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Best Waist Trainer For Weight Loss [For Women]

The Best Waist Trainer For Weight Loss will be your friend while shaping your figure and losing fat around the waistline. 

Today I’m sharing with you the best waist trainer for women, how to use them, in a complete buying guide.

Top 3: Best Waist Trainer For losing Weight [For Women]

I have tried these best waist trainers for women myself, so I am giving a little more details on each one of them:

  1. Sweet sweat waist trimmer 
  2. feelingirl waist trainer 
  3. Burvogue Waist Trainer 

OK, now that you know the top 3 effective waist trainers, stay tuned, because there are more options you can choose from.

In fact, I’m sharing here with you a total of 20 best-selling waist trainers that can help you lose weight today!

Best Waist Trainer For Women

1. Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Belt 

This best waist trainer for women increases your core temperature and makes you sweat more. 

It is a workout enhancer waist trainer belt, that you can use while working out, running, bicycle, walking, dancing, etc. 

NOTE: If you are looking specifically for an hourglass figure, you may also need to wear a waist trimmer belt as complementation. 

It will not make you lose weight directly, but while it warms up your core and helps you sweat more.

Consequently, you treat liquid retention in the area and can accelerate the process of weight loss while working out.  

Another observation to take note of is that it claims to be made out of a special material called Neoprene. 

This technology makes you sweat more when in contact with your skin, but despite you sweat a lot, you should not worry about a slippery waist trainer 

What are their promises?

Best waist trainer

This is why I think this is the best waist trainer for weight loss!

As I have already mentioned, it will help you sweat more by warming up your core, and will speed up the process of losing fat in the abdominal area. 

They guarantee you instant abdominal compression and lumbar support.

What to expect from this waist trimmer?

It is a very comfortable and lightweight waist trainer, which makes me feel comfortable all the time I use it. 

To sum up, you can expect the following:

  • A comfortable waist trainer
  • Intensify your workouts 
  • Be aware of your posture plus lumbar support
  • Flexibility while exercising
  • Belly fat reduction around abdomen and waist

Does that work?

In my opinion, yes, it works to some extent. It stays in place the entire exercising series and it helps me maintain the posture. 

However, I have to mention, I didn’t only rely on waist trainers, as I believe this is a conjunction of a lot of other things together. 

I also went out for long walks almost every day, drank a lot of water, and ate moderately well. 

Is it worth it?

Yes, it is very worthy in my opinion. I can use it long enough and I can also start seeing the best results. 

But I had to include it in my lifestyle because as with any beauty and health treatment if you stop doing you lose it.

How long did I use until I saw good results?

In the first week I started to have this feeling that something was getting better, but nothing really significant.

I measured with the measuring tape and it indicated a 2 cms reduction. I did start slow so I was quite satisfied with that. 

The results were really nice after 30 days, which I lost 5 cms.

How to Use Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Belt

For the best results, you can use their Sweet Sweat Topical Gel on your skin to wrap your waist with the sweet sweat waist trainer

They advise you not to use another type of reduction gel and I haven’t tried with gels from other brands.

It worked. I might as well experiment with other gels in the future to check if this is really true.

Is important to mention that they advise us to wear the belt only for a maximum of 2 hours per day. 

I have also used it a lot for cardio exercises like walking and cycling. 

In sum here’s how to use it:

  1. Apply Sweet Sweat Topical Gel in your abdominal area
  2. Use this waist trimmer for a maximum of 2 hours per day while you exercise.


  • S: 35″ length x 8″ width recommended for a waist up to 33″
  • M: 41″ length x 8″ width recommended for a waist up to 38″
  • L: 44″ length x 9″ width recommended for a waist up to 40″


  • It is very comfortable
  • Very effective on warming up your core and making you sweat
  • Motivates you to go on with your healthy lifestyle
  • Makes swallow less and get rid of water fat, so it is highly indicated to those who suffer from liquid retention


  • It is rolled up is you try to do abdominal exercises 
  • They say you have to wear their own gel only before using this waist trimmer. But I have noticed that it is fine to use any other gel, really, so don’t worry.

2. The Feeling Girl Waist Trainer 

Now let’s give a sequence with the best waist trainer for weight loss!

The next best waist trainer for women is the Feeling Girl Women’s Latex waist trainer Underbust Corset Waist Training Trainer Sport.

It’s a sport waist trainer but looks pretty much like a waist cincher.

Now, let’s face it, I don’t think works as a body shaper but it can help you sweat and get rid of liquid retention. 

One thing I like about it is that this is a long waist trainer, which means that it covers all the way down to your tummy. 

