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Do Waist Trainers Work?

Do Waist Trainers Work? In this article, we are discussing best practices on how to wear a waist trainer.

It does and Wearing a waist trainer is simple, but you still need to take care on how to use it properly. 

In this section we are gonna talk about how to correctly use a waist trainer for the best results:

  • without damaging your skin, without affecting your breathing and digestion.

Do waist trainers work?

You might be asking yourself. Do Waist Trainers Work? Yes, they do work but let’s discuss this in parts because it is important to understand the function of a waist trainer, so you won’t get confused. I will try to be as clear as possible, but if for some reason you still have questions, you send them in the comments below, alright? 

Here’s what happens

Do you remember when it was fashion to wear low waist jeans? Did you ever use it? I did. It was really fashionable in my country (Brazil) and everybody would only wear this type of jeans because the high waist was just out fashioned.

They looked really nice but the problem with those jeans was that they were also really tight. After months and even years of wearing those tight low waist jeans, many of us would notice the appearance of love handles.

This is because the fat was being moved up by these tight jeans. Where it was tight it was moving the fat in such a way that distorted the body’s shape, can you see on the image below? The same concept works with the waist trainer. As the body’s fat is fluid, and can be molded with compression.

Example How To Wear A Waist Trainer

But with the case of waist training, it should be molded the right way, shaping your body to form what you wish and would like to have, in case you want a finer waistline, lose belly fat and achieve an hourglass silhouette. 

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In the beginning, a waist trainer will give you a temporary solution for reducing your waistline. The moment you put it on, your waist might reduce, generally one inch or so and it will keep everything in place, but the moment you take it off, your waist goes back to normal. 

This is already great because sometimes you have that party or event or meeting or wherever episod you want to feel more confident. Let’s say you have a dress you think is pretty and you want to wear that but you know you could look a little better with a little waist reduction, you already have some immediate effect. 

Over time, with continuous use and dedication, you will notice that the area in which you place your waist trainer is improving, because the waist trainer has molded and shaped your fat around the area. At this stage, the waist training is starting to bring results and you need to use it less often.

But if you decide to stop using this waist trainer altogether and worse, start eating and drinking and stop taking care of yourself, you will eventually get back to your old shape and so on. 

Now let’s take in consideration the waist trimmers and belts.

 In this case, you will not have the instant effect as you have with cincher because they are designed for long term results, but for example, you can reduce waistline after a week of use, because you wore that a lot while you were working in the office or at home. 

As it made you sweat you treated somewhat your liquid retention and after measuring you noticed that you reduced measurement. Is it permanent? Not really because you will eat again and as you go on with your life you might suffer from liquid retention again. If you don’t use the trimmer again you will have everything you lost back to you. 

But overtime, in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and diet, you will enhance the effects of your habitual losing weight routine and will be able to get rid of belly fat much faster.  

The First Steps

First and foremost, decide what type of goal you would like to achieve. For example:

  • If you just want to lose belly fat, go for a waist trimmer or waist belt.
  • Want to get the hourglass figure? use a waist cincher. 

Remember that by combining a waist cincher with a waist trimmer may be very effective.

How To Wear A waist Trainer Quick Tips

  • Tip 1# Use it early in the morning (or as soon as you wake up). This is because your stomach is most likely to be empty, which will be easier for you to put it on and also to mold your fat.
  • Tip 2# Start slow and use it for about 2 hours. Then add more hours of use gradually in a way that your organism will get used to the new routine. 
  • Tip 3# Start closing your waist trainer from the middle of the belly, then start closing the brackets from the button, towards the top
  • Tip 4# It is nice to wear an organic tank top underneath, while wearing a waist trainer. By doing this you are protecting your skin from sensibility and also conserving your cincher. 
  • Tip 5# Don’t use it during or right after your main meals, because it can compress the stomach and it can impair digestion 
  • Tip 6# Your cincher should be the right size for you. The right size for example, will reduce your waist in one inch while you use it. So they should be one inch smaller than your waistline measurement. Remember that they should be tight but still comfortable. If you feel any pain, you should take it off. 

The same must apply for some waist trimmers that have a double belt function, but for single belt waist trimmers, it should tightly hug you without necessarily being one inch smaller than your waist line. 

This is important because you want to have the sole objective to reduce belly fat and liquid retention.

How To Wear A Waist Trainer: How Long & How Often?

How to wear a waist trainer: How Long & How Often?

