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Elf Flawless Finish Foundation Review

Elf Foundation Review: the Flawless Finish foundation was on my list of drugstore foundations for a while. This is because some of you have told me to do more reviews on affordable products that can be used everyday, without breaking the bank.

I bought this foundation because I found huge number of great reviews on amazon and decided to give it a try.

Here I have my 2 cents for you to read about, and consider if this is for you or not. 

Elf Foundation Review: About the Flawless Finish

The Elf Flawless foundation is really cheap and you pay less than 10 dollars for a small bottle, so it’s still on the affordable ratio.

The average price is around 6 dollars, depending on where you live it can vary of course but it is still a very low price product, compared to most out there.

Many people have noticed that despite the price, the package is really fancy. You will notice that it really looks like an expensive product, but it’s not. 

The Flawless Finish foundation is the best selling from Elf and comes in 40 shades. So, viva the diversity, which is one information that I always like when talking about foundation. 

Another fact that I like is the demi matte, oil free formula, which was great for me because of my oily skin. Though in my opinion, it would work for most skin types without problems.

One side note I’d state (in this Elf Foundation Review), is that despite its demi matte and oil free formula, I still felt it gave me an oily outlook, meaning I needed a translucid powder to the rescue.   

If you have ever read my foundation’s reviews, this is a recurrent complaining of mine, as I’ve never found a foundation to give a 100% matte finish on my face.

So in this Elf Foundation Review, I was not really expecting too much from it.

Getting over this little drama, I was really surprised about how long it lasts on my face. I was able to spend the entire day without re-touching it. 

Now, to give you an extra overview, I’m highlighting some initial positives, about this foundation. But keep on reading, we still have tons to talk about.

Elf Foundation Review – Flawless Finish Highlights

  • Midi-Matte Oil Free Formula
  • Blends Naturally
  • SPF15
  • Good Lasting
  • Good for all skin types
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegam

The Flawless Finish Texture 

The Flawless Finish foundation has a thick creamy texture that blends very well on skin. Initially you would think, its texture would be a problem, because it seems thicker than it actually is.

Once you feel it in your fingers, you will notice how malleable it is, and once you apply it on skin you will get amazed on how it blends well. 

It said that this foundation is demi matte, and I am pretty sure it will work even better on normal to dry skin than any other skin type. But it worked fine on my oily skin too.

Once you apply the Flawless Finish foundation, it will give a glowy effect in my opinion. So if you like this kind of effect, you should go for it.

If you don’t, I advise you to have a translucid powder because it will quickly fix this, in case you prefer a more mattified look.

Overall to continue with our Elf Foundation Review, I didn’t feel the product was heavy on skin, but I certainly used just a small amount, as I would normally do.

The Flawless Finish Coverage

My skin is rather on the average side, sometimes I have some acne but most of the time I don’t. So I applied this foundation and I liked the coverage altogether.

I have heard people complaining when they had too much acne and major problems, considering this foundation to be a medium coverage and not a full coverage as it’s been stated on the product.

If this is your case, I think a concealer would do the trick. Or, definitely if you apply a little more foundation on the parts you think that you need.  

Elf Foundation Review quick NOTE: If you apply around 3 layers, I think it will be a bit obvious that you are wearing foundation. Having this in mind, I think it’s better to use a concealer just onto the areas that need extra coverage and you will be good to go!

For my skin it worked well. It is also important to mention that I think this foundation is something for your everyday activities. If I was at a huge event or a party, I would go for something a little stronger.


How To Use The Flawless Finish Foundation?

There is no right or wrong way to apply it, as you may have your own tastes and methods. However, I’m sharing with you how I did it and worked really well.

1. First I really deep cleansed my face and applied miscelanea water. If you have time, wait for the miscellanea water to dry a bit for a few seconds to be better absorbed by your skin. 

2. Then I applied a little facial sunscreen SPF 60. It comes with sunscreen SPF 15 already, and it is also indicated to re-apply this foundation every 2 hours (and I guess it has to do with reinforcing the sunscreen). But I don’t feel like applying foundation every two hours and also I think that SPF 15 is not that much for a foundation, so I like to apply my own SPF 60 first.

2. After, what I do is to mix the foundation with a little moisturizer. Quick side note, I think this works best with a very light moisturizer, because I have already sunscreen on my face so I don’t want it to be too heavy.

3. A great tip I’m gonna share with you is that you can apply with your thingers or with the wet sponge but not with a brush. I didn’t think this foundation would blend well with the brush, so I normally apply it with the finger or the wet sponge as I said. But do not wet it in water. I think it will be the best to wet your sponge with a fixing spray or setting spray.

4. If you have normal to dry skin you are almost done by now, but if you have oily skin you will probably need that extra matte magnificence. For this, call the translucid powder to the rescue.

5. For the total and amazing finish, I like to apply a setting spray all over my face just to make sure it will take longer and won’t melt.

