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Chanel CC Cream Review: Is it Worthy? [Full Report]

Hey guys! In this Chanel CC cream review, I’d like to share my impressions after using this for more than one year and will share everything with no sugar coating so you know exactly what to expect if you decide to get this foundation.

I used this cc cream mostly during the day and for quite a period to determine if they offer the overtime treatment they claim, so let’s get started! 🙂

Chanel CC Cream Review

In a nutshell, the Chanel CC cream has the mission to unify your skin, give moisture, correct skin tones, protect, and boost glow. It contains Murunga plum extract combined with a new form of hyaluronic acid, which is a great combination for those with dry skin. I have oily skin and still enjoyed the creamy texture that left my skin hydrated.

For the record, murunga plum extract is a rich source of vitamin C, which is great for the skin. It brightens dark spots and smooths fine lines. The hyaluronic acid will help the skin to keep moisturized.

Coverage & Finish – 5 Stars

This cc cream is medium to full coverage, but in my case, I like it to be light coverage. For this, I normally use a little bit of the product, or I mix it with moisturizer. I feel that the final look is also very natural because I don’t need to wear many layers, and just a little bit of the product is enough to cover my full face. I don’t even need to apply concealer

Also, it will bring a dewy finish, which may not be ideal for those with oily skin. I have oily skin and noticed the skin gets a bit shiny, which I could fix with powder. Honestly, I am passing the glowing thing as I love my skin the matte way. This is the only thing I didn’t like about this foundation, but I know many people like it. If you have normal to dry skin, I believe you will enjoy it much more than me.

Texture & Application – 4 Stars

The Chanel CC cream texture is very thick and not so easy to spread out the face. I find the easy way to apply it is by dapping a sponge with fixing spray or thermal water and gently applying it on the face. Also, I can mix it with moisturizer to facilitate the application.

Alternatively, I like to apply a thin layer of primer, as I do feel it helps with blending and let it sink better onto the skin. Another thing I like to add, as I have already mentioned, is my translucent cc powder, just because I have oily skin, and the glowy effect would make my skin even oilier.  


I found it very effective in concealing pores, dark circles, and redness, and yes, cannot agree more about the natural look. They say that after one month of application, the Chanel CC cream will correct signs of aging and enhance skin texture. This may be true, but I did not notice any significant evidence. However, I can assure you it did not damage my skin nor cause me allergies.

Chanel CC Cream Review

Chanel CC Cream Review: The Shades

Even though I could find a shade that worked well for me, Chanel CC Cream does not offer too many shades, and it’s not as inclusive as other CC Cream brands. In the past, it had only four shades, but now it has 7 shades. Hopefully, they will add darker shades in the future.

Chanel CC Cream Review
Chanel Shades
Now It counts with seven shades

How To Apply Chanel CC Cream?

  1. Face Cleansing: I wash my face very well with my fav facial cleanser (review coming soon!)
  2. Prep Face: I apply a small amount of lightweight primer. I like the MAC one, as it’s super light and works like a charm.
  3. Apply the Channel cc cream: There are two ways. Sometimes I just pour a small amount on the hand palm and gently apply with the finger. But I prefer to wet a sponge with my Surge Face Spray (see the review) and apply it with the help of a sponge because this cc cream is very thick…too thick and difficult to spread.
  4. Powder it: I apply my MAC CC prep powder (see the review) for a matte finish.
  5. Finish: Facial spray on it

Chanel CC Cream Review: Pros

Overall, I liked the product and recommend it, yes, for a number of reasons:

  1. Chanel CC cream coverage is excellent and long-lasting, and I can use it even without concealer.
  2. It comes with SPF 50 sunscreen factor altogether, which is a huge feature for me
  3. It has a long-lasting effect, so I don’t bother to retouch all the time.
  4. Chanel CC cream has an anti-aging effect, which is still hard to measure, but you have the feeling your doing your part in aging prevention

What about the cons?

  1. The texture is too thick, in my opinion; it can be difficult to apply
  2. The finish is a little glowy/shiny, which can be overcome by applying powder but can be something very annoying if you have oily skin or if you prefer a matte look.

You can find the Chanel cc cream at the official Chanel Store or Ulta Store.

Alternatives To Chanel CC Cream

IT CC Cream

it cc cream

In my opinion, one of the best alternatives to Chanel CC cream is the IT Cosmitc cc cream, which counts in various shades. They have four different types of cc creams, a different product for each skin type, so they have the matte version, the Illumination, and even count with an option for those who don’t want full coverage but still want to have something. I have written a full review of the IT CC creams; you should definitely take a look!

Final Takes

What about you? Have you ever tried the Chanel CC Cream? Are you thinking about getting it? We would love to hear from you! Don’t be shy, and share with our community if you have any questions or considerations!

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