Kerastase Cleansing Conditioner Review

If you are looking for a Kerastase Cleansing Conditioner Review you are in the right place.

In this article, I am sharing with you my honest report after emptying two bottles of this low poo conditioner cleanser.

Is it really worth it?

What Is The Kerastase Cleansing Conditioner?

You probably know what low poo is, but I am gonna refresh those who don’t remember or don’t know.

A no-poo conditioner cleanser is also known as a co-washer that can be used between the actual shampoo.

They are not as abrasive as the traditional shampoos and are supposed to be sulfate-free and free of petroleum derivatives.

Long story short, these kinds of shampoos are designed to leave your hair not as dry as normal shampoos.

They also claim to reduce frizz, bouncer hair, and nourished hair fiber.

Key Ingredients

According to Kerastase the list of ingredients of their products is constantly changing, so it is better to check this list on the product body for more accuracy. 

But we can still talk about the key ingredients so we can understand better what to expect from this product.

Kerastase Cleansing Conditioner Ingredients

Let’s take a look:

  • Pro-Keratin + Elastin: Gives strength to the hair, elasticity and discipline
  • Low poo technology: Cationic and amphoteric surfactants: Gently cleanses removing impurities
  • Conditioning agents: lipid compounds that hydrates and leave hair softher

How To Use Kerastase Cleansing Conditioner?

This is a two step process. On their website, Kerastase says you need to apply it twice for better results, and so I did.

  1. Apply on the roots and rince
  2. Apply on the entire hair and leave it for 5 minutes before rinse thoroughly all the product

In the beginning, I would apply the product directly to the scalp but I noticed that I had better results when I diluted the product with a little water.

I do this because it is recommended to do it with traditional shampoos. 

I tried both ways, with and without diluting water and I noticed it was a little better when I diluted.

You can try yourself and see what works better for you. Maybe it’s just my impression, so try this out to see if it works.

Now, apart from that, here is how you can apply this product for better results:

Kerastase Cleansing Conditioner

Step 1 Root Application

Apply 4 to 6 pumps of the product on the scalp and gently massage it in circular motions. Then you can rinse it thoroughly.

Step 2 Double cleanse

After the first rinse, I like to apply it on the roots again and extend the product all the way to the ends.

I do 3 to 6 pumps, in my case it is more indicated to have 6 pumps because my hair is long and voluminous.

But if your hair is not so long or not so voluminous you can stick with 3 to 4 pumps.

Then you should wait 5 minutes with the product on the hair.

After that, I prefer to move to the hair masque but depending on your hair type, this product alone may help.

I normally like to divide the hair into sections and apply the product section by section to make sure it is evenly applied. 

How Often Should I co-wash?

If you shampoo your hair once a week, you can use this cleansing conditioner once or twice between shampoo.

For example, if you shampoo your hair every Saturday, you can co-wash on Wednesday.

Some hairdressers advise using it twice a week. Try it out yourself and see what works better for your hair.

Kerastase Cleansing Conditioner

Texture And Consistency Kerastase Cleansing Conditioner Review

Now let’s talk about the texture and consistency because I think there are a few things I’d like to share.

The texture is creamy like a hair masque or a normal conditioner and is easy to apply.

Like most co-washers, it won’t lather that much, but even though I like foaming products, it does foam enough to make my hair feel cleansed.

I know specialists say that lathering and foaming don’t really do good things for dry hair.

But I got used to some foaming.

Apart from that, the product is easy to rinse out, it doesn’t feel that you need to be underwater for longer minutes to remove all the product.   

The Kerastase Cleansing Conditioner Promises

The Kerastase Cleansing conditioner is part of the Kerastase discipline line and promises it all. 

As the name says, this conditions and cleans your hair at the same time, reducing frizz and defining curls (or waves). 

In sum, here is what are the promises:

  • 2 in 1 that cleanses and conditions the hair at the same time
  • Hair detangling while applying 
  • It is Anti-frizz, so expect frizz reduction
  • Softer smoother hair
  • Bouncy defined curls or waves
  • A more disciplined hair
  • More hydrated and stronger hair
  • Shinier hair

Wow! That’s quite a lot to expect from the Kerastase Cleansing Conditioner. Right?

I am not going to lie. I was really sold. I definitely put too many expectations on this product.

But, where my high expectations met? Is it all true?

Is The Kerastase Cleansing Conditioner All Of That?

Kerastase Cleansing

The Kerastase Cleansing Conditioner is a good product but I have a few considerations to make.

Firstly, I need to say that I love Kerastase and this is by far the best hair care brand in my opinion.

But not all releases are perfect for my hair, which is normal, nothing is 100% perfect.

As I said, the Kerastase Cleansing Conditioner is a good product but the story did not end up and they said it would.

I have curly, voluminous, dry, frizzy undisciplined hair and what they said this product would do to me gave me so much hope, maybe I created too many expectations.  

In sum, I didn’t regret buying this product, as I had some degree of satisfaction with it.

And I confess that I purchased it twice just to make sure I was right in my conclusion.

The question is, can really a cleaner conditioner do all that to your hair?

It is just a nice product, and maybe if your hair is wavy and just slightly undisciplined, you may have more success with it.

If your hair is really curly, dry, undisciplined, and voluminous, you may get a little frustrated, as this product alone will not be enough.

