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Does Makeup Age Your Skin? Myths & Truths #makeupq&a

Does makeup age your skin? Here you can find Myths and truths, plus other tips!

Does makeup age the skin? We unravel this myth!

If you don’t leave the house without makeup, even if it’s minimal, you’ve probably wondered if this can harm the skin.

Consider that our skin goes through a natural aging process, which is strongly impacted, mainly, by our consumption habits. 

What we eat and drink directly affects the appearance of the skin and can accelerate aging.

But is makeup also on this list of things that can age your complexion?

Does Makeup Age Your Skin?

Does Makeup Age Your Skin?

If you’re wondering if using makeup ages your skin, the answer is no! 

And we will explain a little more about it so that there is no doubt.

This was a big taboo for a long time, as many people said that skin aging was linked to makeup. But this is a topic that has become a myth. 

Dermatologists already point out that makeup has nothing to do with skin aging.

What can be harmful to the skin is not maintaining a proper skincare routine.

Our skin is very sensitive and needs a good skincare routine, which is essential for the tissue to stay healthy over the years. 

The recommended thing is to wake up, wash your face and apply sunscreen before going out.

What Does Cause Skin Damage?

Does Makeup Age Your Skin?

Makeup hardly ages your skin unless you’re not using the products correctly. 

What makes our skin older are issues such as:

  • Excessive exposure to sunlight;
  • eat poorly;
  • Poor Sleep;
  • Smoke;
  • Consuming alcohol in excess;
  • Being exposed to pollution.

Makeup has very little to do with it, although some conditions are not suitable for our skin. 

Even some makeups have those 2 in 1 effect, which makes the skin more beautiful and helps protect the facial tissue. 

Possibly you’ve heard from a friend or relative that makeup is harmful to the skin. 

Some say that the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes on the skin are associated with these cosmetics. 

In addition, they say that the skin is weakened with beauty products.

Can Makeup Still Be Bad For The Skin?

Can Makeup Still Be Bad For The Skin?

Yes, just because they hardly cause skin aging doesn’t mean they don’t harm. 

Therefore, you need to remove makeup before going to bed with makeup remover wipes that can leave the skin natural and free from cosmetics.

After all, residues can clog pores and favor oiliness. And there’s another thing; an intelligent woman keeps an eye on the expiration date of the products. 

When the makeup is expired, it’s subject to contamination, significantly damaging your eyes. 

So be careful with expired products and avoid them.

Can I Wear Makeup Every Day?

Can I Wear Makeup Every Day?

Some women are not fans of makeup and only use it on special occasions, such as graduations or weddings. 

On the other hand, some cannot leave the house without mascara, lipstick, and face powder. 

Anyway, some make a complete production even to go to school to take their children. 

Makeup can even be beneficial for the skin since more and more companies are investing in formulas rich in nutrients and vitamins. 

In addition, some of them have a sun protection factor, which is excellent for avoiding sunburn. 

Therefore, my recommendation is to always use a suitable sunscreen before leaving the house, with an SPF level of at least 30, so that the skin is really protected during this period. 

Makeup alone does not age the skin, and besides not causing this lousy condition, it can help keep the face tissue young. 

Why does makeup age? But who said you get old? 

Our face is the region that gets the most sun, and wrinkles can appear early, which some associate with the use of cosmetics.

Why Does Makeup Cause Skin Irritation?

Why Does Makeup Cause Skin Irritation?

Makeup can make your skin irritated, which happens for a few reasons. 

First of all, millions of women worldwide react differently to the products they have contact with. 

Therefore, the makeup can irritate some and rub off on others. 

Therefore, I always recommend knowing what your skin type is and what makeup is ideal for you.

This way, mistakes that can make the skin red and irritated are avoided. 

And there’s more: if this happens to you, I suggest that you immediately stop using the products. 

The irritation caused by the makeup can happen due to the use of the products being out of date. 

Therefore, if you use expired cosmetics, they may cause a bad feeling when they contact the face, damaging the mucosa. 

Also, in some cases, it leads to redness and burning.

Tips To Wear Makeup Keeping Flawless Skin

If you wear makeup every day, it’s essential to take a few extra minutes before applying your products to cleanse and moisturize your skin and apply sunscreen.

After all, even if makeup offers protection against ultraviolet rays, it doesn’t always will have FPS greater than 30, the minimum recommended for the face.

In addition, it is essential to remove all makeup before bed. When we sleep with makeup, the skin can’t breathe properly. 

The pores are clogged, which impairs the elimination of impurities and can favor the formation of acne and the appearance of allergies.

Always Remove All Makeup

It is essential to use a Cleansing Lotion suitable for all skin types for quality skincare.

No matter the time or type of production, removing all the product from the skin and leaving the pores free when the day is over is essential. 

A lot of this myth that makeup ages the skin is due to many people who don’t remove makeup well, which can be harmful.

If the makeup is not removed completely, the pores are clogged and trigger the appearance of blackheads, pimples, and even expression marks and wrinkles.

Moisturize Your Skin

This is one of the main precautions that must be taken by people who make intense use of makeup. 

Thus, it is essential to hydrate the skin to ensure the softness of the tissue and deliver immediate recovery. 

The skin is stuck for hours and unable to breathe properly, so this hydration is necessary when the face is clean. 

Why does makeup age? That only happens if you use it every day and don’t take care of your face the way you should! 

Therefore, bet on a product that matches your skin type, in the case of oily skin, something that leaves the face drier, for example. 

The moisturizer aims to return the liquid lost during the skin cleaning process to the skin.

So, just put a little on your hands and massage your face with circular movements to activate blood circulation and allow better absorption. 

By the way, night moisturizers are great at these times.

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