Cetaphil Body Wash Review: Is it My Skincare Secret?

In this Cetaphil Body Wash Review, I’m sharing with you if this product is worthy or not.

I have purchased it myself, and after two months of use, I can share it with you one thing or two!

Let’s get started!

Cetaphil Body Wash Review (Face & Body)

After reading so many good reviews on Amazon, about the Cetaphil Pro Face and body wash, I was convinced to try it out.

I love the idea that this body washer is suitable for the face and body, which is more practical and helps me save money.

I confess that I was a bit sceptical, because I always thought that the best way to cleanse my face was by using a special facial cleanser for it.

I tried a few so-called nourishing and hydration shower liquids which were super expensive but weren’t really better than normal soaps.

Cetaphil Body Wash

So, I was completely skeptical and had no expectations at all about the Cetaphil Pro-face and body washer.

To make things even more complicated I have read a lot of copy and paste reviews comparing Cetaphil to Cerave, where almost all reviews pointed Cerave as a winner in the skincare battle.

Anyway, I decided to give it a try and was positively surprised. 

My skin got super softer, hydrated, and the feeling while having shower is amazing.

I have also tried the Cerave Face and Body cleanser, which is the cetaphils direct competitor, and loved the Cetaphil’s washer better.

Keep on reading for more details, I am gonna share all about it now.

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Cetaphil Body Wash Review: Is it Good?

In this Cetaphil body wash review, I am talking about the Cetaphil PRO face and body wash.

This Cetaphil shower lotion is ideal for dry and very dry skin, but I can tell you this may be a great option for all skin types.

I will tell you why.

Cetaphil Body Wash

I have oily skin on my face, my hands are very dry, normal skin on my legs and arms.

I don’t know if this is normal, but my skin can vary depending on the weather and the country I am in.

But the most prominent characteristic is oily on the face, dry and mixed in some areas.

And ah.. My skin is extremely sensitive as well, so there are lots of products that could irritate or dry out my skin.

So with this configuration, I used this body washer from head to toe and simply loved it.

So, after trying this for more than one month, I can say this body washer is more than good.

What To Expect From The Cetaphil PRO?

As I mentioned, this is a very hydrating body and face creamy soap designed for dry to very dry skin.

But as I explained, you can expect extreme hydration even if you have oily and mixed skin.

Cetaphil Pro

It counts with a technology called Filagrina that calms and heals the skin when it is irritated and itchy.

This wash is clinically tested and proven to restore your natural skin barrier leaving it softer and hydrated. 

This is by far the best body washer I have tried and one of the best for the face.

Winning from high end facial soaps and cleansers, I bet you won’t regret giving it a try.

If you are new here and don’t know my reviews, I don’t hide anything from you. 

I prefer to talk about the products that I love, but there are reviews here that make it clear if I don’t love a product.

In the case of this washer, I am completely amazed by the results.

The results are a more hydrated skin, so soft you will not even believe it.

I could also notice skin repairing, for example, when I used it in conjunction with Cetaphil face and body lotion, my hands got from extremely dry to healed within days.

On the images below you can see the before and after of how my skin was and the results I got.


Very Dry Itchy Hands before Cetaphil’s treatmentnt

It is important to remember that I did not use the body washer only but in conjunction with the Cetaphil face and body hydrating lotion.

In the ‘Before’ image, my skin was extremely dry, sensitive and even though it was not itchy, it was burning.

I got really worried because it was red, and burned as if I had spice on my hands.

It was so sensitive, I was even afraid to wash my hands because every time It got even more sensitive after washing hands.

The results were amazing since the first time I washed the hand with this facial and body washer, as I felt my hands were really nourished.


My skin got nourished after a few days

I believe That problem I had was because I cleaned the house and used cleaning products without gloves.

But on top of that, I was using a shower gel that irritated not only my hands but various parts of my body.

It was such a relief when I started using the Cetaphil PRO washer because my skin started healing gradually.

