Chanel Bag Dupes: Amazon & Shein Best Look-Alike Handbags

Chanel Bag Dupes: Designer Dupes On Amazon are great options to Help You Look Chic For Less.

It doesn’t mean that you need to break the bank to look fabulous and I can prove it.

Which one do you like the most? Let’s take a look!

Best Chanel Bag Dupes By Shein  

I was quite surprised to see that shein has really pretty Chanel handbags. You will see how gorgeous they are.

Now, what is even more gorgeous are the price tags, they are so cheap that you may end up buying several bags.

I have selected a few that I loved. I hope you love it too!

The Quilted Flap Crossbody   

The Quilted Flap Crossbody Bag is very well made, and goes well with most looks. 

Chanel Bag Dupes

It is not so big but has enough space to accommodate a large mobile phone, credit cards, wallets and things like that.

Product Measurements in Cm

On the table below you can find the right dimensions in centimeters, so you can have an idea:

Bag LengthBag WidthBag HeightStrap Length
21 cm8 cm14 cm100 cm               

Overall this is not only a super beautiful bag that will give an air of sophistication to your look, but it’s very strong too.

One observation I would like to bring up is that if you find it difficult to open up the bag the first time you use it.

If it is difficult to open the bag, be careful not to force it too much, as you need to find the technique to open it.

The right way to open it is by pressing the metal button down and it will pop up without any problem.

This Chanel bag dupe is very cheap and you can buy it for as low as 16$ dollars.

It may vary depending on the area you live in but I believe price won’t differ too much of this range.

Chanel Bag Dupes

This Chanel bag dupe can be found in four different colors, which makes it difficult to decide what to choose.

The colors are pink, black, white and red. I bet you will want to have all of them!

Minimalist Quilted Chain Crossbody

The Minimalist Quilted Chain Crossbody is one of my favorites in this article.

Chanel Bag Dupes

Why? I think the design is very interesting, as it looks like an envelope. I also love the colors.

If you like to get out of the traditional black and pastel bags from time to time, this is for you.

What do I have to say about this bag? It looks really fashionable and I’m sure you are gonna find a look for it.

You are not gonna believe it costs only $10 bucks for an amazing quality product. 

Down below you can check the dimensions of this bag, all displayed in centimeters

Product Measurements

Bag LengthBag WidthBag HeightStrap Length
Chanel Bag Dupes

This is a small bag but you should be able to have a large phone, your wallet, and other small items.

You can find this Chanel look bad in four different colors. They are purple, green, yellow and pink. 

Chevron Flap Chain Crossbody

The Chevron Flap Chain Crossbody bag is made out of PU Leather super elegant square bag.

chanel bags dupes

This is a very affordable Chevron pattern chanel look alike bag that costs around US$10.00 dollars.

Once again, this is a small Chanel bag dupe but as you can see in the image, you can fit a large mobile phone and your essential items.

Down below you can have a table with the real dimensions in centimeters.

Product Measurements:

Bag LengthBag WidthBag HeightStrap Length
20 cm5 cm14 cm108 cm               

I personally love this Chanel bag dupe, especially the pattern, which is pretty classy and you can find it in several colors.

Chanel look alike bags

I love all colors. They are blue, apricot, balck, green, pink, purple, white and yellow. And they are so cheap you can get all of them.

NOTE: As you can see none of the bags we bring here are the exact replica, but instead, legal look alike chanel inspired bags

Twist Lock Quilted Chain Chanel Bag Look alike

The Twist Lock Quilted Chanel dupe is one of my favorite bags because it fits all my stuff without problems.

chanel dupe

This Chanel dupe is great for everyday use, when you need to go to college, go travelling, work and so on.

If you want to add the charm of Chanel to your everyday activities you can easily go for this one.

I like the price as well, as it costs around $28 dollars, and the quality is also great.

This is a 100% Patent Leather, Quilted pattern, very elegant that looks exactly like in the pictures.

Down below we have a table with the exact sizes in centimeters:

Product Measurements:

Bag LengthBag WidthBag HeightStrap Length
31 cm16 cm14 cm21 cm                    
chanel dupe

You can find this bag in 6 different colors, they are white, black, wine, dark and light green and purple.

