Foreo Luna Review: Luna 2 Vs 3 Vs Play Plus Vs Luna Go Vs Luna Fofo, What’s Best?

Hi guys! In this Foreo Luna Review, we are gonna discuss which one is best, based on a quick research we did.

The Foreo Luna collection family (until this moment) is formed by the luna 2, Luna 3, Luna mini 2, Luna mini 3, Luna play plus, luna fofo and luna go.

I bet you love the concept of the brush massager for the face but there may be a confusion between these products.

I decided to dive into data analysis, which by the way I do for my marketing research, in a trial to get a nice comparison report to help us decide. 

The question is, what are people thinking about each one of these brushes? Is it worth it? 

To answer these questions, I randomly scraped 200 amazon reviews for each variation of Foreo luna to understand how people feel and think about them.

This gives us results based on a total of 1.400 online reviews, extracted by amazon. 

At the end of this Foreo Luna Review, we are gonna have a comparison and we should know what is the most loved, the winner. 

Let’s dive in!

Foreo Review: Luna 2 Vs 3 Vs Play Plus & Luna Go, What’s the difference?

Before we go to the data analysis, Let’s take a quick look at the luna 2, Luna 3, Luna mini 2, Luna mini 3, Luna play plus, luna fofo and luna go.

I think it is very important to know the difference between then so you can differentiate based on their individual features.

What’s The Winner In My Humble Opinion?

In this Foreo Luna Review, I am gonna share with you what are winners, in my opinion, based on the features that are being offered by each Foreo Luna type.

In the next section I am also sharing a report with the winners based on the data collected from the reviews we find online. 

LUNA 3 In The First Place

luna 3 review
Luna 3 Review

In my opinion, I think the Luna 3 is the best because it has 16 speed intensities, and four different massage modes, while the others have just one.

The Luna 3 also has anti-aging mode and I can get one divide specifically for my oily skin. 

Another thing I like about it is that I can use it 650 times per charge, which is a lot!

Luna 3 is my first option by far, however there are 2 other Luna devices that I would be interested to have.

They are Luna Fofo and Luna Go. I am gonna explain the reason for that.

Luna Go In Second Place

Luna Go Review
Luna Go Review

The Luna go, I’d like to have because I travel a lot. As I go on many short trips, that would be interesting to have the luna go in my necessaire.

But I’d buy the Luna Go only if I already had the Luna 3, and would use it as an alternative for those days I need to travel.

Luna Fofo In Third Place

Luna Purple Gear
Luna Fofo Review

I would get the Luna FOFO as a side dish as well. As I mentioned, the Luna 3 is the winner in my opinion, but I like the concept behind luna Fofo.

But I’d have it out of curiosity, and as a second option. I say this, because I still prefer the massage mode and the anti aging care from luna 3.

But I think it is interesting to have my skin analysed personally, and have a report that tested my skin level of hydration.

NOTE: This is just a quick summary. After the report, there will be more details about each one of these products, just in case you want to get some extra information, alright?  

Foreo Luna 2 Vs 3 Review

The concept behind Foreo Luna 2 and 3 (and pretty much all Foreo bushes), is that no matter how much you wash your face with your thingers, it will never be enough.

The big plus of these brushes, is not only the appropriate material that contributes to leave your skin soft, but also the massager feature.

As these brushes deep clean and massage your face at the same time, the result is a soft, bright, relaxed skin.

This is beneficial because your skin gets renewed, preventing and treating wrinkles, acne and other issues caused by impurities.

Foreo Luna 2 Vs 3, What is the difference?

Foreo Luna 2 was released first, and then its upgraded version, Foreo Luna 3 came.

In sum, Foreo Luna 3 has longer and softer touchpoints, 16 different T-sonic pulsations (while the foreo 2 has only one) and longer battery life.

The biggest difference however, is that Luna 3 comes with an app support where you register and enter information about your skin, in order to have personalised diagnosis of treatment.

We will talk about it later.

