How To Apply Mascara Without Clumping

Eye Mascara is a basic item in makeup and you simply apply it, but if you want to make the most of your application and are wondering how to apply mascara like a pro, I can help you!

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How To Apply Mascara?

The way we normally apply mascara when we are in a rush, is by using the mascara wand that comes in the tube and starts applying it on the lashes in various directions, normally from the lash roots all the way to the tips.

This is not wrong at all, but there are some techniques that you use to get longer, fuller, curled lashes without crumbling. So to get started, take a look at this quick list.

Pro tip: Pay attention to the mascara wand to achieve the effect you desire. For example, there are special brushes to provide length, volume, or naturally.

How To Apply Mascara On The Top Lashes

  1. Curl your lashes with the help of a curvex or curler
  2. Apply mascara primer to boost length, volume, prevent clumps and help your makeup to last longer. Wait it to get dried before the next steps
  3. Open your mascara and once it is open twist the wand on the button of the tube before taking it out, to prevent adding unnecessary air to the tube.
  4. To avoid clumps, take the excess of product and use the tip of the wand to start applying from the lash roots all the way to the tips, following the length of your lashes.
  5. Take off any mess with a cotton swab and use a dry clean wand to comb the lashes and make sure they are in place.

How To Apply Mascara On The Bottom Lashes

The best way to apply mascara on the bottom lashes is with the tip of the mascara wand. I don’t really like to apply lash primer on the bottom, because I don’t like to have too much volume in that area.

Another tip is to use a spoon to help you out so you palace the spoon under the eyelashes and apply it. I personally think this is not necessary as with a bit of practice you will be able to apply the mascara on the bottom without anything. 

Sometimes, I like to use a smaller thinner wand to help me out. Just don’t put too much pressure on the hands, take off any mess with a cotton swab and use a dry clean wand to comb the lashes and make sure they are in place.

Chanel Le Volume Révolution De Chanel Mascara Review

Tips To Perfect your mascara application

Apply the mascara on the vertical and on the horizontal, with friction motion to make sure the product is well spread. Remember to apply it on the small lashes in the inner corner of the eyes. 

You can apply more than one coat to make it look bolder, and remember to vertically apply mascara on the outer corner lashes, which will give you a nice effect.

Tips On How to put on mascara without clumping

  1. Choose the right mascara wand to give volume and length
  2. Apply eye mascara only after the eyeshadows and eyeliner
  3. Always take the excess of product before applying your mascara
  4. Remember to use the curvex or curler before applying the mascara
  5. If you want a bolder look, you can apply the mascara on both sides of your lashes
  6. Take a look of the shelf life date of the mascara
  7. Remember to close it properly after using it
  8. Take care of your lashes with lash serum
  9. Always have a clean mascara wand to finalize
Chanel Le Volume Révolution De Chanel Mascara Review

How To Properly Remove Eye Mascara

Don’t neglect this step because this will assure your lashes will remain strong and healthy especially if you need to apply makeup everyday. Here’s what I do:

For Normal Mascaras

  1. Firstly I like to wash the entire face with a great facial soap
  2. Then I get a creamy eye makeup remover and with the help of a cotton swab I apply it on the lashes
  3. After all, I wash the lashes very well and then I wash one last time with facial soap.

For Water-Proof Mascaras

Nowadays I tend to avoid waterproof mascara because it is a bit harder to remove than normal mascaras. However I find the best way to remove it is by using bi-phasic eye makeup remover, that makes the entire process much easier.

  1. I Apply bi-phasic eye makeup remover soft cotton wood and apply it on the lashes until I take off all the excess of remaining mascara
  2. With clean lashes, I finalize by washing the area with facial soap to take off the bi-phasic makeup remover. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you use an eyelash curler before or after putting on mascara?

Use the curler before applying any mascara and mascara primer, this way you can better shape your lashes and avoid any mess with the mascara pigmentation. 

2. How to apply mascara without curlers?

If you don’t have a curler, I honestly like to use my fingers to create a nice curl after applying the mascara. This hack works really well!

3. How do you make mascara look good all day?

A tip to have your mascara to look good all day long, is to use a mascara primer and if you are in a humid and hot place, use a waterproof mascara to prevent the mascara from melting with humidity and sweat. Also, make sure to apply very thin layers when you coat it.

  1. How many coats of mascara should you use?

As many as you feel that are needed to give the effect you wish and desire. There is no maximum or minimum but I think that a maximum of three coats are good to get going. 

5. How long should you wait between mascara layers?

A few seconds will be enough. I like to count from one to fifteen or twenty, and I also like to take the excess of the product with my fingers before applying the next layer, just to make sure it will be neat.

  1. Is it good to use two mascaras?

If you want to use two mascaras, it is totally up to you. You may want to use one mascara for length and another one for volume. It is totally up to you and may work well when you use equivalent high quality products.

Final Takes

In this article you learned how to apply mascara perfectly for beginners, with tips and tricks for your mascara application as well as how to remove it properly. 

If you have more questions and would like to share your experiences and feedback, please use the comments below to send your message! I will love to hear from you!

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