Bronzer vs Contour: What Is The Difference?

Even though they can be kind of similar, bronzer and contour are different techniques that will work really well when combined together. Bronzer Vs Contour, what is the difference? Let’s find out now!


Bronzer vs Contour: What Is The Difference?

Normally, when you apply foundation, the face may lose its natural shades and depth. Both products can add depth to the face, each one in their own particular way. 

Bronzers and contouring are applied almost in the same way to fix that small problem, but the main difference is that bronzers add heat and a sun-kissed air, while the contouring adds dimension and shades, leaving the face more defined.

In my opinion, the problems most of you have are: 

  • When you should use them
  • Where to apply bronzer or contouring
  • And if you can use both or should pick one over another.

Keep on reading because we are gonna discuss these and other important points on the battle bronzer vs contour!

When Should I use Bronzer Vs Contouring?

A rule of thumb in makeup is that to give depth, disguise and diminish you should use contouring that has cold tones with brown nuances. On the other hand, to get a bronzing effect, use warm shades of orangey brown to get the sun-kissed look.

The bronzer will give color to the areas where the sun will lighten on your face. So, any time you want to give the impression that you were on the beach, use your bronzer.

The contouring on the other side, should be applied strategically with your facial shape in mind. This way you can sculpt a more harmonious facial shape, leaving it more defined.

My suggestion is to use contouring when you need a professional makeup look for events, tv, photography and use the bronzer as a contour for daily situations, on your everyday makeup.


Where To Use Bronzer Or Contouring?

Use contouring if you want to define your jawlines, diminish your forehead or your nose. So you can use makeup to fix things you would fix with plastic surgery.

You can apply bronzer in the same areas you apply your contouring, excluding the nose. You can also use bronzer on the cheeks to substitute the blush, but if not, you can apply it below the blush application.

If you feel that your face doesn’t have much to fix, or if you are just starting out, you can use only a bronzer on the forehead line, close to the scalp line, and below the cheeks.

How To Use Bronzer and Contouring?

You should use bronzer and contouring right after applying foundation. Then go ahead with the contouring and follow up with the bronzer. You can easily use both products in the same look without problems.

For this, firstly make the contouring on the upper forehead line, on the jaw lines, on the sides of the nose and blend them well. Then apply the bronzer, below the cheekbone.

Main Similarities

For the similarities, we can say that both products should be darker than your skin tones. So, in order to buy them, you need to have your foundation shade as a reference to then look for a contouring and a bronzer, that are one to two tones darker than your foundation.

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Bronzer vs contour Brush

For both bronzers and contouring, you can use a fluffy round brush, like a powder or a blush brush. But there are special brushes for contouring, which is the angled brush, that can help you apply the contour with more precision.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it better to use bronzer or Contour?

It doesn’t really matter, but oftentimes, we tend to use bronzer for everyday situations, as it is more practical. But if you are going for a special event, it is best to add contouring to your look.

2. Can a bronzer be used for contouring?

Practically speaking you can use bronzers for contouring if you cannot find a nice good contouring product nearby. However, you won’t really be able to have the same finish if you need to make your face or nose thinner, for example. You can always try anyways, you may end up doing a good job.

3. Should contour be lighter or darker than bronzer?

They should have similar shades, otherwise the makeup may not have the desired result.

Final Takes

This is how you should use bronzer vs contour, if you have any questions, you can always use the comments below to send your questions and suggestions! 

For more details on how to use contouring and bronzers, check out the full bronzer guide and the full contouring guide! 

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