How Long Do Hair Extensions Last? Types Of Hair extensions 101

Nothing better than changing your look, right? 

If you have very short or medium hair, or even longer, but you want very long and voluminous strands, the best thing to do is invest in hair extensions.

Currently, several methods guarantee great results, with the promise of not only making you more beautiful with a uniform and well-groomed hair, which will result in many compliments daily.

And all this with a very natural result. But, of course, you have to be very careful like any technique. 

Keep in mind that periodic maintenance is necessary, which can vary between 2 to 4 months and also take some specific care so that the wires are perfect.

Hair Extensions

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If all care is not taken, the danger is tremendous damage to the wires, which can lose strength and volume. 

So, have you thought about hair extensions? So, first, take care of strengthening the wires with lots of hydration and, if necessary, nutrition and reconstruction. 

These guarantees that your wires will be healthy and ready for the procedure. 

Skipping this part can also result in hair loss or even scarring alopecia, which is irreversible hair loss. 

Types of hair extensions

As we said earlier, there are several types of procedures. There are those for those who want mega hair that will last a few months, and those extensions made for everyday use and can be removed without any problem.

First, let’s go to those who require a qualified professional to make their wires look lovely.

Keratin Hair Extensions

This is the most popular hair extension in the leading beauty salons in the country because, in addition to being the simplest, it is also considered the most natural. 


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All because it is made by small locks, glued with keratin, which are applied according to the needs of each client.

If she wants a thicker and longer hair, she can apply several strands and fewer strands if the desired effect is just a slight increase in the length of the hair.

The tufts of hair are usually one centimeter wide and are made in this format so that they do not weigh on the wire and do not get pulled, which could lead to hair loss.

In principle, any type of hair, including straightened, relaxed, colored, can receive this megahair, but as we said before, the main factor is that they are healthy, so that the technique does not damage the hair.

If you are thinking about using this technique, talk to your hairdresser first, ask him to indicate other clients who have used the procedure, and also for him to do a deep analysis of your hair. 

And, if everything is ok, patience is needed on the stretching day since, depending on the number of wires, you can spend up to four hours in the salon chair.

And, every three months, you have to go back to the professional to do the maintenance, which consists of taking off all the tufts of the mega hair and doing the same procedure to adapt the wires that have already grown.

The best thing is that there are no restrictions on using a flat iron or dryer.

Tape Hair Extension

This is a unique technique because it’s made especially for women who want longer hair but are still unsure about stretching. 

Tape hair

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Anyone can also use adhesive mega hair, and, as the name implies, the wires are stuck in adhesive sheets that are placed on the hair allowing a very natural look.

One of the most significant advantages of the method is to leave the salon with a completely new look in a few minutes, maximum of 30 minutes.

Micro link Extension

Another excellent technique for those who don’t want any chemicals or glue in their hair, the micro link uses the following method – tufts of artificial hair are attached to the natural strands through metallic rings. 



This method makes inserting and removing the wires much easier.

Maintenance is usually done after the fourth month.

The only restriction is exceptionally straight hair, which may not be attached to metallic rings.

Sew-In Hair Extension

This is an ideal extension for those girls who have very short hair and are tired of this look.

As the name implies, the extension wires are rearranged with the natural wires through a screen, which is imperceptible and is very close to the scalp.

Sew-In Hair Extension

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The only problem with this procedure is that it lasts a short time, and maintenance needs to be done within a maximum time of 1 and a half to two months.

Care also needs to be redoubled. The technique can generate fungi and consequent hair loss or weakening.

Clip In Hair Extension

This is the most used technique for those who want a different look in special moments such as celebrations and parties or everyday life. 

This extension can be purchased in the salons or specific spaces and the best thing is that the placement does not take more than a few minutes. 

Clip In

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But some care needs to be taken. First of all, it is always good to check the condition of the tic tac so that the hair looks beautiful and adjusts perfectly to your strands. 

Always remember to place your hairpiece very close to the scalp, to camouflage as much as possible any imperfections that may arise. 

The tic-tac is also great for making voluminous buns or more sophisticated braids. 

And, it is also worth buying appliqués with different colors that always result in a more modern look for those who want to upgrade.


Another technique that promises not to damage the threads, the stretch, made of natural lines, is sewn with nylon thread, which is adjustable to any head shape. 

The extension can be placed at home in a few minutes, and maintenance is easy with cold water washing and shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type.

Italian knot

A latex, a more resistant elastic, is responsible for tying the locks to the root of the hair. 

Italian Knot

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It is suitable for all hair types, but you should be careful because it can cause breakage, frizz, and mold in the hair.

