.

When their skin got bad enough, they could not risk continuing to use it, and they suspended the use.

Many of them admitted that they switched to a less expensive line and started to see immediate recovery.

My Skin Has Fully Cleared Up (Reported 20 Times)

This means that they got fully healed if they had acne or blemishes or something like that. 

It is interesting to see that this was mentioned 20 times when 21 reviewers related their skin got worse.

This is very important to consider because if you decide to try this line, there are big chances of controversial reactions.

If you decide to try this out because we cannot deny that many people have reported seeing great results, it is essential to be aware of the ‘the purge time.’

If the purge time takes too long to heal, it probably means that this skincare line is not for you.

In this case, contact your dermatologist, or switch to a line that you already know won’t harm you.

Averr Aglow Reviews: What Else Should We Pay Attention?

Now that we had a look at the top 3 main characteristics people reported on our Averr Aglow. 

Reviews research, let’s look at some additional characteristics that I think need a little bit of further information.

I think the ones I won’t mention here are pretty self-explanatory, but you can use the comments section below to send them to us if you have any questions.

Let’s get started!

#They Hide Bad Reviews On Their Website And Social Media Channels

Even though this statement was mentioned seven times and is still a heads-up signal, right?

Why would they hide the bad revisions? 

I know it is complicated to deal with and that it can damage their image, but then if there are bad reviews they should be appropriately dressed and not deleted.

#My Skin Got Terrible Oily And Greasy

We saw a reviewer mentioning that their skin got terrible oily and greasy for six hours. 

In this case, they complained about the texture of the products, especially the moisturizing lotions.

They mainly complained that the texture felt oily and greasy once applied to the skin.

Another characteristic they were not happy about was that skin looked very oily.

#Skin Got Better When Stopping Using It And Switched To Drugstore Products

Even though reviewers in this sampling mentioned it four times, this is interesting because it can serve as advice for those struggling with the purge time.

For those who don’t know, Averr Aglow informs the buyers that once you start using their lines, there will be a period where your skin gets worse to begin to get better.

This is the purge period, but this period can be very controversial because many people are confused about how long it takes.

I think it is important to share again a quote I got from one of the reviewers:

“But don’t believe that you need to push through their “purge.” True skin purging starts after 4-8 weeks of use, not within days, and usually doesn’t last longer than two weeks.”

Having this in mind, if you think the purging period is taking too long, it is best to switch to a different skin care regimen. 

Averr Aglow Reviews Disclaimer

Averr Glow became a very known skincare cosmetic brand after the frequent Instagram ads. 

You can also see many bloggers that have written their reviews on their websites. 

This Averr Aglow Reviews & Customer Report [ Exposed!] is not a sponsored review.

I haven’t received any product for demonstration. Any incentive or affiliate commissions did not influence all information based on this post.

All information in this Averr Aglow Reviews & Customer Report [ Exposed!] is based on accurate data from genuine buyers who exposed their own opinions about the brand.

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