Botox Hair Treatment: What is, How To Do, After Care & Reviews

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We’ve got your back because the next lines are packed with tips, explanations, and product indications to help you take action, and do something about your hair situation now. 

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Botox Hair Treatment: What Is It?

Botox hair treatment can be considered as a very intensive treatment (chemical or not chemical) that hydrates, leaving it (in most cases) with a beautiful appearance.

It helps you to get rid of frizz and split ends, and has nothing to do with the botox people use on the face. 

The nomination is Botox, because it has the power to renew the hair while treating it at the same time. There are two types of botox hair treatments:

Actual Botox Treatment (Without Chemicals)

The deep conditioners and hair masks that provide an intensive reconstructive treatment for any hair type (that doesn’t change hair structure), but doesn’t straighten the volume per say.

It reduces volume without changing your hair structure permanently. In this last case, you apply hair masks that are rich in proteins, vitamins, lipids and amino acids, keratin that will fill gaps on your hair fiber, leaving it wonderfully shiny and healthier.

This treatment normally lasts just until you wash your hair and it’s gradual, meaning that the more you do it, the best the results.

It can in the end, reduce the volume but not because of chemicals but because of the nutrition it offers the hair overtime.

Chemical Botox Products

The ones that will reduce volume and/or straighten your hair (that has some sort of chemicals or formalin that changes your hair structure). 

There are many different types of chemical botox, with different levels or degrees of chemicals added, but then you should be able to see on the product label, how strong or ‘light’ a particular product is.

Of course the lighter the degree of chemical added, the better for the hair, but you need to have it clear that this is not a hair treatment but instead a chemical application that can bring excellent results as well as not. 

That being said, if the hair Botox product reduces volume, makes your hair straight, or changes your natural hair structure, it is nothing more than a progressive straightening, or something similar to a brazilian blowout.

In this article, we are gonna give you some examples of great and super well reviewed products in both categories (chemical and non chemical) botox hair treatments, but before, check out now this warning on safety on the following lines.

Botox Hair Treatment

Is This Hair Treatment Safe?

Actual Botox Treatments (Without Chemicals)

The actual botox treatments that are meant to fill gaps on your hair fiber, are not damaging. Just pay attention, because too much of this treatment might bring the opposite results. 

Make sure to read the product instructions to see exactly how often you should use it, that way you’ll avoid an overdose.

Chemical Botox Products

These so called hair botox products, are not really hair treatments per say, but chemical procedures with all the risks included.

You might be asking now what are risks included by a chemical progressive straightening process, right?

Briefly talking, depending on the product you use, there is alway the risk that your hair doesn’t adapt or accept the chemical product, causing excessive breakage, hair loss.

If you have a sensitive scalp, itt can cause severe itchiness, hyper sensitivity, skin burns and things like that.

It doesn’t mean that all botox chemical products will cause it, but it is very important to have in mind the risks that you might be submitting yourself.

Normally, these kinds of problems would happen if your hair is extremely weak and if you suffer from extreme sensitivity on your skin. 

What Kind Of Non Chemical Hair Masks And Deep Conditioners Can Be Considered As A Botox Hair Treatment?

It is a little confusing because a lot of botox hair products out there claimed to be formaldehyde free, might have some sort of chemicals.

The way to make sure you are not adding chemicals on your hair, assure it is stated clearly on the package and labels that the product is a treatment only. 

Look for deep conditioners and hair masks that are rich in proteins, vitamins, lipids and amino acids, keratin down below there are some great examples:

NOTE: The examples listed below might not have the nomination BOTOX on the package, but they are pretty much aligned with the restoration that a botox hair treatment should be. We have noticed that most products that are currently named as BOTOX have some sort of chemical ingredients that will change your hair structure, be it losing curls or giving instant volume reduction. We are gonna talk a little about these chemical botox products as well, in the sequence.

Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment For All Hair Types Review

The Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing is a powerful treatment for those with very dry weak hair. 

The olaplex is the dearest treatment at the moment, for those who use a lot of heat, dye the hair or apply any sort of chemical treatment. It is also required for those who are preparing the hair to receive a chemical treatment.