The three most famous types of hair extensions 

Keratin: How Long Do Hair Extensions Last? 

It doesn’t damage the hair strands. In this type of stretching, the strands of the false hair are placed with keratin glue, preventing the natural strands from being attacked.

Keratin Extension

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The most positive part is that this technique allows for a much more natural finish, being the perfect option for women who have wavy or even straighter hair.

If a woman cannot live without a hairdryer and flat iron, this is not the right option, as the heat released by the dryer and flat iron can melt the keratin glue, damaging the natural strands.

But after all, how long does a hair extension with keratin glue last?

Maintenance for this hair extension procedure should be done every three months, four times a year, always at the beauty salon.

Sticker Extensions: How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

Tape Hair

Credits: @pshairextensions

This stretching method is widely used to lengthen the hair strands or give more volume along their entire length. 

Stretching hair with adhesive has the best cost-benefit since the application will be glued directly to the strands with the adhesive without the need for extra equipment to perform this procedure.

But after all, how long does a hair extension with adhesive last?

Stretching hair with adhesive lasts around 10 weeks on the strands, then it must be retouched at the beauty salon.

Sew-In Hair Extension

hair extension

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This extension is considered the most practical, as it is done based on sewing the false hair strands onto the natural hair.

This technique is rapid when a good and agile hairdresser teaches it. It is usually one of the most requested because it makes the hair finish perfect.

People undergoing cancer treatment (chemotherapy) usually adhere to this technique, especially when their natural hair is thinner.

This is the most suitable technique for women lovers of hairdryers and flat irons, as the heat of these instruments does not harm the hair.

But after all, how long does a hair extension on canvas last?

The technique of stretching hair on canvas should be done monthly, so many women think very carefully before opting for it.

To ensure all the beauty and benefits of this option, the woman needs to be at the beauty salon monthly.

Hair Extension Tips To Help It Last

It is necessary to observe very well the indicated time for maintenance.

She is the one who will ensure that your hair will be perfect and look well taken care of.

There is nothing worse than a messy megahair in which some strands have already started to come off.

Here are the best tips so you can not only stretch for a long time with the look you’ve always dreamed of.


This is one of the main precautions you will have to take with your stretching. 

The extension can generate a little more oil on the wires, so buy an excellent specific shampoo to gently wash your scalp, avoiding the dreaded flaking and irritation, itching, or even inflammation, which can weaken your hair.

Avoid high temperatures

If your stretch is glued with keratin, be careful with a flat iron or hairdryer. 

All because it is not uncommon for these devices to reach very high temperatures, and the result can be the melting of the glue and detachment of the mega hair.

It is always good to respect a distance of at least 20 cm between the equipment and the scalp.

If using a board, prefer a temperature of fewer than 200 degrees. Always below the mega hair glue.

How to HYDRATE your hair with extensions

It’s not because you did a stretching that you will neglect the hydration of the wires, is it? 

On the contrary, this is the time to do more treatments so that your wires are malleable and with a homogeneous appearance. 

We recommend that you do good hydration with specific products for your wires at least once a week.

How To Comb Hair Extension

You need to be very careful when combing your stretch. Avoid embarrassment. 

If washed, take care of doing good conditioning. When washing, do not massage the scalp. 

Gently pass your fingers and let the foam go down the entire length of the strands.

Use a wide-toothed comb and be very calm not to break the strands or damage the length.

Sleeping With Hair Extensions

There are tempting moments when our first thought is to sleep with wet hair due to tiredness or even laziness to dry the wires. 

But when you make a megahair, this is practically forbidden. 

All because wet hair for a long time is an excellent promise for fungi and dandruff. 

The result is that in addition to the breakage of your hair, there can be a weakening and a loss of shine.


Whenever possible, make a stretch with the same texture as your strands. 

It’s no use having straight hair and wishing for curly hair, or vice versa, having curly hair and betting on a straight mega hair. 

As the roots grow, the original texture of your hair will appear, and the result can be an odd look. 

Talk to your hairdresser and ask for tips on different tufts and textures. Choose the one that most resembles your hair.


If your scalp starts to itch too much or feel burning or there is excessive hair loss, don’t hesitate to return to your hairdresser. 

Ask him to carefully evaluate if the mega hair is not weighing your natural hairs too much, causing them to break. 

Always remember that your attention will have to be redoubled. 

And if the indication is for the withdrawal of stretching, have no doubts and do what the specialist indicates. 

Better to be without the extension than to lose your natural wires.


No need to worry, it is possible to visit these places and enjoy the best of the sun. 

However, avoid letting your hair down and secure it in a ponytail to prevent tangles and also that your scalp sweats too much, which can cause fungus.

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