Check the table below for a quick review:

Foreo Luna 2Foreo Luna 3
Deep CleansingLonger and Softer fringes (touchpoints) for deeper cleansing
Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles,Exfoliate dead cells of your face,Pore ReductionReduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles,Exfoliate dead cells of your face,Pore Reduction
Choose accordingly to your skin type: Normal, Combination, Oily Skin, Sensitive SkinChoose accordingly to your skin type: Normal, Combination, Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin
Simple Facial MassageFirming and Modeling  massage options for eyes, neck, jawline and mouth area
No need to  brush replacement and App support / Customize pulsation power intensity 
Foreo Luna Review

What is T-Sonice Power? 

They are sound waves that vibrate really fast. In contact with your skin, these waves are directed to your pores, removing dirties and makeup residuals in a way that other brushes can’t reach.

T-Sonic power is also responsible for increasing circulation, exfoliating the skin and detoxing your skin. 

Foreo Luna 2 In A Nutshell

Foreo Luna 2  can be used every day and removes 99,5% of impurities. By activation its T-Sonic pulsation mode, you potentialize manual cleansing, with 16 speed intensities.

This results in a better absorption of skin care products, which will give you better results quicker, for all skin types.

The Foreo Luna 2 is also a low pulsation frequency massager that is used overtime, making your skin feel clean and relaxed. 

Foreo Luna 2 Key Features:

  • Exfoliate dead cells of your face
  • Promotes Pore Reduction
  • Remove makeup residuals, oils and impurities of facial skin
  • Facial Massage for a relaxed skin
  • Choose accordingly to your skin type: Normal, Combination, Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin

 Foreo Luna 2 Promises: 

  • 100% More Clean Skin
  • 98% Softer Skin
  • 90% More relaxed Skin
How to use Foreo Luna 2?

Apply your favorite facial soap, gently use your foreo luna 2 scrubbing your face in circular movements for one minute.

Then you should rinse your face, apply your favorite skin care products, and finalise the ritual by using your Luna Foreo 2 on the massage mode. 

How much does Foreo Luna 2 Cost?

Foreo Luna 2 is cheaper than Foreo Luna 3 and costs approximately $179 dollars and can be found on Amazon.

Foreo Luna 2: What are people saying about it?

Guys, I am using Amazon reviews as a source of my data. I am using it because there are many authenticated reviews, and I guess is the best place I can find genuine reviews.

I extracted 150 reviews into a database and performed 3 different analyses. The first one, we are gonna take a look at what people talk the most.

This is gonna give us a good view about what are the most common words used, which can help us understand in sum what people are thinking about the Luna 2.

Secondly let’s take a look at the word cloud, which is gonna give us a visual representation of most common words used in the review description.

Thirdly my statistics software is going to give us a sentiment analysis, which is gonna give us the report on how people feel about the LUNA 2, based on the words they used while reviewing it.

So let’s get started! 

1. What are people talking about Foreo 2 the most?

Let’s take a look at the graph below to find out what are the most memorable terms people are using while reviewing Luna 2:

Foreo Luna 2 Vs 3 Vs Play Plus Vs Luna Go Vs Luna Fofo Reviews

On the graph below we can connect the dots and see that usually, find that Fore 2 keeps their face clean. 

With this in mind, we can argue they agree their face feels clean after using it.

Another set of popular words are Like, love, much, feel, good, just, great. It is a great indicator that people have very positive experiences towards Foreo Luna 2.

Most reviewers love it, like it, feel good using it, and rated it to be just great. 

They have also pointed to it as better. It is probably an indicator that skin gets better after using it.

Or that skin gets better or feels just great by using this product. 

2. Word Cloud From The Reviews 

Now let’s take a look at the word cloud, where larger words appear the most, while the smaller appear in less frequency:

Luna 2 Vs 3 Vs Play Plus Vs Luna Go Vs Luna Fofo, What's Best?

From this word cloud we find a few clues of what we are thinking about Luna 2. Here what we can find:

  • It is good
  • Always feel amazing
  • Really love
  • Recommended
  • Easy
  • Better clean
  • Definitely great brush
  • Gentl

Continue analysing the word cloud to find more word combinations and get more insights from there.

3. How do reviewers  feel about Foreo Luna 2?

The statistical software does the calculation on how people feel about a specific product based on the words and combination of expressions they use.

Let’s find out how do reviewers feel about Luna Foreo 2:

Luna 2 Vs 3 Vs Play Plus Vs Luna Go Vs Luna Fofo, What's Best?