Botox Hair

Now you might be asking can it be applied on natural hair? Yes it can, because it will restructure the fiber of your hair leaving it stronger, regenerated and rescued.

It will also give tons of shine to your hair so you have nothing to loose.

The way you apply it on the hair is once a week and after shampooing, leave it on the hair for 10 minutes and then rinse it out really well.

Olaplex is vegan, nut free, gluten free, cruelty free, sulfate free, paraben free, phthalate free, phosphate free, PH balanced and is indicated for all hair types.

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Olaplex botox hair

Biotin Collagen Natural Keratin Treatment for Dry & Damaged Hair – Hair Mask with Collagen Hair Vitamin Complex for Best Hair Repair & Nourishment by Bloommy Review

The Biotin Collagen natural keratin treatment is indicated especially for dry and damaged hair, but it will work great on all hair types.

It promises an extreme hair restoration in case your hair needs an extra boost of care, but also you can apply if your hair is normal and you are keen for an extra shine and softness.

Use this deep hair treatment if your hair is dry, weak, dull and frizzy, as it will restore and give back elasticity since first application.

Keratin Botox Hair

The biotin contained in this deep hair treatment protects and prevents hair loss, nourishes and makes your hair stronger.

Collagen constraints amino acids restructure the hair follicles leaving it healthier. The keratin will smooth and leave your hair shinier.

This mask is very practical and easy to use. Just wash your hair with a gentle shampoo, apply it once a week for 5 minutes and rinse really well with warm water.

Have in mind that even though this product promises significant improvements since the first application, it is not an instantaneous miracle treatment and results will improve gradually over time.

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Keratin Treatment

Biotin Keratin Collagen Treatment for Dry & Damaged Hair – Professional Collagen Hair Vitamin Complex for Hair Repair By Blondwood Review

The Biotin Keratin Collagen Treatment for Dry & Damaged Hair from BlondWood is not only for blondes but can be used on hair types.

If you have dry and damaged hair it will restore your hair fiber from inside out. If your hair is normal, it will protect and prevent your hair from possible damage.

Keratin Treatment

 It contains keratin, collagen, biotin, green tea, aloe vera and vitamin B5, composing a nourishing, repairing and moisturizing formula of natural ingredients.

Use if after shampoo, applying it with dye brush from root to ends. Then use a comb to make sure you applied it throughout the entire hair.

Wait from 5 to 10 minutes, you can use a thermal microwavable cap to optimize your results. After that, make sure to rinse it really well with warm water.

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Amazon Review Treatment

What Kind Of Chemical Products Can Be Considered As A Botox Hair Treatment?

Oftentimes it is not clear to know if a botox hair treatment is chemical or not. Even though many products claim to be Formaldehyde free, make no mistake!

If they claim instantaneous straightening, miraculous volume reductio,  and long term retention (3 to 6 months) this has some sort of chemical ingredients from one degree or another.

Make sure to check out the product instructions very carefully and if you are still not sure, always check a trustworthy hairdresser for personalised advice.

One example of a chemical botox hair product is the Brazilian Hair Bottox Expert Thermal Mask. Let’s check now a quick review about this product.

Brazilian Hair Bottox Expert Thermal Mask Review

The  Brazilian Hair Bottox Expert Thermal Mask has lots of great reviews. It claims to repair your hair, leaving it shiny, bright, soft and disciplined.

It is a Formaldehyde free but, it claims that results can take as long as 8 weeks, we assume there are chemical ingredients to some extent.

Bottox Treatment

They have made it clear that this is not a keratin blow out and that the main objective of the product is not to make your hair straight, even though it will lose curls and reduce volume.

However this is not a very strong product, so if your hair is too curly and too voluminous, it might not leave it straight per say but will reduce frizz and leave it more malleable.

If your hair is wavy, it will also reduce frizz and leave it more ‘organized’ with shine and soft. If your hair is already straight, you can also use it for more shine and less frizz.

Because, yes, it can be used on all hair types and colors. As a result, your hair should be aligned, healthier and frizz-free.

