Botox Hair Treatment Before And After Guide

Confused about botox hair treatment? Looking for before and after pictures to help you get inspired?

Here you’ll find tips, explanations, and instructions to help you treat damaged hair and frizzy hair.

What Is Hair Botox?

Is it a botulinum toxin? No, It’s not the botulinum toxin treatment!

It’s an intensive treatment that penetrates hair cuticles, hydrates, tames frizzy hair, recovers split ends, damaged hair, and sometimes straightens and relaxes the hair.

There are two types of hair botox:

  • Chemicals Hair Botox treatments
  • Chemical Treatments botox for hair

Hair Botox Deep Conditioning Treatment Without Chemicals

This is an ultimate deep conditioning treatment, rich in proteins, vitamins, lipids and amino acids, keratin.

It doesn’t change hair structure, and a good example of a trendy hair treatment fos this is Olaplex.

They provide intensive reconstructive treatment for almost all hair types, including damaged hair. 

However, If your hair has good health conditions, you probably don’t need a treatment like this.

The Chemical Hair Botox Treatment

If a hair Botox treatment claims to reduce volume and makes hair straight, it is probably a “hair Botox” progressive straightening.

There are many different types of chemical hair botox treatments, with different levels or degrees of chemicals added.

You should be able to check the product label or ask the hairstylist, how strong or ‘light’ a particular product is.

How Long Does Hair Botox Last?

Non-Chemical Treatments Hair botox 

This lasts just until you wash your hair and it’s gradual, meaning that the more you do it, the best the results.

Chemical Botox Treatment For hair

They may take as long as your hair grows, so you need to re-touch the roots. Others you will keep your hair fine for 3-6 months.

Is Botox Hair Treatment Safe?

Hair Botox Deep conditioning treatment (Without Chemicals)

The actual hair Botox treatments that are meant to fill gaps on your hair fiber, are not damaging and can be applied on hair and scalp. 

Pay attention, because too much treatment might bring the opposite results. 

You should also stop using it when your hair gets totally healed.

Chemical Hair Botox Products

These so-called hair botox products are chemical procedures with all the risks included.

There is always the risk that your hair doesn’t adapt or accept the chemical product, causing excessive breakage, hair loss.

If you have a sensitive scalp, it can cause severe itchiness, hypersensitivity, skin burns, and allergies.

Best Hair Botox Treatment

The best hair botox should be chemical-free. However, if you want to straighten the hair, the chemical version is more indicated.

Chemical free Deep conditioning treatments can treat hair loss, promote hair growth, prevent hair breakage and seal the hair fibers.

Hair botox works, I believe if you do it correctly, you will treat your hair fibres and achieve a smooth hair.

Botox Hair Before And After Pictures

Below there are a few hair botox before and after pics. Want to submit your hair botox before and after pictures? 

Please send it to psrios(at)gmail(dot)com. I’ll love to hear from you!

Botox Hair Before and AfterCredits: @dora_bridal_beauty_salon

Hair Botox works by penetrating the hair shaft, closing down the cuticles, leaving it frizz free. 

Make sure to avoid direct contact with the scalp.

Botox Hair Before and AfterCredits: @dora_bridal_beauty_salon

How Does Hair Botox Work?

Hair botox does work and gives you shiny hair, frizz control, less volume, and more malleable hair. 

There are different applications for hair botox. That can be done at home or at the salon: 

  • Wash your hair using a clarifying shampoo 
  • Towel dry 80% of the hair
  • Apply the product on dry hair strands.
  • Tip: Treat with collagen complex products

Average Waiting Time On Different Hair Types

  • Straight or fine hair: 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Curly hair, wavy, or frizzy: 30 to 40 minutes.

Next, is time to add some heat to the process. For this, dry it out with a hot aired dryer and proceed with the flat iron.

Note: Check the labels and consult with a professional hairdresser, before adding any sort of chemical treatment.

The results are less frizz, heat damage restoration, less porosity.

Does Botox Treatment Take Away Curls?

Curly hair people be aware! If the hair botox treatment promises to take away the curls, then it has chemicals on it. 

Non chemical botox hair treatment does not take curls away.

If there is a product you are interested in that promises the sky to you, you can buy the product and apply it only to a thin section of your hair (2 centimeters).

Then wait a couple of months and see how it works on your curly hair.

I know it is really annoying when you are anxious to see your new hair, but it is better to wait 2 months and assure you have no problems than the contrary.

How To Hair Botox At Home Step By Step 

Yes, botox for hair works if you do it at home and you can get a variety of products on amazon.

Oftentimes, many hair salons will provide you with a home kit that you can apply at home.

Generally speaking, here’s how to apply hair botox at home

  1. Wash your hair really well. Use a clarifying shampoo, also called anti residue shampoo. Repeat the process twice.
  2. Dry your hair with a hairdryer
  3. Read the product instructions to see how to use it. There are some treatments that come with mixtures others come only with a single cream. Make sure to prepare it as indicated by the brand.
  4. Once you did that treatment (with the dry hair) apply the hair botox treatments product as if you were dying your hair. Many brands advise not to apply directly on roots, respecting a space of one centimeters from the roots.
  5. If you have straight or fine hair, on average, you will wait 20 to 30 minutes. For curly hair, including wavy or frizzy, wait 30 to 40 minutes.
  6. Next, is time to add some heat to the process. Opt for good hair dryers with a hot aired dryer and proceed with the flat iron or curling irons.
  7. Remember to use heat styling protectors to create a protective barrier.