I heard many plus-size girls saying they liked this waist trainer because of that.

it is really comfortable and flexible, which allows me to exercise and still feel alright.

I haven’t tried anything crazy, as I have shared with you I only use your waist trainer while doing cardio and dancing classes, but I felt comfortable all the time.

What are their promises?

They promise you can actually achieve a smaller waist by using this waist trainer

They also claim to give strong support to your back while using it, as well as spiral steel bones for strong support & high compression. 

Additionally, this is a good solution for postpartum belly recovery.

What to expect from this waist trimmer?

First of all, you can expect comfort and lots of sweat at the same time, improvements in your waistline and shape. 

open waist

Is it really the best waist trainer for weight loss?

Absolutely yes. I enjoyed the results after one month of waist training and have no complaints about that. 

Loved the quality of this waist trainer and how comfortable it is as well. 

It is a very affordable waist trainer so I didn’t see the reason why I shouldn’t try it. 

How long did I use it until I saw good results with this waist trainer?

In the first couple of weeks, There was some reduction, but after one month, I could see my belly getting more in shape. 

I used this waist trainer every day, combined it with exercise, and drank a lot of water. 

How to Use The FeelingGirl Waist trainers?

There is nothing special here you just put it on and voila! For best results, wear it every day (from 2 to 8 hours).

Remember to start slowly if you have never done any waist training before.

Use it underneath your clothes or you can wear a thin tank top underneath if you wish. 

I normally like to apply a reducing gel in the area before putting my best waist trainers on, but it is totally up to you.

How to choose the right size for me?

The feeling girl waist trainer comes with a clear size chart according to your measurements. 

On their website they recommend a measurement tape, to find out exactly what is the measurement of your waistline, underbust and hip. 

Then, come back to this table to check what size ( S, M, L, XL, XXL) corresponds to you.


Best waist trainer for women FeelinGirl Waist trainers Chart Size

Burvogue Waist Trainer / Waist Cincher

According to Burvoge, this waist cincher is also a sweat thermal belt that heats your core up and helps you get rid of liquid retention.

It looks like a waist trainer corset and It’s made of 10% high-quality latex, 96% of cotton, and 4% of spandex, which guarantees comfort. 

In my opinion, it is a very comfortable and the best waist cincher alongside, indeed. 

In addition, it warms up around my belly, which also makes me sweat a lot. As a result, I can feel less swollen. 

It also shapes my body because of its cut/design, so I really liked this waist trainer as well.


The Burvogue waist trainer has 9 spiral steel bones around the underbust waist which will provide great support to your back. 

You can use this waist cincher for workouts and saunas because it will work as well as a waist trimmer. 

To be honest, I prefer doing my exercises with waist trainers such as Sweet sweat, for running or doing a bicycle for example. 

This type of waist trainer corset is great but it is more indicated to have it on when you are doing light things such as going to work or just walking.

What are their promises from this waist cincher?

They promise a 2 in 1 waist trainer, which is a waist cincher that also makes you sweat like a waist trimmer. 

They also promise reduction of belly fat, waistline, in conjunction with an hourglass figure.

What to expect from this waist trainer?

Even though it is not as comfortable as other waist trainers, it cannot be 100% comfortable.

Having in mind that you should wear it tight enough to mold your fat to achieve the hourglass figure. 

Does that belly belt work? Is it worth it?

Yes, this belly belt that looks like a waist trainer corset, works and you can expect good results from this waist trainer if you wear this waist cincher long enough.

If you use it regularly and combine it with a healthy lifestyle and do sports you’ll start to see improvements.

If you don’t do that, I believe it will still work somehow, because of how it can mold your waist with compression but for better and quick results, do your homework and work out.


How long did I use until I saw good results?

As with any other waist trainer, it will work best after regular use.  

When I used it, I had already seen some results from the other waist trainers, but this one helped me to better shape my waist. 

For real results, wait around 30 days and then remember to keep on using it to maintain the results.

How to Use The Burvogue Waist trainer?

The best way to use it is just wearing it with a reduction gel, which is optional but I think it brings me good results.

You can use it underneath your top but you can also use a thin organic cotton tank top underneath your waist trainer if you have sensitive skin.

You can use it every day. In my case, I used only 4 hours per day every day and still got great results. 

How to choose the right size for me?

You should check the size chart provided by the company (Burvogue) that I’ve placed down below. 

All you need to do is to use a measuring tape to measure your waistline and then check the table below.

See what size group you belong to (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL).