They also claim this product has a natural formula, that includes marine collagen and almond oil. 

The way to use the Brazilian Hair Bottox Expert Thermal Mask is simple:

  1. Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo PH9 or more
  2. Dry your completely (100%)
  3. To be more organized, section your hair in 6 parts and apply it
  4. Wait for 30 to 40 minutes and rinse the hair removing 80% of the product
  5. Blow dry hair with a round brush
  6. Use the flat iron on thin and linear strands (do it 10 to 15 times in each hair strand)
  7. Then you are ready! Hair should look and feel soft and hydrated

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Amazon Review

How Does Botox Treatment For The Hair Work?

Botox hair treatments have extra hydrating items that promise frizz control, less volume and a more malleable hair. 

There are different applications for botox hair treatment that varies depending on the branding. 

The non chemical botox hair treatments are normally easier to apply but the ones that contain certain doses of chemicals normally follow a ritual that can be done at home or at the salon. 

But normally, you wash your hair with an anti residue shampoo, towel dry 80% of the hair and apply the product on dry hair, using a hair brush, section by section.

If you have straight or fine hair, on average, you will wait 20 to 30 minutes. If your hair is curly, wavy or frizzy, wait 30 to 40 minutes.

Next, is time to add some heat to the process. For this, dry it out with a hot aired dryer and proceed with the flat iron.

Note: Alway check the product labels and consult with a professional hairdresser, before adding any sort of chemical treatment on your hair.

The results are less frizz, hair easier to detangle, heat damage restoration, and help you with porosity problems.

Botox Hair Treatment

How Long Does The Treatment For The Hair Last?

There are non chemical botox hair treatments that will last just one week or until your next washing day. 

There are also the non chemical ones that serve as a protein boost to your hair that keeps your hair hydrated to one month. 

Then there are the chemical treatments that will last three months or 6 months, depending on how your hair grows. 

As you can see again, it varies from brand to brand and if you are not about what to do, or never done the chemical botox hair treatment, you should not apply it yourself, but ask a professional to do so.

Does Botox Treatment For The Hair Take Away Curls?

The best botox treatments are not supposed to take away your curls, but instead, provide such nutrition and restoration, but reconstructing your hair cuticles and fibers, that it will eventually reduce volume.

If the botox hair treatment you are interested in promises to take away the curls, then it has chemicals on it. 

It is very confusing because there are many brands that sell your so-called botox treatment but have chemical ingredients that will change the structure of your hair.

Even in hair salons, there are many hairdressers selling progressive blow out with the title of botox. 

It is best to be cautious and be on the super safe side of the coin. If  there is a product you are interested in that promises the sky to you, you can buy the product and apply it only on a thin section of your hair (2 centimeters).

Then wait a couple of months and see what happens. I know it is really annoying when you are anxious to see your new hair, but it is better to wait 2 months and assure you have no problems than the contrary.

Does Botox Treatment For The Hair Really Work?

When done properly and with the right product, it works really well. As I have mentioned before, the non-chemical ones will take only a week so, but the results on the hair are amazing. 

You can tame frizzy hair, and provide a healthier looking hair every time you apply the treatment.

With the chemical ones, you might experience instantaneous volume reduction, and you don’t need to be applying the product so often (can apply every 3 months).

Can This Hair Treatment Be Done At Home? 

Before we get started:

As I have mentioned before, there are many different types of hair botox. Make sure that you read many reviews before you buy a chemical botox for the hair and in this case, always talk to a professional to analyse your hair condition.

That’s the safest way to proceed. Remember. If you don’t want to apply chemistry on your hair, make sure that the treatment won’t last more than a couple of weeks.

If it promises long results from 1 month to 3 or 6 months, the product might have some kind of chemicals that will change your hair structure.

I mean if you want a more permanent botox treatment, it is fine as long as you know what you are doing and it is aligned with your own desire, always making sure that your hair is strong enough to receive the products.

That being said, let’s get to the point. Can botox hair treatment be done at home? Yes, it can be done at home.

You can get a variety of products on amazon and oftentimes, many hair salons will provide you with a home kit that you can apply at home.

