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BB Glow Side Effects: Should You Really Do It?

BB Glow Side Effects: Whenever new treatments appear on the market, a series of questions also arise that often become true myths due to the lack of correct information an aesthetic procedure that has been standing out in many countries and is still surrounded by questions is BB Glow.

This treatment promises to provide porcelain skin 24 hours a day for up to 12 months. 

It consists of a micro-needling technique where serums and a light load of pigments are applied that aims to even out the skin tone by combating stains, small scars, expression lines, and also combating excessive skin oil.

BB Glow Serums and Pigments

We have already demystified many doubts about the BB Glow treatment on our blog, such as “What is the durability of the BB Glow treatment?”, “What are the main benefits of the BB Glow treatment?”, “Is BB Glow safe?”, “BB Glow before and after!”, but here we will specifically address whether the BB Glow treatment is harmful.

BB Glow Side Effects

Is the BB Glow Treatment Bad For You?

To answer this question, we must first make an observation that is extremely important not only to know if BB Glow is harmful but for any other treatment, whether aesthetic or not.

Before performing any procedure, we have to ask ourselves if the professional is qualified to perform it and if the materials used are safe, therefore, to know if BB Glow is harmful, we have to know which technique is used in its treatment and if the professional has the necessary qualifications

The BB Glow treatment does not present any health risk as long as the professional is trained and the materials used are those approved by the health control body in their country. 

The importance of a qualified professional is because she will evaluate your skin before the procedure to verify if you are able to perform it and will use the technique correctly, another important point to observe is the completion of the anamnesis form for the correct evaluation by part of the professional.

What Are the BB Glow Treatment Side Effects?

BB Glow Side Effects

Even so, the person who chooses to do the BB glow is running the risk of the procedure not working.

Korean technique, which promises skin with a base effect, is like semi-permanent makeup and aims to make the skin of the face more homogeneous through the attenuation of dark circles and blemishes.

The procedure consists of applying substances with pigments deposited on the skin with the aid of a pen with needles.

Many dermatologists do not recommend the procedure due to the risk of complications, such as infection, scars, keloids, and, the most serious, oxidation of the pigments with a change in the color of this pigment that has already been introduced into the dermis.

 In addition to the change in skin color, which can occur over time, bacterial, fungal, or viral infections can occur, such as the appearance of herpes, for example.

Pen or roller, contact dermatitis, allergic reactions, granulomas, and intoxication. In addition, after the technique, laser procedures are contraindicated. 

If the laser is applied to skin that has BB Glow, there is a risk that the pigment applied to the dermis during the procedure will oxidize and turn black.

Patients who adhered to this technique need to inform that they had this type of pigmentation, before starting any aesthetic treatment.

The procedure was copied from a method of a kind of tattoo, however, in this case, actives are injected into the skin to treat the dermis, bleaching agents. 

I believe it is better to treat imperfections than to try to camouflage them.

The BB Glow method is not cheap and with this type of investment, it is possible to treat what is bothering you without opting for this aesthetic procedure that carries so many risks in the small, medium, and long term.

Side Effect Right After The Procedure

After performing the technique, the skin may present slight scaling, redness, burning, and slight swelling, in addition to sensitivity to cold, heat, and especially the sun.

We recommend thermal water to alleviate the symptoms.

It is not recommended to use any SPF for up to 12 hours after having performed the micro-needling. After this period, sunscreen is mandatory.

Avoid sun exposure in the first 30 to 45 days and always use sunscreen suitable for the skin, if you can use it with color to enhance protection, remember to reapply the sunscreen as recommended on the product packaging

Hydration is the key to everything! We need to drink water, as it is essential to keep the skin healthy and enhance the result of any aesthetic treatment.

Also, do not forget that any client must submit a careful anamnesis form, which will determine whether the technique is feasible or not.

Always remember that during pregnancy no type of treatment is indicated without prior authorization from your doctor.

Should I Still DO The BB Glow?

I think this is a great idea to do the first phase of the bb glow where you apply skincare serums that will treat your skin.

To do The second part of the treatment where the tinted serum where the bb glow is ‘tattooed’ in your skin, you need to find a very well-certified professional.

In the end, it is your decision, but you know there are risks and this is an important decision that needs to be taken after lots of research.

If you don’t feel confident, then you should not do it, and instead, invest your money on similar treatments that won’t damage your skin.

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