Best Waist Trainer For Women’s Weight Loss [Workout Waist Trainer]

In this article, we are gonna show you the best waist trainer for losing weight, as well as for achieving the hourglass figure.  We also have you covered with everything you need to know about from picking the best waist trainer, going through how to use them, best practices and much more

So, What Are The Best Waist Trainers For women? 

The best waist trainers are going to be your best friends while shaping your figure and losing fat around the waistline. Right below you can find the reviews for each of the waist trainers we have picked for you.

Top 3 best waist trainers for losing weight

  1. Sweet sweat waist trimmer 
  2. feelingirl waist trainer 
  3. Burvogue Waist Trainer 

If you are getting a little (or even very) concerned thinking that you should take action on your appearance, you can easily start with these best waist training for women, because it is effective and will enhance the effects of your workout. 

Note: I have tried some waist trainers but the ones I really liked so far are the top 3 that I am reviewing for you. At the peace that I try more waist trainers (if I do it), I will update this article.

1. Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Review

Our first best waist trainer is the Sweet Sweat brand. The reason that this waist trainer is my first pick, is because it is a comfortable sportive waist belt (aka waist trainer) that can also be used on your every day routine, even if you are not doing sports.

Basically it is a workout enhancer waist trainer belt that you can use especially during your workout, be it for running, bicycle, walking, dancing and so on. But I have noticed that it can also be interesting to wear it cleaning the house, or while working or just sitting, it will still work.

Best waist trainer

Of course that using it while you are just sitting down watching tv will have far less effect than if you were running but you know…we always have those lazy days, so why not just relax and have a little passive waist training? It’s better than nothing and you will remember to sit straight (at least).

What the Sweet Sweat waist trainer does is literally to increase your core temperature and makes you sweat more. Even though you will not get rid of your belly like magic, it will help in a numbers of ways.

Now what I want to state here is that this is not a waist shaper, nor a corset. It will not shape your waist to an hourglass figure ( I explain down below the difference of these waist trainers so read on for more details). 

NOTE: If you are looking specifically for an hourglass figure, keep on reading because we also have you covered but bear in mind that if you use a waist trimmer in conjunction with a waist trainer such a waist cincher that will actually help you with your curves, this will be much better.

First It will help you sweat more therefore you will have a more intense training. Secondly, it will remind you to stay focussed and also pay attention to your posture. It will not make you lose weight directly, but while it warms up your core and helps you sweat more, it will help you to get rid of liquid retention swelling around your stomach. 

Another observation to take note is that it claims to be made out of a special material called Neoprene. This technology makes you sweat more when in contact with your skin, but despite you sweat a lot, you should not worry about a slippery waist trainer 

What are their promises?

As I have already mentioned, it will help you sweat more by warming up your core, and will speed up the process of losing fat in the abdominal area. They guarantee you instant abdominal compression and lumbar support.

What to expect from this waist trimmer?

It is a waist trimmer. Down below this article I give all details you need to understand the different types of waist trainers and what is the difference between them, but in a nutshell waist trimmer are more likely to help you lose fat around the abdominal area.

 It is a very comfortable and lightweight waist trainer, which makes me feel comfortable all the time I use it. The feeling is amazing as if it is hugging me and makes me feel warm. The waist trainer stays in place the entire exercising series and it also helps me remember my posture. So I am pretty happy about that. 

To sum up, you can expect the following:

  • A comfortable waist trainer
  • Intensify your workouts 
  • Be aware of your posture plus lumbar support
  • Flexibility while exercising
  • Belly fat reduction around abdomen and waist

Does that work?

Even though some professionals argue that this is not scientifically proven, in my opinion, yes, it works. I noticed that my tummy was getting better and that I ended up losing weight around the waist, and on the back as well.

But I also have to say that I didn’t only rely on waist trainers as I believe this is a conjunction of a lot of other things together. I have also gone out for long walks almost everyday and made sure to drink a lot of water and was eating moderately well. I also use the waist trainer a lot, I started slow in the beginning but then I got serious and every time I did some low key simple exercises. 

I did not perform any abdominal exercise with this waist trainer, as I normally limit myself to use waist trainers to do cardio exercises. And you know what, it feels great afterwards, a feeling that you did it. It is so cool. 

Is it worthy?

