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Eyelash Extension Styles For Different Eye shapes

With so many Eyelash Extension Styles to choose from, do you need a little help? Need some inspiration?

In this article, you have a comprehensive guide on eyelash extensions styles according to your eye shape, face shape, and personality.

So if you are confused about eyelash names, it’s time to change it now.

Read till the end that we have lots of tips, Q&As, celebrity style, and everything you need to get inspired.

Types of eyelash extension styles

There are quite a few different types of eyelash extensions, and you should have in mind that different salons may offer different styles and eyelash names.

Here we have separated some of the most common types of eyelash extension styles and eyelash names that you should find in most salons.

1. Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions

The doll eye eyelash extensions are long, with a major concentration of lashes on the center of the eyes, leaving your eyes more open and larger.

Use doll eye eyelash extensions if you want your eyes to appear more open and larger, especially if you have wide-set eyes or dropping, downturned eyes.

Doll eye eyelash extensions

Doll eye eyelash extensions / Natural cat eye eyelash extensions

The doll eyelash extension is not indicated for you if you have rounded or very long eyes because it will look even longer.

This eyelash extension will give you a bright and bigger look, so if you are looking for this, then you have your option already.

Doll eye eyelash extensions

Doll eye eyelash extensions Source: Megan Fox Instagram

You can find another example of doll eye eyelash extensions in the picture below.

In my opinion, the doll eye eyelash extensions are some what a bit similar to doll eyelashes.

Doll eye eyelash extensions / natural cat eye eyelash extensions

Natural cat eye eyelash extensions

In this last example, I believe we have the cat eye hybrid lashes because as you can see, there is a mix of lashes that are very gorgeous.

Want to test the waters? Try The Doll Eyelash Falsies!

I know permanent eyelash extensions might seem a bit scary in the beginning, especially because you might not like the result.

The solution to this is to try out with falsies beforehand so you are sharp and do for your permanent move.

The BEPHOLAN 3 Doll Style False Eyelashes is a cool option if you want to test the waters.

It had thousands of great reviews, so you are using something other people are recommending it is good.

Eyelash extension styles

This 3D faux mink false eyelash extension is made out of synthetic thin fiber material and is also soft and lightweight.

They are used to apply, very soft and comfortable to wear, with a thickness of 0.07 mm.

These lashes are also suitable for professional use, for events, photo shooting, and parties, and gives you a very natural look.

2. Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions

Cat Eyelash Extensions

It has longer lashes on the outer eye corner. I think this is my favorite Eyelash extension style. 

You can use this extension if your eyes are already rounded and not so distant from one another. 

Cat eyelash extensions may give the impression that you have a more wide, larger eye set.

You should not use the cat eye eyelash extensions if your eyes are downwards or wide-set, because it may leave them even wider.

Cat Lashes Angelina Eyelash

Cat eyelash extensions / Natural cat eye eyelash extensions

In the image above, we have a typical example of the cat-eye eyelash extension style, with our pretty Angelina Jolie. 

Cat Eyelash Extensions For Medium Size Eyes

Cat Eyelash Extensions

Natural cat eye eyelash extensions

If you have medium size eyes, it is a great idea to try cat eyelash extensions. 

This type of eyelash extension can be applied in the eye’s outer corner and are quick and easy to apply.

Cat Eyelash Extensions / Natural cat eye eyelash extensions

Natural cat eye eyelash extensions

Want to test the waters? Try The Cat eyelash extensions Falsies!

If you are undecided, if the Cat eyelash extensions are going to look pretty on you or not, falsies are the way to go.

The BEPHOLAN CAT False Eyelashes have many great reviews and most people who use those are pretty happy.

These 3D Faux mink false eyelashes are also made out of a thin Synthetic Fiber Material that is soft and lightweight (0.07 mm thickness) .

cat eye Eyelash

They won’t weigh down your eyes and it is going to look pretty natural, be it for your everyday routine or for professional use.

Very suitable for a night out parties, you’re gonna enjoy all night without worrying at all if your lashes are in place. 

3. Natural Looking or Classic Eyelash Extensions

I Think the natural looking eyelash extension style is a more natural version of the cat eyelash extension.

