How To Get Eyeshadow To Stay On Longer?

So, how to get eyeshadow to stay on longer? I’m sharing quite a few tips that really work for you in this article.

You are a step ahead of your perfect eyeshadow look that will take longer and get more pigmented.

How To Get Eyeshadow To Stay On Longer?

There will be plenty of tips in this article, but I cannot start without saying this.

Good makeup starts with a high-quality product, so if you wonder how to get eyeshadow to stay on longer, the first step is to look for a reputable brand.

Now let’s say you already have some ‘not that great shadows’, but you still love the color.

Then you need to pay attention to the following tips. And ah, they will work with high-quality makeup as well!

How To Get Eyeshadow To Stay On Longer?

1. Eye Primer

Theoretically, this is the best way to get eyeshadow to stay on longer.

You know the old and good makeup primer you apply to prep your skin before foundation.

But today, I am not talking about this primer. Today I’m talking about eyeshadow primers that will help you in this task.

Eye primers are specific for the eye area and count with several benefits apart from fixing the eyeshadow.

For example, some eye primers can deliver nutrients to your skin and make the eyeshadow more pigmented.

The eye primer has three main functions:

  • Neutralize eyelid skin tone.
  • Act as a foundation that sets the shadow, preventing them from cracking and leaking
  • Make eyeshadow more pigmented.
  • Keep the original color of the eyeshadow

This is a product that is currently available in several colors.

If you don’t usually wear more elaborate eye makeup, a white or skin tone is enough. 

2. Use A Cream Concealer

Just in case you don’t have an eye primer in your hands, use a cream concealer.

This is a cool tip because cream concealers can also help the eyeshadow stay longer and intensify the product pigmentation.

Keep in mind that every time you mix textures, for example, creamy with powder, the powder will last longer.

3. Use Creamy Eyeshadows

Creamy eyeshadows will last longer than powder or glitter eyeshadows.

So, if you feel like these products never stay too long on your eyelids, maybe it is a better idea to give preference to buying creamy eyeshadows.

A cool tip is to layer up the creamy eyeshadow application, making them last even longer and more pigmented.

Another tip is to buy a high-quality matte nude creamy eyeshadow, which you use before applying any other shades.

How To Get Eyeshadow To Stay On Longer?

4. Eye Pencil Or Creamy Eyeliner

I don’t think this is the best option, but it is still an option if you don’t have many alternatives.

You can replace the creamy eyeshadow with a soft matte nude eye pencil if you plan to use any eyeshadow color.

If you plan to create a black eye look, you can use black gel eyeliner.

Apply it all over the eyelids and blend it well with your fingers or a fluffy eye brush. 

Then, add the powder eyeshadow to finalize the look.

5. Makeup Foundation

Some makeup artists recommend the use of foundations to make eyeshadow last longer.

If you have a thick or creamy foundation, apply it instead of an eye primer. 

Then go ahead and apply a powder or compact eyeshadow.

The results will be a more vivid eyeshadow color that will take much longer to fade. 

6. Thermal Water

How to get eyeshadow to stay on longer with thermal water?

It is very simple! All you need to do is to wet an eyeshadow brush with thermal water to then dip it on the shadow and that’s it.

Just make sure not to make the brush too wet, and it will spoil the powder eyeshadow.

A tip is to take the excess water from the brush with a napkin.

7. Translucent Loose Powder

How to get eyeshadow to stay on longer with translucent powder? Is it even possible?

Yes, you can try this tip and this is a great tip if you have oily skin on your eyelids.

In this case, you apply the translucent loose powder on top of your eyeshadow.

I think this method works better if you also use a primer before you get started. 

8. Use A Gloss

Can you use a gloss to get your eyeshadow to stay on for longer?

Yes, you can. I must say that it will feel a bit sticky, but it will get better once you apply the powder eyeshadow.

The gloss will help your shadow take longer and get more pigmented.

9. Use Body Butters

You can use body butter to get eyeshadow to stay on longer.

They will help to keep your eye makeup in place and nourish your eyelid skin at the same time.

Just spread the product on the eyelids and apply the eyeshadow on top.

Prefer raw body butter creams or lipstick format, as they are easier to apply.

How To Get Eyeshadow To Stay On Longer?

10. Hydrating Creams

how to get eyeshadow to stay on longer with a moisturizer? Does that work?

This might not work for those with oily skin, but there is hope it may work for normal to dry skin folks.

For this, you can use a rich cream which will make the eyes a bit wet.

Apply the moisturizer to the lids and apply the eyeshadow on top before the cream dries completely.

How To Get Eyeshadow To Stay On Longer Final Takes

Today I shared with you some tips on how to get eyeshadow to stay on longer.

Some methods are pretty counterintuitive such as applying an eye primer, but others are quite unusual, such as using a gloss.

Anyway, the most important thing is to test and try and see what works best for you!

That’s it guys, if you want to talk to me, you can reach me on Instagram by accessing @themakeup.insta 😀 See you soon!

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