As we can see in the graph, the top three feelings are Positive, trust and joy. With these in mind, we can form thee following conclusion:

  1. The majority of reviewers feel positive towards Foreo luna 2
  2. The majority of reviewers trust in Foreo luna 2
  3. The majority of reviewers reported to feel joy towards using the product

As you can see there are a number of reviewers who reported to be surprised. The first question that popped up my mind was, is it a positive or negative surprise?

If we take a look at the graph and see that most people feel positive about the device, we can argue that it indicated a positive surprise.

Or at least that the majority of reviewers had a positive surprise.

Note however that there are still negative feelings towards luna foreo 2. But this represents the minority of the reviewers.

There was still a small part of them that sounded angry, fearful and sad and disgusted about the product. 

But from the report we can see that just a small slice of the reviewers are negative.

Where there is score, it is good for comparing more than one products, it a medium  

Foreo Luna 3 In A Nutshell

Foreo Luna 3 is the updated version of the Foreo Luna 2 and it was also developed for facial cleansing and massage, with 16 speed intensities.

Foreo Luna 3 is more advanced than foreo luna 2 in various ways. Initially you have to choose your Luna foreo 3 based on your skin type.

There are three options of Foreo luna 3 based on your skin type: Normal skin, sensitive skin and combination skin.

There Are specific ways to use this, based on your needs. It is good to pay attention to these specific recommendations.

Let’s take a deeper look at Foreo Luna 3 features

  • Pulsation: Takes away dirty, makeup, impurities, oil, swet, and dead skin
  • Longer and Softer fringes (touchpoints) for deeper cleansing reach, leaving your skin softer and cleaner
  • To the contrary of the Luna 2, with the Luna foreo 3, there is no need to worry or spend money on brush replacement  
  • Customize pulsation power intensity 
  • Has the firming massage option

Luna 3 Comes With An App, What Does That Mean?

Once you buy the luna 3, it is important to register in on the app, for a number of reasons. 

First, you can have access to warranty and assure that you are using an original foreo luna unity.

Secondly, this app is going to assist you with the massage function. There are four massage modes that are controlled by the app. 

For this, you need to download the Foreo app, connect the luna 3 to the app via bluetooth, and follow the instructions on the app display.

Here are thee four massage modes:

  • Firming Eye Massage takes 2 minutes 
  • Firming Neck Massage takes 2 minutes
  • Modeling massage Contours cheeks and jawbones takes 4 minutes
  • Month and jawline massage takes 2 minutes 

Foreo Luna 3: What are people saying about it?

This Foreo Luna 3 is based on 79 reviews. I tried to get more reviews but couldn’t get it. But in anyways, 79 reviews is enough to give us a great idea.

1. What are people talking about Foreo 3 the most?

Let’s take a look at the graph below to see if we can find it. I didn’t think this graph as representative as the first one, but let’s try:


Luna 2 Vs 3 Vs Play Plus Vs Luna Go Vs Luna Fofo, What's Best?


I think that from this graph we cannot extract much. But we can see that like and love are words that were used a lot in the reviews.

People talk a lot about the app, but it is not clear what they talk about. Still taking a look at this graph, it is possible that people like the app as well. 

In sum, taking a look at the big picture, it is clear the most reviewers use, like and love Foreo Luna 3.

2. Word Cloud From The Reviews 

Now let’s try to get some information from the word cloud below. Once again, the most used words are bigger than the less used words:

Luna 2 Vs 3 Vs Play Plus Vs Luna Go Vs Luna Fofo, What's Best?


Once again we see the word love and like, which gives us the indicator that reviewers have a very positive vision about the Foreo Luna 3.

More than that, I don’t see much more extra information. I can see that some people recommend it and that the product is great.

3. How do reviewers feel about Foreo Luna 3?

Now let’s have a look at the sentiment analysis. How do reviewers feel about the Foreo Luna 3? Let’s dive in:

In this Foreo Luna Review


From the graph we can see that most reviewers feel positive towards the luna 3. Actually there’s a huge difference between Positive and negative.

Apart from that, the top three emotions are trust, joy and anticipation. This can possibly mean that their trust expectations were met.

We can see that most users felt joy about the Foreo luna 3, having this in mind, as can assume the device was successfully accepted by reviewers.

The feeling of anticipation can be explained as people had high expectations from this product. As the indices of trust were high, we can once more assume that expectations were met.