It can be a little longer on the outer corner, but its main characteristic is that it will be applied to respect your eyeliner curvature as much as possible.

The intention is just to enhance your lashes, without any major change. It’s your lashes with a little improvement. 

I think this Eyelash extension style is ideal for any type of eye shape because it will respect what you already have just giving it a little boost.

In the end, you are gonna add more volume and length to your lashes and in my opinion, you cannot go wrong with this.

This Eyelash extension style is not for you though, if you want a more dramatic look, or something bolder. It depends of course on your personality and lifestyle. 

4. Staggered Eyelash Extensions

This is a mix of long and short lashes that are gonna give you lots of volumes. 

You can use this style if you don’t like things to be too perfect and want a little bit of asymmetry.

In the end, you are gonna have a dramatic look because with full and thick lashes.

This style won’t be for you however if you have thin eyelashes. Now, if you have somewhat already long and thick lashes, it is for you.

Examples of lashes extensions

5. Colored or Highlighted Extensions

Did you ever think about having colored eyelash extensions? If this matches your style, why not?

You actually can have colored eyelash extensions if you want, and saloons offer many colors to choose from.

Here are some examples of colours that you can find on the traditional side:

  • Black
  • Dark brown
  • Light brown

Here are some examples of colors that you can find on the alternative side:

  • Violet
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Orange
  • White
  • Multicolor 

Down below you can find an example of a blue eyelash extension style. I think it is super gorgeous and can be a fun alternative. 

The Colored Eye Eyelash extension style guide

If I was going to go color, I surely would go for dark blue. I love dark blue eyeliners and mascara.

Now if you have blue eyes, I think light blue would look stunning. In the same way, green for green eyes.

Of yours all this if your lifestyle permits doing so. I must confess I have never seen anyone doing this type of extension.

But if you like it, go for it and don’t think about what people will think. The most important is to feel good about yourself.

How to choose an eyelash extension style for your eye shape?

There are many, and it all is gonna depend on the shape of your eyes and your style. I am gathering some good examples here, maybe you get interested in something. 

But before we get started there are a few things you should have in mind while deciding on you eyelash extension style:

  1. The eyelash extension curvature
  2. The eyelash extension length
  3. eyelash extension Volume
  4. The style you like (cat eyes, classic eyes, etc)
  5. How do these components match the shape of your eyes
  6. How do these components match the shape of the face  
  7. How these components combine with your lifestyle

Ok having this in mind, now let’s take a closer look at different types of eyelash extension styles:

Lash Extensions According to Your Eye Shape

One of the most important factors that should influence what type of eyelash extension style you should go for is your eye shape.

Let’s take a look at some standard eye shapes, and discuss a little what type of eyelash extension could be interesting for them.

1. Eyelash Extension Styles For Almond Eyes

If you have almond eyes, they look a little like cat eyes, right? You are on the lucky side because most eyelash extensions style would work for you.

This may or may not be your case, but almond eyes clients often want the eyes to look bigger.

A good example of almond eyes is Beonce’s eyes. I have seen her using different types of eyelash styles.

Beyonce Eyelash Extension

In the picture below she is using a very natural style, with lots of volume and length. Another example of almond eyes is Rihanna.

Rihanna's Lashes

Credit: Billionaire Beauties

In the case of Rihanna, most specifically in the image above, she is using the eye cat eyelash style.

Then we also give you the example of Megan Fox, who most of the time is using the doll eyelash extension.

Megan Fox Case Eyelash Extension

You can clearly see how the lashes are a little longer in the middle. They look super gorgeous.

Quick tips for choosing your eyelash extensions if you have almond eyes:

  • If you have almond eyes, you are the lucky one because they can go well with any type of eyelash extension style
  • Think about your face shape; if you have long face, opt for shorter lashes

2. Eyelash Extension Styles For Wide-Set Eyes

Wide-set eyes are more distant from each other than other eye shapes. If have decided that you

Want your eyes to look a bit closer; then you can appeal to eyelash extensions.

As each saloon may have different Eyelash extension styles with different names, it’s good to know a few tricks.

If your intention is to give the impression that your eyes are closer, you can invest in dramatic and longer Eyelash extension styles.

