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How To Set Makeup Without Setting Spray Best Tips!

In Today’s post, let’s talk about how to set makeup without setting spray. Here’s a step-by-step list of what I do when I don’t have a setting spray (but still have a primer and a moisturizer).

How To Set Makeup Without Setting Spray Best Tips!
  1. I Wash my face with facial soap.
  2. And apply an oil-free makeup primer
  3. Apply a lightweight moisturizer or facial lotion.
  4. Apply sunscreen when needed
  5. Use my foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, and/or powder 
  6. Spray thermal water on my face

Washing our face eliminates all the excess oil and impurities that may prevent our makeup from lasting longer. 

Additionally, adding primer and moisturizer will create a layer of smoothness that facilitates the foundation to blend on the face while helping it to sink in, staying in for longer.

Lastly, I love using thermal water when I don’t have a setting spray because it unifies and blends all makeup, making it look much more natural. 

Will This Substitute Setting Spray?

This will do a good job of creating an excellent makeup finish. Ensure not to apply too much; otherwise, you’ll ruin your look. However, I must admit that even after all, the makeup would last longer if you added an extra layer of setting spray at the end.

How To Set Makeup Without Setting Spray Best Tips!

Alternatives To Setting Makeup Without Spray

Setting Powder

Settling powder, an excellent option for oily skin, eliminates the dewy effect that moisturizers and foundation can leave. For this, have a brush or a dump sponge to gently apply the product on the face or in the areas you feel are oily.

Witch hazel

Another tip is to dab witch hazel on your face before applying makeup, which can reduce excess sebum and the appearance of pores, consequently helping the makeup last longer.

Thermal Water

Thermal water is used for skin hydration and even skin cleansing. It is interesting to apply it before makeup to prep your skin, but you can also use it, as I shared earlier on, if you spray a little bit of it after makeup. 

Facial Mists

Even though facial mists will not work as a setting spray, they can (pretty much like thermal water) prep your skin, which will consequently help the makeup to stay a little longer.

Use Beauty Blender

I have also noticed that my makeup lasts longer using a beauty sponge instead of fingers and brushes. I feel that it helps the makeup sink in better for some reason. 

How do you set makeup naturally?

In the following lines, I’m bringing 5 DIY setting sprays that are quick and easy to do. They may act somewhat like a setting spray, helping you naturally settle your makeup with ingredients you can find in your kitchen.

Natural DIY Makeup Setting Spray Alternatives 

1. Aloe Vera Spray

Aloe vera is an excellent ingredient for all skin types, especially those with oily acne-prone skin. It is antibacterial anti-inflammatory and will protect your skin while setting your makeup.

You only need to mix aloe vera gel with distilled water (you can also use thermal water). You can use the natural aloe vera or the gels you can find in the beauty store.

2. Rose Water Spray

Rose water is calming, relaxing, and anti-inflammatory, ideal for all skin types, and susceptible to sensitive skin. It is also anti-aging and anti-acne.

Add rosewater to a sanitized spray bottle for this recipe, and add vegetable glycerin and Leucidal Liquid SF. Then shake it well for mixing, and voila!

3. Flavored Water

To make your makeup favored water spray, use distilled water and add a few slices of fruits and vegetables, for example, cucumber, aloe vera gel, or peppermint sleeves. Give it a nice shake, and you are good to go.

4. witch hazel water

This recipe is most suitable for those with oily skin, and avoid it if you have dry or sensitive skin. Add a little witch hazel, then two tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Add distilled water until it fills the spray bottle and shake it well.

5. Coconut Water Spray 

When you live in a tropical place (or are visiting), you can spray coconut water on your face, bringing many nutritional values to the skin, such as hydration, nutrition, anti-aging, and antioxidant protection.


2. Can I still have my makeup all day without using setting spray? 

All makeup artists advise using setting spray to help your makeup to stay all day, so if you want it to last longer, it is best to have a dedicated product for that.

However, with the alternatives I shared here, you can still have long-lasting makeup, but not as long as it would be by using the setting spray. 

3. Can I use water instead of setting spray?

Pure water is not the best substitute for setting spray, which may mess up your makeup. Instead, use one DIY recipe I shared in this article for better results.

4. Can I use hairspray as a setting spray?

No, as hairspray is not designed for skincare, it may contain ingredients that are not compatible with your facial skin.

5. How Often Should I re-touch makeup when I don’t use the setting spray?

From my experience, you can re-touch the blush after three hours and the concealer after 5 hours. It will depend on the makeup type and climate conditions so that it may vary.

6. Can I use Baby Powder as A setting spray?

Baby powder should not be used as a setting spray because it may cause allergies and is not best indicated for facial use.

7. Can setting spray dry my skin?

It is possible to feel the skin getting dry after using setting spray because many of these products may contain alcohol, which is dehydrating and irritative.

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