Finally, a small portion of the reviewers feel anger, disgust and fear. This is based on the expressions they used while reviewing.

What we assume as disgust are probably people who didn’t feel to get results, or maybe the packages didn’t arrive in good conditions.

What about the ratings?

Let’s take a look on how reviewers rated the Foreo luna 3. Does this have many 5 rating reviews? 

Down below we can see that most reviewers (73.1%) gave it a five stars.

In this Foreo Luna Review

 Final Conclusion Of Luna Foreo 3 Review

Luna Foreo 3 is approved!

From this quick analysis, we can assume that Foreo 3 was very well accepted by those who bought it and decided to give it a review on amazon.

From this report we can see that the vast majority of buyers had a very positive experience with the product.

Most of them have rated this product as a 5 stars, and most of them felt joy and a feeling of trust that the product does what it promises.

Luna 2 Vs Luna 3 Qualitative Customer report 

Now, this is my favorite part, we dig into reviews to see what people are thinking about the products.

For this, I randomly scraped 100 reviews for the Luna Foreo 2 and 3 from amazon, and computed the most frequent statements that emerged from these reviews.

I have no access to the reviewer’s age but 100% of them are women who have purchased the luna. 

Here’s what we have:

  • 100 reviews from Foreo Luna 2
  • 100 reviews from Foreo Luna 3
  • Positive Vs Negative Vs Neutral frequency for both Luna 2 and 3
  • The Customer report ( what reviewers think the most about luna 2 and 3)

Let’s get started!

Luna 2 Vs Luna 3: Positive Vs Negative Vs Neutral Reviews

Luna Foreo 2

From a sampling of 100 reviews, 84% of reviewers were positive, 14% Negative and 2% Neutral


Luna Foreo 3

From a sampling of 100 reviews, 84% of reviewers were positive, 14% Negative and 2% Neutral


If you are a visual person, down below we have a graph that can better illustrate the results.

As you can see, Luna 2 has more positive reviews than the Foreo Luna 3.

The reason for that is that is that reviewers were annoyed with the App version for Luna 3.

Luna 3 has more features, more massage options, and Foreo tries to really push the app towards users.

There were users who returned the Foreo Luna 3 because they found it hard to connect the device to the app.

Many of them believed they could only use the device after connecting it to the app on a mobile phone.

Some couldn’t get why they needed to go through all this just to use a facial brush.

I believed Foreo should look into that and provide an easier way to deliver all the Luna Foreo features in a simpler way. 

What Do Consumers Proclaim The Most About the Luna 2 and Luna 3? 

While digging into the reviews, I could see that some statements came up often enough to give us a good idea about the product.

I decided to take into consideration statements that were mentioned at least 4 times or more.

For the Foreo Luna 2, 14 mentions came up, while for the Foreo luna 3, we found 12 mentions.

Firstly, Let’s take a look now at the top 5 mentions then I will give you a frequency table with all mentions we found.

Foreo 2: What Do Consumers Think About it?

Top 5 Characteristics Mentioned – Foreo Luna 2

1. My skin improved / is softer / smoother / glowy Mentioned 32 times
2. I love itMentioned 26 times
3. My skin feels cleanMentioned 20 times
4. This is a good ProductMentioned 14 times
5. I’m Very Happy with this productMentioned 15 times 

All  Characteristics Mentioned – Foreo Luna 2

1. My skin improved / is softer / smoother / glowy 32 Mentions
2. I love it26 Mentions
3. My skin feels clean20 Mentions
4. This is a good Product14 Mentions
5. I’m Very Happy with this product15 Mentions
6.I highly recommend8 Mentions
7. It’s easy to use7 Mentions
8. Didn’t deep clean my face as promised6 Mentions
9. It’s not worthy6 Mentions
10. Noticed less blackheads5 Mentions
11. Noticed less Pores5 Mentions
12. It’s kind /gentle /good for sensitive skin5 Mentions
13. I got uncomfortable with the shape and bristles4 Mentions
14. I love the massage4 Mentions

Foreo 3: What Do Consumers Think About it?