You should also avoid Cat eyes eyelash extensions, as they will make your eyes look wider.

One good example of wide-set eyes is Miranda Kerr, as you can see in the picture below.

Doll Eyes Eyelash Extension

 If you pay attention, she uses long and full lashes, lots of volume but still on the natural side.

In the picture, she uses doll eyelash extensions, where the lashes are longer in the middle.

Quick tips for choosing your eyelash extensions if you have wide-set eyes:

  • Don’t use the cat eye eyelash style
  • Using shorter lashes on the outer corner will give the impression your eyes are closer
  • Give preference to natural styles options
  • Suggested eyelash extension style: Open / Cat eyes
  • Eyelash extension styles to avoid: Swept’, ‘Baby’ or ‘Cat Eye

3. Eyelash Extension Styles For Close-Set Eyes

Many clients who have close-set eyes want to give the impression that they are a little wider.

If you have close-set eyes and want to give the impression of having wider eyes, you should have longer lashes on the outer corner.

Means you could Give preference to cat eyes are gonna work really well, opening up your look.

One example of a celebrity with close-set eyes is Jennifer Aniston as you can see in the image below. 

Eyelash Extension Example

Eyelash Extension

As you can see, she has longer lashes on the outer corner. In this particular picture, it looks like the cat eyelash style.

But I have seen pictures of her with other natural look extensions (non eye cat) with a slight long lash on the outer corner.

I also remember always seeing her with lots of volumes and sometimes she prefers short lashes over the too-long ones. 

Quick tips for choosing your eyelash extensions if you have close-set eyes:

  • Cat Eye’ or ‘Swept’ are going to give the impression you have wider eyes
  • Avoid Doll Eyelash extension styles because this will make your eyes look deep-set
  • Never put longer lashes towards the inner corners

3. Eyelash Extension Styles For Down-Turned Eyes

If you have down-turned eyes, you may find it hard to wear eyelash extensions in general. 

If you overdo it just a little, your eyes may look tired, and get a reverse effect, you should never exaggerate.

The goal for those with down-turned eyes is often time to give it a lift up. For this, it is a good idea to invest in curly Eyelash extension styles.

Curly Eyelash extension styles are going to make you look more vivid and more awake, so look for them.

Ensure that these curls should also be applied on the outer ends for a lift-up that we have mentioned.

Also, make sure that lashes are short to avoid weighing down your eyes. This way you avoid looking tired as well.

One example of a celebrity with a downturned yes is Kate Holmes. She has really pretty eyes and surely knows how to highlight them.

Eyelash Kate

As we can see on the image, she mixes different lashes lengths. Note that the look is bold, with strong curls towards the outer corner.

Another great example of down-turned eyes is found with the beautiful Anne Hathaway and she also decided to highlight her beauty with eyelash extensions.

Downturned Eyes

As we can see in the image above, Anne Hathaway decided to invest in not so long lashes. 

On the other hand, you can clearly see that her lashes are really curved, as it is gonna give a lift on the outer corner. 

Quick tips for choosing your eyelash extensions if you have down-turned eyes:

  • You can use cat eyes as long as the lashes are not too long 
  • Go for Natural’, ‘Doll’, and ‘Squirrel’ Eyelash extension styles
  • Use curls. Stronger curls are gonna be your secret weapon for lifting your eyes (Use curls type C, CC, and D, for example
  • Make sure to ask for curls on the outer corner of your eyes
  • Make sure to ask for softer curls towards the inner corner of your eyes
  • Don’t use too much length, especially on the outer corner, because it is gonna weigh down your eyes even more
  • Avoid Eyelash extension with Curls type B on the outer corner because it is gonna weigh down your eyes even more

4. Styles For Small Eyes and Hooded Eyes

Small and hooded eyes are not the same, but normally hooded eyes are smaller, and the tips in this section serve for both styles.

It is best to avoid heavy, very long eyelash extensions styles for smaller eyes. 

Another thing to have in mind is that using longer lashes in the middle of the eyes can give the impression they are bigger.

Stronger curls can also be your ally, so go for them, starting from the middle eye. This also can give the impression you have bigger eyes.

For hooded eyes, the trick is to make them appear bigger, and highlighting the middle part of the eyes with longer extensions is gonna do it.

