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Kerastase Initialiste Review

In this kerastase Initialiste review, I am sharing with you my real life experience. You can also learn more on this kerastase initialiste video:

I am huge fan of Kerastase and I get really excited when they launch something new.

Kerastase Initialiste Hair & Scalp concentrate is certainly not new by now, but I tested this Kerastase hair and scalp profiler right when it was launched.

kérastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate Review

This Kerastase Initialiste Review will be of course a first impression, but also some serious opinion from what I experienced after a long time of use.

For those who do not know it, Kerastase Initialiste advanced scalp is part of a line of kerastase hair and scalp treatments and aims as well to improve the texture of your hair.

Basicaly kerastase initialiste advanced scalp treatment, prevents hair loss, improve hair texture (as I mentioned) and promote hair growth.

Kerastase Initialiste Review Video

Does Kerastase Initialiste Work?

That’s the question I want to answer here, so you can make better and more conscious decisions while deciding what to get for your hair: does Kerastase Initialiste work??

In the beginning, I must say, I thought I had lost my money. I used and I did not see anything special happening.

Of course I was not expecting my hair to grow overnight but I was expecting at least to see some improvements on the texture of my hair.

Time passed and as I had spent so much on this, I decided to carry on with the treatment and for my surprise, it started to work.

In this way, I can say yes it works, but not straight away. You will need to be a little patient.

In my case, It started working after I used more than 50% of the Kerastase Initialiste bottle.

Kerastase Initialiste Before And After

I also want to share in this Kerastase Initialiste review, my before and after experience.

Kerastase Initialiste Review

Before my hair was fine I must be honest here. Is not that I needed this product to rescue my life but the results after using it were amazing.

The effects are gradual and as I mentioned before it will take time until you notice the first results.

I started to see my hair reaching a length that I had never experienced before. It was already long, but after kerastase initialiste I was able to experience more hair growth.

I also noticed improvements on the hair texture. I don’t have exact words to describe, but it became more soft and shinier and texture was improved, for sure.

Kerastase Initialiste How To Use

Kerastase Initialiste

Now we came to a very important part of this Kerastase initialise Review. You must by now, be asking yourself: how to use Kerastase Initialiste?

You can use Kerastase every time you wash your hair, after shampoo. If you wash your hair every day, you can apply it every day.

If you wash your hair 3 times per week, you are going to apply it whenever you wash your hair.

The process is the following:

  1. wash your hair normally
  2. Apply your conditioner or hair mask and rinse (optional)
  3. With clean hair, divide your hair in sections and apply the dropper
  4. Make sure that you drop the kerastase initialiste all over your scalp
  5. Gently massage your scalp with your fingers
  6. finalise as you wish!

After these steps you can apply hair finalisers or you can now move for the normal steps you would take to blow dry your hair.

And this is it! Have you ever tried Kerastase Initialiste? What do you normally use to help your hair to grow faster? Let us know on the comments below!

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