Gua Sha For Face Slimming: Does It Work? Is It Good?

If you want to use Gua sha for face slimming, then keep on reading because we’ve got great tips!

Let’s talk about Gua sha for face slimming, and how you can use gua sha for your skin and facial massage.

What is Gua Sha? How Does It Work?

Gua Sha is a skincare accessory made from a natural stone, rose quartz or jade, for example. 

It is polished to a smooth surface and then shaped with curves and openings. 

Thus, the tool can be fitted to some parts of a person’s face.

gua sha for face slimming

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Does Gua Sha Work?

Just like in the ‘gym,’ you use dumbbells or ribbons to tune in; it’s time to include beauty tools in your skin care like the ‘gua sha’.

Gua sha facial massage can sculpt your face, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines, drain and detoxify, brighten, and reduce bags around your eyes.

Benefits Of gua sha facial massage

  • gua sha facial massage tones the muscles in the face
  • smoothes skin and fine lines 
  • Reduces Breakouts
  • Gua sha scrape increases blood flow / Blood circulation / lymph flow
  • decreased swelling relaxes the muscle
  • Gua sha scrape helps break down fascia – a tissue that holds muscles together but sometimes interferes with blood circulation
  • it is capable of reducing headaches and jaw pain.
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Gua sha scrape helps to smooth the appearance of tiredness
  • gua sha facial massage Relieves stress
  • Eliminates eye puffiness / drains away the excess fluid
  • Leave the skin more beautiful and healthy;
gua sha facial

Lymphatic drainage: gua sha facial massage fights swell, especially around the eyes, where extra fluid causes puffiness.

Relieving facial stress: the scraping promotes muscle relaxation, especially in the jaw region.

gua sha facial massage Reduces swelling and relaxes the muscle: In the body, the Gua Sha stone tool acts to relieve muscle pain.

Blood flow / Blood circulation: this ancient Chinese technique indirectly improves skin tissue oxygenation.

Also, professionals can use acupuncture points in gua sha facial massage, which benefits the body.

gua sha stone

Does Gua Sha for face slimming work?

The dermatologist points out that “there is no proof or scientific evidence of improvement in wrinkles, expression lines, blemishes or acne despite all these benefits. 

The aesthetic benefits are more in the matter of prevention and the promotion of well-being than providing a slimmer face.

At the same time, many people who use gua sha tool regularly affirm that this is a very effective ancient Chinese tool for the skin.

If you stop to think, facial massage is a great way to relieve tension and give you an almost instant renewed look.

So, having this in mind, we should assume that it may have some benefits in the long run.

However, pay attention that gua sha facial massage will not dramatically change the shape of your face.

If your face gets slimmer by using the Gua sha tool, it moves liquid retention and drains away the excess fluid. 

If you do it constantly, you may be able to have minor improvements in shaping your face because of the regular massage.

Remember that your face may become swollen again once you stop doing it. 

Another essential thing to be aware of is never applying too much pressure, as it may cause irritation and other problems.

gua sha facial

How To Use Gua Sha For Face Slimming?

There is not just one way to use Gua Sha. However, on the face, the simplest method is to make upward movements, starting from the middle of the face (going towards the forehead and ears).

As for timing, it’s important to know your skin and not push it too far to sensitize it.

gua sha facial

Gua Sha Strokes

Circular Motion Skincare Routine

Next, you can find a beginner’s simple way to use the gua sha tool. 

Just remember to scrape the tool in a circular motion and be extremely gentle.

You can, for example, do circular movements in a way that activates the muscle points, which consequently relaxes the skin. 

This ancient Chinese scraping serves specifically to promote relaxation for the muscles of the face. 

Thus, the practice rejuvenates the skin and even eliminates pain such as headaches.

​​Facial Massage skincare

An interesting tip is that you apply some moisturizing oil on your face and your neck for the stone to slide more easily. 

In the first movement, you will use the pointed part of the stone (at 45 degrees from the skin).

Gua sha strokes

Start scraping close to the chin and follow the jawline towards the ears. 

Repeat the movement, using the longest part of the stone, place it on the cheek, scraping until it reaches the side of the head.

Close to the temples, repeat again massaging at the end of the path.

Eye Area

At a 45-degree angle, place the rounded part below the eyes and slide until you reach the temples, in slow motion. 

Starting from the hairline, massage once more, moving the skin. At this point, the pressure should be extremely light. 

Now with the stone lying horizontally, follow the design of the eyebrows.

gua sha facial

Forehead Zone

Using the larger side of the stone, place it over the eyebrow and slide upwards until you reach the root of the hair, massaging again. 

Use the tilted stone to perform this move.

Repeat all the movements (at least five times) on both sides of the face.

The experts recommend practicing the method once a day, which is enough to notice the benefits in the short term. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it more often, okay? 

Oh, and before I forget, you can also use a Jade Roller to apply the Gua Sha massage, always using the larger roller for the face and the smaller ones for the eye area.

Neck Area

Using the rounded side, place the stone at a 45-degree angle – at this point you will use the SIDE part – over the sternum (bone located in the anterior part of the chest) and make the movement slowly until you reach the jaw.

gua sha facial

What Do You Need For A Facial Gua Sha?

You will need the gua sha stone and a high-quality facial oil that allows the stone to slide on your face.

In the end, remember to wash your face and apply a serum or a related moisturizer.

Types Of Gua Sha tool For The Face

Types Of Gua Sha tool For The Face
  1. Rosenice Gua Sha tool: Works great on the chin, bridge of nose, finger, forehead, cheek, eye, and body acupoint.
  2. Andoer Placa de Gua Sha tool: For the best result, you can keep it at a 15-degree angle by moving it from the center of your face towards your hairline and then down your neck towards your collarbone.
  3. SIZHINAI Gua Sha tool: It can be used to massage different parts of the body, shoulder, face, back, waist, legs, feet and tense muscles to release the stress.

I like using the jade gua sha tool but you can use another one of your choices. 

Facial Oils

It is essential to find suitable oils; they should not be too light and not too thick, which facilitates the scraping movements.

Make sure to acquire oils that contain nutrients that will relax and nourish your skin simultaneously.

gua sha facial

Mistakes To Avoid With Gua Sha facial massage Tool

There are a few things you should have in mind while using gua sha for face slimming.

The first thing to have in mind is that you should always be careful with the pressure while scraping.

Don’t stroke your face too hard and pay attention to the angle of the stone.

Normally you can use it from 15 to 45 degrees while scraping.

Also, use oils instead of creams as it will facilitate the stone to slide on your face.

Finally, don’t use it too much as everything in excess is not beneficial.

Try doing this once or twice a week. If you want to do it more often, test it out slowly and if you feel your face is not responding well, you can stop it. 

gua sha facial

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Gua Sha scraping Contra-Indications

Be careful! Despite being very good for health, Gua Sha scraping is not suitable for those who suffer from chronic skin diseases. 

In this case, those who have atopic dermatitis, eczema in general, psoriasis, or even skin cancer, should not use the technique, as scraping movements can end up aggravating. 

In addition, the treatment is also contraindicated for people who use anticoagulant drugs, people who have skin infections (boils, abscesses, herpes, etc.), pregnant women, and people undergoing cancer or chemotherapy treatment.

If in doubt, always consult a professional in the field.

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