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Body Butter Benefits And How To Use It

Body Butter Benefits will amaze you! So, what is body butter good for?

If you are experiencing dry, cracked skin, maybe you can consider adding body butter to your skin care.

When this is the case, it’s essential to take care of hydration to prevent cracks and other skin problems.

For this reason, today, let’s talk about body butter benefits, how to use it to improve your skin and hair.

What Is Body Butter?

Body butter is a concentrated and dense pasty cosmetic usually made of plant-based ingredients, such as saturated, unsaturated, and essential fatty acids.

Natural butters are more intense and take longer than usual creams and lotions.

Body Butter Benefits

Difference Between Body butter, Moisturizers & Lotions

  • Body butters: more dense and consistent texture, to provide a more powerful intense hydration for longer on dry skin
  • Moisturizer: With lighter texture and more fluid on the skin
  • Body Lotion: the consistency is liquid and is absorb quickly by the skin.

Who Can Benefit From Body Butters? 

The short answer is all skin types!

Dry skin, cracked and peeling skin are the most suitable to use body butter on their skincare routine. ​​

If you have oily skin on the face, it is better to avoid it and prefer lightweight creams.

But often have dry areas in the body, such as elbows and any other part; you can benefit from body butter, especially in the cold weather!

Body Butter Benefits 

Body Butter Benefits

Body butter contains emollient properties that prevent dryness and injuries in different stages of skin healing.

It can be an anti-bactericide, renews the skin, and protects from radiation.

Some of them effectively treat skin wounds, as they provide skin healing due to their nutritional, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties.

In addition to increasing collagen, it stimulates the reconstruction of the skin tissue, and boosts skin elasticity.

Generally speaking, the benefits of body butter include:

  • Instant skin hydration / skin elasticity / lock in moisture
  • Hair shine, hydration, and nutrition
  • Great for the neckline, lips, face, elbow, knees, and face
  • Cuticle soothing
  • reduce stretch marks and scars
  • Soothe freshly-shaved areas
  • Pamper your feet
  • Makeup remover
  • Healing dry or cracked feet, dehydrated skin
  • Massage for pain and arthritis relief
  • lip balm / moisturize dry lips
  • Split ends treatment

We will talk more in detail about these benefits of body butter later on. 

For now, let’s look at some popular types of body butter and their benefits.

Body Butter Benefits By Type

Benefits Of Body Butters

Shea Butter

Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, shea butter is well known for its nourishing moisture properties.

It’s just that shea butter is also rich in antioxidants and especially cinnamic acid, which helps with sun protection.

In addition to being a powerful moisturizer, shea butter also helps with cell regeneration and improves elasticity.

Mango Butter

Mango Butter has emollient, soothing, regenerating, softening and moisturizing properties on the skin.

It is a soft butter that melts when it comes into contact with human skin.

Add this to your skin care for hydration and smoothness.

Coconut Butter

In general, coconut skin care products are hydrating and skin softening.  

Coconut butter can help in acne treatment and skin restoration, calming, and can be used in cases of sunburn, damaged skin.

It’s antibacterial, treats readiness, and can be used to minimize stretch marks.

You can apply coconut butter on the lips, lashes, and dark circles.

If you are running out of makeup remover, then you can use coconut butter as an alternative.

Tip: Add a bit of sugar to coconut butter, and you will have an excellent exfoliator for the lips.  

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is extracted from the seeds of the cacao plant.

It helps in the treatment and prevention of skin dryness. Thus, it can also be used to treat certain skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema.

Great for sensitive skin, it helps in the cicatrization of damaged skin.

It is also anti-aging, hydrating, emollient, anti-inflammatory, and refreshing.

Almond Butter

The almond butter contains oils that calm and protects skin from irritation such as eczema.

It is rich in vitamin E, leaving the skin illuminated, toned, and radiant.

By using almond butter, The skin gets more elasticity, and you will benefit from its anti-aging and antioxidant effects. 

Murumuru Butter

Murumuru butter is an excellent emollient moisturizer for hair and skin.

It has similar fatty acids found in cocoa butter, rich in fatty acids that help restore the skin’s moisture protective barrier.

Rich in vitamin A helps minimize and prevent early aging signs, hydrates and regenerates the skin.

It is non comedogenic, perfect for acne-prone skin, it won’t clog your pores, has natural anti-inflammatory properties, is excellent for treating eczema, psoriasis, and light skin lesions. 

You can also create your own homemade body butter. I will be sharing some recipes soon!

More Body Butter Benefits 

Body butter 101

In this section, let’s look at the benefit points we tackled in the beginning in more detail.

Instant Dry Skin Hydration 

I’ve mentioned before that body butter is ideal for instant hydration, and you can apply it to different body areas.

For this, you can try an Intensive hydration treatment based on cold-pressed coconut oil.

It is nice to find skin care products that are enriched with natural essences of coconut oil, vitamin E, sunflower seed oil, and sweet almond oil.

That will prolong skin hydration, smooths, reduces wrinkles giving you a healthy and beautiful look.

Body Butter Benefits For The Hair

Your hair will just love body butter as it can hydrate, smooth, give shine and nourish any hair type.

If your hair is too dry, you can soak your hair with butter, leave it for a minimum of two hours and wash it later.

If you have split ends, apply a little bit of the product, and you’ll experience the magic.

You can also mix a little bit of butter with deep conditioners and essential oils to potentialize its effects on the hair follicles.

Best body butters for the Hair

Shea Butter

It is an emollient that lubricates, moisture and nourishes the hair, improves textures, and helps detangling.

