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How To Apply Liquid Lipstick Step By Step Like A Pro!

Liquid lipsticks came to stay, almost everybody loves them but applying it is not so straightforward as it is to apply the traditional lipstick. The good news is that with a bit of practice, you can and will do it in one, two, three, all you need is to follow this How to apply liquid lipstick guide!

How To Apply Liquid Lipstick Step By Step Like A Pro!

Liquid x Stick Lipstick 

The liquid lipstick will take a bit longer to apply than the traditional ones, given to its fluid texture. Sometimes, if your hands are not precise, it can smudge and be a bit messy.

However, if you find a liquid lipstick with a nice application brush, you can master the application with a bit of practice. With time, you will feel that it’s much easier to trace the lips, and the pigmentation is normally more vivid.

In terms of durability and fixation, liquid lipstick is normally more long lasting than the traditional ones and has a better fixation.

Liquid Lipstick

How To Apply Liquid Lipstick Step By Step (Without Cracks)

Even though there are different types of liquid lipsticks, the application process is a bit similar. However there are a few adaptations you need to have in mind depending on the type of finish you are intending to achieve. 

We will talk about this later but generally speaking down below you can have a step by step guide to help you apply liquid lipstick like a pro!

Step 1: Prep Your Lips

prepping the lips

Start by exfoliating your lips and apply a moisturizer for the lips. It can be a lip balm or a facial moisturizer that is designed for the lips as well. This will prep your lips, which will allow the lipstick to stay in for longer

Step 2: Use a lip Liner 

apply lip liner

Even though this is not an obligatory step, it is really worth it to trace your lips with a lip liner before applying the liquid lipstick on. This will facilitate the application. If you wish, you can apply one or two coats, as much as you feel needed.

To do this, mark an X on the top of your lips and follow your lips shape from there. You can choose to only trace the lip line or you can fill your entire lips as it may help with fixation and duration of your liquid lipstick.

Step 3 (Optional): Applying Traditional lipstick

At this point you can apply a traditional lipstick that has a similar shade to the lipstick you are applying. This is totally optional and if you do this you may not need to use the lip liner. It is totally up to you, but will bring a nice effect that will last longer.

Step 4: Apply the liquid lipstick 

applying the lipstick

After all these preparations, it’s time to actually apply the liquid lipstick. It is always a great idea to start from the center of your lips, sliding the brush towards the corners of your lips.

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How To Apply Liquid Lipstick

Types Of Liquid Lipsticks & Finishes

There are a variety of liquid lipsticks with different textures and finishes. Take a look at the table below to learn more:

Velveta velvety texture, not matte but not creamy either. Normally has high pigmentation
CreamyGreat if you have dry skin and need an extra touch of hydration
SatinAre normally hydrating and don’t offer too much pigmentation
GlossGreat for shine and glossy look, are normally hydrating
MatteNot ideal for those with dry lips, but some brands offer great matte lipstick that won’t crack even if you have dry lips. They last longer and don’t transfer so easily.
FrostedFor those who like a shimmery finish, great for parties and big events!
liquid lipstick

Pros & Cons Of Using Liquid Lipstick

Needless to say that liquid lipsticks count with a variety of vivid colors that look much prettier. We can expect higher pigmentation, long lasting finish and hydration. On the other hand, it is a bit more difficult to apply as it requires more steps and it is much easier to mess things up while applying.

Also, depending on the brand, the liquid lipstick may feel really uncomfortable, leaving the lips overly dry and cracked. From my own experience, high end makeup brands will offer a great variety of lipsticks that feel really comfortable.

I don’t really like to wear drugstore liquid lipsticks, even though I must say some have amazing colors with long duration, but I don’t like the way it feels on the lips. Of course this is not a rule, but this is what I have been experiencing so far. 

Pro Tips For The Perfect Long lasting Application

Down below you can find a quick list of things you can have in mind before applying your liquid lipstick, especially if you would like to have a perfect matte finish!

How to apply liquid lipstick
  1. Apply a thin layer, as these products are already very highly pigmented, you don’t need to apply it in excess.
  2. After prepping your lips, you can pat dry it slightly with a tissue to take off excess of oils 
  3. Avoid applying it with your thingers. If you don’t like the brush that comes with the product, you can use a lip brush which is thin and perfect for the application
  4. Use a cotton swab to polish and take off any mess. If it is too messy, you can apply a bit of makeup remover and then apply another dry cotton swab for the finish.
  5. If you don’t have a lip liner, you can use a concealer instead. 
  6. Try not to press the lips after application. I know we are all tempted to do that because it works really well with traditional lipsticks, however, when you do it with the liquid ones, the color won’t be uniform and you can spoil the look.
  7. Keep your lips hydrated and add lip exfoliation in your skincare routine.


In this article you learned How to apply liquid lipstick, the different types of liquid lipsticks, and quick tips and tricks for a perfect application. However, if you are just running out of time and can’t follow all the steps I listed here, you can just hydrate and apply the liquid lipstick without problems.

If you find a good brand you will notice that it will look great even without all the preparation we’ve mentioned before. But never forget to include your lips to your skincare routine as a hydrated lips is the best foundation for any lipstick application!

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