You will love them all and for the price you can even buy different colors to match different looks.

Which one do you like the most? I think it is going to be very difficult to decide!

Chanel Bag Dupes On Amazon

Chanel bags are classy, stylish and the reference in high-end fashion. The only downside is that they are really expensive. What is the solution? Dupes!

Chanel Bag Dupes On Amazon
Chanel Look Alike Bags

Well, it is not really a downside but if you cannot afford to buy them, don’t panic because we are gonna list quite a few cool Chanel Bag designer dupes, that I am sure you’re gonna love!

Chanel Inspired Bags / Chanel Look Alike Bags

Chanel Inspired bags are not fake Chanel bags. At the end of the article, I explain what is the difference between Chanel Inspired bags and fake bags, and how important it is not to buy fake bags because after all, it’s illegal.

But now, if you are looking for Chanel Inspired bags and still be on the legal side, and have peace of mind, Chanel Inspired bags, also known as Chanel Look Alike Bags, can be a great alternative.

1. Quilted Leather Crossbody Bags for Women

Designer Dupes Chanel Bag Dupes

Doris&Jacky reminds us of the most beautiful Chanel style. It is made with calfskin leather and is available in black and dark red.

It costs $69 dollars on Amazon which in my opinion is not expensive at all. The size of this baga is ideal for most of us (SIZE: 9.45(L) x 6.7(H) x 3.94(W) inch, the short chain height is 3.54″, the long chain height is 19.69″).

With many good reviews on Amazon, this Chanel Look Alike Bags is very durable and the brand offers an After-sale Guarantee as well.

I am sure this Amazon designer Dupe is going to give you the best style for parties, at work, or wherever you decide.

2. Genuine Leather Handbags Crossbody

Designer Dupes Chanel Bag Dupes

The second Bag Dupe is by far one of my favorites. I love the style and this is indeed very similar to Chanel bags, except from the price.

It costs $48 dollars, which I think is not expensive at all. The size is pretty much like most Chanel bags Dimension:7.67”/19.5cm(L) X 5.3”/13.5cm(H) X 2.95’/7.5cm(D).

On Amazon, you can find this Chanel Look Alike Bags, designer dupe bag in three different colors: pink, white and black.

This bag is ideal for many occasions, especially for the times when you need to appear a little more formal than usual.

This Chanel bag dupe will make you feel fabulous with any outfit, but I’d use it for many different events, parties, gatherings with friends, job interviews and so on. 

3. Moonlitt Small Evening Bags for Women Crossbody Bag Chain Shoulder Bag

Designer Dupes Chanel Bag Dupes

This Chanel Bag designer dupe, that looks a lot like a Chanel bag, is made out of  tweed outer material and PU lining.

You are not gonna believe it costs only $20 dollars and in my opinion, this is so pretty I can’t stop looking at it.

It is white, black with golden lock and adjustable chains, a very fashionable designer dupe, that costs as much as a pizza. 

I am sure that you are gonna look chic for less with this bag that is suitable for most formal and chic outfits.

If you are wondering what type of occasion you can wear this Chanel Look Alike Bags, designer dupe bag, then you can wear it for a dating night, for memorial day, for weddings, job interviews, night out, gathering with friends and so on. 

4. Women Leather Shoulder Bag Fashion Clutch Handbag

Amazon Designer Dupes Chanel Bag Dupes

Our next Chanel Bag designer dupe is just fabulous. It costs $24 dollars and can be found in three colors: white, black and vivid red.

This channel designer dupe has many great reviews on Amazon, is made with Superior PU leather and it sizes: 7.87″ L x 4.72″H x 1.97″W.

You can use this crossbody on many different occasions as it goes well with most outfits. From classy to sport chic, this is by far one great option.

You will for sure look chic for less as this Chanel Bag designer dupe will enhance your looks giving you a hint of sophistication.

5. HAWEE Wristlet Clutch Wallet for Women Shoulder Purse Bag with Chain Strap

Amazon Designer Dupes

Now we have the cutest designer dupes bag / Chanel Look Alike Bag that we can find on amazon.

I must say that this designer bag may not look exactly as a Chanel bag, but it still carries a similar style.

This bag is really cheap, it costs $16 dollars and can be found in 10 different styles including different colors leather and black and white.

