Keune Vital Nutrition Mask Review

In this keune care vital nutrition mask review let’s talk about empties beauty/ hair products.

I am gonna share why this mask won me over, and you too can benefit if you are looking for a hair revival.

I have tested this Keune vital nutrition mask as well as other Keune hair masks and this is on my top 2 from Keune.

Keune Care Vital Nutrition Mask Review

The Keune Care Vital Nutrition in my opinion is the best mask, out of 4 masks that I have recently tested from Keune.

My hair is curly and voluminous and really dry and the two things that my hair needs the most is hydration and nutrition.

This Keune hair treatment is a nutrition hair mask which is very powerful so it is not indicated for all hair types.

If your hair is already very hydrated and super healthy shiny, you probably don’t need this one.

When To Use Keune Care Vital Nutrition Mask Nutrition?

As I mentioned before, this Keune hair mask is for nutrition. 

In other words, use it only if your hair needs nutrition. Otherwise, you don’t need such a powerful mask.

That being said, you might be asking how do I know if my hair needs nutrition?

Here are the signs your hair needs nutrition:

  • It is extremely dry and opaque
  • Iis breaking out easily
  • It needs shine and has split ends
  • Weak hair
  • Porous or danified

If your hair is only dry and opaque but it is not really breaking out and your ends are ok, you can still use it.

In my case, my hair was only dry and breaking out a little. I still could notice a bit of shine and the ends were ok. 

I need a lot of hydration, but I noticed that this mask worked better than the hydration mask.

It is nice to intercalate, one week you use the keune care vital nutrition mask and another week you use a hydration mask.

A nutrition mask is more intense than a hydration mask and delivers nutrients deeper on the hair fiber.

Keune Care Vital Nutrition Mask Review: The Promises

Keune Care Vital Nutrition Mask Review

The keune hair mask vital nutrition is an intensive mask that repairs your hair and leaves it soft.

This Keune hair mask also gives vitality to dry and or danified hair. 

If your hair is unruly and hard to comb, it is going to leave it soft and easier to detangle.

It contains vitamin B5 that hydrates and leaves hair flexible and malleable.

vitamin B5 also revitalizes the capilar fiber and improves your hair texture since the first application.

A good thing is that It transforms your hair from inside out and the more you use the better your hair becomes.

Does Keune Care Vital Nutrition Mask fulfil the promises?

Yes it does. I could notice that my hair was softer and I also noticed a lot of shine. 

Have also noticed some frizz reduction and hair got super easy to detangle and style.

I have also noticed a lot of improvement on my hair texture. 

I didn’t have a serious problem with  split ends but I still have noticed improvements on my ends.

How To Use Keune Care Vital Nutrition Mask?

Keune Mask

I don’t recommend using hair masks everyday as it is going to weigh down your hair and give the contrary effect.

In my case, I used this keune hair mask treatment once or twice a week and you just need to leave it on the hair for 3 minutes:

  1. First wash your hair and take off the excess of water
  2. Apply the Keune Care Vital Nutrition Mask on the hair length
  3. Wait for 3 minutes and rinse out thoroughly 

In the beginning I liked the idea that I should only wait 3 minutes with this mask.

But I also doubt 3 minutes would be enough to condition the hair deeply.

I decided to give it a chance anyway. I did not regret it. 

This mask works better than many masks that you need to wait 8 or even 20 minutes to see the results.

Not to mention, that because this is a super quick mask, it is a life saver when you are in a rush.

Keune Care Vital Nutrition Mask Review: My First Impressions

My first impression of the keune care vital nutrition mask was really good since the first application.

In the first application I noticed this keune hair treatment was different from the other ones I was testing at the moment.

Here are the other Keune hair masks that I tried:

  1. Keune Keratin Smooth Hair Masque
  2. The Keune Curl Control Hair Mask
  3. Keune Satin Oil Hair masque

From these products, the ones that I had instant results in were the Keune care vital nutrition and the Keune Keratin Smooth Hair Masque.

As I continued using the mask, I noticed a progressive improvement, volume control and softness.

When I will Start Seeing The Results?

Keune Care Vital Nutrition Mask Review

In the first application I started seeing great results. My curls were really defined, and hydrated.

I also really liked the malleability of the hair even after hair got dried out, I still feel the hair texture got improved.

After 3 weeks of using it twice a week, I started to see higher improvements on my hair, especially with the frizz.

I could notice a lot of frizz reduction, but a good tip is to use a great hair oil, such as moroccanol or kerastase oil.

This is going to make your hair look even more fabulous.

Keune Care Vital Nutrition Mask Review: The verdict

If you have opaque, super dry, and in desperate need of help, the Keune Care Vital Nutrition Mask is perfect for you.

Also, when you have curly hair like me as well, even if it is damaged, you could easily go for this treatment.

In the case you have straight hair, but it is kinda dry and opaque, my suggestion is to try the keratin smooth mask.

Which is still very deep, but less deep than the Keune Care Vital Nutrition Mask.

If you have curly hair but it is already hydrated and just needs a little adjustment, use the curl control mask.

Now if you ask me if I will repurchase the Keune Care Vital Nutrition Mask, the answer is yes.

My pot is empty already and I am just finishing testing a bunch of other masks I have bought to purchase it again.

Keune Hair Mask Review First Impressions In General

Keune Care Vital Nutrition Mask Review

This was not my first experience with Keune hair masks. I remember my first time was when I was a teenager.

At the time, I had the courage to do a hair relaxer, which is a chemistry, and you know, chemistry can go really wrong sometime.

That was my case at the time and I got really sad because my hair suffered a chemical cut.

If you don’t know what chemical cut is when your hair breaks really close to the roots. 

After a while I had all these mini hairs all over the top of my head, which was not my ideal of fun.

My mom decided to bring a super good hairdresser in my city and they worked with keune.

The idea is to treat my hair one week with keune and another week with Lanza, for a period of 2 months.

At the end of these 2 months, my hair was another hair, the texture was improved, the fiber was restored.

Hair grew longer and the mini hair was not spiking up any longer. I was pretty happy with the results.

But time passed and I stopped using keune. Many years passed and I remembered this episode and decided to try it again.

My Return keune treatment mask

After many years, I remember how Keune treatment masks did a great job with my hair restoration.

I decided to try it again.

I tried about four different keune masks and there two of them that I am going to repurchase.

They are the Keune Cera Vital Nutrition Mask and the Keune Keratin mask.

Just to be more specific, the Keune Cera Vital Nutrition Mask was the best I tried.

Keune Care Vital Nutrition Mask Review Conclusion

In this keune care vital nutrition mask review I shared with you how I liked this masque.

We have also described what type of hair condition is suitable to use this mask, as well as how to use it.

I have also shared with you how I started using it, and how I decided to use it again after many years. 

Now, I’d like to hear from you! Have you ever tried this keune care vital nutrition mask?

If yes, how did you like it? If not, what are the masks that you are using now, if any?

Leave your answer in the comments below and I will be super happy to reply. 


This keune care vital nutrition mask review is not a sponsored post and I have not received any kind of incentive for writing this article.

This keune care vital nutrition mask review is part of a my diaries series, and is based on my own experience and impressions about this product.

I was not contacted by the company to write this keune care vital nutrition mask review and opinions are my own.

I haven’t put any affiliate links at the moment, but may consider putting it in the future.

In case I add affiliate links to this review, I may earn commissions from amazon without any extra cost for you.

Even in this last case, this has no relation to anyone from this company requiring me to do so.

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