If you are just getting started, you should wear them often. 

Use it every day for the first 30 days or until you start seeing results. 

Once you are happy with the results, you can gradually reduce your waist training to 3 or 2 times a week.

The tip for beginners is to start small, by wearing a waist trainer a little and increase it gradually, each day. 

For example, it is a great idea to start wearing a waist trainer for 2 hours. 

Then on the next day, you add another 2 hour and carry on like this until you are prepared to wear a waist trainer for longer.

If you want to do less than 2 hours, let’s say only 45 minutes, that’s ok. If you can only do 10 minutes, that’s fine as well. 

But in the first few days, stick to the 2 hours and then when you get used to the new discipline, you can gradually increase more hours.

Many waist trainer experts advise that you should not exceed 8 hours of use and that you should not sleep wearing them, but it also depends on the type of waist trainer you use. 

For example, there are waist trimmers/belt companies that recommend you to sleep with their waist belts, so it will depend on the type and brand of your choice.

Now, to answer your question on how long you should use a waist trainer, it is just up to you, but it is advised that you should use it continuously and adopt it to your lifestyle. 

Just be careful not to rely on it too much as the exaggerated use may not be beneficial.

It is always a matter of finding a balance. Nothing that is used too much will ever be good to one extent or another. 

The same happens while wearing a waist trainer. Never try too hard and pay attention to the signals your body sends to you.

Always listen to your body and anytime you start to feel there is something weird, or a little pain here and there, an extra discomfort, forget about the numbers and take your waist train off to commence another day.

When And Where Can I Waist train?

When and Where?

You can use your creativity for the better but here I listed our top 5# ideas where you can use it.

It is important to remind you that for those of you who like heavy sports and squats, or any other type of sport that will require you to bend your waist, it’s better not wear just to keep your breathing flow and avoid discomfort.

Here’s a few suggestions:

  1. Going out for a walk or running
  2. At zumba or other dancing classes 
  3. Aerobic classes 
  4. Cleaning the house
  5. Walking your dogs
  6. Lazy day at home
  7. At work
  8. At a party

You can wear your waist trainer any time, but for better results, do it in the morning, first thing, because your belly is still flatter, therefore it will be easier to put it on. It is also indicated to use it during day time, but always check the brand’s recommendations, as they will let you know the best practices for a particular waist trainer type.

Flexible Vs Steel Boned Corset

How to wear a waist trainer Flexible Vs Steel Boned Corset

So far we could understand well how to wear a waist trainer, but let’s talk a bit about flexible vs a steel boned corset.

If from one side, flexible cinchers won’t really cause you any damage, they won’t be as quick on modeling your shape as a steel boned corset.

A still boned coursed on the other hand will be able to mold your shape quicker and deeper, but it may be prejudicial in the future.

How Soon Will I See Waist Training Results?

How long to see results?

We all want an exmative of when a certain treatment will start giving results and it’s not different when talking about waist training. For the best results, once you are accustomed to it you can use it everyday (8 hours per day) for a period of 30 days, but results can start to show up after the first week.

Of course that will depend on your willingness to make it happen. And the waist trainer alone will not be responsible for the success or failure of the training. Bear in mind that once you purchase waist training, this means that the game is on and that you need to keep or start your hard work on workouts and a good diet.

Of course you can start seeing results if you just start waist training alone, because it can mold your fat if used long enough and persistently. But bear in mind that if you want the best results, try at least going for walking and running, and do some sort of other sports, because it’s important.

Dos and Don’ts Of waist training

Dos and Don'ts

Best Waist trainers Practice: The DO’S in a nutshell

  • Use it for 8 hours a day, every day and once you are happy with the results reduce the frequency to 2-3 days a week
  • For beginners, start slowly for as long as 2 hours a day then increase an extra hour or two, when you feel comfortable to do so, until you be able to achieve your 8 hours a day
  • Use waist trimmers or waist belts for doing light exercising, including running and walking and use a waist cincher for going out to other events or even at home. 
  • Wear it tight but not too tight
  • It should reduce your waistline to one inch when you have it on

Best Waist trainers Practice: The DON’TS in a nutshell

  • Unless your waist trainer brand instruction splicitelly allow you to sleep with your waist trainer (which is the case for some waist belts), DON’T sleep with waist trainers on
  • DON’T exceed 8 hour per day
  • DON’t wear it too tight up to discomfort, if you feel any pay, this might not the right size for you
  • DON’T Wash it in the wash machine
  • DON’T do heavy sports or sports that require you to bend your belly. For those, you might try a waist fitness belt, which will provide your more comfort and freedom to perform your exercise.

