Kerastase Solid Serum Review

Hey ladies, in this Kerastase Solid Serum review, I want to share my impressions about this kerastase pomade and if it is worth or not to spend around 34 Euros in this little thing.

I bought this Kerastase Solid Serum around two years ago, so this Kerastase Solid Serum review is no longer a first impression, but a real review where I can tell you with precision.

Oh gosh, I remember I bought it on the 31st of December. I rushed to the shopping mall in the afternoon hoping to find something that would help my hair to look amazing for an important party that was going to happen latter for new years eve.

I remember that I was so cheerful and relieved that I found it so I was sure I was not going to be let down. Were I right? Let’s see…

Kerastase Solid Serum Review First Impressions

Before I carry on, I think is important to talk about the first impressions as well, right?

And continue with the preparation for this important new years eve party, I carried on back home to wash and blow dry my hair.

The moment came to apply the Kerastase Solid Serum. The effect was satisfactory but I was so excited that I applied so much product that I thought the hair was a little heavy. Now, what happened next day was very interesting.

The hair was not the way I imagined and how I wanted it to be for the party, even though everybody said it was flawless. But inside my head I new it could be better.

But on the next day when I woke up, I was shocked! The hair was AMAZING! What the heck????? It should have been like that yesterday!! But I was still soooo glad that I was getting the great result that I wanted.

Each day the hair would get better and better. I was really in love.

Kerastase Solid Serum Review – Along the days

Kerastase Solid Serum Review

After that I learned the first lesson. To get the best results, I should apply just a tiny bit of the product and it will be enough.

As I mentioned before, the hair got amazing. The texture of the hair gets different. It looked healthy, shiny. It also helped with discipline, I got rid of the frizz and fixed the ends.

Kerastase Solid Serum Review – How to use

Now this is the part of the kerastase solid serum review that you are gonna know exactly how I applied it.

First of course I washed the hair, applied a hair mask and proceeded with the blow dry.

After all, I learned that the best way to apply it is by gently rubbing your finger on the past and spread the product with the other fingers and apply it on the entire hair.

It is important not to exaggerate for better results, and you do not have to apply it every day. I would normally apply it two or three times a week and depending of the hair, once a week might be enough.

Kerastase Solid Serum Review Before and After

Kerastase Solid Serum Before and After

And because I want to share with you the results, I am going to share this photo that I tool from my mom.

This day I blowdried her hair and took a picture of the before and after. You can see on the left side is her hair washed. The I proceed with normal blow dry process and after all I finished with the kerastase solid serum.

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