How To Apply Hair Botox At Home?

First be aware that oftentimes non chemical products considered as a botox hair treatment, might fall in different categories. Such as keratin deep conditioners, protein deep conditioners, can serve as a botox hair treatment.

In the case of the non chemicals, application will vary from brand to brand, and I cannot specify one or another way, because it will depend on the product you use.

In the case of botox hair that will open your curls, or promise volume reduction since the first application, there is a general way you can follow.

Of course that different products might end up having different applications and that’s why I always say it’s really important to get the final verdict with a hairdresser.

But generally speaking, here’s how to apply botox at home

  1. Wash your hair really well. Use a transparent shampoo, also called anti residue shampoo. Repeat the process twice.
  2. Dry your hair with a hairdryer
  3. Read the product instructions to see how to use it. There are some treatments that come with mixtures others come only with a single cream. Make sure to prepare it as indicated by the brand.
  4. Once you did that (with the dry hair) apply the hair botox product as if you were dying your hair. Many brands advise not to apply directly on roots, respecting a space of one centimeters from the roots.
  5. If you have straight or fine hair, on average, you will wait 20 to 30 minutes. If your hair is curly, wavy or frizzy, wait 30 to 40 minutes.
  6. Next, is time to add some heat to the process. For this, dry it out with a hot aired dryer and proceed with the flat iron.

Note: There are some non-chemical botox hair treatments that follows a similar application sequence

Botox Hair Treatment Without Flat Iron

There are non-chemials botox hair treatments that require the flat iron to seal the product onto the hair fiber, in order to give you a better final result. 

If the non chemical botox hair treatment requires a flat iron, you can go ahead because it won’t cause any harm. 

Actually the contrary is true. If you don’t use the flat iron, you won’t have 100% of the desired and promised result.

However, with the chemical botox hair treatments the flat iron is optional, and you will make your decision based on how straight you want your hair to become.

We know by now that botox hair procedures, even the chemical ones won’t really leave your hair totally straight and this is not the objective of the treatment.

But we also know that the chemical treatments that promise results for extended periods of time, will significantly reduce volume, lose the curls and some will even make it more straight, depending on your hair type.

For these, if you choose to use the flat iron, it is gonna potentialize the effect of the product, leaving your hair more straight and less curly and reducing much more volume.

In the case you don’t want to modify your curls too much, then you should not use the flat iron to finalize but just use the hairdryer on the hot temperature to dry the hair with the product, before taking it away.

If you have wavy hair and want to keep it more natural, the same as mentioned, so you can keep your waves. If you want it to get an effect closer to straight, use the flat iron.

Botox Hair Treatment Vs Keratin Treatment: Which One Is Better?

In the same way that you can find chemical and non chemical botox hair treatments, you can also find chemical and non chemical keratin treatment.

Many non chemical keratin treatments can be classified as a type of botox treatment, because it will provide a reconstruction on the hair fiber level.

However, if you apply a chemical keratin treatment, it has the power to straighten your hair in a way that the chemical botox will not. Meaning, chemical Keratin treatments are stronger than botox chemical treatment.

Then if you are wondering which one is better, it will depend on your hair type and condition, but it’s important to know that many chemical keratin treatments may contain Formaldehyde that is toxic and can be harmful.

Keratin straightening should not be done on your hair if it is weak, too damaged, because it will only make it weaker.

If this is the case, you should hydrate and nourish your hair until it is healthy again to avoid more hair problems. 

Also I would not advise you to do a chemical keratin treatment alone at home, because the composition is chemical it’s better to go to the salon for that.

Chemical keratin treatment is best for those who want to have the hair totally straight, and can be used on thick, curly and unruly hair.

NOTE: Chemical Keratin treatment is not recommended for children (under 12 years old), and heads up if you are pregnant, you should not do it either).

Botox hair treatment (chemical and non chemical) on the other hand can be done on all hair types, from straight to curly and beyond. 

Have in mind that the botox hair treatment will not really cause your hair to be totally straight and after a while many of the chemical botox hair treatment will gradually fade away.