How To Wash Your Waist Trainer

How to wash your waist trainer

It is better not to clear your waist trainer too often and you should not put it in the wash machine. In case your waist trainer brand allows you to put it in the wash machine, it is better to put it inside those wash machines bags and are specially designed to put underwear inside.

The best way to wash your waist trainer in my opinion (just to be on the safe side) is by doing a baby shower. Here is how to do it:

  • Use a soft gentle natural soap
  • Use as well a soft scrub for hand wash laundry or a soft sponge
  • Fill the sink or a bucket with lukewarm water
  • Put your waist trainer into the sink, scrub a little and let it soak for a few minutes
  • Rinse it out and leave to air dry

Do Waist Trainers Work?

Do Waist Trainers Work?

A waist trainer is a body shaping garment such as corsets and waist belts, used on your middle body, that are meant to sculpt your waist overtime, after gradual use. It will sculpt your body, making your waist look thinner. 

In sum, the function of a waist trainer is to give you the dreamed waist reduction. How much your waist will be reduced will depend on your diet and if you do sports, but what I can tell is that everybody I know that has tried a waist trainer has experienced some sort of improvements (or reduction).

A good thing about waist trainers is that oftentimes it doesn’t limit itself only to the waist. There are many waist trainers that will provide a support that is extended to molding your hips, torso and even bust.

A waist trainer can reduce your waist instantaneously, but for permanent results you will need to use it long enough and gradually combine exercise with continuous use. It will depend on what type of waist trainer you choose to use and the results you are looking for. 

It is important to remember that a waist trainer will not cause you to lose weight. What it does is to work specifically on your waist middle body part areas, helping you lose belly fat but for the best result you will need to alight a healthy lifestyle, drink lots of water, eat healthy and exercise! 

Common Types Of Waist Trainer

Common Types

Corsets (Steel Boned Corsets)

Nowadays there are many different waist trainers in the market. They come in different sizes and shapes. But in the great beginning, the first waist trainers were the so-called corsets. A corset is made of steel, and laces in the back.

The way you regulate (and tight) your laces will define the pressure on your waist. The tighter you tie your lace, the more pressure the waist receives and therefore, you experience more reductions. But for this part, it is important to be very moderated on how tight you tie your lace, because severe pressure and tightness can result in further problems where you can end up compressing your internal organs, so it is better to be very moderate and patient about this because you don’t want to create a problem instead of a solution.

This can be a somewhat severe type of waist trainer because of its harsh method of pressing the organs in order to give you a slimmer shape. Nowadays most health professionals don’t recommend the use of corsets, at least not as it used to be because this can be a harsh treatment.

In order to have good results with corset waist training, you need to adopt it as a lifestyle activity. You need to learn how to wear it properly and learn everything about this ‘culture’, which requires patience through months and years of use.

Corset Pros

  • Can give you instantaneous waist reduction
  • Can give you huge results given the firm material

Corset cons

  • Can be uncomfortable
  • Cannot be used while exercising

Waist Cinchers (Latex Waist Trainers)

Chincers look like corsets and pretty much will shrink your waistline but the difference is that waist cinchers are more flexible and malleable than the corsets. They are made of latex or spandex that compress your waist but still gives you certain mobility that the corset does not.

Compared with corsets, waist cinchers results are less dramatic, but in compensation, you will feel more comfortable wearing a waist cincher because its material will allow you movement and comfort a course can’t.  

In addition to the waist line, Waist Cinchers can also target tights, butts, backs and arms, depending type of cincher you will choose to use. It is more designed to be used underneath your clothes and will probably reduce one or two inches off your waist, when you are using it.

It is ideal for losing fat around your stomach, but if you are looking for a hourglass type of body, you might prefer a corset.

Top Tips about Waist cinchers

Both corsets and waist cinchers are going to shape your body but the cinchers are more flexible. They both have what we call bones that are columns you might have seen them already. But with the corset it is called steel bones and with the cincher it is called flexy steel bones.

This will assure that you have a more comfortable feel and of course more flexibility to go on with your normal life. Plus, a waist cincher won’t shift your bones or your organs, as  it doesn’t have the strength to do it. All it Is going to do is to mould your fat in a safer way.

– Are the results permanent?

