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Benefits Of Activated Charcoal Masks For Great Skin

The benefits of activated charcoal masks for your skin are diverse. In this article, we are going to discuss them.

Facial masks are an excellent way to treat the skin on your face, especially with the properties of charcoal.

They became very popular for being an ingredient that purifies the skin, maintains the elasticity and luminosity of the face. 

In addition to being an ingredient that does not dry or damage.

What Does Charcoal Do In Skincare?

Activated charcoal is a carbon material that acts as a natural filter, absorbing unwanted particles. 

It is obtained from the burning of organic materials under extreme conditions, in the absence of oxygen and at high temperatures. 

With this, it becomes more porous and with a huge ability to clean the skin, absorbing impurities and controlling oil.

The result is a significant reduction in the number of blackheads and pore size, two villains of skin health and beauty.

Charcoal also helps to remove traces of pollutants, toxins, and pore-clogging cosmetics and makeup.

It provides a deep cleansing that brings softness and luminosity to the face, as if it were a detox. 

It is also perfect to prepare the skin for other treatments, as the skin is very clean and renewed!

benefits of activated charcoal masks

By using this mask you can expect:

  1. Deep Cleansing
  2. Skin detox
  3. Pimples and blackheads treatment
  4. Remove excess oil
  5. Anti-bacterial
  6. Pores minimization
  7. exfoliating effect
  8. Skin thinning which makes it brighter and softer
  9. Increased effectiveness of anti-wrinkle and whitening creams
  10. Evens skin tone
  11. Brightens the skin

10 benefits of activated charcoal masks for your skin

1. Combats impurities, Treats Acne & Blackheads

If you suffer from blackheads and acne, you can use charcoal masks, as it will absorb the skin oleosity and purify it.

Charcoal or clay masks are antibacterial. 

Certain bacteria are associated with acne, because of these characteristics, it can fight acne-causing bacteria.

2. Treats toxins

It’s not just dirt that activated carbon products are able to absorb. 

It removes bacteria, toxins and other microparticles accumulated during the day without drying skin out.

Charcoal, combined with clay, helps cleanse and detoxify your skin, absorbing toxins we are exposed to all day.

3.  Pore Reduction

Activated charcoal is able to eliminate external damage such as makeup residue, pollution and toxins.

It removes the impurities and sebum that accumulate inside the pilosebaceous glands.

Use the charcoal mask ​​twice a week to reduce pores, and you will notice improvements on your skin texture.

benefits of activated charcoal masks

4. Treats excess of Oleosity

Due to its high absorption power, the miraculous sponge is a powerful ally for those looking for a healthier appearance.

The mask absorbs excess sebum, which translates into flawless skin.

5. Skin exfoliation 

With its slightly sandy texture, activated charcoal is good for exfoliating the skin.

It can even be used in places where the skin is rougher, such as knees and elbows.

As a result, the skin will be renewed, treated, smooth and softer.

6. Evens Skin tone & Skin Brightening

With time, at the pace that you use charcoal masks regularly, you may notice skin tone gets more unified.

Being abrasive, they promote a gentle exfoliation, thinning the outermost layer of the skin, promoting uniformity, softness and shine on the skin.

Activated charcoal masks

7. Treats Acne Scars

Carbon can be used to gently remove acne scars and blemishes.

Its mildly abrasive texture helps to eliminate dead skin on top of acne scars, revealing new skin underneath.

9. Potentialize Others Facial Treatments

Because it has the power to renew the skin, charcoal helps other beauty products to be absorbed better and have a greater ability to speed up the effects of these components.

How To Use Activated Charcoal Masks

The amount of mask application can vary according to the need and the need of each consumer.

Therefore, it is important to use it every 15 days. If your skin is less oily and doesn’t have so many blackheads and pimples, 1 day a week is great.

Wash your face with an exfoliator and plenty of water before starting to apply the activated charcoal mask. 

The important thing is to remove all the impurities or residues that are present on the skin.

Charcoal masks

Who Can Benefit The Most Of Charcoal Masks?

Certainly oily skin, with pimples, blackheads and acnes. The reason? Its volcanic origin and its low presence of iron and high presence of aluminum and silicon.

For dry and/or sensitive skin, it’s better to use white clay mask with a high concentration of silicon, enriched with glycerin, glycols and ammonium lactate, with a great capacity to retain moisture on the skin.

Who Should Not Use Charcoal Masks

Do not use the mask if you have sensitive skin or eczema, as the product can irritate this skin type and when it could be beneficial it can become a problem for your skin.

​​Activated charcoal should be used with caution by patients who have sensitized skin after a dermatological procedure such as peels and lasers, or who have skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis. 

This is because the skin of this patient already has a greater difficulty in the natural ability of skin hydration, so deep removal of the lipids (fat) that help in the hydration of the skin is not indicated”

How Often Should You Apply A Charcoal Mask?

It is best to use charcoal face masks once or twice a week and a good idea is to add it to your evening routine. 

If your skin is too oily but it is not sensitive, you go do it twice a week.

If your skin is sensitive, it’s best to be on the safe side and do it only once a week.

Too much application can lead to dryness, redness.

Can I sleep with a charcoal mask on your face?

It depends on the mask. If the mask recommends you to leave it for 20 minutes, then you should not exceed it.

If the mask is a night mask that states on the package it is indicated to be used all night, then it’s ok.

Always get certified that you are following the instructions stated by the brands.  

5 Tips To Enhance Your Charcoal Mask Treatment

Follow the following tips to enhance the benefits of activated charcoal masks for your skin:

  1. Always make sure to respect the recommended time to leave the mask on your face
  2. Don’t use the mask too much, use only once or twice a week
  3. Cleanse the skin the mask application
  4. Be gently while whipping the product off
  5. Do a patch test before to check out if it won’t cause irritations

Benefits Of Activated Charcoal Masks Final Take

Present in soaps, masks, facial scrubs, shampoos and soaps, charcoal has absorptive properties that help in oil control, in the anti-pollution effect and promotes high cleaning both in the hair and in the skin.

Charcoal is extremely beneficial for combination and oily skin, as its particles are extremely porous and work like a sponge, absorbing oil and dirt from the skin, such as dead cells and makeup residue. 

In addition, because they are abrasive, they promote a gentle exfoliation, thinning the outermost layer of the skin, promoting uniformity, softness, and shine on the skin.

Activated charcoal masks

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