Burt’s Bees BB Cream Review

Burt’s Bees BB Cream Review: The Burt’s Bees BB Cream is claimed to be 98.9% natural, has SPF 15 and is also a moisturizer for your face. 

With antioxidants and moisturizing properties, this BB cream can provide coverage, protect your skin from the sun, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

It is also good to remember that their claim is also to provide not only a good coverage but a smooth and illuminated skin. 

As I have mentioned already, this is supposed to be an ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM. Which is awesome in my opinion.

Many people still think that anti-aging products are just for those in their 60’s, but in fact (with a good sense) the earlier you start to take care about that, the better.

The Same works for the SPF factor thing. If you don’t know, the SPF will protect your skin from UV rays that can cause premature ageing, wrinkles and even skin cancer. 

What some people might not be aware of, is that you should wear SPF protection even during winter and under the shade, because UV rays can bypass glasses and still affect you even if you are not directly exposed to the sun.

That’s the reason that I always and I mean always use the BB cream or CC cream with some extent of SPF protection. 

Burt’s Bees BB Cream Review: Benefits And Claims

The Burt’s Bees BB Cream line is promising for you and for me, that we are gonna have not one, not two but 9 skin care benefits in one easy step. 

We are going to discuss some of these benefits, as some others we cannot really measure such as, how can I review the SPF in a short period of time? But be there and we will cover a lot so you can have a good idea about the product, ok?

So, then here are the 9 benefits they are offering to us:

  1. Broad Spectrum SPF 15. 2. Moisturizes skin. 3. Smoothes. 4. Visibly Firms. 5. Illuminates. 6. Evens Tone. 7. Conceals.  8. Reduces Look of Fine Lines and Wrinkles. 9. Perfects Skin.

Does the Burt’s bees BB cream Moisturize and smooth the skin?

After using the burts bee bb cream for 3 months, I can say that my skin was ok and I have nothing to complain. 

I am still those kind of people that will actually use a moisturizer at night if I want to hydrate my skin and I will not rely on a BB cream to do that.

However I did have the feeling that something was there, like I believe it moisturized and smooth my skin somehow, plus it is good to know you are applying something special on your skin.

That being said, I don’t apply primer or moisturizer before using the Bees BB cream and I never regretted it whatsoever as I feel my skin hydrated enough, every time I use this. 

So I can give it a 5 star in this queste.

What About Firming Skin?

This is something that you will notice overtime but to be honest, I have nothing to say about it, as I did not buy this product to firm my skin, even though having this feature is always a plus in a product.

But what I can share is that in relation to it, I couldn’t really feel anything tangible, or noticeable. So I guess if you are looking for the light foundation more known as BB cream, the other features will make up for that.

Does it Illuminate, Evens Tone and Conceals?

From my side, I quite need something that would make me look awake and neat and possibly cover dark circles and look very very very and very natural.

I hate those foundations or bb creams or wherever that makes me feel as if I have this unnatural look.

(Ps.: I totally understand and respect people that like it. So don’t get me wrong please!)

But for me I just don’t feel I get any better looking wearing a dramatic makeup so I stick to the minimalist side, and for this, it worked quite well.

I have also noticed that if I liked or wanted a full coverage, this would also work great. So ladies, if you like it full, this is also for you, just add up a little more layers and you are good to go.

I had my friend Christine which is about the same skin tone as mine, to try it out and she has some pinpoints to consider hiding and she liked it as well.

I must also say that it covers as much as a foundation and if you have acne or specific imperfections, just apply more on these areas, so you can have better coverage.

Burt’s bees BB cream on Skin Types

This BB Cream is indicated for all skin types but In my opinion it should not be applied equally on all skin types.

The reason I’m saying this is because if you have oily skin, you might still need the help of a powder for your final look.

But I guess this should be normal I must say, as I have oily skin. So far, I have not ever ever found a foundation and a BB or a CC cream that would not require me to apply a powder, if I want to get rid of my oleosity.

Even the matte ones, I still feel like I need to apply a powder. Of course there are some foundations or bb or cc creams that would be ok, without a powder if I wasn’t super picky. 

Like for example the Channel CC Cream and the Mac bb cream I have already reviewed on this site (go take a look!), I could leave without powder if I am in a hurry or just don’t care that much on a particular occasion, or for everyday go go situations.

But for this one, I really would need a powder which is fine for me, as I have found a translucid powder from MAC that I really loved and I don’t feel that is bad for my skin.

By the way I have this review here as well go take a look on the MAC CC powder Review. 

Now if you have a normal to mix skin I would still advise you apply a powder as this BB cream will require it so. I’m pretty sure about that.

For the dry skin team out there, I believe you might not need an extra effort to apply a powder but I might be wrong. So if you know anything about that and wanna share, don’t be shy and use the comments section to share your experience.

All right, that being said, what is next? I guess we can talk about texture and smell? Let’s go!