Yes, it is very worthy in my opinion. Let’s say you have an event in which you feel a little swollen, you use it a few days before and you lose a lot of water fat. I can use it long enough and I can also start seeing the best results. But I had to include it in my lifestyle because as any beauty and health treatment if you stop doing you lose it.

How long did I use until I saw good results?

In the first week I started to have this feeling that something was getting better, but nothing really significantly. I measured with the measuring tape and it indicated a 2 cms reduction. I did start slow so I was quite satisfied with that. The results were really nice after 30 days, which I lost 10 cms.

How to Use Sweet Sweat Waist trimmer

Accordingly to their instructions, for the best results, it is indicated that you use their Sweet Sweat Topical Gel on your skin to wrap your waist with the sweet sweat waist trainer. They advise you not to use another type of reduction gel,I still haven’t tried with gels from other brands but in the end, I have just stuck with their gel and it worked. I might as well experiment with other gels in the future to check if this is really true.

Another thing that is important to mention is that they advise us to wear the belt only for a maximum of 2 hours per day. Then, this is what I did. I used to use it a lot for cardio exercises like walking and cycling. A bicycle which took 2 hours was more than enough to work out, sweat and then take the waist trainer off. 

In sum here’s how to use it:

  1. Apply Sweet Sweat Topical Gel in your abdominal area
  2. Use the Sweet Sweat waist trimmer for a maximum of 2 hours per day while you exercise.

Sweet Sweat Waist trimmer Sizes

  • S: 35″ length x 8″ width recommended for a waist up to 33″
  • M: 41″ length x 8″ width recommended for a waist up to 38″
  • L: 44″ length x 9″ width recommended for a waist up to 40″


  • It is very comfortable
  • Very effective on warming up your core and make you sweat
  • Motivates you to go on with your healthy lifestyle
  • Makes swallow less and get rid of water fat, so it is highly indicated to those who suffer from liquid retention


  • It is rolls up is you try to do abdominal exercises 
  • They say you have to wear their own gel only before using this waist trimmer. But I have noticed that it is fine to use any other gel, really, so don’t worry.

2. The FeelinGirl Waist Trainer Review

The second best waist trainer is from the FeelingGirl brand. They have a bunch of different products but the one we are talking about here is the FeelinGirl Women’s Latex Underbust Corset Waist Training Trainer Sport.

As you have noticed, it is a sport waist trainer, but it looks pretty much like a waist cincher. I am not sure if it was the intention but it Seems like this brand wanted to combine both waist trimmer and waist cincher in the same product.

Waist trainer

Now, let’s face it, I don’t think it will work in relation to sculpting your waistline but it is pretty much more likely to work best as a waist trimmer that can help you sweat and get rid of liquid retention, but I could see some good results on shaping as well. 

One good thing that I like about this waist trainer is that this is a long waist trainer, which means that it covers all the way down to your tummy. I heard many plus size girls saying they liked this waist trainer because of that.

it is really comfortable and flexible, which allows me to exercise and still feel alright. I haven’t tried anything crazy, as I have shared with you I only use waist trainers while doing cardio and dancing classes, but one thing I can say I felt comfortable all the time.

This waist trainer is really pretty and is designed especially with the women’s body in mind. I really like how it looks like a waist cincher and how I can use it underneath my clothes without any problem.

What are their promises?

They promise you can actually achieve an hourglass figure by using this waist trainer. They also claim to give strong support on your back while using it. spiral steel bones for strong support & high compression. They actually guarantee you will have your curls and for those looking for a postpartum solution it will facilitate your belly recovery.

What to expect from this waist trimmer?

First of all you can expect comfort. You can also expect it to help you sweat and get rid of liquid retention. Because of its design, you can also notice improvements on your waist line and shape. 

open waist

Does that work? Is it worthy?

Absolutely yes it does. I enjoyed the results after one month of use and have no complaints about that. Loved the quality and how comfortable it is as well. Also it is worth the money. It is a very affordable waist trainer so I didn’t see the reason why I shouldn’t try. In fact, this is the one that I am using the most till now.

How long did I use until I saw good results?

In the first couple of weeks you can start to see some reductions. But after one month I could see things starting to get more in shape. But I used it every day and also combined it with exercise. I also drank a lot of water and cut my french fries and some other cositas that I knew was sabotaging my way back to my old waistline measurements! 

How to Use The FeelingGirl Waist trainer?