But let’s break down the promises in more detail. I’d like to talk about each aspect separately.

Hair Detangling

I noticed it helped my hair detangling in the shower. I normally use a large wood comb which makes it a lot easier.

Just remember that if you use a large comb of any kind, certify that the end of the teeth is somewhat pointy and not rounded.

Believe me, it will make detangling even easier.

Is It Really Anti-frizz?

Short Answer: Not for my hair.

I think that it is not possible for curly hair to get 100% rid of frizz unless you style it with heat and even like this, it’s possible to still experience it.

I don’t get annoyed if my hair is a little frizzy on the top of my head, I’m not that kind of person. 

No judgments if you are, I used to be like that but with time I started to accept it’s part of life.

On the other hand, it really bothers me when I tie my hair and it looks like all the wind was blowing on me.

The other day my neighbor had the courage to ask me if I didn’t comb my hair.

My hair was so frizzy it looked messed up even after detangling it.

If your hair is in a situation like that, this cleansing conditioner alone will not solve your problem.

It didn’t reduce any frizz in my head.

Did My Hair Get Softer And Smoother? 

To Some extent, yes. I didn’t notice great or amazing improvements, but I need to say it got a bit softer.

I noticed I have better results when I use it in conjunction with a hair mask. 

But when I use it a lot, I don’t think it delivers that much softness and smoothness.

 DId It Leave My Hair Bouncy With Defined Curls?

In the same way, I shared on the lines above, I will have to repeat myself here.

I can agree it left my hair bouncy to some extent but I am not sure if curls were more defined because of this product.

Once again, when I used it alone, I didn’t notice that much of a difference once my hair dried out.

While it was still wet, it looked great but once it got dry, it was bouncy but curls were not so defined.

But, I noticed better results when combined with a hydration or nutrition hair mask.

Kerastase Review

Did My Hair Get More Disciplined?

For this part here, I can definitely say no. My hair didn’t get even a bit more disciplined.

Well, it looked great when it was still wet but not disciplined at all after drying out.

But I cannot blame this product for this, because most products won’t manage to do it, as I have very voluminous hair. 

If I want discipline, I need to aim for hair straighteners.

I believe that if your hair is wavy and slightly curly you will benefit better from this conditioner.

Did My Hair Get More Hydrated?

I will not say that hair got super hydrated but I am not saying either it didn’t.

I noticed my hair was a little more hydrated than how it would be with certain shampoos.

But anyways, it was not enough to wow me in that sense.

Afterward, my hair was still dry when I used this product alone.

I need to say (again) that I noticed better results when using this product with a good hair masque.

Did It Get Stronger?

This is hard to measure, I would say, but when I use Kerastase in general, I experience less fall and breakage.

So I suppose hair got stronger because despite the frizz I didn’t notice extra falling while using this product.

Did The Hair Get Shiny?

Despite all that, my hair got shinier. Still dry but shinier indeed. I don’t know how that happened, but it did.

I had the frizz and it was dry but I could notice the shine and that hair was bouncy.

So, How To Get The Most Benefit From It?

So far, in this review you could see there are lots of controversies about this product.

But This is not really a bad product per se, as it delivers some performance to some extent.

From my experience with frizzy, dry hair, it didn’t hit all my expectations when used alone.

But it is not the end of the road, because when combined with other products, it can perform better.

So, to get the most of this product, you should use it with other complementary products, regardless of your hair type.

For example, the best way I found that delivered me the best results, was by using this Kerastase co-washer with the Kerastase Discipline Oil Relax Hair masque.

Kerastase Products

Actually, the Kerastase Discipline Oil Relax Hair masque goes well with anything so you will enjoy it.

In sum, the Discipline oil relax leaves my hair super soft and hydrated and even with less volume.

When combined with this co-washer. In the end, I like to finalize with the Kerastase Elixir oil or the Moroccanoil.

This combination assures me with less frizz and more hydration and the hair feels and looks amazing.

If by the end of a ritual like that I decide to straighten my hair with a flat iron, the result is stunning.

My hair gets super extra shiny and stays straight for 2 weeks with ease. 

Kerastase Review

Who Is This Product For? 

The Kerastase cleanser conditioner is designed for curly and wavy hair. 

It is ideal to treat frizzy, dry undisciplined hair, be it curly or wavy.

From my experience, talking from the curly hair side of the line, I believe that those with wavy and slightly curly, slightly dry hair will benefit the most.

If your hair is really voluminous and really dry, this product alone will not resolve your problem.

As we discussed before, if this is your case, you may need to add some extra products to your hair washing day, like hair masques and oils, and other finalizers.

Final Thoughts Kerastase Cleansing Conditioner Review

In this article, I am opening here my honest review, where I tell you exactly what happened to my hair after using the Kerastase Cleansing conditioner.

In sum, I shared with you how my hair responded to it and what is the best way you could make the most of this product.

In this Kerastase Cleansing Conditioner Review, I shared how I was expecting too much from this product but it didn’t really meet all my expectations.

However, I found good ways to still use this product and still achieve good results after all.

These conclusions were taken after purchasing this product twice, so It was not based on first impressions.


Kerastase Cleansing Conditioner Review is written by Patricia and I have purchased the product myself.

All that was stated here is based on my own testing as a part of my hair diaries reviews.

I am not receiving anything from the company to write this article.

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