In sum, chemical keratin is stronger, more effective than the botox, but in compensation, botox are less harmful and more moisturizing.

If you already apply chemical treatment on your hair and want something less strong, then I think that some botox hair treatments are worth trying.

Once again, never apply any chemical product on your hair yourself, without asking for the final verdict of a hairdresser. 

Let’s Talk About Side Effects: Can This Damage Your Hair?

If you apply the non chemical botox hair treatment it will not damage your hair, but have in mind that because this is a really powerful, strong type of treatment, it should not be overused. 

Read the label of the product for more details, but many botox products are designed to be used once a quarter or once a month.

Overusing a treatment like that, can cause the contrary effect so it is good to pay close attention to what the fabricant is recommending.

Also if your hair is already healthy, you better not use it, because you simply don’t need something like that.

Use deep conditioners and hydration hair masks instead, because applying this product on a hair that is already healthy might not make it any better.

Now let’s talk about the botox hair treatments that promise long term results (from 2 to 6 months).

These ones can also be applied on all hair types as long as it is suffering from frizz, dryness, and is lacking shine and discipline.

Once again, ask for dedicated professional advice for a final verdict, but what I can start sharing with you here is that you should not do it if you feel your hair is severely damaged and too weak.

If your hair is dull, opaque, frizzy and too voluminous, but it is still in a good condition, you can probably use it, but pay attention to the product description.

If it says you should re-apply the product every 3 months, never do it before that, because chances are that you can cause damage for your hair.

If your scalp is too sensitive and you have scalp and skin allergies, then consult your dermatologist and your hairdresser to assure it will be ok to go ahead with the application. 

To wrap up, here is a quick tip, that I know anxious people might not like too much, but I believe it’s super important.

If you are decided to do a chemical keratin hair treatment, test it before applying it! Why not apply it only on a section of your hair and wait for about 2 months to test the waters?

I know, I know you might want to have it and have it now, but think with me for a second. Isn’t that much better to wait 2 months to make sure something will work out on a hair section than on your entire hair to find out in the end that it damaged your hair?

To go even further, you can buy  2 or 3 different products and try it in 3 separate sections (just be careful while washing it, so it won’t slip onto the rest of the hair) and see what happens.

Then you will be sure if you can actually go ahead and do it full head and now what product performed best.

You can even ask a hairdresser to do that. He/she might find you are weird but well, you are doing the right thing, at least!

Hair Botox Treatment After Care: How To Maintain? 

Actual Botox Treatment (Without Chemicals)

If you apply the non chemical hair botox treatment, you know that results will last until your next washing day, which can take one or two weeks. 

The way to maintain this treatment is to make sure you add vegetable oils, drink lots of water, avoid sweating and brushing your hair 100 times with a bristle hair brush every day can be very beneficial as well.

Chemical Botox Products

In the case of the Chemical Botox products, there are also a few things you can do so your hair will keep the treatment for longer.

On average, this type of hair application will last 3 months and there are some brands that claim a 6 months duration.

Have in mind that if you are using the chemicals, you need to compensate with a lot of hydration and nutrition so your hair keeps healthy, without damages.

So, it is not because you have applied a chemical booty treatment that you will forget about the attention of your hair care routine. 

Here’s some tips:

  • Choose the right shampoo: Look for sulfate free and chemical free shampoos. Avoid shampoos that contains sodium C14-16
  • Give preference for deep conditioners and hair masks that contain oils such argan oils. Also read the labels to see if the product contains proteins and keratin can be really suitable for the hair

Make sure theses hair masks / conditioners are parabens and sulfate free

  • Give a break from hair straightening: If possible, give it a break and try to hydrate a lot, so you won’t need to use the flat iron so much
  • Use a silk pillowcase: Cotton pillowcases dehydrate your hair. Give preference to a microfiber pillow case or a silk or a satin pillowcase.

Hair Botox And Coloring: Is It Ok To Dye My Hair?

Many people out there ask, is it ok to dye my hair after applying the chemical hair botox treatment?