Now you might be asking if the results of a waist cincher is permanent, and the answer is yes and no. I say this because you can and should notice instantaneous waist reduction while using the waist cincher and it can become permanent overtime, after continuous use. 

After continuous use, you can start to find great results (especially if you are using it for more than 30 days) you will experience solid results. However if you stop using the waist trainer, you will gradually stop their action and start to see your body coming back to old shape over time.

The key is to incorporate the waist training into your lifestyle, adopting a continuous use in addition to your health alimentation and exercises.

– Should I consult the doctors before using it?

Another tip that I would like to share with you is to be on the safe side, in case you suspect or are conscious that you have any medical condition, like back issues and so on. It’s best to consult a doctor before you start using

– How to find what is the right size for me?

The waist cincher should be tight on your body, but still comfortable to use. In the beginning, it is normal that you and your sincher are still adapting so it will feel a little uncomfortable but it’s normal. Imagine you are not used to it and you for sure feel something is strange. 

However the more you continue with your waist training, the more comfortable you will become. Having this in mind while asking yourself what is the right size for you, bare in mind that you need to pick your cincher with this in mind.

It is normal that waist trainers come in different sizes. And there are 2 measurements that you should have in mind: the waistline measurement (the length) and the measurement that goes from under your bust all the way to your pelvis are (the height).

As a rule of thumb, this is how you know that you are wearing the right size: 

You should measure your waistline before you put your waist trainer on. Then, after putting it on, you should measure it again and this time, your waistline measurement should be 1 inch smaller than with your waist trainer on.

If your waistline measurement gets bigger, then this waist trainer will not give you the best results you are looking for therefore, this is not the right size for you, as it needs to be tight to really work for the best.

As a quick notice: You will notice that in the beginning it will be hard to put. Don’t worry, this is normal as your body is getting used to the new routine and also the new cincher is not yet molded by your body. If you keep on using you will notice improvements week after week, until it gets truly molded to your body, but It is supposed to be really tight. 

Should I use a Tank top underneath my waist trainer?

Even though it is not mandatory, you could wear a tank top underneath your waist cincher, for two reasons. The first one, is that it can protect your skin (in case you have very sensitive skin), because it creates a barrier of protection between your skin and the material of the waist trainer as well as protect the material of the waist trainer to get damaged or worn out by sweat. To be extra safe, opt to wear 100% organic fabric tank tops.

How To Wear a waist trainer: 9 extra quick tips for ultra results

  1. When you first get it only wear it for 2 hours and wear in the morning because is stomach is usually more flat and will be easier to put it on 
  2. Day number 2 you can wear it up to 4 hours / each day you can increase 2 extra hours 
  3. Use it for a Maximum of 8 hours. More than that might cause you problems, so be on the safe side, stick with no more than that. 
  4. It should never be painful. should be comfortable. Even though a waist cincher must be held tight, it should still Feel comfortable
  5. Don’t sleep with your waist trainer 
  6. Don’t do abdominal exercises with them because you can limit your breathing while doing highly intense exercise. It can also damage the flex bones. Limit to lower intense workout
  7. It can help you lose weight indirectly helping you with appetite suppression helps u become conscious of the food u eat 
  8. Make sure you always hand wash it
  9. Wear it for 30 days if you wear it once a week you might not see results. Give yourself 30 days and then check your results and try to be consistent 
  10. Wear a sports bra while using your cincher

Cinchers Pros

  • More comfortable to wear, given its flexible material 
  • You can wear it for longer hours and still feel somewhat comfortable
  • You can use it under your clothes 
  • Can instantaneously reduce your waist

Cinchers Cons

  • Even though you will be able to shrink your waist a few inches, the results are milder than the corset.

Waist Trimmers 

I love waist trimmers, because in my opinion, they are the most comfortable from the category. The waist trimmer is normally a more flexible type of waist garment that will wrap your middle body. 

You will wrap up the waist trimmer around your belly, and its material will make you sweat. While you use it the material in which the waist trimmer is made will make you sweat and will melt away your belly fat. Many waist trimmers will also work melting away the fat around your back as well.

Most common types of trimmer belts have neoprene rubber in its material. This is a synthetic type of material that does not breath, which means that the heat that comes from your body is trapped between your body and the belt, causing you to sweat and lose fat.

As this type of waist trainer is more comfortable, you can use it for 8 hours while at home doing your normal activities, or at the gym, having zumba classes, or even working. As you move, it will keep your temperature and down and help you burn belly fat more efficiently. 

