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How To Prep Eyes For Eyelash Extensions?

How To Prep Eyes For Eyelash Extensions? The way you prepare yourself for getting lash extensions matters.

In this article, I am sharing with you some important things you should have in mind before getting your lashes done!

Let’s get started!

How To Prep Eyes For Eyelash Extensions Summary

If you are in a rush, here’s the quick reference list of dos and don’ts while preparing for your appointment:

  • Make sure eyes and face are sparkling clean
  • Take shower and wash your hair before application
  • Remove contact lenses
  • Quit waterproof mascara three days before appointment
  • Avoid Oil Based Cosmetics and makeup
  • Don’t use face creams and sun protector
  • Choose to do facial treatments before your appointment
  •  Avoid Caffeine And Energy Drinks
  • Pick A comfy Outfit
  • Remember to go to the toilet before so you won’t interrupt the process

Research & Brainstorming

How To Prepare Eyes For Eyelash Extensions

The research and brainstorming phase is very important so you won’t want to skip it.


Do you really want and or need to apply for eyelash extensions? It is time to ask yourself these questions. 

You need to get informed about all the pros and cons of having eyelash extensions, learn the aftercare and how your routine will change after that.

It’s important to know that from now on, you will have to be more careful and always look after your new lashes.

This way they can last longer and avoid possible infections that may occur on the way. 


I like to say that the research phase has two parts. The first one is to find an eyelash style that you love.

The second one is to find the right and the best lash studio that is reputable and serious.

During your research, have in mind that it is not just putting anything to your eyes.

Have in mind you should choose a style that suits your eye shape, lifestyle and the message you want to pass to the world.

Decide the material your lashes should be, the curvature, are you more basic? 

So, you can opt for the classic eyelash extension. 

If you want a bolder look, you can choose between the hybrid and Russian eyelash extension.

You can also decide on what color you want, the length, and things like that.

While you are making your decision, it is important to look for some friend’s referential.

Visit a few lash studios, and talk to the professionals, so they can also indicate what type of eyelash would suit you better based on your eyes and personality.

Also, have a look at how clean they look, and the surroundings to double-check if a particular lash studio is a perfect fit for you.

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How To Prep Eyes For Eyelash Extensions?

How To Prep

Congratulations! You have made up your mind about what eyelash you want and have made your decision to do it.

But How To Prep Eyes For Eyelash Extensions? This is what we are gonna talk about in the next lines.

Washing Your Eyes

Eyelash Extensions

It is not a novelty to you that you should wash your eyes before getting your lashes done.

But be careful because there are certain types of cleansers that should be avoided, such as certain lash shampoos that contain alcohol.

Some can use primers as an option as it contains less alcohol which is enough to sanitize your lashes before application.

But the best option is to use an alcohol-free Eyelash Extension Foam Cleanser Shampoo.

Look, I am not saying you shouldn’t use lash shampoos, because they can be very useful during the aftercare.

But it is best to avoid certain shampoos prior to application because they contain alcohol that may dry out your lashes and skin, depending on the product you use.

This is because the lash bond still needs a little bit of moisture to provide a better hold.

And if your skiing and lashes are too dry it may take longer to dry out and may affect the final configuration.

A good tip is to use an oil-free alcohol-free, mild foaming cleanser to remove oil excess, dirt, and impurities.

Take A Shower and Wash Your Hair Before Appointment

Prep Eyes

Avoiding water is an important part of aftercare, especially in the next 48 hours.

It is a good idea to have a good shower prior to your appointment and then have a shower again only the next day.

Is not that you cannot have a shower after getting your eyelash extensions done, I am not saying that.

It is just a nice commodity, once you have to avoid getting water splashes or accidentally wet your new lashes.

Remove Contacts

Make sure you are not wearing contact lenses during the lash applications as it may implicate irritations and discomfort.

Some people wear contacts every day that is almost second nature. So take a note, leave a reminder and take your contacts off.

Quit Waterproof Mascara Three Days Before Appointment

When you wash Waterproof mascara it may still leave residues even if you clean it very well.

To avoid any further problems and to assure your lashes will be completely clean.

Be on the safe side and make sure to suspend waterproof mascara at least three days prior to your appointment.

By doing this, you assure you won’t have possible problems with the lash glue.

Avoid Oil Based Cosmetics 

Avoid using oil-based eye creams, serums at least three days before your appointment.

For the same reason we advise you to quit waterproof mascara, it will be easier while applying the lashes.

If you feel that you really need to hydrate under your eyes, give preference to oil-free eye cream.

Don’t Use Face Creams And Sun Protector

Make sure you remove all facial creams and sun protectors before your appointment.

Once again, this will assure you don’t hair excess oils on your face which will contribute to maintaining the glue bond.

Do Facial Treatments Before 

If you like doing facial treatments, it is a good idea to do it before your eyelash extension appointment.

If it is not possible to do your facials before, some professionals recommend waiting at least 48 hours after the application.

I would wait for longer just to be on the super safe side. Maybe three or four days after.

Avoid Caffeine And Energy Drinks

Many people can be wide awake and some get even more energy after drinking coffee.

Don’t even need to say energy drinks can leave you ready for any party.

However, for your lash appointment, you better avoid these kinds of drinks.

Firstly you are going to be in a relaxing position, almost lying down for a while.

This tells us that you should be able to sit down and relax your moment, without moving too much.

Drinking coffee and being energetic can also make it difficult for you to keep your eyes closed and your eyelids relaxed.

If you love coffee, you can definitely have a cup of it after your appointment, no problems!

Pick A comfy Outfit

Pretty much for the same reason, we listed above, a good reminder to help you relax and assure the best experience possible.

Use a comfy relaxing outfit so the time will pass and you will not even notice it.

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