We know that the best is not to combine chemical hair procedures but in reality we also know we want or need to dye our hair for many reasons. 

However, It is ok to dye your hair after a chemical treatment indeed, but of course you will have to make an extra effort to hydrate and keep it healthy. 

It is better to apply the color (dye your hair) before the chemical botox application. One tip is to use natural products such as Henna that are chemical free for as much as possible.

But if not, make sure to maintain a hair care routine once a week with suitable hair masks and deep conditioners.

Botox Hair Treatment Pros And Cons

As anything in life, botox hair treatments come with pros and cons. To be more precise, the chemical botox treatment will have more cons than the non chemical, but both of them have the good and the bad side.

Actual Botox Treatment (Without Chemicals)

The Actual botox treatment (without chemicals) has more pros than cons and is super indicated if your hair needs that reboot.

Let’s take a quick recap on the PROS:

  • Protein reposition leaving the hair looking healthier
  • Hair gets shinier
  • Has no chemical ingredients meaning it is pretty safe to use
  • It’s a powerful anti-aging treatment
  • Moisturizes the hair deeply
  • Is filled with vitamins, collagen and antioxidant agents 
  • Easy to apply
  • Restores an regenerates damaged hair from roots to tips
  • Penetrates on a deep level
  • Does Not need to be applied too often
  • Results are seen since the first application
  • Reduce frizz 
  • Leave your hair smoother 
  • Can reduce volume overtime (gradually)

Let’s take a quick recap on the CONS:

  • Can reduce volume overtime (gradually): That happens only overtime, some anxious people might find it not so good
  • Cannot be applied on the hair if it is already healthy. Even if you just want extra shine, you should not apply
  • Results are not permanent meaning you will need to apply it quite often
  • If you overuse it, you might experience the contrary experience

Chemical Botox Products

I have already explained the difference about the two types of botox hair treatment. There are the chemical ones and the non chemical ones.

The chemical ones require a little more attention from your part and also counts with pros and cons that we are gonna discuss now.

This list has not the intention to be the most complete list (as I might have forgotten to add one item or another), but contains enough points that will help you to get a panoramic vision.

Let’s take a quick recap on the PROS:

  • Gives immediate volume reduction
  • Gives a more immediate improvement feeling on hair texture
  • Is free from harmful chemicals like formaldehyde or parabens
  • Hydrates and repair the hair
  • You’ll be free from split ends
  • Hairs feels soft and shinier 
  • It’s free from formaldehyde or parabens

Let’s take a quick recap on the CONS:

  • Even though it’s free from formaldehyde or parabens, it still contains certain types of chemicals that will provide immediate volume reduction, loose curls, and a slight more straight disciplined hair for a longer period of time
  • Better to be applied to the hair salon. This is not a problem, but if you want to do a treatment 100% at home, it is better to consult a hair dresser before for a final verdict and more personalised information on how to apply it on your hair.

A Brief (But Important) Conclusion

Now that you have read a lot about botox for the hair, you might have noticed that this is not really something new.

You could have noticed on the section ‘What Kind Of Non Chemical Hair Masks And Deep Conditioners Can Be Considered As A Botox Hair Treatment?’ that this is the same old just with a new nomenclature.

If you stop to think about it, the non chemical botox hair treatments are really any anti-aging hairs mask, infused with nutrients, keratin, oils that have a powerful composition.

This can give you a restored hair, regenerating it, penetrating on the hair fiber and filling it with the nutrients that will help with a deep restoration.

For the chemical treatments, it promises a more straight hair (even though a botox hair treatment should not leave it 100% straight), reduce volume or loose curls.

In this case, it is also nothing new and it can be even considered a less aggressive type of brazilian keratin treatment or progressive blow out.

The last thing I want to assure you are aware about (and that’s why I am recapitulating it here) is that most products with the BOTOX on the labels, have some sort of chemical in the composition.

If the product promises instant straightening, instant volume reduction and extended volume, it has chemicals that will change your hair structure, so it is better to be cautious while using these types of products.

It’s ok and you should do your own research but always seek professional advice for a personalised treatment and to protect your hair from damage.  

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