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How To Exfoliate Lips: 101 Guide For Sexy Lips!

How to exfoliate your lips? Don’t forget your lips during your daily face care and beauty routine! 

Hydrated and beautiful lips result in a softer and healthier mouth and ensure that the lipstick effect is even more attractive.

Did you know that exfoliating your lips can stimulate their hydration? In this article, let’s talk about the procedure and its benefits.

A well-groomed lip makes all the difference at the time of that red lipstick or even that passionate kiss. 

For this reason, lip scrub is a powerful technique for you to take care of this area with great care.

In addition, read till the end to find great DIY recipes for perfect lisp!

How To Exfoliate Lips

Benefits Of Lip Exfoliation

Like the skin, the lips also need special attention to stay beautiful and healthy. Below, you can find some of the benefits of lip scrubbing:

  • Removes dead cells from lips.
  • Stimulates cell renewal.
  • Leaves lip pink, smooth, and healthy.
  • Hydrated and soft lips.
  • The lipstick spreads and looks prettier.

As you can see, lip scrub has excellent benefits, especially for those who have dry lips. 

However, during the procedure, it is essential to take some care. Check it out in the next topic.

How To Exfoliate Lips: Lip Scrub Care Getting Started

According to dermatologists, it is essential to moisten the lips before performing the lip scrub. 

The skin in this region is susceptible, so just spread the exfoliant with your fingers and rub it lightly to not cause friction on the lips, hypersensitize or even hurt them.

Overall, there are no contraindications to the procedure. However, “lip scrubs are not recommended for people with chronically dry lips.” 

In addition, it is best to avoid lip scrubbing when the lips are bruised or with herpes; suggest the professionals.

Note: Lip scrubbing should not be performed by those with extremely dry or injured lips, as their abrasive action can worsen the condition. In these cases, the ideal is to moisturize your lips until they recover, then exfoliate them.

How To Exfoliate Lips

How To Exfoliate The Lips & How Often

According to dermatologists, you can exfoliate your lips twice a week or when you feel the need. 

As already explained, gently rub the scrub to your lips with your fingers. 

Then remove excess product. Thus, your lips will be soft, hydrated, and free of scrambling.

The secret to exfoliation is not to rub the area abruptly, at the risk of hurting your lips. 

Also, keep no less than a week between sessions so as not to wear the skin too much.

How to exfoliate lips At Home

Should I Exfoliate With ToothBrush?

Exfoliation is essential lip care, and the best thing is that you can do it at home. However, some ingredients and ways to exfoliate are not recommended. 

The specialist does not recommend using coffee and a toothbrush for the procedure.

You can exfoliate with honey and sugar or replace the first ingredient with coconut oil. 

So, the dermatologist recommends putting one dessert spoon of sugar and honey in a little pot and mixing.

Then, apply a little bit of the mixture with your fingers, and massage your lips lightly, so it doesn’t hurt.

How To Exfoliate Lips

How to exfoliate lips At Home DIY Recipes

Next, you can find a few easy-to-prepare homemade exfoliating recipes, an ideal alternative for those who want to save money without opening a mother to look beautiful!

Sugar and Oil

For an intense exfoliation, mix sugar with a few drops of olive oil until you get a pasty texture. 

Rub on your lips with your finger, making gentle circular motions. Let it act for a few minutes and rinse. Dry with a towel and finish with a lip balm or lip cream.

Sugar and Honey

Prepare a paste of 1 part sugar to 2 parts honey and apply it to the lips with your fingers, following the same guidelines as in the previous recipe. 

Wait for it to act and rinse your mouth, applying the balm in sequence to ensure hydration.


  • One tablespoon of brown sugar
  • Honey (just enough to mix with brown sugar and make a paste)
  • One drop of vanilla
How To Exfoliate Lips

How To exfoliate lips with sugar and honey

Mix all ingredients and store for up to a month in a glass container. To apply: apply the product to the lips and gently exfoliate. 

Leave it on for a minute or two, then rinse with warm water. Apply lip balm afterward to moisturize your lips. Use 1-2 times weekly.

balm scrub


  • One tube of your favorite lip balm (you can buy it at a health food store)
  • Two teaspoons of crystal sugar
  • One teaspoon of coconut oil at room temperature

How To exfoliate lips with balm scrub

Using a wooden spoon, “crush” the lip balm in a small bowl and add sugar. Mix well to make a grainy paste. 

Then add the coconut oil and stir until it has a paste-like consistency. Store the product in a glass bottle with a lid for up to one month.

To apply: rub a generous portion of the product on the lips and massage gently. Rinse with warm water. Use 3-4 times a week.

Sodium bicarbonate

Mix the bicarbonate with a bit of water until you get a paste. Apply the solution in circular motions using a toothbrush with straight, soft bristles. 

Rinse off the mixture, dry gently with a towel, and apply a lip balm.


There are not many contraindications for performing this procedure. Lip scrubs aren’t just recommended for people with chronically dry lips.

They can dry the skin even more and cause cracks in the region”, emphasizes the professional. 

That’s why always moisturize the region and use a specific sunscreen for the lips. If in doubt, consult a professional.

For healthy skin, there is no need to perform the procedure in the office”, says the dermatologist. 

In the case of patients with skin lesions, chronic dryness, or infections, this situation changes. 

Therefore, then you need to consult a doctor for a physical examination and correct diagnosis; it will be necessary to have more specific guidelines for each case.

Factors That Influence Dry Lips

It is essential to know that food directly influences not only your oral health but also the appearance of your lips. 

The same goes for the amount of water we drink. Other factors like weather, wind and sun exposure contribute to dry lips.

How To Exfoliate lips FAQ

What is lip scrub?

Heat, excessive cold, and dehydration can sometimes dry out your lips and crack. 

According to the dermatologist, lip scrub promotes the friction of granules on the lips, leaving them soft and eliminating excess keratin and dead cells.

Should I Exfoliate My Lips?

You should Exfoliate your lips, as it eliminates dead cells, cleans, renews, and moisturizes the lips. 

That way, the skin can better absorb the assets of your lip moisturizer. 

Lip exfoliation will also leave the lips free of hairs, flaking, and prevent lipstick from cracking”.

Why Should I Exfoliate The Lips?

What does a lip scrub do?

According to the dermatologist, lip scrubbing makes the lip mucosa more permeable to the moisturizing and rejuvenating components existing in lip care products. 

There is no benefit in exfoliating the lip region without adding moisturizing or lip balms afterward.

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