Benefits of eyelash extensions

I know you would love to have longer lashes, and I know you just need a little incentive to get going, so in this article let’s talk about the benefits of eyelash extensions.

Benefits of eyelash extensions

First of all, if you are afraid that applying eyelash extensions will hurt, or spoil your natural lashes, it is important to know that if you do everything right, chances are that you’ll succeed in your decision.

Before we get started with all the benefits, it is important to remind you that you need to pay close attention to the after care, and normally be careful with removing makeup, sweating and cleansing in general.

However, these are simple things you will have to include to your everyday routine that will make the difference and let you enjoy your eyelash extensions for much longer.

Benefits Of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions will definitely make your eyes pop, highlighting your natural beauty. In addition, it will save you tons of time while doing your makeup, because it is already done for you.

woman with lash extensions

One benefit of eyelash extensions that I love is the idea of waking up like a diva without having to spend good minutes in front of the mirror, applying mascara.

For special occasions, you can still apply your favorite mascara, for sure, but you will barely need it, as you will have it “naturally” after your lash extension session.

1. You Decide How you want to look

Depending on your style, you may opt for a bolder or classic look. For example, I love the classic look which gives volume and is very natural. 

Woman having lash done

But I also like a bit of drama, so you can combine the best of both words and opt to have a hybrid lash extension done as it will mix volume with lengths. 

You can always talk to your lash artist to tell them what you are looking for and ask for advice because they will talk to you, ask questions and suggest the option that best fits your personality.

Also, have in mind that there are specific eyelash styles that will look better on you, depending on your eye shape, so this is the best idea to look for professional advice on that matter.

Lash extension procedure

2. It Is More Durable

One of the benefits of eyelash extensions is the durability. It can last as long as 45 days, depending on the technique, material, and how you take care of them.

I can imagine how practical it is for those who really want to get out of the house with makeup on, this is a great way to spend days without having to worry about eyelashes anymore.

3. Great For All Occasions 

It doesn’t matter what the plans are, as you are wearing eyelash extensions, you are ready for every occasion! 

Are you going on a date? Check! Are you going to a wedding party? Check, Are you going to the supermarket? Check! In this sense you are always in the mood and up for the best!

4. Eyes Will Naturally Pop 

I think this is the main benefit of eyelash extensions. All of us do it for this exact same reason. We want your eyes to pop and look gorgeous.

In my opinion eyelash extensions can be much more natural than fake eyelashes, and as it is created with your eyes in mind, it will look incredibly natural, because it is made with your eyes and style in mind.

5. Disguise the eyes the are extremely open

If your eyes are too wide open, it is a good idea to apply eyelash extensions as the right type of extension can make it look less open. 

Some people complain their eyes are too open leaving them to look as if they were scared. In this case, it is a good idea to use full lashes with a little more volume.

Another tip for these situations is to use a thick eyeliner to contour the eyes, which will give the impression that eyes are smaller.

6. Can Open The eyes

If you have small eyes and want to open it up a bit, eyelash extensions will also help you with that.