Botox Hair Treatment Vs Keratin Treatment

In the same way that you can find chemical and non chemical hair botox, you can also find chemical and non chemical in many keratin treatments.

Many non chemical keratin treatments can be classified as a type of hair botox treatment because it will provide a reconstruction on the hair fiber level.

However, if you apply chemical keratin treatments, it has the power to straighten your hair in a way that the chemical hair botox hair treatment will not. Meaning, chemical Keratin treatments are stronger than botox for hair treatment.

Which one is best?

Then if you are wondering which one is better, it will depend on your hair type and condition, but it’s important to know that many keratin treatments may contain Formaldehyde that is toxic and can be harmful.

Keratin straightening treatment should not be done on your hair if it is weak, too damaged, because it will only make it weaker.

If this is the case, you should hydrate and nourish your hair until it is healthy again to avoid more hair problems. 

Also, I would not advise you to do a chemical keratin treatment alone at home, because the composition is chemical it’s better to go to the salon for that.

Chemical keratin treatment is best for those who want to have the hair totally straight and can be used on thick, curly, and unruly hair.

NOTE: Chemical Keratin treatment is not recommended for children (under 12 years old) and heads up if you are pregnant, you should not do it either).

Can I Dye My Hair After Hair Botox Treatment?

Color treated hair can benefit from this treatment, even though ​​chemicals present in the colors may affect it. 

We know that the best is not to combine chemical hair procedures but in reality, we also know we want or need to dye our hair for many reasons. 

However, It is ok for color treated hair, but of course, you will have to make an extra effort to hydrate and keep it healthy. 

It is better to apply the color (dye your hair) before the chemical botox application. One tip is to use natural products such as Henna that are chemical free for as much as possible.

But if not, make sure to maintain a hair care routine once a week with suitable hair masks and deep conditioners.

Hair Botox Treatment Disadvantage, Is There Any?

If you apply the non-chemical botox hair treatment it will not damage your hair, but it should not be overused. 

Overusing can cause the contrary effect, such as hair loss and over charge ​​hair fibres.

Natural hair thait is healthy, doesn’t need botox injections.

The botox hair treatments that promise long term results (from 2 to 6 months). Can damage your hair.

To avoid that, make sure to use hair masks and deep conditioners once a week.

Choose scalp treatments and treatment fills that contain vitamin E, nourishing oils such as caviar oil, amino acid, and collagen complex.

It’s possible that actual Botox may cause an allergic reaction, especially if it contains the chemical formaldehyde.

Always talk to your healthcare provider to take confident actions.

Pros And Cons

Chemical botox treatment has more cons than the non-chemical, but both of them have the good and the bad side.

Hair Botox Deep conditioning treatment (Without Chemicals)

The Hair Botox treatment (without chemicals) has more pros than cons and is super indicated if your hair needs that reboot.

Let’s take a quick recap on the PROS
  • Protein reposition leaving the hair looking healthier
  • Hair gets shinier
  • Has no chemical ingredients meaning it is pretty safe to use
  • It’s a powerful anti-aging treatment
  • Moisturizes the hair deeply
  • Is filled with vitamins, collagen and antioxidant agents 
  • Easy to apply
  • Restores an regenerates damaged hair from roots to tips
  • Penetrates on a deep level
  • Does Not need to be applied too often
  • Results are seen since the first application
  • Reduce frizz 
  • Leave your hair smoother 
  • Can reduce volume overtime (gradually)
Let’s take a quick recap on the CONS:
  • Cannot be used on all hair types. Use only when hair needs it.
  • Can reduce volume overtime (gradually): That happens only overtime, some anxious people might find it not so good
  • Results are not permanent meaning you will need to apply it quite often
  • If you overuse it, you might experience the contrary experience

Chemical Botox Products

I have already explained the difference between the two types of botox hair treatment. There are the chemical ones and the nonchemical ones.

The chemical ones require a little more attention on your part and also count with pros and cons that we are gonna discuss now.

This list has not the intention to be the most complete list (as I might have forgotten to add one item or another) but contains enough points that will help you to get a panoramic vision.

Let’s take a quick recap on the PROS:
  • Gives immediate volume reduction
  • Gives a more immediate improvement feeling on hair texture
  • Is free from harmful chemicals like formaldehyde or parabens
  • Hydrates and repair the hair
  • You’ll be free from split ends
  • Hairs feels soft and shinier 
  • It’s free from formaldehyde or parabens
Let’s take a quick recap on the CONS:
  • Even though it’s free from formaldehyde or parabens, it still contains certain types of chemicals that will provide immediate volume reduction, loose curls, and a slight more straight disciplined hair for a longer period of time
  • Better to be applied to the hair salon. This is not a problem, but if you want to do a treatment 100% at home, it is better to consult a hair dresser before for a final verdict and more personalised information on how to apply it on your hair.


If you stop to think about it, the nonchemical botox hair treatments are not the botulinum toxin but can be considered as anti-aging hairs mask, infused with nutrients, keratin, oils that have a powerful composition.

For the chemical treatments, it promises a more straight hair (even though a botox hair treatment should not leave it 100% straight), reducing volume or loose curls.

In this case, it is also nothing new and it can be even considered a less aggressive type of Brazilian blowout keratin treatment or progressive blowout.

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