Can You Tan With Sunscreen SPF 30, 50 And So On?

When the summer comes and you want to protect your skin and get the sun kissed bronzer, what to do? Can you tan with sunscreen? Yes you can, but keep on reading to find great tips and advice on how to do it.

Can You Tan With Sunscreen?

Ok, you go to the beach and normally say that you won’t apply sunscreen because you want to get that dark tan, then you need to reconsider your thoughts, because you can, you should use sunscreen even if you want to get a tan!

In fact, you should use your sunscreen not only in summer but every day, including cloudy days and even indoors. When the summer comes it is even more recommended, as you should not have prolonged sun exposure without sunscreen.

Yes, you can tan with sunscreen, but it will retard the time you get bronzed, allowing you to stay under the sun for longer, which is a good thing. However, even though it won’t prevent you from tanning, it may reduce the amount of tanning you get.

Can You Tan With Sunscreen

How Can We Still Get A Tan With Sunscreen? 

The bronzing process consists in stimulation of melanin on the epidermal layers at the peace that the sun propagates radiation. When you use sunscreen, it will not completely block the sun radiation, where the production of melanin occurs.

What happens is that by using sunscreen, our tanning process is less intensive and takes longer to happen. Normally, when we are exposed to the sun,the melanocyte (the cell that produces melanin) is activated as a natural protection of our organism. 

When we wear sunscreen, this natural mechanism of defense will continue working in the background, but with less intensity. In the next line we can discuss the benefits of this process.

Benefits Of Using Sunscreen For Tanning

So, you will still tan using sunscreen but not as fast as if you were not suing it. Additionally, Sunscreen will regulate and make sure you can tan in a gradual way. This will distribute the melanin in a healthy, balanced way and more uniformly.

Can you tan with sunscreen spf 30, 50 and So On?

Yes you can, but it will take longer. In the next lines I’m sharing with you what happens.

The sun emits more than one type of radiation. Have in mind that the sun won’t block each and every sun radiation, including the UVB rays that’s responsible to give you the sun kissed skin tone (or redness in some cases). This radiation is related to the FPS.

Can You Still Tan With Sunscreen

How long does it take to tan with spf 50 or 30?

Now let’s say that you bought sunscreen with FPS 30. This means this will take 30 times longer for your skin to get bronzed, then if you weren’t using it. 

For example, let’s imagine you are going under the sun without any sunscreen. It could take approximately 10 minutes to start to get a noticeable tan. Now, if you were using sunscreen SPF 30, it would take thirty times longer (300 minutes) to get that same than. 

Following this logic, you can now do the math with the other SPF factors such as 50, and even 100. That would take 500 minutes to tan if you use an SPF factor 50 and so on.

What SPF Is Best For Tanning? 

Does higher spf mean less tan? 

The SPF factor will tell you how long you could stay under the sun without being burned, and a higher SPF number does not mean that you are more protected. For example, SPF 90 does not contain higher protection than SPF 30 or 15.

This tells us that the best sunscreen for tanning may depend on what you are looking for. If you don’t want to get burned, and want to stay under the sun for longer then you should get a higher factor, which will allow you to relax for a longer period without re-applying the product.

Note: Remember to always re-apply the sunscreen every time you sweat too much or after getting wet.

Tips To Get The Best Tan Using Sunscreen

If you are going to get exposed to the sun, it is best to choose an SPF factor of 30 which is a reasonable time. Remember to re-apply the product after 300 minutes more or less to avoid sunburn.

Additionally, avoid direct sun exposure between 10h and 16h for as much as possible as the UVB radiation is more intense during the time interval, which can be more damaging to the skin and even cause skin cancer

In case you cannot avoid this time interval, then always have your sunscreen in your bag to re-apply it anytime you need. 

If you want to get that special bronzing color, It is a good idea to use tanning oil over sunscreen which can help you achieve a brown bronzer if possible. I know some people cannot get brown, but at least they won’t be too red.

Just make sure to use the sunscreen before the tanning oil, this way your skin will have direct contact with the sunscreen protection.

Remember to take good care of your skin before and after getting sun exposure. Keep your skin hydrated, so it will be more resistant to sun damage.

While shopping for your sunscreen, look for products that contain nourishing ingredients that will also treat your skin while protecting it.

Can You Still Tan With Sunscreen

Tips To Avoid Tanning

Maybe you are here because you want to make sure you will not get a tan, or at least avoid it as much as possible. It is really possible to get over protection with the following tips I am sharing.

I could tell you to avoid going out between 10 and 16h on a sunny day, but it is not that reasonable, as with our busy lives, we always need to do one thing or two outside. 

For this, in addition to you a high factor sunscreen which will allow you to stay longer under the sun without burning, opt to wear hats and clothes that contain spf protection in their fabric.

I love to have a small umbrella with me and I don’t care that people will look at me because of this! I normally open my umbrella and use it to get protected from the sun. I have even bought an umbrella that contains a SPF factor of 50!

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