Bare Minerals Reviews: Original vs. Matte Foundation

Bare Minerals Original vs. Matte: Hey guys, I guess you might be thinking this is pretty obvious right?

Just recognize the type of face you have and bang. The original is for the dry to normal skin, while the matte is for the oily. But there are a few considerations other than these, we’re gonna find out in this Bare Minerals Original vs. Matte review.

All this is because there will be some specific characteristics from Bare Minerals Original vs. Matte that you might end up choosing one over another, independently of your skin type.

But before we dig into the comparison Bare Minerals Powder Foundation Original Vs Matte, we might as well be interested in a quick review about each one of these products. So, let’s get started!

Bare Minerals Original vs. Matte: Bare Minerals Original Foundation Review

In this Bare Minerals Original vs. Matte, let’s start talking about the Original version.

The ORIGINAL LOOSE POWDER FOUNDATION SPF 15 costs $32.00 Dollars to this date and as you have might already noticed, it comes with sunscreen factor 15.

I personally think the sunscreen factor is way too low, but let’s still give it a sheer, because at least it has some sun protection, which is always nice to have, right?

The Benefits Claimed

They say this is a nonchemical mineral sunscreen, which leads me to believe that this is a natural product that will be gentle on my skin.

That being observed, I could indeed notice that the product is very ok on my sensitive skin without irritating it. So, a good check on this!

This is also free of talcs, parabens, fragrances, preservatives. I must say that these were one of the reasons I was so interested on testing these powder foundations.

Something that I really would like to highlight is that they claim this is a clean 100% vegan formula, cruelty free that makes us all feel a bit happier and at peace of mind!

Another thing that called my attention is that on their website they stated: “MAKEUP SO PURE AND CLEAN YOU CAN SLEEP IN IT”. Really?

I had my doubts and put it to test. In fact, after sleeping with it, I did not realise any immediate reaction on the next day.

I might be right person to do this kind of test because I have very sensitive skin and any time I had dared to sleep with make up I had immediate problems.

But on the second day I slept with it, I did notice some small pinpoints, so I guess this might not be 100% true to all kinds of people (like me for example)

And any ways let’s be frank here, we will not want risk sleeping with makeup anyways, even if the brand says it is 100% natural, just in case!

Finish and Application

They say it is a BUILDABLE FULL COVERAGE, meaning that you can decide if you want full coverage or not, depending on the mood of the day.

If you want something more natural, it can be very lightweight but if you want or need something more well finished, you can have full coverage just by adding layers of the product

They claim the it will give you a LUMINOUS FINISH, it probably mean a glowing skin.

In my case, I do not lot like it full coverage, so I applied just a little bit of the product and went out. I thought It was good, but as I have oily skin, I guess this is not going to be my best friend on a daily basis.

But I can always be saved by my MAC CC Loose Powder in situations like that, which is nice and will allow me not to loose the money invested!

On the website they claim that skin feels “feather-light, and won’t settle into pores or fine lines”. I can agree with that.

Bare Minerals Original Foundation Pros

  • It is lightweight and looks natural
  • It is easy to apply
  • It does cover imperfections
  • Great for normal to dry skin
  • At least has some sunscreen protection (15SPF)
  • Will not clog pores
  • 100% Natural and Cruelty Free

Bare Minerals Original Foundation Cons

  • Not So good on oily skin
  • I think that this type of foundation is not so practical to apply
  • Does not last too long, you need to retouch every now and again

Bare Minerals Original vs. Matte: Bare Minerals Matte Foundation Review

Bare Minerals Review

Bare minerals says this is a super light weight powder foundation, which I totally agree and must say, that this is what attracted me to this foundation at first.

It says that it can be a full coverage foundation (if you build the layers), with a silky matte finish.

That being said, I can agree with most parts of it except to the full coverage thing. 

Let’s talk about the coverage 🙂

The first thing I would like to say is that For someone without acne scars, and clear skin, it will work normally if you have acne on the serious side, this will not really work for you. 

For any kind of skin type it will not substitute concealer. Be under eyes and be for covering acne scars, this foundation is not full coverage and depending on your skin condition, you might need to build a few layers of the product until you are happy with the finish.

Once that is said, I have also to share that I pretty like that even though you might need multiple layers, if you apply it 2 to 3 times, it will still give you a natural look.

The tip is to use concealer to hide acne and spots, and then apply the foundation. It might work better as well, if you apply a little bb or cc cream before the foundation. Just an idea!

I also like the matte finish. It is definitely effective on the oil control thing. So, I guess this product is worth just for that even if you apply the concealer or a bb cream before, it will be a good ally on the oil control part.

Duration: Does it last long?

When you apply the foundation, it will look very matte and the finish is alright. However if you have some kind of scars and spots, you might need more layers that will make you feel a little heavy.

After a while (around two hours) or depending if you are on a humid or dry place, you will need to re-touch the foundation several times to maintain the matte effect.

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation: Pos and Cons


  • I think the matte finish is beautiful and the finish was natural on my skin type
  • Great powder foundation as long as you have fairly clear skin
  • Once you apply it, it keeps the coverage


  • Need to be re-touched several times to maintain the matte effect
  • Better when applied after concealer or another type of foundation like bb or cc cream
  • Can feel heavy after applying 2 or 3 layers

Bare Minerals Original vs. Matte: The comparison

The bare mineral foundation original is for those with normal skin, while the matte bare mineral foundation is for only skin.

But Some people who need more coverage might think that the matte version has more coverage than the original, which is not true.

In fact, I thought the original had slightly more coverage than the matte.

Other reason is for those in tropical weather, might need the matte version, even it they have normal skin.

The difference number one I notice apart from the matte being made for the oily skin with the intention of oil control is that the original version has better coverage.

Having in mind that the matte effect on the matte version takes only on average a couple of hours, after that you need to keep on re-touching, it is actually more efficient if you buy the original version and spice it up with a loose powder (see my review on the CC Mac loose powder)

Bare Minerals Original vs. Matte In sum

  • Matte version with less coverage
  • Matte version needs to be re-touched more often compared to the normal, to maintain the matte effect
  • Despite that, once you apply it, Both keeps the coverage

Bare Minerals Original vs. Matte: What to choose?

After all I this they both are still good products compared to other similar ones out there.

I will stick tho with the original version, even thought I have oily skin, in case I decided to repurchase those products.

But nothing will retain me from continue using the matte version while I still have it.

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