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Gua Sha For Face Slimming: Does It Work For Jawline?

Gua sha is an East Asian technique that scrapes the skin to provide blood circulation and oxygen to the skin. But can you use it in your face? Today, let’s talk about gua sha for face slimming. Does it work? How should we use it for the best benefits?

Does Gua Sha Slim Your Face?

There are mixed answers related to this, and many dermatologists say there is no scientific evidence. However, widespread knowledge knows in practice that Gua sha will slim your face if you do it regularly.

Can Gua Sha Slim Your Face - Infographic
Can Gua Sha Slim Your Face – Infographic

Why can Gua sha slim your face? 

The massage improves blood circulation and gets rid of puffiness and swelling that is caused by liquid retention.

This is not meant to be a definitive fix, so if you suspend gua sha and massage from your skincare routine, it will come back eventually, quickly enough. 

It is essential to notice that if you want to guarantee the best results, gua sha should not be your only strategy; adopt a healthier diet followed by sports to maximize the gains. 

Gua Sha For Face Massage

What Does Gua Sha Facial Do?

Some studies state that by doing gua sha facial massages regularly, you will notice improvements in blood circulation, wrinkle reduction, facial definition, and decreased puffiness. 

However, to get the right results, it must be conducted with caution, as you need to use a gua sha tool specially designed for the area and gently scrape the skin. 

Benefits Of Gua Sha For The Face

  • Promotes lymphatic drainage, resulting in an improved immune system, de-stress and relaxation, glowing skin complex, and alleviating pain and migraines.
  • Improves blood circulation
  • You will look refreshed and rested.
  • More hydrated skin as gua sha can expel toxins away 
  • Puffiness Reduction
  • Fine line reduction
  • Temporary Facial slimming 
  • Reduction of liquid retention
  • Tension relief as while you scrape, you can break tissue muscle 
  • Sagness reduction
  • Dark circles and under eyes bags reduction
  • Stimulates collagen production
gua sha facial

How To Choose Your Gua Sha Tool

While choosing your Gua for face slimming, pick a small tool. If you use it very often, you should also consider a high-quality stone that won’t break easily. 

What type of material should I look for in a gua sha tool?

Types The Face

Pay attention to the type of the stone and if they are original, as these stones have healing effects. The most common rocks for gua sha are jade, quartz, and amethyst, making the jade the most traditional option. There’s also the Black Obsidian, the green aventurine, and the bian stone. 

Jade Gua ShaPerfect for reducing tension in the jawline, it is another excellent option for face slimming.
QuartzPerfect for reducing tension in the jawline, it is another excellent option for face slimming.
AmethystPerfect for reducing tension in the jawline, it is another great option for face slimming.
Double Chin stone

Best Gua Sha Tool For Slimming Your Face

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The Jade Stone Tool

The Jade stone contains sodium in its composition, which is purifying, eliminates toxins, and is excellent for stimulating oxygenation of the cells. 

Also, it retains its coolness and keeps the skin warm when in contact with your face. It is an excellent option for skin balance, not to mention that it is very relaxing. Use at any time for face slimming, contouring, and facelift.

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Rose Quartz

The Rose stone is calming, anti-stress, and will be your ally to treat puffiness and dark circles and minimize wrinkles. Its coolness is excellent for face slimming as it will deflate the jawline and bloated areas.

At the same time, it improves blood circulation and alleviates stress and fatigue. 

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Amethyst Stone

You can use Amethyst gua sha stone if you feel stressed and notice your tense face. This is a stone known to balance your yin and yang energy. Like the previous options, it can also improve blood circulation and calm and relax the skin.

In addition to stress relief, this rock is known for treating headaches, absorbing negative energy, and helping you deal with insomnia. That’s great.

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Bian Stone

The Bian gua sha stone is also an excellent option for face slimming, as it can sculpt your face by lifting and reducing puffiness. It is a black rock composed of minerals with healing properties, such as relaxing, pain relief, reducing inflammation, and improving blood circulation.

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When should you gua sha your face?

You can use gua sha daily in your morning and evening routine. However, you can still have good results if you do it two or three times a week.

The most important thing here is to maintain a routine and ask yourself what you need. As you want to slim your face, I recommend you do it as frequently as possible until you see the desired results. This means twice a day, every day.

