Can You Use Hand Cream On Your Body [or lotion]

The hand cream is an important item in your skincare routine, as it protects the natural skin barrier, preventing dryness, early signs of age and protects from the sun. 

Many people take care of their hands, as this is an area of the body that is constantly exposed to the sun, radiation, constant washing, chemical cleaning products, and so on. This is easy to have a hand moisturizer around, but can you use hand cream on your body?

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Can You Use Hand Cream On Your Body?

Yes, there’s nothing wrong if you want to use your hand lotion on your body. But the ideal is to pick a specific cream for the different areas of the body, because each of these areas may need different types of formulations and textures. 

However, it is a very good idea to use hand cream on certain areas such as the elbow and knee which are tough skin areas and will certainly benefit from the concentrated hydration power of hand creams.

Note: Nowadays there are hand and body creams in one product, which we will talk about later on in this article!

Hand lotion Vs body lotion

Hand creams and lotions are more concentrated, more creamy than body creams and lotions, with actives and ingredients that are suitable for that specific purpose. 

Additionally, as our hands are exposed to constant washing and other actions, you need to have a specific cream that will be well absorbed and have a higher level of hydration and protection which is more than what the normal body needs. 

Hand Creams

Hand creams can and should offer a special protection to the hand area which is very delicate and exposed. Avoid buying hand creams that contain oils and minerals, which provide a false sense of hydration.

If you have mature skin, you opt to buy products that contain vitamins and oxidants that can restore the elasticity of hands. 

Body Creams & Lotions

Body creams are better absorbed by the skin, which makes it easier to be spread on larger areas and targets specific body concerns, such as darkness, stretch marks, cellulite, for example. 


Can You use body lotion on your hands (Or cream)

In the same way you can use hand cream on your body, you can also use body lotion on your hands. Just have in mind this is not really the ideal scenario if your hand is too dry.

If you suffer from extremely dry hands, then you need to look for more powerful hydration options such as hand creams that contain hyaluronic acid, acid lactic which are great ingredients for hydration.

At the same time, body moisturizers have lots of different purposes such as reducing spots, and stretch marks, which are not really necessary to your hands, and oftentimes the texture of body creams and lotions will feel a bit sticky to be used on the hands.

Cerave Vs Cetaphil

Can You Use Hand cream On Your Face

It is better not to use hand cream on your face because of its heavier and richer nature, as it can clog pores and cause acne. 

Can You Use Face Cream On Your Hands?

Yes, you can use face cream on your hands. However, if the skin on your hands is too dry, then you should opt to use a dedicated hand cream for dryness, which will be way more effective.

What Type Of Hand Cream Can I Use On The Body

Did you know there are creams that are formulated for body and hand use? If you still want to be practical, then you can definitely buy one of those which can be very handy.

These creams are clearly stated on the package as Hand and body creams and you can even find natural options, with anti bactericidal and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as aloe-vera.

Just make sure not to use these products on the face, unless it is explicitly stated on the package that the product is safe for facial use, otherwise it can clog your pores. 

Final Takes

If you were wondering if you can use hand Cream On Your Body, or lotion? Then you had lots of insights and tips on what to do now. If you have any suggestion, or anything to add to this article, you can use the comments below! I’ll love to hear from you!

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