Top 5 Characteristics Mentioned – Foreo Luna 3

1. App installation is complicated / annoying / difficult to set upMentioned 28 times
2. I love itMentioned 28 times
3. My skin feels cleansedMentioned 20 times
4. My skin feels smooth / softMentioned 15 times
5. My skin improvedMentioned 13 times 

All  Characteristics Mentioned – Foreo Luna 3 

1. App installation is complicated / annoying / difficult to set up28 Mentions
2. I love it20 Mentions
3. My skin feels cleansed15 Mentions
4. My skin feels smooth / soft13 Mentions
5. My skin improved13 Mentions
6. It doesn’t work10 Mentions
7. it is worthy10 Mentions
8. It works well8 Mentions
9. I recommend7 Mentions
10. It’s easy to use5 Mentions
11. It’s very gentle5 Mentions
12. The battery life is very good4 Mentions

Foreo Luna Mini 2 Vs 3 Mini Review

Foreo Luna Mini 2 is also a facial cleanser massager with 8 speed intensities. It is designed for all skin types and comes in 8 colors.

As the name says, it is smaller than the Luna 2, and is designed for travelling and to have it handy on your bag on the go.

For best results, It is recommended to use Luna mini 2 twice a week, morning and night, for one minute.

The Luna Mini 3 is the Luna Mini 2 upgraded and has much more features. Let’s take a look of them:

  • 30 seconds mode:  Allows you to deep cleanse your face in just 30 seconds
  • Find My luna: By the use of the app, you can make your Luna beep so you can find it, when forget where you left your device
  • App access and configuration: You can connect your Luna mini 3 on your mobile phone through an app
  • Gentler Cleanser: The touchpoings are 25% softer meaning you’ll assure a more gentle cleansing
  • 12 adjustable massage intensities
  • Softer Longer touch points
Foreo Luna Mini 2Foreo Luna Mini 3
Deep CleansingLonger and Softer fringes (touchpoints) for deeper cleansing
Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles,Exfoliate dead cells of your face,Pore ReductionReduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles,Exfoliate dead cells of your face,Pore Reduction
8 speed intensities12 adjustable massage intensities
All skin types (1 device all skin types)All skin types (1 device all skin types)
1 minute cleansing30 seconds deeper cleanser 
Beep in case you forgot where you put it

Luna Play Plus Review

Foreo Luna play plus has a larger brush head and uses a replaceable AAA battery .

It is available in 7 different colors, pearl pink, fuschia, mint, purple, aquamarine blue, yellow and black.

It deeply cleanses your face, unclog your pores and removes 99.5% of dirties dead skin and makeup residuals.

This model is a bit smaller which is ideal to have it handy in your bag. Then you can use it twice a day, for one minute.

In this Foreo Luna Review
Foreo Luna PlayForeo Luna Play Plus
Size: 50 x 45 mmSize: 64 x 60 mm
100 uses no rechargeable 400 Uses (rechargeable battery)
No battery. AAA Battery
Cleanser and MassagerCleanser and Massager

While the other Foreo Luna facial brushes have rechargeable USB batteries, the Luna Foreo play plus requires 1 AAA battery. 

One AAA battery allows you to have 400 uses. Once the battery is finished, you can easily replace it.

There is a warranty period of two years, but in order to get it, you should register your device on their website, ideally as soon as you buy it.

In order to conserve these devices, the best you can do is to keep them clean, dry them out after use and keep them in a dry place.

Luna Go Review

Luna go is very portable and has the same size of a cottonwood disc. It was designed for travellers.

If you are always on the go, from here to there, it is good to have the Luna Go as an extra pocket device.

By now, you know pretty well that Foreo Luna brushes perform cleansing and massage on your face.

Foreo Luna 2 Vs 3 Vs Play Plus Vs Luna Go Vs Luna Fofo Reviews: What's Best?

The cleansing and the massage features, depending on the Luna type, has different pulsations and velocities you can choose.

In most cases, you will connect and register your device with an app (on your mobile) and they will give specific instructions on your skin care routine with the Foreo Luna.

With the Luna Go you also can clean and massage your face. The cleansing will help you prevent acne wherever you are.

They are much smaller but you will still be able to remove makeup, pollution, impurities and so on.

The massager feature works by adding low frequency pulsations on areas that are passive of wrinkles. 

In the case of luna go, they will need to buy it according to your skin type. There is a device for oily, combination, normal and sensitive skin.

