Large Pores Treatment: How To Get Rid Of Them?

If you have large pores and suffer because of it, keep reading because here you’ll find good large pores treatment you can try today. 

We know this is a recurring problem, especially for those with oily skin, but anyone can suffer from it at some point.

Large Pores Treatment

Factors that contribute to facial pores:

  • Pollution
  • Excess oleosity
  • Free radicals
  • And sunburn may contribute to facial pores dilatation.

It is also common that with the aging process, the skin can lose elasticity and pores can become more prominent.

Genetics can also be a hereditary factor for some people that cannot help but experience enlarged facial skin pores.

Not to mention that some products and makeup can cause clogged pores, acne, and dilate pores.

The good news is that there are lots of large pores treatments out there, and special makeup and products that will help you with that. 

In this article, you will learn How To Get Rid Of Big Pores and get flawless skin for sure.

How To Prevent enlarged facial pores?

Quick Tips

  • Give preference to water-based products
  • Clay mask is a great at home treatment
  • Usecharcoal facial mask as well
  • Avoid excess of sun exposure and use SPF protection

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Here you can find simple, yet powerful tips to help prevent large pores. 

Large Pores Treatment

1. Cleansing

If you suffer from large pores, it is important to do a proper cleansing every day.

Get a gentle cleanser that’s specific to your skin. 

Normally, large pores are more prominent on oily skin, so make sure to find a good anti-oleosity and nourishing cleanser.

For better results, clean your skin twice a day.

Remember to get oil-free cosmetics and makeup, and try to find non-comedogenic products that won’t clog your pores.

You can check the product box and look for the terms:

  • Non-comedogenic
  • oil-free, non-acneic
  • won’t clog your pores. 

Another tip is not to use lukewarm or hot water as it will dilate your pores and make them look more vivid.

Instead, use cold water because it will help close your pores and leave your skin more illuminated.

After washing your face, it’s nice to use an alcohol-free tonic to get glowy nourished skin.

How to get rid of big pores?

I have oily skin and sometimes pores get large in summer, and I can tell you, using a tonic makes the difference.

Also, remember to exfoliate once or twice a week, with a gentle exfoliator for the face.

Quick Tip: Products that contain aloe vera are great, as aloe vera is anti-inflammatory and can give you a special glow, it protects your skin from acne.  

After cleanser always remember to keep the skin hydrated use creams with vitamins and minerals.

A good tip is to get lightweight cream formulas, as well as gels, serums. 

Apply Tonic Adstringent

We have talked a bit about tonic, right? I love them and I’m sure you will too.

They are great to use if you have enlarged pores because it removes impurities that were left after cleansing.

It also regulates the skin pH, which helps prevent inflammation and acne.

In addition, tonic will prepare your skin to receive the respective treatment that will be enhanced.

As I mentioned before, I can see that tonic makes a difference on your skin. Just remember to get alcohol free products.

How to get rig of large pores?

There are many tonics in the market, but you can also make your own natural tonic.

For example, you can use apple vinegar to make a great tonic that helps you remove dead skin cells, even skin tone, clear sun scars and may help with cicatrization.

Apart from that a good organic apple cider can remove excess of oleosity, dirt, impurities and makeup that was leftover. 

Apple cider face mask is Antiseptic, Anti-bactericidal, natural, cheap and quick to make.

If you have oily skin, mix one part of vinegar with one part of water and apply it with cottonwood.

Exfoliation To Remove dead skin cells

Large Pores Treatments

Dirty skin means that your pores will get enlarged, accumulating pollution and the rest of the products that can cause clogged pores and acne. 

Exfoliation will provide you with a deeper cleansing, removing dead skin cells.

You can do your exfoliation at home, once or twice a day. Use a gentle facial exfoliator and gently massage your face in circular movements.

You can also invest in acids, such as adapalene, tretinoin, salicylic acid, glycolic acid.

These products will renew your skin and leave it irradiant.

Special Care For Oily Skin

If you have oily skin or have the tendency to it, it will be more probable your pores will get large at some point.

So adopting an anti-oleosity skincare routine will help you minimize and sometimes get rid of pores.

If this is your case, the tips we have talked about so far will be a great starting point.

Look for products that contain astringents in the composition such as salicylic acid.

get rid of large pores


Once you invest so much time and effort with cleansers, tonics and exfoliators, it can take off all the natural oils and leave the skin tight and opaque.

Remember not to forget 🙂 about hydration so your skin can be nourished.

Make sure to find lightweight oil-free moisturizers. You can also opt for hydrating gels and serums. 

Use Sunscreen

Sunburn can cause damage to the skin that will enlarge your pores.

It is ideal to use it every day even when it is raining and gray outside. 


It is ok to wear makeup just make sure to use light products, a good tip is to use mineral makeup, with SPF protection.

Using heavy makeup may not allow your skin to breathe well so give preference to light consistency that allows your skin to breathe.

Make sure to remove it really well and never sleep with makeup as it will clog your pores and enlarge pores.

reduce large pores

How To Cover Up Enlarged Pores?

Use Primer

A primer can be a good friend as it can seal the pores and prepare your face to receive foundation.

It evens imperfections and helps conceal the pores making it appear minimized.

You should use a primer before the foundation. Nowadays there are tinted primers that allow you to ditch the foundation for a more natural look.

Give preference to primers that are specially created for pore minimization.


Foundation can help you conceal large pores temporarily but nowadays there are foundations that also treat your skin over time.

Make sure to use lightweight breathable foundations that are oil-free, non-comedogenic, and use SPF UVA UVB protection.

Top Treats For Enlarged Pores

Clay Masks

The clay mask purifies the skin, controls excess oil, and helps with pimples.

It is astringent, removes toxins as toxins, and leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Green clay is great for skin that’s oily as bentonite and kaolin control oleosity. 

In addition, it is nourishing, anti bactericide, antimicrobial, which is great to keep the skin protected.

Crystal Peeling

The crystal peeling treatment makes a light exfoliation that minimizes pores, acne scars, and inflammations. 

It also boosts skin collagen which is anti-aging, helping with fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin younger and firmer.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels improve the appearance of large pores, remove dead skin cells and treat acne and inflammations.

If you are looking for firmer and younger skin, this peeling will also boost collagen, bringing to evidence the softer skin underneath.  

You can try, for example, the Salicylic acid peeling (Beta hydroxy acid), which evens skin tone, is anti-aging, and closes pores.

This is great for your skin health, as it unclogs pores, treats acne, is anti-inflammatory, and improves skin texture.

Pulsed light

Pulsed light is a great large pore treatment that works gradationally reducing pores and controlling oleosity and improving skin texture.

High-Frequency Skin Therapy

It’s a tool that liberates electricity that in contact with the skin releases ozone which decreases pore size.

This treatment is great for large pores, are healing and anti bactericide.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments such as CO2 rejuvenate and renew the skin cells. For this reason, it is highly recommended to treat serious acne.

This treatment is really powerful and penetrates deep into the skin derm. It can also treat scars and signs of aging.  

Large Pores Treatment Final Thoughts

The advice you will find here is efficient daily skin care routines that will help prevent and decrease pore size.

We know the best possible way to treat large pores is to look for a dermatologist. 

But in this meanwhile, there are many treatments at home that you can try out when pores appear.

If the problem persists, then there is no other way around. 

A dermatologist will be able to give you the best advice dedicated to your own skin. 

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