Christmas Eyeshadow Palettes For The Best Easy Makeup Looks

Are you looking for a Christmas makeup eyeshadow palette and ideas for easy and simple looks?

Here you’ll find the makeup palettes and the look ideas you need to get inspired! 

Christmas Eyeshadow Palette Essentials

Christmas Makeup Palettes Colors

When we think about Christmas, there are a few classic colors that we should never forget. 

Of course, you can pick any color, but the Xmas classics are red, gold, green, and white.

Christmas eyeshadow

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For this reason, if you are looking for a Christmas eye shadow palette, ensure they have these colors.

Apart from that, you can also look for Christmas makeup palettes that contain rose gold, copper, and silver, as they are great alternatives to classic colors.

These are excellent options for people (like me) that don’t feel comfortable wearing a nonneutral eye shadow palette.

Green eye shadow palette

Christmas eyeshadow palette

IG Credits: @l.weirmakeup

Green: symbol of hope, resistance, and resilience that refers to the fact that in the old days, people decorated their houses with pine, holly, and ivy, plants that withstood the winter;

Green is an excellent color for Christmas eye makeup. It not only combines with the occasion, but it’s also a versatile color for every skin tone.

You can try a lighter shade and combine it with golden or silver, which gives a touch of elegance to any look.

The darker tones of shimmering green will go well with those with darker skin.

Red eyes eyeshadow palette

Christmas eyeshadow palette

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Red represents the blood of Christ and unconditional love.

I don’t see people wearing red eyeshadow very often, but I find it extremely beautiful.

If you haven’t tried it already, this is the time to have it on your eyelids, as this is an excellent choice for Christmas.  

The result will be a modern, elegant and sexy look altogether.

If you don’t have any red eye shadow palette, you can just apply a little bit of red lipstick, as there is an excellent trend now of wearing lipstick eyeshadow.

Shimmer Shades & Metallic eyeshadow palette

When we talk about gold, copper, silver, and rose gold, we already think about shine, but we can also pick some shimmery green and red shadows.

Christmas makeup palette

IG Credits: @alwaysplayingwithmakeup

Shimmer shades are my favorite because they bring much more luminosity to the eyes, making them pop.

Christmas eyeshadow looks

IG Credits: @patazi_melezecho

Neutral shades go well for Christmas because they resemble the occasion’s shine and luminosity.

Glitter eyeshadow palette

Christmas eyeshadow looks

IG Credits: @tanuja_mua

For those who celebrate Christmas at larger parties, such as ballrooms, with large productions, a glitter is also a good option for your makeup. 

Metallic or shimmering lipsticks, glitter eyeshadows, and powerful highlighters come here.

Does It Have To be Shimmery?

Christmas eyeshadow looks

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I love to add shimmer finishes, but it doesn’t have to be like that all the time.

It will look much more outstanding if you add a little shine; however, if you are going to a family dinner, try to do it sparingly.

You can add more shine if it is a larger, relaxed holiday parties with friends.  

Let’s say this is a Christmas event or a giant party. In this case, you can even use gorgeous glitter.

Golden eyeshadow palette

Easy Christmas eyeshadow looks

IG Credits: @lavaabeauty

Gold: represents the presence of the divine, light, and sun. Furthermore, it symbolizes gold, which was given as a gift by one of the Three Wise Men;

Choosing golden, earthy neutral shades, soft pink or even a no-makeup makeup vibe is also an excellent option for holiday season.

The smoky eye is always a good idea too. You can do it with a fluffy blending brush and a gold eye shadow palette.

White eyeshadow palette

Simple Christmas eyeshadow looks

IG Credits: @sunaart.t

White: represents the purity, innocence, and life of Christ to the world.

Talking about white, you add shimmer, by creating a white foundation with matte shade, and apply silver on top, giving an excellent Christmas effect.

Best Eyeshadow Color Combination

Christmas eyeshadow ideas

IG Credits: @hellena_make_up

You can use your creativity here, and if you want a little help, here are some combinations that are worth trying:

  • Soft pink matte shade and gold
  • Red and gold eyeshadow palette
  • Red and silver
  • Green and silver eyeshadow palette
  • Green and gold (my favorite)
  • Champagne and green

These are a few combinations that I find interesting. If you have thought about something I didn’t mention here, please share it with me!

Silver and Gold Christmas Makeup Palettes

Makeup look

IG Credits: @merisfaceschlap

Silver and gold are classic and an excellent combination for Xmas. You can start with a golden background all over the eyelid and add nuances of silver on the inner corners.

Red And Gold eyeshadow palette

Red & Gol Makeup look

IG Credits: @slkbeauty

You can cover the eyelid with red eyeshadow. You can use a fluffy blending brush to apply matte neutrals shades under the shimmery. Then you use silver eyeliner to trace a golden line.

The golden line goes well with any green as well.

Smoky eye

Smoky Makeup look

IG Credits: @parastooo_makeupp

Why not try smokey eyes if you are going to a night event? After all, it is a versatile option for larger parties.

Smokey eyes will give you a touch of sophistication but remember not to exaggerate. Otherwise, you can look tired.

Also, keep in mind what kind of party you will attend. For example, larger parties combine well with darker shades of eyeshadow. 

Smoky Makeup look

IG Credits: @makeupbysaharhabibi

It’s worth betting on the black or burgundy eyeshadow, and feel free to combine them with elegant bronze or golden tones.

The most intimate gatherings, with few family members, require simpler smoked productions. 

In this case, the brown shade will be the most suitable. The touch of shine is due to similar tones, but only in the inner corner of the eyes.

Remember to save a fluffy blending brush to help you with this task.

What Not To Do

Try to avoid colors that are too dark, as they can leave your look heavier and dense. Also, it has little to do with Christmas, a commemorative event.

If you are planning to wear vivid lip colors, the tip is to use softer eyes, but it is still ok to use eyeliner. 

Final Takes

I gave you plenty of suggestions here, but In the end, you are the one who will make your own Christmas eyeshadow palette. 

So you can use the examples here as an inspiration, but use your imagination to create something unique for you.

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