How To Clean Gua Sha And Jade Roller? 3 Simple & Easy ways!

Are you Looking for advice on how to clean gua sha and jade roller? 

Before we get on How To Clean Gua Sha And Jade Roller, here is the thing.

Gua sha and jade roller massage are easy. Start in the middle of the face and roll towards the cheeks. 

Gua Sha vs Jade Roller: Which Is Better?

Rise towards the eyebrows and roll towards the forehead. Move down from the bottom lip and roll towards the chin. 

Use the smaller end for more delicate and harder-to-reach areas; use the larger end for large surfaces.

The benefits are numerous, as it improves the overall health and glow of the skin; stone accessories have a multitude of uses:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation of the skin
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Relieves facial and jaw tension
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After the massage, you need to clean and store your gua sha sone the right way to avoid bacteria and protect your skin.

Gua sha tools

Why Should I Cleanse My Gua Sha & Jade Roller?

You already know this answer if you are here, but it is nice to have a quick recap.

You usually use oils or serums or facial creams to do your gua sha massage.

You have to remember to remove these products from the gua sha stone or roller right after using it to avoid bacteria formation.

How often should you clean your Gua Sha and Jade roller?

A good practice is to clean the gua sha stone again before starting your massage ritual just in case dust and other dirt contact the material.

So, clean your gua sha right after using it and before using it.

How To Clean Gua Sha And Jade Roller

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Can We Wash Gua Sha Stone and Jade roller?

Many people ask if they can wash the gua sha stone or if they should only sanitize it.

The short answer is that you can do both. 

In the following lines, I’m sharing different ways to cleanse, wash and sanitize your gua sha stone and facial rollers.

By the way, this server is for most facial tools you may have.

How To Clean Gua Sha Stone And Jade Roller?

Method 1# Quicker & Easier way

After or before the massage, wash your Gua Sha with mild soap and water. 

Then dry with a soft cloth.

Doing this avoids the proliferation of bacteria that can be taken to the face in the following application.

Method 2# Hot Bath

Alternatively, you can also clean your jade roller and gua sha stone as follows:

  1. Leave your gua sha in lukewarm water and leave it there for a couple of minutes to remove existing oils.
  2. Then apply a little bit of neutral soap or a facial cleanser and wash it 
  3. Then rinse the gua sha and roller with tap water
  4. Dry your tools with a soft cloth
  5. Store as usual (I’ll talk more about storage in the following lines) 
Soft Bag

Method 3# Sea Salt

Another way to wash your gua sha and jade roller is by using sea salt.

This method is a more natural way, and you can do the steps I shared above, but instead of using soap, you should use sea salt.

If you live near the beach like me, you can wash it with seawater, and you will have it all cleaned and energized.

I don’t know how many of you would do that, but it is an option to be aware of!

Method #3: Disinfecting Your Gua Sha And Roller Tools

If you want, it is nice to disinfect your tools with isopropyl alcohol spray or a colloidal silver spray.

It is simple and easy, and I like to do it any time I am using it before the massage.

I still wash it with neutral soap, and then I spray the alcohol, which makes me feel safer.

Remember to wait for the alcohol to dry entirely before performing your massage.

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How To Dry Your Facial Tools

You can let the gua sha and roller tools dry naturally under the sun if you have good weather.

Otherwise, you can use a soft microfiber cloth to preserve only for this finality. 

Where To Store Gua Sha & Jade Rollers


I have a little soft bag that fits my tools well. They are smooth and slightly elastic, so I can close them to protect them from eventual dust.

Please leave it in a soft place like on your clothes shelves to avoid any stress.

These tools can be delicate, so make sure soft things surround them.

Also, a good tip is to leave the tools in the fridge overnight when you intend to do your massage.

This way, the cool effect will potentialize the massage, and you will feel wonderful afterward!

If you decide to leave it in the fridge for a while, the best solution is to keep it in a plastic bag instead of a cloth bag.

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