I am so glad I had this product, otherwise, I didn’t know how the irritation would end.

Cetaphil PRO Texture & Smell

I’d like to have a section to talk about the Cetaphil’s pro texture because I was quite amazed by it.

The first thing I’d like to share is that this is a creamy soap and foams and lathers, which I love.

Cetaphil Body wash texture

I normally love foaming soaps. I don’t like when I try to use a soap that doesn’t lather because I tend to use more products and have this feeling that cleansing is not completed.

I know that many products don’t lather because it is more beneficial and dries less of the skin.

But the funny thing is that with this body washer, I got really hydrated skin and still got to have it to lather.

Cetaphil Body wash

It is super quick and easy to spread the product throughout the body and a little bit of the cream will be really enough to have your entire body washed.

I also like how it feels during and after shower, a sensation I never had with any other body washer I tried so far.

The Smell

But not all things are perfect, and I don’t like the smell so much, as it smells a bit strange.

The smell is really suave and light and it may not be a big deal because you won’t have it impregnated in your body after a shower.

However, if they are looking to improve this product, I’d ask them to find a way to provide a better smell.

Or even better, they could make it smell-free which many people would appreciate.

Who Can Use this Body Wash?

As I mentioned, this body washer is directed for those with dry to very dry skin.

But I noticed great results with my skin which is not totally dry but mixed in some areas.

I think it is worth giving it a try to test this out, independent of your skin type.

Apart from that, everyone can use it, including children older than three years old. 

Cetaphil PRO Body Wash Key Ingredients


1. Glycerin

Cetaphil is known to have Glycerin in its composition, which is a humectant.

Humectants are great, because they make water from the second layer of the skin to go all the way to the top layer.

So invest in glycerine products for a more hydrated and healthier skin.

On top of that, it ends up helping shed dead skin cells and leaves it smooth and glowy.

Glycerine is also a great ingredient to nourish irritated and sensitive skin.

Some soaps can dry out your skin by removing its natural oils

It is a great idea to use soaps with glycerin as it won’t irritate and dry out your skin as other soaps would do.

Cetaphil cleansers can keep your skin moisturized while gently cleansing it.

Glycerin Benefits For The Skin

Glycerine is beneficial for all skin types, be it dry, oily, sensitive, and so on. 

Here are some benefits that glycerine can bring to your skin:

  • Glycerine is so hydrating that you may have a younger skin as a result, as it softens wrinkles 
  • As it treats inflammation and irritation, you may notice acne reduction and overtime, you may end up being acne free. It is also oil-free and non-comedogenic, which won’t clog your pores.
  • It is very gently
  • Skin get healed quicker
  • Skin gets more protected and hydrated

2. Allantoin 

Allantoin is anti-irritant, calms and soothes sensitive skin, but it’s also great for all skin types.

It is a component extracted by the comfrey plant and is strongly related to skin healing and regeneration.

Known to also remove dead cells and softens the keratin of the skin. 

I didn’t see anywhere that this washer acts as an exfoliant and I don’t think so, but if you see out there an exfoliator with allantoin you should know it is good for the skin.

Here are some benefits to expect from Allantoin:

  • Moisturizing
  • Anti-aging
  • Wound healing 
  • Skin smoothing


Niacinamide is also known as vitamin B3 helps minimizing pores, improve uneven skin tones, softens wrinkles and fine lines.

In addition, it helps with skin dullness, and strengthens the skin surface.

Here are some other benefits to expect by using cosmetics with niacinamide:

  • Minimizes redness
  • Oil control
  • Sun damage protection
  • Treats Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne reduction and treatment 

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Cetaphil Pro body wash is by far one of the best body washers I have ever tried.

It not only nourishes my skin, but feels great while and after shower. 

The softness on my skin lasts the entire day and after continuously using it, I noticed my skin got more hydrated.

I totally think this product is worthy and I bet you wont regret using it.


This product was purchased by me, I did not receive any incentive and the product was used by me in order to write this review.

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