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lash Line Enhancement 101: Your Ultimate Guide

What is Lash Line Enhancement?

If you like semi-permanent makeup, this “tattoo” type traces a thin line along your lash line area, giving the impression that you have bigger and bolder eyes. 

Can Anyone Do Line Enhancement?

Lash Line Enhancement Before and After
Lash Line Enhancement Before and After / IG Credits: @madisonrparkercosmetics

There is no apparent contraindication unless you have hyper-sensitive skin or allergies to the ink used. Please talk to your preferred beautician for personalized advice.

Benefits and Risks of Lash Line Enhancement

Lash Line Enhancement Before and After
IG Credits: @meganxbrows

Pros & Benefits

  • Eye definition, bolder eyes, and look. Not to mention that you can swim and sweat without worrying about having panda eyes.
  • It’s convenient as you won’t need to worry about doing your makeup. You wake up like a diva!
  • Because it is a semi-permanent procedure, it will probably fade away with time, so you will eventually get rid of it if you don’t like how it looks on you.

Cons & Risks

  • Semi-permanent makeup can take months to fade away, which can be annoying if it turns out to be out of your expectations.
  • Redness and swelling may occur right after the procedure, which is temporary.

Lash Line Enhancement vs. Eyeliner Tattoos

Lash Line Enhancement vs. Eyeliner Tattoos
Lash Line Enhancement vs. Eyeliner Tattoos / IG Credits: @pjbeautyandbrow & @beautem_beauty

Many people may think lash line enhancement is the same as eyeliner tattoo, but it is not. While Lash line enhancement is a subtle trace around the lash line, eyeliner tattoos will cover larger areas and are usually bolder in many cases.

Take a look at some key differences:

Lash line enhancementEyeliner tattoo
Enhances only the lash lineIt can be applied in more extensive areas
It has a more natural effect; many people may not even notice it It can be a more dramatic, more intense look
It’s less invasive ( as the pigmentation is deposited between each line)It is more invasive as a proper line is traced on the area

How is the procedure performed?

Firstly, the professional will apply topical anesthesia to ensure everything will be fine. Instead of tracing a complete line, they will do various fine dots between your lashes, leading to a more natural enhancement.

What pigment is used for lash line enhancement?

Lash line procedures should be performed with high-quality pigment formulated explicitly for cosmetic tattooing. Apart from that, the clinic or studio should offer a variety of shades that will match your skin tone and desires.

How long does a lash enhancement treatment take?

Even though this can vary, the lash line enhancement section usually takes one to two hours to complete.

It may also depend on how intense you want the line to be and how you can bear any discomfort.

What does the procedure feel like? Does it hurt?

Some patients have reported feeling a slight pressure or vibration, which is very tolerable. Does it hurt? I would not say it hurts entirely, but you may feel a little discomfort.

NOTE: Some girls avoid performing these treatments during the menstrual period, as it can make them more sensitized and susceptible to pain. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Between $200 to $800 per session. It depends on the area you live, as well as other factors as professional experience and saloon expenses.

What To Do Before My Appointment?

Here is a quick list, but always reach out to your favorite professional for personalized advice:

  • Avoid lash growth serums, chemical peels, laser treatments, botox injections, perm lashes, tanning;
  • If you are wearing lash extensions, make sure to remove them seven days before the appointment;
  • Talk to the professional to discuss possible allergies and medical conditions;
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and blood-thinning medications
  • Never do it right before important events
  • Use a comfortable clothing
  • Wash your hair before the appointment, so you don’t need to do it right after it.
  • Do not wear contact lenses during the session

 What happens right after the procedure?

  • Right after the treatment: possibly mild swelling and redness for a few days. 
  • First week: The pigmentation is still very vivid
  • Second Week: The pigmentation starts to fade a little 
  • Weeks 3 and 4: The color will begin to normalize and become more natural

Healing Process

The healing process usually lasts 7 to 10 days, and you may experience scabbing, flaking, and slight fading. At this point, you must follow the aftercare instructions.

After Care Instructions

  • Avoid touching and rubbing the area
  • Also, avoid washing it too much and excessive sun exposure
  • Use a gentle cleanser 

What makes my cosmetic tattoo last?

If you follow the aftercare instructions, you are already helping maintain your lash line’s longevity. Also, avoid using oil-based products in the area as it may accelerate the fading process.

Factors that Affect My Cosmetic Tattoo

  • Oily skin tends to have a hard time retaining the procedure for longer
  • Smoking
  • Too much sun exposure
  • If you bleed during the process, it may affect its durability 

Will I need a touch-up?

Some people may not need or want a touch-up; however, the pigmentation may fade within 30 days. In this case, you should touch up if you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use eyelash extensions?

You can use eyelash extensions after your procedure. Ask your professional when you should do it, but you can usually do it two weeks after it is done.

Can you do Lower Lash Line Enhancement?

You can enhance the lower lash line, which works like the upper line procedure.

Can I wear makeup after the procedure?

Yes, but please wait for the healing phase to finish, which usually takes one week.

Can I swim or go to saunas?

The recommendation is to wait 48 hours before engaging in such activities.

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