How To Get Eyelash Glue Off Eyelid 101 guide

You are wondering how to get eyelash glue off eyelid, right? It can happen with everyone and the eyelash glue may be on the eyelid, on the eyelash itself, clothes and so on. Stay cool because in this article I’m sharing nine ways which are effective and easy to do! Take a look!

How To Get Eyelash Glue Off 

1. Using Glue Dissolver

You can use these simple techniques I’m about to share in a few, but the most effective way I find is by using an eyelash glue dissolver.

The Existing Beauty Eyelash glue dissolver for example, can dissolve glue lashes in two to five minutes. All you need to do is to use a cotton swab to apply a little dot in the affected area and gently rub it until finished.

This method will work to remove eyelash glue off eyelids, clothes and other superficies, however, you should never let it get into your eyes. If this happens you need to wash immediately with abundant water.

Another thing I need to share is that glue dissolves like this one contains fumes, which means you should use it in an open environment to avoid allergies.

If you don’t like this method and want to try something more gently, then keep on reading because there are still more ways to remove eyelash glue that you can try on.

Get Eyelash Glue Off

2. Using Makeup Remover Or Micellar Water

You can also use makeup remover to get eyelash glue off eyelids and other superficies. In this case, it’s best to use a bi-phasic makeup remover (which is also used to remove waterproof makeup), but any oil based makeup remover will do the trick.

If you read my article on how to take care of lash extensions, you probably know that oil based products are not well indicated for false eyelashes because they can remove the glue bond. Voilá, this is exactly what we want here, so it’s ok!

Additionally, you can also try micellar water, in case you are running out of the bi-phasic makeup remover. However, it may not work all the time.

To remove the eyelash glue, you just need to apply a little bit of the product on a cotton pad and gently apply it on the area leaving it there for a couple of minutes. Then gently rub and try to slowly remove the glue with a gentle friction.

3. Makeup Remover & Eyelash Conditioner

You can do pretty much as advised in the line above, but this time, you can mix a little bit of eyelash conditioner to the makeup remover as this will add an extra layer of protection to your lashes.

4. With Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo and warm water can be a very effective way to remove eyelash glue. Make sure the water is not too hot. With the help of a cotton swab, apply the baby shampoo where you have the glue. Then use gentle friction until the glue is fully removed. 

Alternatively you can use a toothbrush to gently brush the area, being very careful while dealing with the eye area. Use a soft towel to pat dry the eye and try to use a tweezer to take off the excess of glue, as it will weaken at this point.

4. Extra Virgin Natural oil 

Any oil can do it, for example, you try baby oil, coconut oil, olive oil, just make sure you are having an extra virgin cold pressed oil in case you use a vegetable oil. 

Apply a little bit of oil on a cotton pad and leave it on the eyes or the other surface for two to three minutes. If it is not enough you can wait for a little while until the glue gets off.

How To Get Eyelash Glue Off

5. Face Steaming

Some of you have facial steamers but for those who have not, all you need to do is to boil some water in a saucepan and then you should carefully face the steam (smoke) that comes out from it.

Be cautious while facing the steam, do it slowly and always use a cloth, ideally a large towel, but it can be a blanket, or a large t-shirt covering your head to protect you from external wind. 

Also, Keep a distance of at least 45 centimeters from the steam because you may get burned if you stay too close. Do this for about 10 minutes, but make sure you won’t open your eyes. The heat will cause the glue bond to weaken and hopefully dissolve.

How to remove eyelash extensions glue

6. Using Eye Cream 

Maybe until now you haven’t found anything you can try, but if you have an oil-based eye cream sitting on your shelf, you can use the same instructions I shared on how to get eyelash glue off with a makeup remover.

7. Hot Shower May Help

If you don’t have any of the items I have mentioned so far, then you can try taking a hot bath or a hot shower, as this is one of the aftercare eyelash requirements. Check if the glue can fall off easily, but if it doesn’t please don’t force and try some of the other methods suggested here.

How remove Eyelash Glue

What Not To Do While Getting Eyelash Glue OFF

Now that you learned how to get eyelash glue off, make sure you do it in a calm and gentle manner. Do not rub your eyes excessively, nor poke or pull it as this may cause itchiness, and damage your lashes.

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