How To Apply Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow?

It is not that difficult to learn How to apply pressed glitter eyeshadow.

I’m sharing some simple ways to have your cool eyeshadow look without a mess, like a makeup artist.

Pressed Eye shadow Glitter Vs. Loose Glitter

Loose glitter eyeshadows are great for a dramatic look, carnival, and other fantastic events.

Nowadays, we have the freedom for applying glitter any time we want, as there are many variations of loose glitter shadows and shine.

All is great, but the biggest challenge to applying loose glitter eyeshadow is how it can be messy.

The most difficult to use is the powder eyeshadow, which you need a special glitter glue, indicated for a makeup artist.

The solution? Apply Pressed glitter eyeshadow instead of loose glitter. 

They are compact glitter eye shadow mixed with a type of gel that makes it easier to apply without being messy.

In the end, pressed eye shadow glitter is much more practical as you usually don’t need to apply glitter glue or something else to fix the glitter.

They have intense shine and high durability without necessarily needing glitter glue to fix!

How To Apply Pressed Eye Shadow Glitter?

How to apply pressed glitter eyeshadow?

If you wonder how to apply pressed eye shadow glitter eye shadow, it is easy.

You can apply it with an eyeshadow fluffy brush or your thingers without problems.

I prefer applying pressed eye shadow glitter with my fingers as you usually don’t need to blend it.

The best way to apply pressed glitter eye shadow is to use little taps; I think the ring finger works better for me.

But before you apply it, it is nice to prep the eye lid to receive the product.

Start with a thin layer of primer and shadow fixer, then apply a nude shadow over the christ.

Or you can use a matte eyeshadow with a lighter tone. For example, if you use dark green pressed eyeshadow, apply a similar shade before. 

Tip: You can also use loose powder instead of powder eyeshadow.

In the end, some people prefer to apply a setting spray.

Let’s talk more about it in detail in the following lines.

Prepping: Eyeshadow Primer, Glitter Primer, Or Fixer?

Eyeshadow primers and fixers will prevent the pressed eye shadow from accumulating, melting, and creasing on the eyelids.

They are not the same but have similar goals, such as valorizing eyeshadow pigmentation and extending the duration. 

The difference relies on the texture and how to apply them.

How to apply pressed glitter eyeshadow?

Eye Primers

Eye primer, as the name says, prepares the skin to receive the eyeshadow.

You can find them in gel or a creamy texture. 

If you want your eyeshadow pigmentation to be more consistent, you should aim for a more dense texture.

Use your thingers to apply eye primer and gently spread the product on your eye lid. 

Wait a few seconds until it dries, and then you are ready to apply the next step.

You can use eye primer if you decide to apply a matte eyeshadow before applying the pressed one.

Eyeshadow Fixer

Eyeshadow fixers feel stickier than eye primers and are more indicated for glitter eye shadows as it will be more efficient to settle glitter and color.

It is better not to use a brush but instead use your ring finger to tap the product on your eyelids gently.

Next is to apply the pressed glitter eye shadow with your thingers (or the brush).

Remember not to spread nor to drag the pressed glitter eye shadow. Just do gentle taps to press the glitter onto the area.

Glitter Primer

Glitter primers as the name says, are ideal for this type of makeup.

So, if you like this style a lot, it is nice to get good quality glitter primer.

Which One Is Better For A pressed eye shadow glitter?

Short answer is the glitter primer, but you can use an eyeshadow fixer for pressed eye shadow to make it as simple as possible.

Can I Skip The Prepping Step?

How to apply pressed glitter eyeshadow?

Set of round pink texture vectors

Even though you can skip the prepping step, it is better not to.

By skipping this step, your shadow won’t last as long as it would with the prepping in place.

Also, some eyeshadows that are less pigmented will look more pigmented when you use primers and fixers.

How To Apply Pressed Glitter Eye shadow In 5 Steps

If you are looking for a simple way to apply pressed, here you have a quick and easy step by step guide:

  1. Choose an opaque shadow for the background.
  2. Use the shadow to outline the eye lid.
  3. Choose the appropriate application brush. 
  4. Apply the glitter fixer correctly in the ​​eye area
  5. Glue glitter and make adjustments. Add more glitter if you need
  6. Finalize with setting spray 
  7. No mess!

What If I Don’t Have an Eyeshadow Fixer?

If you don’t have an eyeshadow fixer or glitter glue, you can apply a little bit of body butter and use a matte eyeshadow.

Then, you mix the glitter eye shadow with a little water and use your ring finger to tap and gently press the glitter onto your eyelids. 

Make sure you do not use too much water to ruin your makeup. 

Another method is to use cochlear and creamy eyeshadow as an alternative to primers.

First, apply the concealer, then move to a creamy eyeshadow similar to the final, glitter shade. 

How To Apply Pressed Eye Shadow Glitter To Highlight Your Style?

If you want to invest in a pretty and chic style, use a shimmery eyeshadow and add a thin layer of pressed shadow in the center of the eye lid.

Another tip is to use a brush and apply pressed eye shadow glitter only on the superior eye line.

The idea is not to apply it on the entire eyelid but instead use a flat brush as an eyeliner.

It may need you to practice a bit, but it will be a gorgeous inspiring look.

Why not apply the eyeshadow below the lower eye line area for an audacious, bold look?

For this, you will need to find a brand you trust; otherwise, your face may be glittery all over.

​​Applying a little glitter eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eyes creates the effect of a point of light.

How To Remove Pressed Eye Shadow Glitter?

You should remove pressed eyeshadow when the party’s over, almost like you’d remove a normal eyeshadow.

However, you’ll need to be extra gentle and patient as the glitter may take longer to cleanse.

The best way to remove it is not to wash your face directly in the water but use a cotton pad with bi-phasic makeup remover.

It is also good to use an oil-cleanser makeup remover instead of creamy or liquid removers.

Use proper eye makeup remover instead of a full face remover, and give preference to oily texture.

This will help you take out any glitter or glitter glue left over.

I just say that because I always find it easier to remove eye shadow makeup like that.

After all, use micellar water to seal the cleansing and take off excess residues and remember to apply calming eye cream to finalize.

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