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How To Take Care Of Skin Under Eyes [Easy Guide]

Your under eye skin deserves a special touch of extra care. In this article you’ll find a practical guide, teaching you how to take care of skin under eyes.

How To Take Care Of Skin Under Eyes [Easy Guide]

Starting Your Routine

If you are wondering how to take care of the skin under your eyes, keep in mind that you need to hydrate the area and be really gentle while applying any product.

We’ll get into these topics later on but for now, here’s what you can have in mind to get started:

  1. Moisturize day and night
  2. Use sun protection 
  3. Cold compress
  4. Do facial massage
  5. Use DIY home made recipes (extra step)
How To Take Care Of Skin Under Eyes [Easy Guide]

How To Choose Your Eye Moisturizer?

It is important to be conscious what type of products will be the best to treat concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, thin and dry skin, sagness and related issues.

A good way to treat your under eye skin is to maintain an antioxidant skincare routine to prevent or minimize wrinkles and fine lines, dark circles.

For this, you can look for products that contain vitamin C to neutralize free radicals, make the skin firmer and cleaner and prevent cell oxidation.

If you already have skin texture problems around the area, another tip is to use products that contain Retinol, that will stimulate skin renovation, minimize signs of aging and sagness.

A good suggestion is to choose eye cream products that contains at least two ingredients from the list I am placing below: 

  • Hyaluronic acid – Is great for hydration and stimulates the natural protection of the skin’s barrier. Great for all skin types especially for dry skin,
  • Vitamin B5 – Is regenerating, great for sagness, redness, irritation, renews, protects and strengthen the skin,
  • Caffeine – Improves blood circulation in the eye area and is great for those with deep dark circles.
  • Retinol – Stimulates skin cell renovation and delays the sights of aging.
  • Ferulic Acid – Delays and minimize signs of aging and is great for firming the skin around the area
  • Niacinamide – Is calming, hydrating and improves the synthesis of ceramides in the skin,
  • Vitamin C Is antioxidant, whitening active that normalizes the production of melanin. It’s great to treat dark circles.

Popular Ingredients Table

Fine Lines Dark CirclesPuffiness
RetinoidVitamin CAloe Vera
Vitamin C Vitamin ANiacinamideCamomille 
PeptidesCaffeineVitamin C
Hyaluronic AcidcucumberGreen tea
ceramidesarnica extractVitamin E
Popular Ingredients Table
How To Take Care Of Skin Under Eyes [Easy Guide]

Choose Your Texture (Cream, Serum, Gel, Oils)

Most dermatologists will say that the choice of the texture may vary depending on your skin type. Dry skin people tend to pick creamy textures while oily and combination skin will adhere better to fluid textures such as serums.

In my case, for example, as I feel my under eye skin is so sensitive and can get irritated very easily, I prefer using oils because it’s so easy to apply and requires almost no pressure.

I say these because some creams are so thick that you need to apply a little pressure to spread, and I can tell you this minimal pressure can irritate my skin. 

Sun Protection 

Forget not to protect your under eye skin from the sun and UV rays. This is an important step that will help you delay signs of age and skin cancer. A good option for that is to pick an aye treatment with SPF protection to go out during the day.

You could use normal sunscreen for that, but the under the eye area is very sensitive, for this reason it is a good idea to invest in an actual eye cream that contains SPF rather than using your traditional sunscreen. 

Cold Compress

Cold compress will help improve blood circulation. In addition it can help release tension and pain in the area, dryness and swallowing. By constricting blood vessels, you will also treat dark circles, puffiness and bags.

Anything cold will do it such as a frozen bag, ice cubes, frozen eye mascara and so on. I love the frozen eye mascara and the frozen glass eyeballs. Just use it once a day for continuous results.

Facial Massage 

One minute daily facial massage will already bring lots of improvements. If you cannot do it every day, try to do a facial massage at least two times a week. 

YouTube video

Firstly apply a nice facial cream serum or oil on cleansed skin, and do circular movements around the eyes with your finger tips. This simple technique is already great.

  1. With the pink nail start from the inside out, from below the inner eye corner all the way to the outer corner. 
  2. Gently Tap the under eye area, with the point and the middle finger (alternating between these two fingers)
  3. Slide the pink finger from the inner corner making a 360 degree movement all around the eye area.

Additionally, you can use tools such as gua sha or facial rollers which will help you with professional results. If you don’t know which tool to pick, I advise you to use a facial roller which is super easy and safe for everyday use.

DIY home made recipe

I truly believe in the power of home remedies be it for the hair, face and so on. In this section I’m sharing two simple recipes that I tried myself and simply loved, because they work!

Coffee & Olive Oil

This recipe is antioxidant, camping, anti-inflammatory and can help you delay fine lines. To do this, you will need one tablespoon of coffee grounds and ½ tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil. 

Mix everything together and apply onto the area, doing a little massage in circular motion. Leave it for at least 30 minutes everyday until you see results.

Camomile Tea Ice Bags

Camomile is great for calming the under the eye area, reducing bags and dark circles. To this, just make your normal chamomile tea and leave the bags in the fridge. Then, place the bags on the eyes for a while and voilá!

Habits That’ll Help To Take Care Of Skin Under Eyes

Drink More Water 

Drinking water will keep your body and skin hydrated, leading to a better skin appearance. So, don’t waste time and run to the kitchen, grab your glass of water and remember to do it regularly!

Relax and Sleep well

Stress and sleepless nights go hand in hand with dark circles and wrinkles. If you are tired and stressed, your skin won’t be able to retain the nutrients you need. To relax and sleep, try guided meditations which you can easily find on Youtube!

Reduce Salt

You already know that salty food can cause liquid retention. With that, salt can enhance swollenness all over your body, including around the eye area.

Cut Off the Alcohol

Alcohol can also cause liquid retention, dehydrate your body and cause many harms to the skin. So, cut the alcohol and drink plenty of water instead!

Avoid Too much makeup in the eye are

Sometimes I have to stop using concealer and eye makeup altogether because even though I am very gentle while applying my makeup, the friction while adding or removing makeup can wear out the area.

Final Takes 

How to take care of skin under eyes? In this article we learned that we should take proper cleansing, hydrate the area with creams, gels, and even use DIY recipes to help you treat fine lines, dark circles and eye bags! 

If you have questions, suggestions and would like to share your experiences, please feel free to use the comments section below and share your thoughts! I will love to hear from you!

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