Once again, don’t exaggerate on length and thickness because by doing this, you will make your eyes look even smaller.

Quick tips for choosing your eyelash extensions if you have small and /or hooded eyes

  • Eyelash extension styles to go for: ‘Doll Eyelash’, ‘Natural Eyelash’, ‘Open Eyelash.’
  • Invest in eyelash styles with strong curls (types C, CC, D & L) because curvature will mask excess skin on eyelid
  • Ask for Eyelash extension styles with a little more length in the middle of the eyes
  • Don’t use Eyelash extension styles with short lashes ( type B, for example) 

6. Styles For Asian Eyes

Of course, there might exist zillions of Asian eyes with different shapes and densities. 

But it is very common for asian eyes to be classified as hooded eyes, as they tend to have slightly less prominent creases.

One common desire from the Asian girls is to open their eyes a little. Of course, not everyone will want this, but this is a common desire.

But before taking any decision it is important to pay attention to how your lashes look.

It is common to see asian eyes with short and straight lashes, often pointing downwards.

If this is your case, then you could choose Eyelash extension styles with curls type C, CC, and D, that are gonna give you a beautiful lift.

If you have Asian eyes, a good tip is to have a reverse eye cat, where you use slightly longer lashes on the inner corner of the eyes.

This is going to give the impression that your eyes look more open and gives you a super pretty look.

 However, you are not limited to that, as most styles will suit you. Just make sure you don’t exaggerate on length and thickness and invest in curvature. 

Quick tips for choosing your eyelash extensions if you have Asian eyes

  • Use Eyelash extensions such as styles Doll Eyelashes or Reverse Cat Lashes
  • You can use Use C, CC, D curls
  • Do not go extra bold with longer, thicker lashes, as it can weigh your eyes down

7. Styles For Deep-Set Eyes

The main characteristic of the deep-set eye is that it is placed deep into the eye socket. 

Many of the ladies with deep set eyes claim to want to have them come out a little more. 

If you have deep-set eyes, it is a good idea to choose longer and straighter Eyelash extension styles.

You can go for a J curl, which is going to look really natural and lighter on you and will help to open your eyes.

As an alternative, you can also try curls L and L+ which will also give you open and more alert eyes.

If you have larger eyes, you can go for the cat eyes; just make sure that lashes don’t look too long on the outer corner, as it will make it look even longer.

Nonetheless, you can easily adopt a dramatic and fuller style if you want because your eyes support that kind of look.

Quick tips for choosing your eyelash extensions if you have deep-set eyes

  • Use Eyelash extensions such as styles Doll Eyelashes and Open Eyelash style
  • For those with round eyes, the baby doll eyelash style can be a good option
  • If your eyes are hooded, try the open eyelash extension style to make your eyes look more open

8. Styles For Protruding Eye Shape

Protruding Eye Shapes is the opposite of deep-set eyes and are already vivid by nature. 

If you have the Protruding Eye Shape, you can easily opt for the natural eyelash extension styles.

You can also choose to add individual lashes, so you can have a little more volume and boldness without overdoing it.

You can opt-in for B or J curl” lash extensions, and cat eyes will look pretty on you as well.

Just make sure not to overdo it because you don’t want your eyes to be too open. The classic styles are going to look great.

You can also go for cat eyes, and giving emphasis to your outer corner will make you look even more vivid.

Quick tips for choosing your eyelash extensions if you have protruding eye shape:

  • Your eyes might already be large, so it would be great for classic and natural eyelash styles
  • Choosing any variation of cat eyelash styles will make your eyes look almost similar to almond shape eyes and make your eyes look big and beautiful

8. Styles For Upturned Eye Shape

I think that upturned eyes are really pretty too. They might look a little with almond eyes, but they have a lift up on the edges.

If you are deciding on eyelash extension styles for your up-turned eyes, you may  also consider three things. 

First, if you want your lash to be super natural and look exactly as they are but just a little enhanced, you can opt in for the natural look lash extension. 

Secondly, If you want to enhance even more your upturned eyes, it is recommended to use Eyelash extension styles that accentuate your outer corners.

With this, try to choose flared extensions that are longer on the outer corner, such as cat eyes, or just ask for slightly longer lashes in this area.

