Easy Halloween Costumes Ideas

Today, let’s show you some trendy easy Halloween costumes celebrated worldwide on October 31st.

In this article, I bring many simple and awesome costume ideas for Halloween, using that black dress you already have at home and things like that. 

Sometimes, with little effort, you can create a fantastic costume. Check out these easy suggestions without spending much (and at the last minute)!

Let’s get inspired and creative now!

Cruella De Vil Costume

So, you’ll be ready to celebrate Halloween out there like Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman’s character in the movie “Black Swan”).

One of the favorite villains of all time has her own movie, which is called “Cruella,” many people love these type of Easy Halloween Costumes.

Easy Halloween Costumes

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To try this classic costume, wear a long black dress, a white fur coat (synthetic, please), intense makeup, red gloves and shoes, and a half-and-half wig. 

Every detail of this look is fundamental to embody the villain Cruella De Vil (in the version of the character of Glenn Close in the movie “101 Dalmatians”). 

Darken or dye half of your hair white—a black dress with shoes and red lipstick; Mark your eyebrows.

The Witch Costume [Easy]

Halloween without a witch is not Halloween, is it? In addition to a black dress (short or long), you will need a pointed hat and tights to complete the look.

Easy Halloween Costumes

Dark and striking makeup is also welcome for these Easy Halloween Costumes. 

Wear witch symbols such as hats, brooms, cauldrons, and capes. Rings and necklaces of stones that refer to nature, the sun, moons, and stars are welcome to create your fantasy.

You can also make the hat at home with thick paper or other materials. Use your imagination!

Luxury Doll

Luxury Doll

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To feel like Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn’s character in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”), bet on a short or long black dress, gloves, pearl necklace, crown tiara, and sunglasses. 

Very classic, stylish, and chic!

Black Swan Easy Halloween Costumes

For this Easy Halloween Costumes, you will need a short black dress and a more structured skirt, put your hair in a bun, a crown on your head, and well-designed makeup. 

black swan

Get The Look!


Customizing and painting a plain dress is an option for those who want to do the “skeleton” costume.


Get The Look

Another possibility is to bet on powerful makeup and not change the garment.

Malevola Easy Halloween Costumes

Here you need a short dress, a black cape, horns, and a staff. The horn and staff can create using materials you already have at home.

And that’s it; you’ll transform into Maleficent (Angelina Jolie’s character in the film of the same name).

Morticia Addams

To become the matriarch of the Addams family, you will need a long dress and dark hair (wigs are allowed). 

The ideal combo to honor Morticia Addams (Anjelica Huston’s character in the classic movie “The Addams Family”).

Wandinha Addams


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Still, in the same family, choose a white dress shirt; to leave only the collar detail showing, a black blouse or dress, and pantyhose. 

Don’t forget the cornrows; they are crucial and essential to complete the look of Wandinha Addams (Christina Ricci’s character in the movie “The Addams Family,” daughter of Morticia).

Vampire Easy Halloween Costumes

Always dressed in black with a few hints of ruby, they are characterized by the pale skin of someone who never goes out in the sun. 

On the makeup, use highlighters. Also, Golden chains can give a touch of nobility to your costume, making you stand out.

It is interesting to wear a cape or mask to give an “up” to the production, but the sharp teeth and blood in the mouth are essential to make the costume more realistic.

It Easy Halloween Costumes

In makeup, a white powder and red lipstick. In the costume, choose a white outfit and sew three red pom poms in the center (which are also easy to make)!



Use a Yellow raincoat for this costume. Dye your hair with blue spray and make fake freckles. Button eyes can compose a dark version.

The Gypsy Pirate

Gipsy Pirate

With some creativity, you can make an easy pirate Halloween costume. 

Try a hat or bandana and a look with voluminous pieces. White, black, brown, red, purple, and gold are good bets. An eye patch is also good!

Marilyn Monroe

Another trendy costume: look for a white dress, a blonde wig (if your hair is dark), and don’t forget the famous mole dot near your mouth.

Ghost Easy Halloween Costumes


We all know throwing a ghost is an Easy Halloween Costumes of all time!

White look, pale face, and, if you want to go the extra mile, you can cut out the ghost’s “face” and wear a tight black dress underneath.

Frida Kahlo Easy Halloween Costumes

There’s nothing easier than making a bun, drawing your eyebrows together with eyeliner, and pinning flowers in your hair.

Mario Bros

Wear a Red shirt with a blue skirt or pants. For the finishing touch, glue or draw the “M” on a red cap.

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Now it’s easier to come up with Easy Halloween Costumes ideas, isn’t it? 

The important thing is to choose a theme you like and wear an outfit that you find comfortable. 

Afterward, just enjoy the party and take lots of pictures with friends. 

To help you even more, take a look at these Halloween posts to give you more ideas and inspiration!

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