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How To Become More Confident And Happier In Your Self

How To Become More Confident? Being more confident is the desire of many people. 

This ensures better social interaction, better performance in professional life, and high self-esteem.

But we can’t always feel that way; there’s no way to turn a switch and say: “ok, now I’m more confident!”

You can become More Confident And Happier In Your Skin, and today I’d like to share with you a few tips to help us reflect on that.

What attitudes can we have to increase our confidence?

Consequences Of Lack Of Trust

Insecurity can serve as a basis for diseases, for example, depression.

In addition, the individual can also develop some anxiety disorders, especially social-evaluative anxiety.

Insecure people are always worried about what people will think of them, whether they will find them inferior or incapable, and in a social context, this feeling gets worse.

Why Do We Feel Insecure?

Before we discuss How To Become More Confident, let’s take a few seconds to reflect on the following paragraphs.

Several factors induce the lack of trust: the family structure, the historical-cultural context, or even physiological issues. 

Fear of rejection, criticism, or loneliness is also responsible for generating insecurity.

Feelings of inadequacy and inferiority, need for approval and emotional fear are the roots of lack of trust.

In addition, many people may have been raised by parents who were very insecure or who repressed them; others may experience trauma in adulthood. 

These situations can also trigger this situation.

How to become more confident

How To Become More Confident And Happier 

Without the aspects of arrogance, self-confidence is a virtue of those who value life and recognize their place in the world.

There are ways to gradually work on the personality, with minor changes in habits, posture, and, of course, attitudes, which in the very short term result in several positive effects on routine.

Being a self-confident person is knowing how to position yourself safely; it is speaking; clearly, it is convinced about your speech. He is a person who takes risks and takes on challenges.

Being self-confident is being able to convey confidence through speech and body language.

Tips To Become More Confident And Happier

1. Don’t be so Harsh on yourself

First, have compassion and don’t always blame yourself for making a mistake or failing in a situation.

It is normal to make mistakes. However, instead of criticizing yourself, stop to think about what went wrong and why it happened. 

And learn from these mistakes and analyze how to avoid making them again.

Likewise, you have more positive thoughts by charging yourself a little less. And that makes you feel capable of moving on.

Do An Honest Self-Analysis

Make an analysis of your person in a heartfelt and honest way. Analyze your strengths but also your flaws.

In the same way, also look at what could be worked on in you to make you a better, more prepared person.

Thus, this will make you understand all the points that may hinder you or are not being used better.

And with that, you will be able to know exactly what should be explored and worked on to bring good results.

And a tool that can help you immensely is the Personal SWOT Analysis. 

In short, through it, you will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and opportunities and threats to be worked on.

How to become more confident

Improve Your Posture

You may be suspicious of the result of this method, but Harvard research guarantees that it works. 

This is because our body positions are related to the production of hormones that govern behavior.

By holding this position, the testosterone rate increases by up to 20%, so you automatically feel more confident.

Behavior is a reflection of emotion, so insecurity is manifested in posture. 

However, this reflex is a two-way street. If despite insecurity, you choose to change your posture, the opposite happens, and your posture is what ends up influencing your emotions.

Work Out!

Improved posture does not happen overnight. It’s often years of incorrect posture, so it’s not enough to wake up one fine day and decide to change that.

Your body is already used to this, so the change must be gradual.

Start policing yourself; you will realize that, when you least expect it, your body has already returned to the incorrect posture.

Exercising also helps, especially stretching the body, such as yoga, ballet, and pilates.

Dance also works on self-esteem because with each mastered step, you gain more confidence, and, automatically, this is reflected in other areas of life. 

Furthermore, dancing is a social activity, and socializing also improves self-confidence.

Be Positive Towards Life And Yourself

Having positivity will make you a more confident person. 

Mainly because you will work on the side where you can solve a problem or adversity.

Or simply enjoy or even improve something already good.

From the same point of view, being a positive person makes you believe that things are possible.

Negativism will waste your time and delay you a lot because it will make you believe that you are not capable. 

And that’s a lie, believe me!

And a subject that will help you greatly in this process is the growth mindset. 

Which shows you how to have a mindset of progress, of achievements.

Believing In Yourself

To build self-confidence, initially, it is necessary to think about your strengths and recognize the good things you have already done: “For those who like lists, write down the achievements you wanted in life and today you have already achieved. do think about how much is missing and how you can get there”, analyzes the psychologist, reiterating:

When planning your goals, Focus on real and important things to you. 

Sometimes basic and simple things can be highly satisfying and bring you happiness.

And when you achieve something, be sure to celebrate! 

Go out with friends, with family. Enjoy your achievements with the people you love”, completes the professional.

Make A Wish List

List 5-10 things you hope for in your future.

It can be anything, like career, family, personal, studies, big purchases, or anything important to you.

Then, put the items in order of priority.

Soon after, explain to yourself why you chose it as the most important. And analyze how it will influence your life.

You can be sure that this exercise will bring you more confidence and security to motivate you during your day-to-day life.

It even helps you create a direction because you visualize the future, and then it is easier to know which step should be taken.

Don’t Care About Other People’s Opinions

Above all, don’t worry so much about what others will think. As we said before here, you are the person 100% responsible for your actions and results.

So if you believe that something will do you good, do it. Responsibly, but do it.

After all, if you shape your life around what others think is correct or best for you, you’ll live unhappily and insecure.

Doing things with your mind rather than the opinions of others will significantly increase your confidence.

5 Reasons To Seek Self-Confidence

1st – You can do what you like and what makes you feel good, even when others criticize or disagree with your lifestyle.

2nd – You learn to live with the risks of choices, and this does not become an impediment to starting a new venture, for example.

3 – You are not afraid of making mistakes, but you understand that mistakes are part of learning. 

People’s criticism becomes constructive and helps you grow.

4th – You don’t need to flatter yourself or count your deeds to gain attention and admiration from others. 

You don’t have to “force” to impress anyone; other people congratulate you on your accomplishments naturally, without you having to charge them for it.

5th – You have greater acceptance for yourself if you demand less. 

And both praise and criticism, you receive them with greater tranquility and gratitude.

How To Become More Confident Final Takes

In this article, I’m sharing some tips that I am also trying to practice myself.

I wish us all the success and happiness in this ongoing process that needs to be practiced every day!

In a nutshell, here’s a quick recap on how to become more confident:

  • Don’t be so harsh on yourself
  • Do a daily self-analysis

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