This will look really beautiful and if your goal is to exaggerate your upturned eyes, now you know how to do so!

And thirdly, If you want to balance upturned eyes, and wish to turn it into an almond shaped eyes, then you should go for thick and full on entire lash.

By using full lashes, it is going to give the impression that your eyes are slightly turned down, if this is what you want.

Quick tips for choosing your eyelash extensions if you have up-turned eye shape:

  • Types of eyelash extensions you can choose are: ‘Cat eye’ Eyelash Extension styles and the ‘swept’ Eyelash Extension styles.
  • In case you want to bring your eyes downward a little, opt for curvature type B on the edges and curvature C or D on the center of the eyes.
  • Avoid length on the inner corner of the eyes
  • Avoid stronger curls on the outer edges

9. Styles For Rounded Eye Shape

Rounded eyes are naturally open and vivid. One good point you should be paying attention is to exaggerate on the styling.

An exaggerated style might end up looking like you are surprised and scared so we have a few tips to avoid it altogether.

To tame a little the alertness, you can invest in Eyelash extension styles with shorter lengths and light curls, such as type B.

With this trick, your eyes might look more relaxed and you might end up giving the impression you have almond eyes.

In addition, you can also ask for longer lashes towards the outer eyes, which will also pass the impression of almond shape.

If you want to give it a little lift and valorize your eyes at the same time, you can use curly lashes.

Now, if you want to add length to your eyes, you may try using the cat eye eyelash extension styles.

Quick tips for choosing your eyelash extensions if you have rounded eye shape:

  • Types of eyelash extensions you can use:  ‘Cat Eye’, ‘Swept’ or ‘Squirrel 
  • Be careful and pay attention not to choose too strong curvatures such as CC or D, as they make you look too ‘surprised’ or ‘scared’
  • Avoid  Eyelash extension styles that open the eyes such as Doll eyelash extension styles

What about the face shape? Should I take my face shape in consideration while choosing my eyelash extension styles?

Yes, you should think about face shape while deciding for eyelash extension styles. I never thought about that, but it makes a lot of sense.

Do you have a long and thin face? Maybe you don’t want it to look even longer because of the wrong eyelash extension, right? 

Let’s take a look at some quick but great tips that you should have in mind, depending on the shape of your face.

Long / Thin Face

If you have a long and or thin face, try to avoid super long eyelash extensions styles. 

You should also avoid lash styles that are longer in the middle eye area such as the doll lashes.

One suggestion is to invest on curvature and longer lashes on the outer corner like cat lash extensions.

Round Face

If you have a round face, you should know that placing emphasis on the outer corner is (maybe) going to make your face look wider.

Having this in mind, try to avoid cat eyelash extensions and longer lashes on the outer corner,

One good tip is to have eyelash extension styles that have longer lashes in the middle area of the eye, such as the doll eyelash extension.

Types Of Eyelash Extension Applications ( … And Style)

Eyelash applications may not really be considered / classified as eyelash extension style by some people.

In my opinion, I think they can be considered a style as well. By the way, I have another article with lots of details about the different types of eyelash extensions.

If you haven’t seen it, make sure to take a look, because it is a comprehensive guide, I’m sure you will find something useful there.

I think it is important to talk about types of eyelash applications in this article because you should know them while deciding the final eyelash style.

There are a few types of eyelash applications that I think may fall into the Eyelash extension styles category and they are:

Volume lashes, Classic Lashes, Hybrid lashes.

We are gonna take a closer look at these three Eyelash extension styles / applications in the next lines.

NOTE: Visit our article ‘Types Of Eyelash Extensions: Which Eyelash Extensions Are best?’ For more help on deciding your next look.

Volume Lashes

As the name says, it gives you volume. If you love a bold and unforgettable look, then you might consider this lash extension style.

The volume lashes are the most dramatic style you will find, and is suitable for you even if you have short and parse lashes.

With the volume lashes, you have multiple lashes attached to one lash, for a maximum impact.

You have to ask yourself if this type of look comes not only with your style, but also your lifestyle.

You can use volume with any of the previous styles that we have mentioned, just be sure to take in consideration your facial shape.