Do you need It?

Even though gua sha stones are great tools for facial massage, they are not the only option. You can achieve excellent results by adequately using your hands and even a Chinese porcelain spoon. 

If you use your hands, close the four fingers and use the middle bone of the finger to massage and trace upward strokes around your jawline gently.

What Area Should I Target?

gua sha facial

It is good to remind you that you should gua sha your entire face and not only one part or another. So, even though your final goal is to slim your face, you should not forget to apply the complete facial treatment.

So don’t just target one point and forget about the other because this is part of a holistic treatment where all the cells and energy are connected. 

Below is a facial gua sha chart, where you see exactly where to scrape. The slimming effect will come from massaging your jawlines upwards.

How To Use Gua Sha For Face Slimming?

1. Wash Face & Hands

Firstly, ensure your face and hands are sparkling clean; this way, you can prevent irritation and guarantee you will get the best benefits from your gua sha stone.

2. Apply A Nice Facial Oil or Cream

To facilitate the process of allowing your stone to slide through your face, it is best to find a natural, organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin facial oil. 

You can also use a facial massage cream, but I still believe that the oil will be your best friend here, and it won’t dry out quickly, allowing you to perform your massage for longer.

gua sha facial

3. Starting Your Gentle Massage

Always start from the center towards the sides. You can use a circular motion or dry a curvy line. 

  1. For example, you can trace a straight line on the forehead, starting from the center towards the sides. Also, trace an upward line from the bottom of the forehead.
  2. Then, you can place the rock to stroke the eyebrows, following the eyebrow’s shape.
  3. Under the eyes, start the movement below the inner corner, tracing a curved line upwards. 
  4. Do the same from the sides of the nose towards the ears
  5. To shape the jawline, start from the chin and scrape upwards towards the ears.
  6. Then, you go to the base of the jawline and scrape the stone towards the shoulders. Voilá! As simple as that!
gua sha facial

How Long To Gua Sha Your Face

Be Careful If you are doing it yourself because we tend to stay way longer than we normally should. You can do your gua sha for approximately five minutes per session.

More than that, it could be dangerous, especially if you cannot manage the strength of the pressure you are applying. The first time I used my gua sha, I got so excited (or anxious) to get results that I did it for too long.

The pressure I applied was inadequate, so my face got red and swollen; it was bizarre. So my advice is to start slowly and increase if needed when you feel more confident.

gua sha facial

Gua Sha For Face Slimming FAQ

Does Gua Sha Work For Jawline And Double Chin?

Yes, you can use gua sha to help with jawline and reduce double chin, but the effects will be seen only over time after adopting a constant routine. For this, you can gently use the longest part of the gua sha stone from the middle of your neck, gently scraping the rock towards the chin.

Then, you can use the wavy part of the gua sha to stroke the jawline from the chin towards the ears. Then, fit the gua sha stone on the part above the ear and trace your neck down to the shoulders.

Is Gua Sha Better Than a Roller For Face Slimming?

Gua sha is a better option to slim your face than a facial roller. The facial roller won’t have the same pressure power the Gua Sha can provide to scrape the toxins and eliminate liquid retention. 

Gua Cha for slimming face

Should I use more than one gua sha at once?

Even though using more than one gua sha at once is unnecessary, you can still do it. I always do that, as it can be a time saver. Just get used to the process and apply a light pressure.

Is it possible to store gua sha in the fridge for better results?

Absolutely, yes, as it can help de-puff your face. Keeping the gua sha in the fridge is a great way to help you eliminate swelling bags. 

Can I use gua sha on my cheekbones?

Yes. You can use the wavy, curvy part of the gua sha, starting from the nose, tracing a curvy to your ear, and following the cheekbones for a lifting effect.

Can gua sha fix facial asymmetry?

No. Gua sha can help minimize swelling but does not help with facial asymmetry. 


We love Gua Sha, but be cautious as those who suffer from chronic skin disease. In this sense, those with skin cancer, eczema, or psoriasis should avoid this technique or consult a dermatologist to understand if they can use it. 

In addition, this technique is contraindicated for those taking anticoagulants, those with special skin conditions such as infections (boils, abscesses, herpes, etc.), and pregnant women. Please consult a doctor for personal information. 

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