Best Waist Trainers For Weight Loss Accordingly To Reviewers

Down below there is a list of the best-selling waist trainers for weight loss that I could find on amazon.

Take a look at each top rated waist trainer and tell me if you found something interesting that you could try on.

These are highly rated waist trainers for weight loss, so you can be confident, these options will work!

HOPLYNN Neoprene Sweat Waist Trainer

The HOPLYNN trainer is a good option if you want to lose weight but don’t want to give up comfort.

It has 80% Neoprene & 20% Polyester and compresses your tummy and supports your back at the same time.

Model With belly trainer

You also use the corset clips, zipper, and belt that will help you shape your waist much quicker.

Here, I’m sharing with you one of the best sellers of Amazon, where the majority of reviews say it is:

  • Breathable and comfortable / sweat absorbing cotton
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Great for workout
  • Improve body sweat 
  • Quick results within days

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YIANNA Waist Trainer for Women

The YIANNA is a latex Waist Trainer for Women is made out of 100% Natural Latex Rubber.

Claiming for maximum comfort, you can still expect high compression if you wish, as the belts are adjustable.

Yianna Double Control

You’ll for sure sweat a lot while working out, which is a good thing as will help you get rid of liquid retention.

For sure, this was another very well rated waist trainer for women, while the main compliments are:

  • A very comfortable slimming belt
  • You can wear it for as long as you want
  • Works well under clothes
  • Effective on weight loss efforts
  • good material
  • great quality
  • Discreet under the clothes


  • some people complained that clips are hard to clasp
  • there were occasions that the zipper didn’t zip

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YIANNA Sports Girdle Waist Trimmer Belts

The YIANNA Sports Girdle Belt is great if you like the sauna. It counts with special material for sweating and improving body shape.

Ideal as well to help you in your weight loss journey, you can expect potential high compression, if this is what you want.

Yianna Belt Black

It counts with more than 9k reviews on Amazon, which the majority are inspiring positive.

Here’s the sum of why people are loving it:

  • Comfortable and breathable
  • covers the entire tummy
  • Increased sweat
  • Easy to put it on
  • great material / great quality
  • Offers great back support / great for relieving waist pain / helps you lose belly fat
  • Bones in the back help with the posture / improve body shape


  • Some people complained it doesn’t cover the entire belly leaving some areas without coverage.
  • Covers the middle abdomen leaving the lower back out.

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ANGOOL Neoprene Waist Trainer for Women Workout

The ANGOOL Neoprene Waist Trainer for Women Workout has more than 3k reviews and they seem to like it a lot!

It contains a fine neoprene fabric and a double belt will assure you have adequate compression as you can regulate it as you wish.

The more weight you lose, you can compress it even more so you can shape your belle and assure a beautiful curve.

Best Waist trainer for weight loss

Users reported this trainer is super comfortable and counts with great material as well.

Here are some other things they are reporting:

  • You will sweat a lot / helps you lose belly fat
  • all way under the breast and covers belly and lower abdomen
  • the two belts are great for shaping and compressor
  • Doesn’t move or shift while working out
  • adjustable straps


  • I saw a few people complaining the provided chart size was not very accurate. Some reviewers recommended ordering one size down.

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Snatch Bandage Tummy Wrap

This natch Bandage Tummy Wrap is a bit different from everything I have seen before.

This is just a long strap that you can wrap on your waist and shape accordingly.

I am not sure if this is going to be the best option, for me for example, but reviewers seem to like it a lot.

long waist belt

It counts with 149 good rates, which makes me think there might be something cool about it.

I know it’s not a huge number but it is an ok number to start off.

My only concern is that once you finish wrapping your belly if it is too tight, I’m not sure how to adjust it.

Here’s what they are talking about:

  • Makes you sweat
  • helps you lose belly fat
  • you can wrap from under the breast all the way down to the lower abdomen
  • Comfortable
  • Efficiency for your weight loss efforts
  • Long torso coverage


  • Maybe a bit difficult if you go to the gym, do squats, and do similar exercises.

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HOPLYNN Body Shaper

I like the HOPLYNN Body Shaper because it helps you with weight loss not only on the belly and back but also on your upper back.

With more than 10k reviews, which the majority is positive, I believe this should be worth trying out.

Best Waist trainer for weight loss

I have no doubt it will make you sweat a lot and put everything in shape.

With an extra belt, you can count on an extra touch of pressure (amplify abdominal muscle pressure) that you can control by choosing if you want it tight or not.

You can use it every day for better results and can do it exercising, cleaning the house, running or walking.

Most reviewers reported they were pretty happy because it worked on their weight loss routine.