This bag is also very versatile. If you take out the removible chain, you can end up with a cute clutch so you decide how to wear it.

In my opinion, this Chanel Bag designer dupe is ideal for parties, where you are moving, dancing and enjoying.

You can put inside your basic makeup, phone, cards, and it is not going to bother you while moving.

6. Zlolia Women Leather CellPhone Wallet Small Clutch Purse Crossbody Bag

Amazon Designer Dupes

This is another designer dupe bag on amazon, that in my opinion was very inspired by Chanel design.

It can be found in four different styles and you are gonna pay as low as $12 Dollars to have it arrive at your door.

This is a very handy bag that you can fit a phone,keys, lipstick, perfume, headphones,cash or some small items.

Apparently, this Chanel Bag designer dupe is a Christmas special addition, but on the link, you will be able to find similar Chanel Bag designer dupes that are permanently available.

To be honest, this is not my favourite bad, but I had friends that loved this one, so I decided to add this Chanel Bag designer dupe here, in case you also like it.

7. Plergi Small Genuine Leather Crossbody Quilted Handbag with Golden Chain Strap Lightweight Cellphone Purse for Women

Chanel Dupes

The next bag is handmade and super resistant. It costs $48 dollars, which is not expensive at all given the cost-benefit.

Apart from that, this Chanel Bag Dupe is. chic, and look a lot like the original, but it is still clear that you are not using using a fake product, but an inspired Chanel design instead.

It is made out of 100% genuine cowhide leather with high quality that is durable. I have already displayed this Chanel bag dupe a little above in pink, but I liked the white version so much that I am displaying it here again.

This Chanel dupe is very handy, and will accommodate all your stuff very well, there you can carry, all your documents, basic makeup, cards, wallet without problems.

I am sure you are gonna look fabulous as this Chanel dupe will look great in most looks for many important occasions.

What Does Designer Dupes Mean?

Designer Dupes may be a bag, a pair of shoes or anything that is inspired by an original brand or designer.

It may look very similar to its original version but they are not really the same. The logo is different and the brand name is also different.

The design and logo may look pretty similar but it will be clear from the first look that it is not an imitation, but instead an inspiration.

There may be times where a designer dupe is too similar to its original inspirational version. 

In this case, the original version can dispute in court and depending on the sentence, they can veto the responsible brand.

Are Chanel Designer Dupes legal or Ilegal?

Designer dupes are NOT Illegal. OK I agree with you that maybe it is not nice to copy someone’s design but it happens all the time in competition.

Designer dupes are legal because in fashion it is allowed to have inspiration and copy designs, as long as they do not fake the brands logo and watermarks.

I have seen some designer dupes that have very similar logos to their high end original design but because they are not named the same and it doesn’t really look like the original trademarked logo.

So any time you see a blogger recommending a designer dupe that has the exact same logo as the original, know they are recommending a fake product, which is illegal.

But designer dupes are not illegal.

How to wear Chanel designer dupes with confidence?

Have you ever met those people that only wear branded products? It doesn’t matter the occasion, they need to show that little (or big) brand longo on their clothes, bags, shoes etc.

We don’t have to be all the same right? And if you opted in for a designer dupe, I want you to know, there’s nothing wrong with it.

First of all, your designer dupe is legal, has its own brand and is not pretending to be a Dior, a Gucci, a Chanel or wherever it is, that is fine.

Most of the time people are not gonna pay attention to it anyways and chances are that you are bugging yourself for no reason.

Just be yourself and if someone asks if you are wearing a fake product (which bet it is not gonna happen), just say, no it is not fake is just something from that brand (say the name of the brand of the designer dupe you are using).

Be natural and have a ‘it is not a big deal’ posture and be confident in yourself first and the rest will follow.

Chanel Dupes Full Disclaimer

All products listed in this article ‘Designer Dupes: Amazon Helps You Look Chic For Less And I Can Prove It!’ are legally approved products that are inspired by high end fashion design.

None of the products featured in this article is fake, or an illegal replica of any type. Each product has its own independent brand and don’t intend to mislead people to make them (or anyone)  think these products are from brands they are not.

Also, products listed here may contain an affiliate link where I can earn a very small commission if you purchase something at no extra cost for you.

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