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Top Halloween Nail Designs & Ideas For ALL tastes!

Are you thinking of getting a thematic for Halloween on October 31st? What about your nails? What are you going to do about them? Take a look at these Top Halloween Nail Designs & Ideas For ALL tastes!

And for the date to be unique, there is nothing like choosing a beautiful look to enjoy the occasion and leaving the final touch with a different decoration, as is the case with Halloween nails! 

And for you to get super on this wave and stylishly enamel your nails, we will show you a super beautiful selection of nails decorated in this style in today’s post. 

Want more? See also some very SIMPLE step by step on how to make your Halloween nail at home. Were you curious? So come with us and get inspired!

What are Halloween nail polish colors?

Halloween is officially celebrated on October 31st when everyone gets together to enjoy the best sweets and discover the most creative ideas for costumes and decorations.

The Halloween party has particular colors related to the night and pumpkins. So, these are the nail polish colors that we recommend for you to decorate your nails:

  • Orange
  • Green
  • Black
  • Red
  • Brown
  • White
  • Grey
  • Purple

1. Classic Halloween Nail Ideas

Of course, decorated nails come into this game. And in this post, we bring excellent references for you to start thinking about which to bet on this year.

  • Cobweb Decorated Nails
  • black cat nails
  • Halloween pumpkin-decorated nails
  • Nails decorated with web gel
  • ghost nails
  • Harry Potter nail art
Cobweb Decorated Nails

Cobweb Decorated Nails

In addition to these classic Halloween nails and ideas, there are other popular trends (old and new) that you can find in this article.

2. Halloween Acrylic Nails 

Halloween Acrylic Nails 

Halloween Acrylic Nails 

Why not opt for Halloween acrylic nails during this season? They are durable and help you achieve the perfect manicure for your Halloween events.

Halloween Acrylic Nails 

Halloween Acrylic Nails 

The process of doing an acrylic nail extension differs from the others because the brands and products used have proteins that protect the nails and stimulate natural growth.

Many women use acrylic nails and report that the nails grow pretty okay and maintenance is as simple as bathe in acrylic.

Halloween Acrylic Nails 

With acrylic, nails become less brittle and with natural shapes, which is a perfect canvas for different Halloween decorations.

3. Easy Halloween Nails

Easy Halloween Nails

In addition to choosing a costume associated with Halloween, women also look for easy Halloween nail ideas to make nails decorated on the theme.

Easy Halloween Nails

The most used easy Halloween nail ideas designs nail art are: pumpkins, skulls, spiders, black cats, bats, ghosts, mummies, crosses, witches, and blood.

Easy Halloween nails

The nails should always represent the colors of Halloween; among them, the ones that draw the most attention for that day are red, black, orange, purple, and white.

4. Cute Halloween Nails

Cute Halloween Nails

Pumpkins, bats, creepy eyes, spiders and their webs, and zombies can also be nail decoration tips, but there is still room for cute Halloween nails if you don’t want anything too scary.

Cute Halloween Nails

Here are some examples of cute Halloween nails to take advantage of in case you feel creative.

5. Pumpkin-decorated nails

Pumpkin-decorated nails

Pumpkin-themed nail art can be decorated in earthy, black, and orange colors.

Some risks in using purple and pink nail polishes to create the background of the decoration. Nails with pumpkin designs are adorable and fun. 

Pumpkin-decorated nails

A lot depends on who is doing the nail art, but the pumpkin may even have eyes and mouth drawn.

Pumpkin-decorated nails

How to make a pumpkin face?

  1. Draw a circle with yellow nail polish and then outline it with red nail polish.
  2. Blend the colors to create an orange effect in the design
  3. To make the eyes, draw two triangles
  4. Then finish off with mouth and tooth details using black nail polish
Top Halloween Nail Designs & Ideas For ALL tastes!
Top Halloween Nail Designs & Ideas For ALL tastes!

6. Cobweb Decorated Nails

The web is made thread by thread, and the spider design can be added. Just draw the body and legs wherever you like. 

Cobweb Decorated Nails

The most common colors for this style are black and white.

Cobweb Decorated Nails

How to make a spider Nail design?

  1. With a thin brush, make five parallel lines.
  2. Join the lines with strokes to form the web design
  3. Finish with a topcoat by applying Top Coat Sealant

7. Halloween ghost nails

Top Halloween Nail Designs & Ideas For ALL tastes!

Here you have to pay attention to the design. Since the highlight is the ghost, you can’t go wrong. Most nail decorators make the ghost white. 

Top Halloween Nail Designs & Ideas For ALL tastes!

Background colors vary greatly; you can create as many combinations as possible. 

This model used black nail polish with glitter, lilac nail polish, and two nails with ghost illustrations.

Top Halloween Nail Designs & Ideas For ALL tastes!

How to draw the ghost perfectly?

  1. With a nail art brush, draw like the examples above with white nail polish
  2. Fill the contour with nail polish and make your eyes and mouth with black nail polish

8. black cat Halloween nails designs Ideas

Almost as if it were a Halloween party symbol, the black cat is many people’s favorite. 

To make this nail art, you need to have a little more experience with brushes, but nothing that practice won’t help you.

How to draw a cat on nails?

To make nails decorated with the black cat theme, there are options: cat silhouette, eyes, or head. All are cute and excellent for feline lovers.

  1. With black nail polish, draw the cat’s head and ears
  2. Draw the eyes a lighter color to create contrast
  3. Finish by drawing the body and tail
  4. Seal the nails with Top Coat

9. skull Halloween nails designs Ideas

We didn’t forget about the skull Halloween nail designs Ideas. Another character is present at Halloween parties. 

The secret to this nail decoration is the face created in the hands with the eyes and mouth sewn together.

How to customize the skull?

  1. Paint the nail entirely white
  2. Then, with a nail art brush, make the details of the face, such as the eyes and mouth.
  3. To make the skull even more realistic, make the jaw details

10. Black Halloween Nails

If you are looking for classy and chit Halloween nail designs and ideas, I suggest you try black nails for your Halloween-themed production.

They are not only classy but also go well with any costume you may think of and look beautiful even if you are not in a Halloween event.

11. classy Halloween nails

And talking about classy Halloween nail design ideas, you can also achieve this goal with other colors that are not black.

Take a look at these examples of classy Halloween nails for any occasion, especially if you want to use these nails the entire month.

12. Coffin Halloween nails

Coffin Halloween nails are also a tendency nowadays and basically because they are beautiful and fun to wear.

I have selected a few that I believe you might love. I indeed loved them, and I am pretty sure you’ll rock with them.

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