There is nothing special here you just put it on and voila! For the best results, wear everyday (from 2 to 8 hours per day – just remember to start slow if you have never waist trained before) underneath your clothes or you can wear a thin tank top underneath if you wish. I normally like to apply a reducing gel in the area before putting this on, but it is totally up to you.

How to choose the right size for me?

The feeling girl waist trainer comes with a clear size chart that you can easily find what is the best size frame, accordingly with your measurements. On their website they say you should use a measurement tape, to find out exactly what is the measurement of your waistline, underbust and hip. Then, come back to this table to check what size ( S, M, L, XL, XXL) corresponds to you.


Burvogue Waist Trainer Review

Guess what? According to Burvoge, this waist trainer that is a real waist cincher, has also the power to heat up your core and help you to reduce liquid retention, water fat. It is also very comfortable.

It is made 10% by high quality latex, 96% cotton and 4% spandex, which guarantees great comfort. In my opinion, it is very comfortable, indeed. In addition, it warms up around my belly, which also makes sweat and as a result, I can feel less swollen. It also shapes my body because of its cut/design, so I really liked this waist trainer as well.


The burvogue waist trainer has 9 steel bones around the underbust waist which will provide a great support to your back, helping you to improve your posture. If you are looking for a waist trainer to achieve an hourglass figure, this will work really well.

According to the producers of this waist trainer, you can and also should use it for workouts and saunas because it will work as well as a waist trimmer. I think it is nice to know but to be honest, I prefer doing my exercises with a waist trimmer such as Sweet sweat, for running or doing a bicycle for example. But even though I never did sauna in my life, I think this should work for saunas as well.

What are their promises?

They promise a 2 in 1 waist trainer, which is a waist cincher that also makes you sweat like a waist trimmer. They also promise reduction of belly fat, waistline, in conjunction with an hourglass figure.

What to expect from this waist trimmer?

Even though it is not as comfortable as a solely waist trimmer, it is still very comfortable, having in mind that you should wear it tight enough in order to mold your fat and give you the hourglass figure. 

It is very effective and it can give you an instantaneous waist reduction the moment you wear it because it will compress all the abdominal area. A good thing is that I can use it easily underneath my clothes because it is very discreet.

Does that work? Is it worthy?

Yes it works and you can expect good results from this waist trainer, if you use it regularly and combine it with a healthy lifestyle and do sports. If you don’t do that, I believe it will still work somehow, because of how it can mold your waist with compression but for better and quick results, do your homework and work out.


How long did I use until I saw good results?

As any other waist trainer, it will work best after regular use.  When I used it, I had already seen some results from the other waist trainers, but this one helped me to better shape my waist. For real results, wait around 30 days and then remember to keep on using it to maintain the results.

How to Use The Burvogue Waist trainer?

The best way to use it is just wearing it with a reductor gel, which is optional but I think it brings me good results. You can use it underneath your top but you can also use a thin organic cotton tank top underneath your waist trainer, if you have sensitive skin.

You can use it every day for best results. In my case I used only 4 hours per day every day and still got great results. 

How to choose the right size for me?

You should check the size chart provided by the company (Burvogue). Down below I’m placing the chart image. All you need to do is to use a measurement tape to measure your waist line and then cheek the table below to see what size group you belong to (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL). I also like how it has a good variety of sizes including the plus size option.

Size Chart

How To Choose The Best Waist Trainer For You

When dealing with waist trainers, I can think about 2 types of initial results. 1. Long term waist reduction and 2. short term waist reduction. On top of that, we can also think about other results such as losing fat around the belly, and having the hourglass shape altogether.

Of course we want all of these results together, but as we know, things will occur gradually until we achieve these final results. And for that, we can start with baby steps, which will be already a great achievement.

For example, you might not have reduced fat just yet but you have THAT party or event you want to appear slimmer, and reduce your waistline a bit so you can appear more confident. For this, you can use a corset or a waist cincher.

More precisely I would suggest you wear a waist cincher because it will appear more discrete, or even a shapewear. That doesn’t mean that these tools won’t give you a long term result over time but it will be able to give you an instant result while you are continuing with the process of losing weight.

However, you can be even more effective if you wear a waist trimmer the day before your event, for at least 8 hours and especially while doing sports. 