Because of its material type, it allows you to move freely, which is perfect. You can lose belly fat on the go, at the same time that you are heating up your core temperature, burn calories and get rid of excess of water (liquid retention) and other toxins around your belly.

Another benefit you can expect from a waist trimmer ( pretty much as most waist trainers) is the back support. Many doctors recommend waist trimmers, for back treatments from traumas and posture corrections.

Important Facts about the waist trimmer

Sizes: It’s simple because they are normally available in 3 sizes. Small (38 inch waist), the medium (Up to 44 inch) and large (up to 50 inches). But it is always good to check the brands guidelines for precise information because these measurements can vary from brand to brand.

30 Days Warranty: Depending on the brand or in which area you leave, you might be able to try these waist trimmers risk free for 30 days, as some brands offer your money back if you are not satisfied with the waist trimmer.

Compression:  Even though these waist trainers are more flexible and comfortable, they still offer you a good compression that will be essential in the process of burning belly fat.

Improves blood circulation: As it increases your blood circulation, it will eliminate the unwanted toxins from your body

Time of use: It will depend on the brand. There are brands that will warn you to use it maximum 2 hours per day, at the same time, other brands might recommend you to use it for as long as you want, up to 8 hours per day.

Waist Trimmers Pros

  • Burn and reduce fat belly on the go, at the gym while exercising, at sauna and so on
  • It is more comfortable than other types of waist trainers
  • Enhance your workout making you sweating more which will helps on losing fat and getting rid of liquid retention
  • Back support and posture reminder
  • Improves the posture
  • Great to treat postpartum tummies 

Waist Trimmers Cons

  • Not indicated to be used underneath tight or fit clothing
  • Not created to give you the hourglass figure (should be used in conjunction with another type of waist trainer if this is your desire).

How To Wear a Waist trainer: What does a waist trainer do?

Straight to the point, you will use a waist trainer if you want to lose belly fat, achieve an hourglass figure, but there are some other benefits we are going to take a closer look at now.

– Losing Belly Fat

While you workout, if you wear a waist trainer, it will increase body temperature, making your sweat more in the area. You might feel this is also true, even if you go on with your daily activities using your waist trainer.

Initially, it is a temporary effect in which you can also get rig to liquid retention and you will feel less swollen. However, if you incorporate it to your lifestyle and use it long term, you will also start to experience long term results.

It will also serve you as a reminder, that you shouldn’t eat too much because as you are wearing it, you feel when it is time to stop eating. Be aware that in order to actually have permanent results, you should not count with the waist trainer alone, as everything should be combined with exercises, healthy food and lifestyle.

Note: The best way to lose belly fat is by combining waist cincher with a waist trimmer or belt

– Achieve An Hourglass Shape

Depending on your body structure, waist trainers work because they can mold your fat, and give you an hourglass shape but It is really important to respect your body above all. It is interesting to know your limits and do not surpass them, because it can be prejudicial for your overall health.

That’s why I don’t recommend corsets. In my opinion they are beautiful and maybe you could use them as a fashion piece but for waist training, it is very aggressive. It is ok if you want to look slimmer and if you would like to have a smaller waist. But be conscious that you don’t try too hard and end up with major problems. 

That being said, it is possible to be conscious and also achieve the hourglass figure. Just have in mind that each body is different and there are some bodys that are not going to achieve the perfect hourglass figure but can come close. 

In this case, if you can just improve your curves, this should be already celebrated because you are seeing your results. So, don’t be obsessed with the hourglass figure because some organisms have not the structure to achieve it and it is ok as well. 

Don’t compare yourself with celebrities nor to anyone. The most important is to achieve the best you, according to your own figure and body rules.  

– Improve Your Posture

While you wear your waist trainer it will remind you about your posture. Just make sure you don’t use it too much otherwise you take the risk to get used to having good posture only while using your waist trainer.

– Eat Less

This is actually an indirect way to help you lose weight. It will be hard to eat too much while using the waist trainers as it will start to feel uncomfortable and force you to stop eating.

– Postpartum Waist Tightening

If you had just had a baby,  this is a good option to have your belly back to normal, in the same way, we have explained before, always taking care of the diet and exercising. Of course be super moderate and don’t try too hard, have patience and over time you will be pretty happy with the results.

– Bustline Support

Depending on the waist trainer, they can also offer bustline support. This can be very interesting for women with large breasts because it can alleviate back pain.

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