Burt’s Bees BB Cream Review: The SPF Factor

As you already know the  burts Bees cc cream has SPF 15 in its formulation and it is good to know that it offers full UV spectrum coverage (UVA and UVB). 

In my article Best Sunscreens For Tanning, I share with you what I found out from a little research I did about the importance of using broad spectrum protections for avoiding sun damage.

It is very important to protect your skin from UVB and UVA rays. The UVB Radiation will tan and possibly burn your skin on the outer level and the UVA will penetrate on your skin on the dermis, which can cause premature ageing.

If you don’t respect the right timing that you can tan safely, you might be putting yourself at risk of getting skin cancer. As a precaution, all attention is important and use a sunscreen with a high broad-spectrum.

Normally the sunscreen has broad-spectrum protection and it is also indicated with high fonts on the emballage of the product, the degree of power. To make sure, go and check if it is written ‘broad spectrum’ or ‘UVA/B’.

Have in mind that sunscreens that are regulated as broad spectrum are already tested and approved by law, meaning that if they are labeled as such, they are going to protect you against skin cancer and aging. 

If the sunscreen is not labeled as broad spectrum, they will help you only on the surface level, just protecting your skin against sunburn. So, pay attention to that!

Read Full Article: Best Sunscreens For Tanning

The Texture, Smell and Durability

It is more on the creamy side and apparently thick. However,  it is easy to apply and blends well on the skin (if you know what I mean).

I used to use a sponge a lot but as I have noticed that some products did not really spread well with it, I am more leaning towards brushes like this ones here. So I used the brush and it was cool, no problems at all.

To do the testing, I have tried the sponge and even though I still prefer the brush over it, I can definitely say it works great with the sponge.

You can as well easily apply it with your thingers. I really liked it when I applied with the thingers. In that way, if you don’t have a sponge or a brush, the fingers will do a great job as well.

One thing that I have to mention is that it can feel slightly sticky on the skin but after a few minutes you will be more likely to forget about it. 

Still talking about the texture, what many people have noticed and myself as well, is that this BB cream is very similar to the expensive IT CC cream (I have also done a review about the IT CC Cream, you can go check it out here).

In fact, the texture is almost the same and the way it feels on the face as well. The main difference is that the IT CC cream is more expensive and has SPF 50, instead of 15.

Now, let’s talk about the smell. In my opinion the smell reminds me about some type of fruity essential oil.

I have nothing against the smell but I know and I share with you so you know too, that some people have complained about it but don’t worry the smell will go away after a minute or two.

About the durability it will stay all day. In my case, I applied it in the morning and left for the day. 

I had to re touch the powder a few times but this is because I have oily skin.

If you have normal to dry skin you might not need to worry too much about it, because it will work long hours.

A word about the shades

Burt’s bee BB cream comes in 3 shades (light, light medium and medium). It is actually normal in the BB cream arena, they don’t really produce that many shades.

Which is kind of not really great for those with darker skins. So that is a big complaint from my side, as I think and I am sure many will agree with me, that they should start to produce darker shades. 

Benefits Of Noni Extracts

The Bees BB Cream formula contains Noni extracts, and we are gonna talk a little about that now. I did a little research and was really excited with what I heard about Noni extracts.

First it is an ingredient derived from the noni fruits. A fruit that is known by its  healing and rejuvenating properties.

I have actually learned that you can make the Noni fruit juice and it is really good for you (well but this can be another blog post).

But coming back to Noni extracts, it can be a gentle product that you can apply on your face knowing that it actually has nourishing abilities even on those days when your acne is annoying you. Anoni Extracts will be as well a good friend of your anti aging routine. 

This plant is antioxidant and known to comport more than 100 vitamins and minerals. You can actually have high levels of vitamin A and C. Noni Fruit is Anti-Ageing, has  Antibacterial properties, is also Antiviral and Antifungal.

Lovelly, isn’t it?

Burt’s bees bb cream review: Is it worthy?

Burt’s Bees BB Cream Review: Is i worthy? This BB cream is actually a great finding. Prices will vary from place to place, but normally it is on the drugstore range side. 

It is very affordable and works wonders. It will give you a very natural look, that will last long and that for a very decent price.

As I mentioned before, I even compared that BB cream with its similar high end correspondent, IT Cosmetics CC cream, which is much more expensive.

The differences between prices are huge but I didn’t see that much of a difference on texture and how it feels and lasts on the face. 

I will analyse a little more in depth and test it out a few more times so I can bring a more detailed comprasisson about these products but overall these were my impressions.

Burt’s bees bb cream review: Pros & Cons


  • It hydrates the skin
  • Full Broad Spectrum UVA/B Protection
  • Easy to apply
  • Light weight, non greasy
  • Looks very natural on skin
  • Long lasting
  • Natural ingredients


  • They should have more shades
  • Some people complain about the smell
  • Oily skin types might get too oily
  • Need a powder to finish

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