For long term results you will need to balance a healthy lifestyle, drink a lot of water, cultivate a good diet, combined with sports. For a long term result,  use the waist trimmer or waist belt (trimmer) in your everyday activities, including sports and you will notice fat belly reduction.

In my opinion, the best solution would be a combination of waist cincher to wear underneath your clothes when you are out for work and events, and wear the waist belt at the gym, at home or doing sports.

How To Choose the best waist trainer size

I have shared this already but I think it’s important to repeat what I have written here in a dedicated section for waist trainers sizes as well:

Waist Cinchers

The waist cincher should be tight on your body, but still comfortable to use. In the beginning, it is normal that you and your sincher are still adapting so it will feel a little uncomfortable but it’s normal. Imagine you are not used to it and you for sure feel something is strange. 

However the more you continue with your waist training, the more comfortable you will become. Having this in mind while asking yourself what is the right size for you, bare in mind that you need to pick your cincher with this in mind.

It is normal that waist trainers come in different sizes. And there are 2 measurements that you should have in mind: the waistline measurement (the length) and the measurement that goes from under your bust all the way to your pelvis are (the height).

As a rule of thumb, this is how you know that you are wearing the right size: 

You should measure your waistline before you put your waist trainer on. Then, after putting it on, you should measure it again and this time, your waistline measurement should be 1 inch smaller than with your waist trainer on.

If your waistline measurement gets bigger, then this waist trainer will not give you the best results you are looking for therefore, this is not the right size for you, as it needs to be tight to really work for the best.

As a quick notice: You will notice that in the beginning it will be hard to put. Don’t worry, this is normal as your body is getting used to the new routine and also the new cincher is not yet molded by your body. If you keep on using you will notice improvements week after week, until it gets truly molded to your body, but It is supposed to be really tight. 

Waist Trimmer

It’s simple because they are normally available in 3 sizes. Small (38 inch waist), the medium (Up to 44 inch) and large (up to 50 inches). But it is always good to check the brands guidelines for precise information because these measurements can vary from brand to brand.

Best waist trainer Q&A

Question 1: Which waist trainer is best for weight loss?

Answer: First of all, there is no waist trainer that will help you lose weight. In the case of waist trimmers, It helps you to fix liquid retention, bloating, and swelling. So this might be helpful in helping you to get rid of belly fat because by sweating more, you are actually getting rid of toxins and liquid retention. Having this in mind, a better question should be what waist trainer is best for losing belly fat. The answer would be not one waist trainer but a combination of waist trimmer and waist cincher.

Question 2: What is the best waist trainer for plus size?

Answer: The plus size girl can wear any waist trainer but in the beginning, I suggest you start with baby steps, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. It would be nice to get started with a waist trimmer in conjunction with sports and a good diet for losing weight. If you want some instant results, as for example, you have an event you want to reduce one inch or so, you go for a more soft waist cincher or an activewear trainer. 

Question 3: when is the best time to wear your waist trainer?

Answer: You can use any time that is convenient for you but I have heard well often that waist trainers are better in the morning. It will be better to close, you will feel more comfortable, because your stomach is empty. 

Question 4: what is the best waist trainer after pregnancy?

Answer: The best types of waist trainers for post partum are always the ones that are more flexible such as waist trimmers and activewear trainers. 

Question 6: what is the best waist trainer to wear under clothes?

Answer: Definitely waist cinchers and activewear waist trainers.

Question 7: what is the best waist trainer to workout in?

Answer: Definitely activewear waist trainers and waist trimmers

Question 8: which type of waist trainer works best?

Answer: It will depend on what you are looking for. If you want an hourglass shape, waist cinchers and active wear waist trainers. If you want to get rid of liquid retention that gives you belly bloating, waist trimmers and active wear waist trainers as well.

Question 10: Can you sleep in a waist trainer?

Answer: Generally speaking no, but It will also depend on the type of waist trainer and its brand. It is not recommended to sleep wearing Waist cinchers for example. Some waist trimmers recommend you to use it for a couple of hours while there are other brands that say you can sleep with their garment. 

Question 11: is waist training safe?

Answer: If you use it correctly, following the instruction given to you by the waist trainer brand of your choice, it is very safe to use.

That’s it. If you have more questions, please use the comments below. Also tell us, have you ever used a waist trainers? If yes, how was it. If not, tell us what is holding you back?

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