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Easy Christmas makeup looks & Stunning Ideas

December is here, and it is time to think about Christmas makeup looks to get together with your family and friends, right?

If you are running out of ideas, here you can find a few suggestions I just loved. Feel free to send a look suggestion if you want to share your recommendations with us!

And by the way, I’d love to ask you to take a look and let me know on Instagram if you liked them!

Deciding Your Christmas Makeup Looks

You may pay special attention to your Christmas makeup look for many reasons.

Many of you will spend the first Christmas in your boyfriend’s family house, which is fantastic.

Some others are going to different Christmas parties, and some are just looking for ideas for a Christmas photo album. 

Cute Christmas makeup looks

IG Credits: @amirahalmudhi

Depending on your event type, you can opt for a simple, classic, artistic, or glamorous one; you are free to do so!

Nothing I’m sharing here is written in the rock, so despite the usual pattern, we notice when we talk about Christmas makeup ideas, you should do what you feel more comfortable doing.

Basics Of Christmas Makeup Looks

My suggestion for basic Christmas makeup is to invest in reddish blushes and lipstick tones. For the eyes, I love golden or copper and a nice black cat eye eyeliner.

Christmas makeup looks

IG Credits: @rafabezmakeup

There are some patterns to help us get in the Xmas vibes, for example, wearing vivid red and green, which are the classic colors.

But there are neutral color palettes such as soil red, which is pretty, and wine colors. But you can play with neutral green, red, and even pink tones.

Easy cute Christmas makeup looks

IG Credits: @plonka_stonka.makeup

If you like the glam style, we cannot forget the shimmery pallets, including silver, golden, and rose gold.  My favorites are the nude and shimmery pastel shades.

Red Lipstick

It is not a rule, but vivid red lipstick is a classic for Christmas. Some people don’t like vivid red, but you can mess around with different shades.

Christmas makeup looks

IG Credits: @makeup_kayastreicher

I have the Dior Rouge Lipstick, which has a long duration, and I love it. Chanel Rouge offers various shades, varying from velvet to matte textures and beautiful colors.

If you don’t wear any makeup and go out just with the red lipstick, you are ready to go, as it will give a total glow-up in milliseconds. 

cute Christmas Looks

IG Credits: @giuliagagliano.mua

However, if you are still looking for alternatives, purple, darker tones of pink and golden lipstick could be a way to go.

Christmas makeup looks

IG Credits: @giuliagagliano.mua

Tip: If you want longer-lasting lipstick, use matte or semi-matte colors.

Makeup With Christmas Colors

Here are some examples of makeup with Christmas colors that are stunning and easy to recreate.

Christmas makeup

IG Credits: @eau.de.colette

These options are perfect for those looking to get outside the box and bring a ton of fun and innovation to any event.

Christmas Make-up

IG Credits: @vanessarussoo

There are several possible color options, such as red, green, gold, and silver, all in different shades, nuances, and finishes.

BOLD Xmas Makeup

A bold Christmas makeup look carries more audacious artistic traits. This make-up is produced based on vibrant colors and more robust features.

Xmas Makeup

IG Credits: @amirahalmudhi

I love these green eyeshadows that make the eyes pop. In the image above, you have an example with nude lipstick, so you can see how you can mix things up a little.

In the image below, you have an example of metallic green eyeshadow with vivid red lipstick, a perfect example of how two vivid colors can be combined in the same look.

Christmas eye makeup

IG Credits: @beauty_makeup_nnp

Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are stylish for Christmas. They are sexy and give a touch of glamour to any look regarding the occasion. 

Christmas makeup looks

IG Credits: @kendolized and @kentoured

Depending on your taste, you can opt for a matte or shimmery version. 

With the smokey eye, you can quickly go from basic to classic, chic to performance, with minor adaptations.

Christmas makeup ideas

IG Credits: @claudia.boca


Eyeliners are a classic makeup for Christmas, and even though you can use them in any way you want, a medium to the thick line will match perfectly with the occasion.

December makeup ideas

IG Credits: @steph_d_makeup

For the best look, try to make a cat eye eyeliner, add red lipstick, and you’re ready for any occasion. 

Inverted Cat Eye

Inverted Cat eye is now trending on social media, which is a good idea. Mark the waterline, tracing the line towards the temples.

Makeup look

IG Credits: @blancaestefaniah

If you want to have fun and try different colors, such as navy blue, or green, you can always use your imagination!

Artistic Makeup

Why not try artistic makeup this time for Christmas? They are fun, and I bet everybody will compliment you with a great smile!

Here are some options I would use myself; I hope you like them! But if you don’t like it, please let me know what you prefer to use instead!  

Christmas eye makeup

IG Credits: @dreiacasanova

Christmas makeup looks Conclusion

Regardless of where you spend your Christmas, makeup is primarily for yourself, to feel good, and not a requirement for any event or celebration.

The most important is to find a look that you feel comfortable so you can have fun and forget about all the rest!

If you want more examples of Christmas Makeup looks and ideas, follow this Pinterest board, where you’ll find plenty of inspiration!

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