Here’s what they are sharing:

  • Tight but comfortable at the same time
  • The extra belt helps put tummy in shape and reduce weight in the are
  • You’ll sweat a lot
  • Very helpful on the weight loss routine
  • postpartum waist strengthening
  • Helps you achieve a flat stomach
  • Long torso coverage
  • Great if combined with weight loss workouts
  • Good for post partum belly abdomen training


Was difficult to find bad reviews for this one, but there were some people who reported it didn’t really fit very well.

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GAODI Weight Loss Body Shaper Shirt

The GAODI Shaper Shirt is very popular on the internet and counts with more than 46k reviews on Amazon.

Most reviews are very positive, which you start using it knowing lots of people have had great results, including a flat stomach.

woman with waist trainer

It is made out of premium material, high-quality neoprene that promotes blood flow and increases body temperature.

In fact, it is supposed to make you sweat 3 times more than you would normally sweat without this shaper shirt.

Here’s what reviewers are reporting about this one:

  • It is very comfortable
  • True sweating
  • give the desired results fast
  • Posture improved
  • postpartum waist strengthening


Some reviewers complained the chart size offered by the company is not accurate. So it is good to contact them to double-check the right sizing.

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Moolida Waist Trainer Belt for Women

The Moolida Waist Trainer Belt for Women will cover your back and stomach, and be comfortable at the same time.

In addition to a flat stomach, this belt will give you good back support and improve your posture.

Best Waist trainer for weight loss

If you like doing sports, this trainer will also offer injury protection.

Have just had a baby recently? It was designed with you in mind, so you can safely wear it to get your body back to normal.

It is easy to use and you can wear it every day for sports or anywhere you want.

You will definitely feel like you are burning fat.


There were some people who reported the velcro was not stead.

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HOPLYNN Waist Cincher Shaper

The HOPLYNN Waist Cincher Shaper is also very popular with more the 16k reviews on amazon.

Luckily the majority of these reviews a very positive and inspiring so you may feel safer to try this on.

Best Waist trainer for weight loss

This counts with two extra belts which and adjustable straps are great to amplify abdominal muscle pressure, but people are saying it is still comfortable.

It is very comfortable, sweat thermal belt, lightweight, and the fabric have a technology that makes you sweat three times more.

If you are also interested in a waist trainer that helps you improve your posture at the same, here’s a good option.


You should be careful while adjusting it because it gen gets really tight. Don’t be tempted to use it too tight because will not be good in the long term.

However, if you adjust it well, you will see great results over time, because this is a good quality product.

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KUMAYES Body Shaper Thighs

Why not be a bit bolder and explore the options?

Would you like to try a waist trainer for weight loss that goes all the way down to your tights?

I thought it interesting to try this one out because the promises are just great. Why not?

The KUMAYES Body Shaper has an interesting concept, as it combines waist trainer and shorts at the same time.

waist trainer

It is very comfortable, promotes sweating, is stable, instantly shapes your body, and will help you tone back, belly, hips, and tights.


Some people complained about the smell. Another problem is that some people reported that the sizing chart is not accurate.

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Can Waist Trainers Help You Lose Weight?

Waist trainers will not be the main factor to help you lose weight but can be a nice companion in this journey.

It will not make you lose weight overnight but if you wear it well enough and frequently, it can help shape and reduce your waistline.

Especially, if you suffer from liquid retention in the belly area, which can bloat the belly a bit.

By using a waist trainer while walking and working out, can make you sweat more, liberating toxins and water.

In conjunction with a good diet, a healthy lifestyle, and sports, you can definitely achieve great results.

However, once you start using waist trainers for weight loss, add them to your lifestyle for long-term results.

The Best Waist Trainer For Weight Loss Buying Guide

First and foremost, the best waist trainers for weight loss should be breathable, comfortable, and offer some back support.

There are some waist trainers that will tighten and give you a bit of pressure.

These waist trainers are the ones that will end up leaving you with the hourglass shape and should not be used for weight loss.

The best waist trainers for weight loss are the ones that you can regulate accordingly to your waistline.

It should not be too tight because you will want to use them for long hours, including while working out.

Take a look at a couple of things you should have in mind while choosing the best waist trainer for weight loss:


Think about comfort first, your waist trainer should be flexible with a breathable fabric. 

It is nice to pick waist trainers with a technology that encourages sweating, this way you can get rid of toxins and stop liquid retention.

Pay Attention To Sizing

If you are buying a waist trainer online, then you should pay close attention to sizing.

Every waist trainer line I saw offers a nice size chart but sometimes this is not enough.

