Can Foundation Be Used as Concealer?

There are so many makeup products out there that it really gets overwhelming to think which one should I use or carry with me in my bag. After all you may just want to simplify things and ask yourself: Can foundation be used as a concealer? Let’s dive into it now!

Can Foundation Be Used as Concealer?

Can Foundation Be Used as Concealer?

Yes, you can use foundation as concealer but have in mind that you need to find a very high quality medium to full coverage foundation or cc cream or bb cream for that. 

But to dive deep in this question, I must say that there are different cases and there are people who will be able to use foundation as concealer while some others, normally with serious skin concerns and spots, may not be able to do it.

Can Concealer Be Used as foundation?

There are also two in one products that are already foundation and concealer at the same time, including great cc creams and bb creams that do a great job in covering skin imperfections without the need for a concealer.

Now, I’d like to highlight here that not all foundations can be used as foundation, which means that in some situations you will still need the old and good concealer.

Foundations That You Can Use As Concealer (Or Not)

There are many types of foundations, including CC creams and BB creams. There are differences in texture as it can be liquid or pressed, composition, and so on.

Powder Vs Liquid foundation

There are also foundations that are lightweight, as well as full coverage or medium or light coverage. So, to summarize and answer your question, here are some of the foundations that you can use as concealer:

IT CC Cream Foundation
  • Full coverage foundations, BB cream and CC creams
  • Two in one foundation and concealer in the same product
  • Creamy foundations, BB creams and CC creams

Now, here are the foundations that should not be used as concealer, as they are more likely not to cover most imperfections:

  • Powder and pressed foundations
  • Light coverage and light textured foundations

How To Use Foundation As Concealer?

We have seen that the best foundations that can be used as a concealer have a creamy texture. Or at least a light one that is a bit thicker, right?

If for some reason you don’t like concealers, maybe because it cracks your makeup look, or because it highlights fine lines, then the tip is to buy a foundation with a shade that is lighter than your usual shade.

For those who simply don’t want to use concealer, be it because they don’t have it available or for any other reason, you just apply your foundation normally and make sure to apply a little extra layer on the areas you want to conceal. 

When You Should Use Foundation As Concealer

There are several occasions where you don’t need to use foundation and concealer at the same time, and this is more likely on casual occasions. Also, when you are on the beach and need to have some quick makeup touch ups.

The same applies to going to work. Sometimes you are just short in time and don’t feel the need to spend so many hours in front of the mirror doing your makeup.

In addition, if your skin is already in great condition and you just need a little something to give that extra touch of freshness, but you don’t have much to cover, you probably don’t need both.

When You Should Not 

You should definitely not use a foundation as a concealer if you are getting ready for important parties and events including wedding, professional conferences, and photography sessions.

Anything that is formal, is important and will put you in front of many people should be treated as a special event and in these situations you will probably want to have your full face makeup done.

Also if you have severe spots, scars and visible skin concerns that you don’t like to have exposed, then you will need to apply at least a little concealer to get going.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is foundation better than concealer?

Generally speaking, I think foundation is better than concealer because I can use it on the entire face and be ready to go, while oftentimes the concealer can be applied only in specific spots.

With all that being said, if you ask me what you should bring with you in your makeup bag and you don’t have much space and need only one of them, I’d say bring the foundation.

2. Do You Need Foundation If You Use Concealer?

Not always. There were times when I was pretty fine by using only the concealer in some areas and it worked really well. It all depends on the occasion and how you feel in a given moment. 

3. What can I use instead of concealer?

You can definitely use medium to full coverage foundations, as well as bb creams and CC creams, and give preference to thicker textures, as they will be more effective on covering possible imperfections.

4. Is foundation and concealer the same thing?

Concealer Vs Foundation

Concealer as the name says, will conceal a particular imperfection such as dark spots, scars, while foundation, will be the base of your makeup and will be applied on the entire face to give you a more uniform look.

Even though many of us will match concealer and foundation, using both for a full face makeup, there are times when we will want to use one or another.

5. Can you use foundation to cover dark circles?

It is possible to use foundation to cover dark circles, I have a few ones such as the Mac Face and Body foundation and the IT CC cream that do a good job. 

Even though The Mac Face and Body foundation is a lightweight light coverage foundation, it works well for me. The IT CC cream is much thicker and therefore has a better coverage for those who want to use it as a concealer.

Remember it all depends on the degree of darkness, if they are too deep, it is best to use a concealer and the foundation at the same time to achieve better results.

6. Can You Use Foundation As Concealer For Eyebrows?

Yes. If you want to use foundation as a concealer for eyebrows, opt for a lightweight foundation with a lighter shade.

7. Does concealer go on before or after foundation?

There is no right or wrong for this question, however, I prefer to apply a little concealer before the foundation and after applying the foundation, I will decide if I need to apply a little more concealer under my eyes.

8. Can I Apply Foundation With My Fingers?

You can definitely apply foundation with your fingers, but depending on the foundation it would be more difficult. For example you won’t have problems applying a creamy or a liquid foundation with fingers.

However, it would be really difficult to apply it when you have a powder foundation or a pressed foundation. In any case, I always like to apply foundation with a sponge.