 Luna Fofo Review

The biggest differential I can find on Luna Fofo is the promise to give us a personalised skincare routine regimen.

Luna Fofo scans your skin in real time, to give you a diagnosis about your skin conditions. 

Once they capture your skin condition, they give you a report with very specific skincare routines. 

At the beginning, I was wondering how would that be different from the other Luna facial brushes that offer you personalized advice once you register to their mobile app.

But they say Luna FOFO is the first smart facial brush, which made me really curious about what that meant in reality.

Foreo Luna 2 Vs 3 Vs Play Plus Vs Luna Go Vs Luna Fofo Reviews: What's Best?

Here’s the Luna FOFO deal:

  • Identifies climate changes that may be affecting your skin and give you specific recommendations about that
  • Analysis your diet and water levels that might be affecting your skin
  • Monitor levels of skin hydration

What does smart cleansing mean?

Once you get the Luna Fofo, you place the golden sensors on your skin. At this point you have already registered and downloaded the app on your phone.

The sensors are gonna calculate and send your personalized skin report followed by a treatment advice to your mobile phone.

The luna will measure the hydration levels of your skin and tell if you should drink more water and other eating advice.

 By configuring the app, you can control how long and how the foreo fofo is going to perform in different areas of your face.

Cool, isn’t it? Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the FOREO For You app on your mobile phone (there are Apple and Android versions)
  2. Analyse your skin: Before going with the skin analyser, make sure your skin is clean, free from makeup and dry
    1. When you are ready, press analyse and follow the instructions on display
    2.  It will probably ask to place the Luna fofo in four different areas of your face
    3. Once it is concluded, you are gonna see the report on your phone

Once you do that, your Luna fofo is configured to act accordingly to your skin needs. At this point, you can leave your phone and start your cleansing.

Place the device onto an area of your face and use the brush in circular motion. The device will let you know when it is time to move to another area of your face.

How Long Does the Luna Fofo Take?

Luna fofo is not rechargeable and works with AAA battery. This device has the capacity to work 400 times.

After that, you need to buy another Luna FOFO. In my opinion, this is a big con, but maybe they will change it soon.

Quick Comparison Table

We already have an image on the top of the article with a handy comparison table that I’ve borrowed from Amazon.

Down below I am placing another quik table again, so you can take another look. Make sure you take a look at both tables.

Luna FOFOLuna 2Luna Mini 2Luna Play Plus
Skin AnalysisYesNoNoNo
Anti Aging ModeNoYesNoNo
Brush head typeAll Skin Types4 types / depending on your skin typeAll Skin TypesAll Skin Types
RechargeNO / 2 AAA batteriesYes / USB ChargerYes / USB ChargerNO / 1 AAA battery

What are people talking about it: Quick Note

In this Foreo Luna Review, we have scraped online reviews and compared customers’ thoughts and feelings about Foreo luna collection based on more than four hundred real reviews.

It was not possible to use the same number of reviews for every product, because some products have more or less reviews available.

However the number of reviews are more than enough to bring us significant, solid results as it is somewhat a qualitative method.

In this Foreo Luna Review, I have concluded the analysis for two products so far, they are the Foreo luna 2 and Foreo luna 3.

Stay tuned, because soon I am adding the remaining Luna Foreo reviews for the other Luna foreo devices, but I believe you should have a lot of information here for taking your decision.

If you have any questions about this In this Foreo Luna Review, please leave a comment in the comment area, and I will be truly happy to reply.

You can also send your suggestions about this Foreo Luna Review, feedback and article requests in the comment area below.

For guest postings and collabs, please send me an email to [email protected], and know that I answer all emails.


In this Foreo Luna Review, I have decided to do this article on my own without receiving any incentive or request from the brand.

All information was gathered from my own research and the data used for the statistical analysis was extracted by me on the Amazon website.

The reviews used in this Foreo Luna Review were written by buyers who decided to leave their reviews on amazon by their own decision.

None of the information was manipulated or adapted to attend anyone’s concern. 

The software used for the text analysis and sentiment analysis was ‘R for statistics’ a common free software used in data analysis.

Apart from that, I’d like to disclaim that this article may contain affiliate links and that I may earn a commission in case you purchase a product from this link, at no extra cost for you.

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