It is ideal for dry and weak hair or porous hair, is an effective hair rejuvenator that restores shine, flexibility, and softness.

Shea butter will also protect the hair from sunburn and sun damage.

It contains Vitamin E, an excellent antioxidant that helps remove dead cells and restores your hair.

If you have scalp problems or just want to prevent possible issues and maintain them healthy, you can also use shea butter.

It has been used in the treatment of scalp irritation and peeling.

In addition, it improves blood circulation, which may improve hair growth.

Mango Butter

Mango butter has a nice creamy texture that is easy to apply to the hair.

It is rich in essential fatty acids and will moisture, nourish and hydrate your hair.

In addition, it compensates for the lipid loss of keratin, which fills the damaged parts of the hair fiber.

It has antioxidant action, is emollient, humectant, and helps to control frizz.

Mango Butter Benefits For The Hair:

  • Reconstruction 
  • Nutrition
  • deep hydration, 
  • Split ends and frizz repair
  • Shine
  • Softness
  • Restructuring

Body Butter Benefits For Manicure & Cuticle soothing

Body Butter 101

The cuticles protect our nails, serving as barriers against traumas, infections, and fungus. 

It is crucial to maintain your nail cuticles, but some people remove them while doing their manicures.

Keeping your cuticles is essential, and you can use body butters to maintain them healthy, beautiful, so you don’t need to take them out anymore.

The body butter will hydrate your cuticles to keep them there and facilitate if you just want to pull them a bit.

When your cuticles are hydrated, they will look pretty, and you won’t even need to pull them.

You can use shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, and lemon butter, as they will protect, hydrate, and help you have beautiful nails.

Body Butter Benefits For Stretch Marks 

Many people have been using body butter with great success. The benefits are numerous.

Apart from leaving the area hydrated and smooth, the stretch marks lines can get softer when you use it over time.

To reduce stretch marks, you can try cocoa butter, which is rich in vitamin E, is antioxidant, contains vitamin A and C that stimulate collagen production.

The skin with stretch marks usually needs hydration, and cocoa butter does that and improves skin texture. 

The results will show up gradually after continuous usage of the product.

On average, you may find your first results after one month. The secret is not to stop using it.

Just apply a thick layer of the body butter and massage the area.

Benefits Of Body Butter On freshly-shaved areas

The skin gets irritated once you shave your legs, underarms, and other areas.

If your skin is too dry, you can apply raw butter and massage the area.

Now, if you have normal to oily skin, it is nice to use refined butter in the form of cream or lotion.

For those with folliculitis, remember to exfoliate the area before applying the butter to prevent these pinpoints from appearing.  

Makeup Remover

You can find facial butter that is designed to remove makeup and treat your skin simultaneously

For example, chamomile butter melts makeup, dissolves impurities, cleanses, moisture, and nourishes the skin. 

If you have sensitive skin and find it hard to remove makeup, something like that will resolve your problems.

If you opt for a unique cleansing body butter, you will notice that these skin care products turn into a light oil when in contact with the face despite the thick texture.

Benefits Of Body Butter As a Lip Balm Treatment

You can use cocoa butter, shea butter, or other butter for the lips, if they feel dry.

Body butter is an excellent treatment, and I’m sure your lips will enjoy body butter benefits.

Apart from hydrating lips, they will be restored, shiny, and soft. The more you use it, the more results you’ll get.

The only downside, in my opinion, is that it can feel a bit greasy, depending on the product and the brand.

However, a great substitute for them is extra virgin vegetable oils such as olive oil.

Avoid Blisters

You just bought those beautiful shoes you wanted so much. 

But, they are not always as comfortable as they are beautiful, and it is our poor heels and toes that suffer. 

To prevent the shoe from hurting too much and so that blisters don’t form, you can apply cocoa butter where the shoe is sticking, so it won’t bother you so much when walking.

Heal Cuts & Insect Bites

Being a moisturizer and softener, cocoa butter helps relieve itching and burning from cuts and insect bites, healing.

It also reduces skin redness.

Body Butter Benefits For Eyebrows

If your brows tend to get messy throughout the day, you can rub cocoa butter on them and then comb them out with a brush or your finger. Just don’t overdo the application. 

Fix Eyeshadow 

Mix a little bit of cocoa butter with the eyeshadow and apply to the lids as usual. 

In addition to staying longer, it will also have a more vivid color.

How To Use Body Butter To Enhance Its Benefits

You can apply body butter directly on the skin, on the areas of your body that you feel are dry.

If your skin is too dry, you can use it every day in your morning and evening routine.

You can apply it at night in moderate cases, and you will still experience significant benefits.

Cautions About Body Butters

Body butter is an excellent ally of the skin, but there are a few recommendations to pay attention to.

For example, different types of body butters target different concerns.

It can be natural and tempting to apply different body butters types at once, but we should not do it.

Also, give preference to organic, high-quality products free from preservatives.

Some natural body butters can leave the skin sticky and grassy. 

If you don’t like it, you can find brands that contain lightweight formulas, or you can opt for creams that contain body butter in addition to other ingredients. 

Body Butter Benefits Final Thoughts 

Body butters are great for rough skin, dehydrated skin, because they have beneficial ingredients for the entire body, no matter your skin type.

You can use body buyers with essential oils, as well as create your own homemade body butter.

Pick your favorite body butter and the result will be moisturized skin, hydrated skin, skin cells regeneration, as well as a more even skin tone.

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