I know it’s quite a lot of things but hey if you are in a hurry, I’d say just apply some primer and mix the foundation with a very light moisturizer and voila. 

Elf Flawless Finish Foundation Swatches

Elf Flawless Finish has a cart of 40 shades. Initially the shades can be divided in dix groups (Fair, light, medium, tan, deep and rich).  

That’s quite a lot of shades, I was wondering if we would really be able to find all those 40 available in physical stores. I doubt a bit, but I know that if you order online you will definitely be more likely to find more options.

Apart from that,I love that, because you will certainly find a shade that will be very suitable for your skin tone. Also, even if you don’t find, you can easily match two colors and blend it, in order to have your perfect color match.

Is The Flawless Finish Foundation Good?

I got this foundation, because I was in a hunt for good drugstore foundations to review. As I have seen so many great reviews on amazon, I decided to go for the Elf flawless finish, and did not regret, meaning, yes, it works really  well.

I can even say that it could really be considered a high end dupe, and for the price I paid, I am really impressed by the quality and the price.

Still, this is my favourite go for of all times? There are a few considerations here to answer this question.

First, I don’t really think that is gonna be only one product in the entire world that you should only use and forget about the rest. So just for that alone, it’s a no. But it is a great product that I will gladly use until the end.

Second is that I am not here to say this is the best product I have tried so far, because there are a decent number of foundations that I like so much and I don’t think this one will bypass them.

However, for the price and for my needs, it worked so well, that indeed I am impressed. It’s easy to apply, blends well and gives me the natural look.

The coverage is basically medium but a full coverage is also buildable. I just recommend not to use too many layers or the naturality will go down the hill.

My skin doesn’t look cakey and guess what? It lasted really well as I was out all day and it was still good  when I got back home.

Elf Foundation Review:  Flawless Finish Q&A

In this session I wanted to put together some questions and answers about the Elf  Flawless Finish Foundation Review. Take a look!

Question 1: Is it easy to find your shade?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. As I have mentioned, they have 40 shades divided by tone and undertones. My skin is medium dark I guess. But not so dark, not so light, and it was ok to find. I bought mine on amazon, so I was able to find the shade that I normally go for online. I have my doubts however that we are gonna find all the 40 shades in physical stores, but I guess they would have a stock with most common shades, I guess.

Question 2: How is the pigment?

Answer: I think it was great for the price you get. Nothing to complain about. Didn’t need to apply too much foundation to have the natural effect that I like.

Question 3: Is the Flawless Finish Good for what skin type?

Answer:  Yes, It is. I just would like to note a few considerations on that. It is a demi matte finish and it’s oil free. 

So, theoretically it’s going to be suitable for any skin type. If you have dry skin, you will love it, and will not need to add a powder or anything like that. 

If you have oily skin, then you will still need a powder to take off the shine.  

Question 4: Does it cover blemishes?

Answer: Once again, this is a medium to full coverage foundation. It does cover the blemishes, and you can build up with another layer for better results. I also advise using a concealer on special areas that you want to have and extra coverage.

Question 5: How does it look on dry skin?

Answer: Looks good. And I think it looks better on dry skin than oily skin. The biggest tip I can give to the dry skin babes out there is to use a moisturizer. 

You can add a little moisturizer and mix it with the foundation. What do you think?

Question 6: How does it look on shiny skin?

Answer: If you have oily skin you can also use this foundation because it will work for you. The demi-matte foundation still leaves it a bit shiny so a translucid powder will be helpful. 

Question 7: How long does this say on your skin?

Answer: If you use this foundation in the morning, it will last all day. Without problems. 

Elf Foundation Review:  Flawless Finish Summary

Overall, It’s a very luminous, very healthy look. It blended well on the skin and I consider I got a very good coverage, while my skin didn’t feel cakey.

Now, let’s go to the summary of the review with the main highlights about the product:

  • The average price is around 6 dollars
  • Comes in 40 shades
  • Midi-Matte Oil Free Formula
  • Blends Naturally
  • Has a thick creamy texture that blends very well on skin
  • it will give a glowy effect in my opinion
  • foundation is something for your everyday activities
  • it’s easy to apply, blends well and gives me a natural look.
  • The coverage is basically medium but a full coverage is also buildable
  • My skin doesn’t look cakey
  • SPF15
  • Good Lasting
  • Good for all skin types
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegam

Now we stop here, I hope you have all the information you need in this Elf Foundation Review. I would like to invite you to send your thoughts, questions in the comments below.

Have you ever used the Elf Flawless finish foundation and have something to add to this Elf Foundation Review? We will be truly happy to hear from you in the comments as well!

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Your opinion is really important so I can improve the articles and offer the best I can for you! Ahh and also look at these articles, I think you might like them!

Thanks and See you soon! XOXO, Pat.

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