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Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

Being a big fan of the no-makeup makeup look, I was excited to write this Estée Lauder double wear foundation review. I love this brand because I know they won’t let me down in terms of quality. Every time I apply this foundation my skin feels smooth and refreshed.

The Estée lauder double wear foundation has a reputation. Being in the market since 1997, they had for sure enough time to understand how we want our foundations to be.

Foundation Review

In my opinion, It is a pricey peace as the cost of it can be as high as 36 Euros, but I think it is worth it for a few reasons I’m gonna state now:

  • Oil-Free, Matte Formula, Oil Control
  •  lasts up to 24 hours
  • Lasts through heat, humidity, and nonstop activity
  • Waterproof foundation
  • Unifies uneven skin tone
  • covers imperfections
  • Medium to full coverage
  • No touch-ups needed
  • Over 60 shades
  • Natural fresh look
  • SPF 10

What is so good about Estee Lauder Double Wear?

I like the way it is a long lasting mattifying (shine-free) foundation that works fine for all skin types. It looks natural and provides great coverage and natural finish. 

It’s waterproof, so you can expect it to be resistant to rain, sweat, humidity and things like that. You can wear it almost all day and still have it somewhat fresh, at least better than many high end foundations I have tried before.

Additionally, it comes with a wide variety of shades (over 60 shades), which is very inclusive. Sometimes I find it hard to find a perfect match for my skin and I didn’t have to worry about it this time.

Besides that, it does not oxidize (the color won’t change throughout the day), counts with sunscreen protection with SPF factor 10 and is free from synthetic fragrance. 

Coverage & Application

The Estee lauder foundation offers a great medium to full coverage product that promises 24 hours wear. I just need to apply a little bit of the product and I’m good to go.

Foundation Review

To get the most of this foundation, you will need primer or a moisturizer. First I cleanse, then I exfoliate (when needed), then I moisturize with a primer and sunscreen. Then I proceed to application, which I normally use a damped sponge or my fingers.

What I can say is that this liquid foundation feels indeed lightweight as claimed. I didn’t even feel the need to use concealer when using this foundation.


The texture is not too thick, but still a little creamy, more on the liquid side and slightly running (if that makes sense!). It blends really well on the skin. 

Check out More Reviews on Amazon to help you make up your mind! You can also find it on Sephora.

Does it really cover imperfections?

Let’s dig into that because the answer will vary depending on your type. In my case, It worked really well with just medium coverage (meaning, one layer). Depending on the situation of your skin, you might need more. 

  • Under eyes: For under eyes, I didn’t need to use concealer. As I cited before, its best function is to even skin tone, so under eyes and other skin complex differences are going to be fixed like a charm.
  • Acne scars: I have seen many girls with acne scars using this foundation. Some of them with heavy acne scars, have approved it. However in this case, for a more natural look, it is better to use a little concealer just onto the area you want to correct and you are good to go. 
  • For those with extended scars, it is best to build it up to full coverage, so 2 layers would fix the problem. 
Foundation Review

Estée Lauder foundation review Q&A

I thought you would appreciate it if I added a few Q&As to this Estée Lauder double wear foundation review. I will keep it updated, so at the pace that I receive more questions, I will add them to this section. If you too have any questions, please send them to me in the comments below!

Will Estée Lauder double wear break me out? 

No, but to guarantee the best results, prep your face with a primer or a light moisturizer before applying the foundation.

Does it have SPF? 

There are both versions with SPF 10 and without SPF. But to be honest, what is the use of a foundation with SPF 10? None. But, there is a lighter version of this foundation, the DOUBLE WEAR NUDE Water Fresh Foundation, that is much lighter and comes with SPF 30. 

Is it oil-free? 

Yes absolutely oil-free and also oil control, very well indicated to oily skin.

Is Estée Lauder double wear good for dry skin? 

There are dry skin folks that use it because they don’t really like the glowy look that most normal foundations give. So, there is no problem with that. Just advise applying primer or a lightly moist, before the foundation.

Question 5: how to make Estée Lauder double wear look natural? Apply primer or a lightly moist, before the foundation. You can also apply a setting spray. For more details, check the ‘How to apply Estée Lauder foundation’ section in this article.

What Are Some Good Alternatives For This Foundation?

MAC Foundation

For you records, there are some great foundations that you could try that would be as great as the Estee lauder foundation. My first recommendation is the MAC Face and body foundation, which has a dewy effect, but it’s has a very natural finish. If you want more coverage you can try the MAC studio Fix.

Chanel CC Cream Foundation

Another great option for the day to day routine is the Chanel cc cream which works perfectly like a foundation, with the possibility to build layers, in case you need more coverage. This is also a long lasting foundation that treats your skin and comes with SPF factor.

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