I think volume will go well with any facial shape, just make sure not to go for too much length if you have a thin /long face.

In the same way, don’t exaggerate on the outer corners if you have a round face.

Classic Lashes

The classic lashes are the most common type of lashes on the salons, as most people will opt for this one. 

They cannot go wrong. With long and luxurious lashes, they are the most natural looking style you are gonna find available.

They will follow your eyeliner, giving a natural look. Once you have decided for this type of lash extension, you should decide on thickness and length and curvature.

Take your face shape to decide for longer on shorter lashes and of course your eye shape to help you decide on the curvature.

If you have downturned eyes for example, this is a good option, if combined with high curved lashes.

I think the results are really pretty, and for me this is one of the most beautiful types of eyelash style.

But of course everything depends on your personality and lifestyle. Maybe this could be a great option if you are a teacher, or an executive.

Hybrid Lashes

Many people say that by choosing the hybrid lashes, you are having the best of both worlds:  Classic + Volume.

The hybrid lashes are more in the mid term if you don’t want it to be nor dramatic nor classic, you can go for it.

In my opinion, they are my second predilet. As I mention, my favourite is the classic but I have a little something for the hybrid.

Especially because if well done, you can use it in the office but then you are ready to go down to the party.

They combine the fluffy volume with the long and luxurious classic style, so if you can’t decide if you prefer volume over length and want to have both, this is for you, baby!

They will not only look more natural than the volume lashes, but they will attend the task to leave you pretty without overdoing it.

Eyelash extension Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Alright I always like to have a Q&A section because sometimes I receive interesting questions, and sometimes, I find some related questions that you might end up asking yourself while diving deeper into the eyelash extension world.

If for any reason you have a question that is not answered here, people leave it in the comments below or send it to me on my insta https://instagram.com/patriciarios.insta, ok?

Now with no further do, let’s get to our Q&A!

Question 1: Are lash extensions safe? 

Answer: Yes they are safe but you also need to know how to take care of them to avoid possible problems. 

If you choose the right professional and they are applied properly, it won’t harm your natural lashes.

The manutention is simple, make sure you don’t rub your eyes (avoid it as much as you can).

Additionally, avoid applying mascara to your lashes, as you won’t need it once you have your eyelash extensions done.

Gently wash your face especially in the eye area, be as gentle as possible to avoid friction.

Question 2: What are the tips to find a good professional?

Answer: The ttip number one for any type of beauty procedure is to ask for recommendations for friends and check if the work is well done.

However, when this is not possible, or when you just want to be on the safer side, there are a few things you can check out.

  • Make sure you book a professional that is licensed and certified (cosmetology or esthetician’s license) and make sure this person is certified with lashes
  • Preferable, certify that this person has experience and has a portfolio you can check his / her previous work
  • Ask them to talk freely to you first and assist you on your decisions of eyelash extensions style, lash material, best thickness, length, diameter, curvature and style based on your fiscal features

Eyelash Extension Styles Final Thoughts

Maybe you woke up one day and thought hum…I’m up for a change, but I don’t know what to do.

Then you get up and go brush your teeth, see yourself in the mirror and say: 

  • I know! That’s it! I’m gonna have an eyelash extension! How come I never thought about it before??? Duuuhh! I’m gonna do it by tomorrow!

Then you spend the rest of the day planning your lash extension section for the next day and when tomorrow comes, you get it done.

Or maybe it’s been a while, you always knew that your lashes were bothering you, and you tired and sick of being a slave of falsies.

There might be one hundred reasons why you should desire to do it, and in any case what brings you here is not to ask me if you should do it or not.

I know you are stubborn and me saying you don’t need those, is not gonna work anyways. And guess what, you’re right and if you wanna do it, go for it.

But before you go ahead, of course you need to do a little research and find inspiration on what eyelash style is gonna suit you best.

In this article we have just put together a few things you should have in mind before taking a decision on what Eyelash extension styles are gonna work best for you.

Styles may vary from salon to salon, but here you got an idea of what you need, as you can always get pictures from the internet and bring them as a reference to your lash stylist.

If you have more questions, suggestions and would like just to say hi, send me a comment or send me a direct on Instagram and I will be more than happy to reply.

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