Dior Rouge: Dior Lipstick Review

Dior Rouge, Dior Lipstick Review: The Rouge Dior lipstick is brilliant, long-lasting lipstick that counts with vibrant colors derived from red.

As the name says, you will find many shades of jaw-dropping red pigments that are just gorgeous.

This means that you don’t need to get all shades, as they are similar.

Dior Rouge: Dior Lipstick Review

However, you can find four different versions of the Rouge Dior lipstick, or as they describe, it has four different finishes. They are:

  • Satin
  • Matte
  • Metallic
  • Velvet

If you have the money and love high-quality makeup products, I advise you to get one.

Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick Review

Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick Review

Velvet Finish Dior Rouge: Dior Lipstick Review

It is not shimmery or gloss but still contains oils that make it somewhat bright.

The satin is semi-matte and has the same durability as any other version.

I think the satin option is excellent for those who love the matte effect but has dry lips.

Matte lipsticks dry out a bit and can look cracked on parched lips. 

I love this option because I think matte lipstick is pretty, but unfortunately, I can’t use it too often due to dry lips.

Now, I can still have some sort of matte effect but not so matte, which is fine because it still looks great.

Matte Finish Dior Rouge: Dior Lipstick Review

As I mentioned, matte lipsticks are not the best for overly dry lips.

However, some brands, such as MAC and Dior, can manage to create matte lipsticks that are not so drying.

But, despite the efforts of some brands, I still think that matte lipstick is not ideal for me due to dry lips.

Use the matte version if your lip skin is normal.

Satin Finish

The satin finish is still a mix of matte with the cream effect that is almost metallic but not so much.

This is a good option for all skin types, including dry lips.

Even though the satin finish is not completely matte, it is a bit creamy and shinier than the velvet finish.

Metallic Finish

The metallic finish is super creamy, and the final effect is shimmery. This is perfect for all skin types, especially for dry lips.

They are incredibly hydrating (like the others), but once you apply them, you won’t feel your lips drying again for a long time.

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Satin, Matte, Metallic, and Velvet: What To Get?

Now that we talked about the differences between the Satin, Matt, Metallic, and Velvet finishes, you may be wondering which suits better for you.

Of course, you can buy all of them if your budget permits and try them yourself, but here is what I think.

Use the Matte if you like a vivid and bold look free of shine, which is pretty effective if you don’t suffer from dry lips.

If you have dry lips and still prefer the matte effect, try the velvet finish, which will be more moisturizing.

If you want a more creamy formulation that is not so velveted but not shimmery, go for satin. 

If you have overly dry lips, it is interesting to try the metallic finish; however, if you have thin lips, I think it won’t be the best as this effect tend not to add volume to the lips.

In this case, opt for the satin or the velvet finish.

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Application: Dior rouge Dior lipstick review 

The Dior Rouge Dior lipstick is one of the best lipsticks I have ever applied.

It is super quick and easy to apply, not to mention how soft it is.

Some lipsticks are high pigmented that are difficult to apply, especially talking about red lipstick.

I love the way it slides easily on the lips. I could use the red lipstick with precision.

Dior Rouge Duration

The Dior Rouge is long-lasting and takes about five to 6 hours. 

I went out with it yesterday, and it was 3 pm. I came back home. It was 7 pm, and the lipstick was still there.

However, by 7 pm, it was not as vivid, and I would need a bit of re-touch if I wanted it to be perfect.

As I returned home, I just relaxed and left it as it was because there was still an ok pigmentation.

Dior Reviews

After 4 hours of usage

Dior Reviews

After 4 hours of usage

As you can see, I would need to apply it again on the lower lip, around the center.

Dior Rouge Benefits

Accordingly to Dior’s site, the main benefits you can expect from the new rouge collection are:

  • Long wear color
  • More vivid luminous High pigmented colors
  • Soft application
  • Comfort
  • Hydrating formula

How Does It Feel On The Lips?

When they promise comfort, they really mean it. Since the application, you can feel an instant relief on dry lips.

I have dry lips, and since the application, I didn’t need to apply any lip balm before, while, and after wearing this lipstick.

The lips feel hydrated for long hours, which is excellent, especially if you have dry lips.

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The Formulation

Dior rouge Dior lipstick is enriched with natural ingredients that leave your lips looking beautiful and hydrated.

It contains protective properties of red peony extract that will keep your lips hydrated and luminous.

Also,pomegranate flower extract makes your lips softer and improves the overall skin texture.

Pomegranate is also anti-aging, preventing and improving fine lines and restoring the natural lip color.

Next, shea butter protects your lips and provides intense nourishment. As a result, your lips will get even smoother.

The Shades

Rouge Dior lipstick offers 75 new shades; I think most of these are really similar.

Even though it counts with new shades, you can still count on some classic old shades such as:

  • 999 Velvet
  • 100 Nude Look
  • 080 Red Smile
  • 525 Chérie

Application Tips

According to Dior’s website, you could apply the rouge Dior lip balm as the first step to keep the lips more hydrated.

Secondly, they advise us to use the Dior Contour to trace the edges of the lips. 

For an even application, you could use Rouge Dior with the Backstage Lip Brush, starting from the center of the lips outwards.

To finalize, add a last layer of lipstick directly on the lips.

I haven’t tried all that as I just applied it directly onto the lips. As soon as I try this application method, I will confirm if this works.

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Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick Review Final Takes

The Dior Rouge Dior lipstick review is a great product, and I loved how my lips got super hydrated the vivid colors and the overall duration of it.

For the moment, I only have two shades, but I intend to try different ones, even though I think most shades are very similar.

Now, as I mentioned, in my opinion, this is one of the best lipsticks out there, but I don’t consider it the best.

The winner, in my opinion, is still the Lancome lipsticks, and I will write about it at some point!

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