Kerastase Curl Shampoo Review: The Manifesto Curl Line

In this Kerastase Curl Shampoo Review, we are talking about the Curl manifesto line.

I have purchased a bunch of hair products, but I was super excited with this line because according to Kerastase, this is the most powerful curly hair product they have.

I have tried this shampoo a few times and now I’m sharing all about it with you.

Let’s get started!

Kerastase Curl Shampoo Review Summary

Kerastase put all the efforts to highlight this is a product ideal for those with curly to very curly hair but also suitable for wavy hair.

As my hair is curly, voluminous, dry, and has a lot of frizz, I decided to give it a try.

NOTE: I am planning to write about the entire line but for this article, we are going to focus on the shampoo.

To test it out, I washed my hair a few times only using the Kerastase curl manifesto shampoo and finalized it with a styling cream.

The final result was great, even when I didn’t use a hair masque. I was stunned.

The reason I liked it so much was that the hair got extremely soft.

My hair also got really bouncy. It did not reduce hair volume, and I think it was not designed for that.

But it was easy to detangle the hair and I noticed the hair got really shiny, so this stuff works.

Kerastase Curl Shampoo Review

Now, let’s talk about hydration

My hair definitely got more hydrated with Kerastase manifesto curl shampoo but I need to say it was still dry.

Do you know what I mean?

My hair is really very dry and I wouldn’t expect a shampoo to take care of it alone. 

So after applying a detangling styling cream, or the Kerastase Curl manifesto gelee, I noticed it was more hydrated.

I have the feeling this shampoo treated my hair fiber in a way I have never seen.

On top of that, my curls were really defined and bouncy which gave me very malleable hair.

Smell & Texture

The shampoo has a kind of pearl color and a soft and slightly creamy texture. 

Kerastase Manifesto Curl Shampoo texture

You just need a little bit Of the product and it is powerful enough to wash your entire hair.

It lathers so I like it because I can feel my hair is clean and purified. 

Kerastase Manifesto Curl Shampoo texture

The smell is amazing and is by far the best smell you can find on Kerastase products.

I saw on the Kerastase website that the smell originates from the petals of glowing tuberoses.

It also contains fresh notes of Frangipani flowers and White Musk and honey.

It is sweet and very pleasant. I love it.

If you open the shampoo bottle, you will notice that the smell invades the surroundings, but it’s suave at the same time.

About the Kerastase Curl Manifesto Bain Hydratation Douceur 

This is a hydrating shampoo, sulfate, and paraben-free, ideal for any curly hair routine.

The name is really fancy, but I can say the product is really fancy as well.

It is a luxury treatment, a bit expensive but worth the time and money you spend on it.

In some places, it can cost $35 Dollars, depending on your area, but I like to see it as an investment in my hair.

Key Ingredients

Kerastase Shampoo Back

This time, Kerastase invested in Manuka Honey and ceramides as the protagonists of this line.

Manuka Honey comes from New Zealand and is great for your hair. 

According to Kerastase’s official website, it is rich in minerals, nutrients, and natural sugars.

Manuka Honey can be a great ally of your hair by sealing moisture and leaving it hydrated.

Another benefit Manuka Honey can give to your hair is an intense shine, softness, and frizz reduction.

In addition, your hair fiber will be stronger and stop breaking.

Ceramide on the other hand, makes a perfect combination with Manuka Honey.

Ceramide is a type of oil that can be found in your hair cuticle. It keeps your hair protected and stronger longer.

Here are some benefits you can get by using hair products with ceramides:

  • Shiny Smooth hair 
  • Restoration and reparation
  • Hair texture improvement

What To Expect From The Manifesto Curl Shampoo?

Kerastase Curl Shampoo Review

This Kerastase curl shampoo is very gentle and will clean your hair and still let it hydrated. 

Not always products that contain paraben are bad but in the case of curly hair, it can dry it out even more.

In sum, here is what you can expect from this shampoo:

  • Hydration
  • Frizz control
  • Curl Definition
  • Bouncy hair
  • Shine
  • Improves Hair texture

Let’s talk about each one of these promises and how this shampoo performed on my hair.


I can tell that my hair got hydrated and for a shampoo bath, and without the usual hair masque or conditioner, it did a great job.

However, I cannot tell you that my hair was 100% hydrated only by using this shampoo alone.

What I am saying here is that shampoo does much better than any other shampoo I tried, including other Kerastase shampoos.

This one is slightly better than Kerastase vita cimentè shampoo, which was on the top of my list until I tried this one.

Now Vita cimentè went down to position 2 while this one got the position one.

My hair is too dry and I was not expecting a shampoo alone to hydrate it but I was quite surprised that It was not dry as other times when I used other shampoos.

But, apart from that, I noticed that when I finalized with styling cream, it got well hydrated.

Frizz Control

I was absolutely amazed how it controls the frizz on my hair, and this is the only shampoo.

Two days after my washing day, I was almost frizz-free. 

I used a styling cream and a little bit of oil as well and was really amazed by the results.

For better results, use this shampoo with a good conditioner or hair masque.

Don’t forget your finalizers, such as a detangling cream, or a good quality oil.

Kerastase Shampoo

In the image above, I have less frizz. There are still some baby hairs, which doesn’t bother me.

Even though baby hair is still there, the texture is also improved, so it is ok in my opinion.

Curl Definition 

They are right when they said this shampoo will let our curls be well defined. 

I don’t have much more to add here, just agree with them. 

I believe if you have wavy hair, you will also benefit from it because it may define undefined waves as well.

Softness & Shine

This is one of my favorite parts of this review because if there is something that I can’t agree more is how soft my hair got.

My hair just got really soft and bouncy and smooth. It was so malleable since its first usage.

I Agree as well that the hair gets shinier. 

Improves Hair Texture

Another expectation that was met. This is definitely true that this shampoo can improve hair texture.

I started to notice this improvement the second time I washed my hair and every time I washed it improved more and more.

How To Use The Curl Manifesto Shampoo?

Kerastase Curl Shampoo

According to Kerastase, you can just apply it on wet hair, wash it and rinse thoroughly.

Start by applying a little amount of the product on the scalp to then approach the length until the end.

A good recommendation is to avoid rubbing the hair from left to right. 

I like to apply on wet hair and leave it there for at least 3 minutes before washing.

You can do it if you have extra time, but according to the official brand, it is not necessary.

I also like to dilute shampoo with a little bit of water, because sometimes, applying the shampoo directly to the hair may cause damage.

They also recommend, if you have dense hair, to divide your hair into sections to facilitate the process.

This shampoo is very gentle and is formulated for everyday use, so if your hair is oily and you need to wash it every day, you do it.

Who Can Use This Shampoo?

The Curl Manifesto line is designed for curly, very curly, and coily hair. In fact, it will be great if you have any type of curl, including wavy hair.

“Bain Hydration Douceur Shampoo cleanses all curl types and coils. Specifically, for curly hair (types 2A-3C, loose waves to soft curls), very curly hair (types 3A-3C, tighter curls to corkscrew curls), or coily hair types (types 4A-4C, tightly coiled to z-angled coils).” 

Kerastase Curl Shampoo Review Conclusion

In this Kerastase Curl Shampoo Review, I shared that I truly loved this shampoo.

It let my hair soft, bouncy, with defined curls. It left my hair hydrated and I can say this is one of the best shampoos I tried.

With all these great things, you can potentialize the results with great hair masques, conditioners and finalizers.

It is totally worth it and I recommend it! 


This article reflects my own conclusions after purchasing and trying the product myself.  

I have not been contacted by Kerastase and have not received any product mentioned in this post.

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