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How To Clean Eyelash Extensions At Home Step By Step

How to clean eyelash extensions at home? Take a look at this guide to get clean, perfect lashes.

Let’s get started!

​When to Clean Lash Extensions

It is wise to wait 48 hours before allowing your lashes to get wet and start with proper cleansing.

Do it every time you sweat, do sports, wear makeup, and expose too much dust.

REMINDER: Do Not Wet Your eyelashes in the first 48 hours after your first appointment.

How Often Clean Lash Extensions

How To Clean Eyelash Extensions

You can clean eyelash extensions every day, morning, and evening.

Be careful not to wash your lashes too much, in a small interval of time because excess cleansing can be prejudicial.

It’s also ok to do it twice or three times a week.

This is an important routine for your skin, helping you get rid of dead skin, blepharitis, mites, dirt, dust, and even protecting natural lashes.  

How To Clean Eyelash Extensions 

How To Clean Eyelash Extensions

You’ll need a soft fluffy eye brush and an oil-free eyelash foaming soap or lash shampoo:

  1. Apply 2 to three pumps of the product on your hands
  2. Rub a soft brush on your palm until the product makes a foam
  3. Next, gently rub the brush back and forth, starting on your lash line
  4. Gently rinse it off until the soap vanishes.
  5. Repeat this process until lashes are completely clean
  6. With a soft towel, gently pat your lashes without scrunching them.
  7. Do like this, every day, morning and evening (when you are not wearing makeup)

Eyelid Cleanse

Clean your eyelash extensions properly, and don’t forget to gentle cleanse the eyelids.

You can use the same eyelashes cleanser on the eyelids and eye area without problems.

Removing Eye Makeup From ​​lash extension

You must be very careful while removing eye makeup on the eye area.

You need to properly clean eyelash extensions but also remember your new routine should include oil-free products.

Proper cleansers will maintain the health of your lashes, helping them look natural and last longer.  

It would be better to avoid wearing eye makeup at all but as we know sometimes it is not possible. 

Removing Eyeliner

  1. Dip a reusable swab onto makeup remover
  2. Stretch your eyes with your fingers and gently wipe the swab back and forth, following the lash line, to remove eye makeup
Fake Lash cleansing step by step

Properly Removing Eyeshadow From The eyelids

  1. To take off eyeshadow, do the same as recommended on items 1 and 2, on your eyelid
  2. Apply more makeup remover onto a reusable cotton pad and gently double clean your lash line

Removing Mascara From eyelash extensions

  1. Apply oil-free makeup remover on a reusable swab 
  2. Place one reusable swab under the lashes, and with a second one, apply the makeup remover on your lashes very carefully
  3. In this case, double cleanse with reusable pads as well

Tools & Products Checklist

How To Clean Eyelash Extensions what to use

Here’s the shopping list:

  • foaming lash cleansers or foaming lashes shampoo or foaming micellar water
  • Oil-free makeup remover (liquid and creamy)
  • Reusable cotton swabs and cotton pads (as they won’t leave flakes on the lashes)
  • Soft makeup remover towel
  • Clear mascara wand for aligning your lashes
  • Protective coat
Clean Eyelash Extensions

The DOs

Now that we talked about the don’t(s), it’s time to find out some tips that will help you keep your lash extensions:

  • Use a silk pillowcase for sleeping
  • Give preference to ​​Mineral-based products

You can clean your lashes daily, but you can also do it every other day if you feel more convenient.  

The DON’Ts

Here’s the list of the things you SHOULD AVOID DOING while cleansing your lash extensions:

  • Avoid using eyeliner and eye mascara as much as possible
  • Better not to use glycerin and oil-based makeup and cosmetics as they can wear out the lash adhesive

NOTE: If you want to wear eye mascara, choose extension-safe mascara.

  • Do not use cotton pads and cottonwood, and sponges
  • You should not use baby shampoo to clean your lash extensions
  • Do not use cleansing water or Micelles extract oil 
  • Please Do not fly your lashes on streaming water or your shower
  • Avoid too much cleansing; stick with daily washing but once or twice per day
clean eyelash extensions guide

Why You Should Clean Lash Extensions

clean your eyelash extensions to imitate natural oils, dirt, makeup residuals, which is important for the prevention of inflammation, bacteria, and problems such as blepharitis.

By cleansing your lashes you can also assure a strong glue bond, meaning, extensions are more durable.

In a nutshell, here’s why:

  • For better retention: oils, pollution, and makeup may break down lash adhesive or lash extensions bond
  • To Avoid Infections: Washing helps you clean tiny oil gland that causes eye redness, blepharitis, and other infections
  • Adhesive bonder gets stronger: Before applying for your eyelash extensions, make sure the surface of your lashes are super clean, oil-free, the adhesive will adhere better.

What If You Don’t Clean Your Lashes regularly?

If you clean lashes regularly and properly, you have the risk of contracting inflammation, itchiness, and even having them fall off.

When you take extensive time without washing lashes, you can also take the risk of having blepharitis, which is an inflammation of the eyelids. 

Blepharitis occurs accompanied by other allergies leaving the person with dry, red eyes and itchy eyelids.

To treat lash, you need to clean the eyelids, steroid eye drops. It is also to book appointments with the doctors in case of the need for antibiotics.

As you are dealing with your eyes, all caution is important and the best thing to do is to prevent it by washing the lash extension regularly.

How To Clean Lash extensions at home

A Tip to Search & Find Good Beauty Studios

Choose a beauty salon that counts with great indications that is clean. 

You can post on social media questions and ask for recommendations and search around with your friends.

Make sure to search for happy clients to check what they have to share.

If you encounter beauty spaces with happy clients, you may book some appointments and search for signs this is a reputable place. 

Look for the places that offer services such as maintenance and follow-up check-ups.

Clean EyeLash Extensions (Q&A)

How To Clean Eyelash Extensions

Here we get to the end of our article with some of the most frequently asked questions about lash extensions cleansing.

Feel free to use the comments section below to send your own questions and suggestions!

Can I clean Lash Extensions Without Cleanser or Lash Shampoo?

Let’s say you are away and forgot some of your lash products at home. Here you have a few alternatives.

Can you use micellar water to clean eyelash extension?

Micellar water can wash off dust and impurities, hydrate, condition, and fortify your lashes.

Three great micellar water that you can use as a cleanser for lash extensions are:

  • Garnier Micellar Water
  • Bioderma Micellar Water – Make-Up Remover for Sensitive Skin
  • La Roche-Posay Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many professionals say that using micellar water is not good, as it may cause the glue to wash off over time. 

So it is better to use it on the lash only in emergency situations.  

Can I Clean Lash Extensions With Baby Shampoo?

I heard this story on the internet, but the truth is that you should not wash your extensions with baby shampoo.

Some baby shampoos contain oils and can even be harsh on the eyelid skin.

Lash cleansing

Final thoughts

The lashes are here to protect our eyes from dirt and debris, so it is normal to keep them cleansed.

There are quite a few things to do to maintain your eyelashes health, such as properly cleansing the eyelashes and adopting a special skin routine

By using a proper cleanser, you are protecting your natural lashes, removing dead skin, oil, mascara residuals, dirt. 

You should maintain a proper routine to prevent bacteria, inflammation, debris, and related eyes problems caused by doing eyelash extensions.

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