To assure you will get the right number for yourself, make sure to read the reviews to see if there are complaints about the waist trainers.

To be super safe, you should also contact the support center of the chosen brand as they will help you with that.

Be sure to have in hand a measuring tape and pay attention to how they are instructing you to proceed.

every company is different so it is better to check their own guidelines first before buying anything.

Buying Online 

If you are buying your waist trainer online, you will need to take a look at the reviews.

Give preference to waist trainers that already have the majority of great reviews.

Pay attention to what people are talking about the overall quality, and if they are sharing they had great results.

The Best Waist Training For Weight Loss FAQ

Which waist trainer is best for weight loss?

First of all, there is no waist trainer that will help you lose weight. In the case of waist trimmers, It helps you to fix liquid retention, bloating, and swelling. 

So this might be helpful in helping you to get rid of belly fat because by sweating more, you are actually getting rid of toxins and liquid retention. 

Having this in mind, a better question should be what waist trainer is best for losing belly fat. 

The answer would be not one waist trainer but a combination of waist trimmer and waist cincher.

How Long Should I wear my waist trainer until I see results?

Depending on your rhythm you can start seeing your first results since week one of waist training. 

However, you will notice more apparent and significant results within one month.

For better results, wear it every day. Start slow, one or two hours, then increase this time gradually.

Remember to check with the manufactory how many hours it is indicated to use the product.  

What is the best waist trainer for plus size?

The plus size girl can wear any waist trainer but in the beginning, I suggest you start with baby steps, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. 

It would be nice to get started with waist training in conjunction with sports and a good diet for losing weight. 

If you want some instant results, as for example, you have an event you want to reduce one inch or so, you go for a more soft waist belt or an activewear trainer. 

When is the best time to wear your waist trainer for weight loss?

You can use any time that is convenient for you but I have heard well often that waist trainers are better in the morning. 

It will be better to close, you will feel more comfortable because your stomach is empty. 

The best types of waist trainers for postpartum are always the ones that are more flexible such as trimmers and activewear trainers. 

What is the best waist trainer to wear under clothes?

Definitely waist cinchers and activewear waist trainers.

What is the best waist trainer to work out and lose weight?

Answer: Definitely activewear waist trainers and trimmers and a waist belt.

Which type of waist trainer works best for weight loss?

It depends on what you are looking for. If you want an hourglass shape, the best waist trainer can be waist cinchers and activewear waist trainers. 

If you want to get rid of liquid retention that gives you belly bloating, waist trimmers, and activewear waist trainers are good as well.

Can you sleep in a waist trainer?

If you want to continue your waist training while sleeping, you need to find specif waist trainers that are designed for that.

Generally speaking no, but It will also depend on the type of waist trainer and its brand. It is not recommended to sleep wearing Waist cinchers for example. 

Some trimmers recommend you to use it for a couple of hours while there are other brands that say you can sleep with their garment. 

Do waist trainers give you an hourglass figure?

It can happen but remember you have to respect your own figure and have in mind your own limits.

In order to get the hourglass figure, it is better not to step in the losing weight phase and use workout belts to help you lose weight first.

In addition, you need to add it to your lifestyle and make it part of your routine.

With this, you will have to look after your diet and make sports to start seeing significant results.

Once you pass this phase, you can start using waist trainers that offer more pressure so you can start molding your waistline into shape.

People may argue it doesn’t work, but if you think with me, and if you had the experience of wearing tight skinny jeans for so long, you may understand the concept.

For example, I wore these types of trousers for so long, I can now see how terrible practice it was.

It marked my hips and gave me love handles muffing tops that were hard to take off.

Luckily it is way better not, but the pressure of the trousers changes the shape.

The same happens with waist trainers but in a positive way, you will be happy with the results.

Is waist training safe?

Answer: If you use it correctly, following the instruction given to you by the waist trainer brand of your choice, it is very safe to use.

That’s it. If you have more questions, please use the comments below. Also, tell us, have you ever used a waist trainer? If yes, how was it?

If not, tell us what is holding you back?


In this ultimate waist training guide, you have a few recommendations on how to choose the best waist trainer to shape your body.

Waist trainers work, especially if you are willing to embrace waist training activities, such as walking and running and other waist trainer workouts

Hope you liked this guide for a curvy waist and having you have any questions about a waist shaper, best waist trimmer, or best waist cincher, please get in touch!

Many waist trainers tend to ve very helpful and I hope you can find what you want and have the discipline you need in your waist trimming adventure!

Also, I would like to invite you to check these other articles, I think might be interesting for you:

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