Louis Vuitton Dupes: Best Look Alike Bags

Louis Vuitton Dupes: Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags, also known as Louis Vuitton dupes, is a great alternative to look chic on a budget, right?

In this article we are bringing to you what we believe to be the best LV Dupes, more precisely, the best Louis Vuitton designer dupes bags.

Let’s dive right in.

Best Louis Vuitton Tote Bag Dupes On Amazon (Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags)

Here we have a list of the top 7 best Louis Vuitton Bag dupes, based on amazon rates. I think you are gonna love these LV bag dupes, they are just adorable.

NOTE: Please leave us a comment below to tell us what you think and if you have found a Louis Viutton bag that is so awesome, but we haven’t listed it here, please share it with us in the comments section.

1. Women’s Soft Faux Leather Tote Shoulder Bag from Dreubea, Big Capacity Tassel Handbag

Our first look alike Louis Vuitton bag has a four star mark on Amazon, based on 23,642 plus ratings.

Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags

This look alike louis vuitton bag is made out of faux leather, is very resistant, spacious and ideal for those who love to have everything handy.

As I said, this is a big bag. It Sizes Approximately. L 14.1 x H 11.8 x D 4.3 inch.; handle drop length approx. 9 inch. 

This bag is ideal if you want to hold an ipad, charge for your phone, wallets, your favorite books, makeup and so on.

This bag is very classy, and can be used to go out during the day, to go to work, school or university.

NOTE: If you are intending to use this bag to carry on books, make sure not to use it to carry heavy books as this is not the function of this bag.

This LV bag lookalike, and is available in more than 45 colors, which you can choose. I have no doubt There will be a style for you.

2. Women Fashion Handbags Wallet Tote Bag Shoulder Bag Top Handle Satchel Purse Set 4pcs

Our second Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags, is a bit similar tour first option but it comes with three other classy bags, for a very affordable price.

Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags

The  bags that are included in the kit, are made out of quality synthetic leather fabric and polyester lining.

The material is very resistant and the reviews on Amazon are great. It has more than 9 thousand reviews and it is almost a 5 star.

The tote is large but not so large, but you can fit your phone, Ipad, even a small laptop. It is perfect for your own use but also great for gifting someone you love.

It is indeed a great quality bag for a very good price, you will like chic, classy and expensive for much less.

The set comes with four bags in total. The tote which is larger, is ideal for work and college, the medium size is perfect for everyday situations.

All bags have great reviews with the exception of the small card holder, not that this is bad but it could be improved a little.

Apart from that, the other bags are really great as they look like a high end fashion piece. You can find them in more than 25 colours.

3. COCIFER Purses and Handbags for Women Shoulder Tote Bags Top Handle Satchel

Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags

Our next Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bag is almost a five-star on amazon and has more than 3.300 reviews.

You can find it with more than colours which will for sure fit your style. It doesn’t look exactly like an LV dupe, but it has traces that were inspired by such.

The material used for this bag is High Quality PU Leather and the texture is really good. 

This bag has a large capacity. You can fit an ipad, a small laptop 13’, notebooks and things like that, so it is an ideal size to go to work, school and university.

The space inside is very well distributed, there are inner pockets that are going to help you keep organized.

This purse isn’t so heavy (1.5lb), so it is going to feel very comfortable. I think this is important as I can’t stand to hold a heavy empty bag.

It comes with a removable shoulder strap which allows you to choose which style you want to adopt depending on your look.

The shoulder strap is also adjustable and the size is of approximately 49 inches that can be used crossbody.


  • Seems like many people have complained about the smell when this bag arrives

4. DASEIN Women’s Handbags Purses Large Tote Shoulder Bag Top Handle Satchel Bag for Work

The next Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags is also a tote. It doesn’t really carry a similar Louis Viutton bag pattern (pretty much like the other bags we saw so far).

Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags

However the shape of this bag is very inspired by Louis Viutton totem design, that I find to be real pretty.

This Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bag is made out of vegan saffiano leather (PU), which is cool. I really prefer to buy faux leather products, because of environmental causes.

So if you are into this as well, I am sure you are gonna love this. Apart from that, this is a very high quality product.

This Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bag is a 4.5 stars on Amazon and  counts with more than 3.600 reviews. Most of the reviews are really positive.

This  Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bag is part of a stylish collection that counts with 28 different colors.

One good thing is that this Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bag comes with a small purse, that’s actually a wallet.


  • Some people complained about the inner fabric of this bag

5. Kurgool Women Purses and Handbags Top Handle Satchel Shoulder Bags Messenger Tote Bag for Ladies

The next Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bag, which is also tote, is chic and pretty and very versatile as well.

Best Dupes on Amazon

You can use this LV dupe as a shoulder purse, as a handbag , as a tote, crossbody bag and look great on many different looks.

Once again, this tote doesn’t have the same pattern as the Louis Viutton bags, but the shape and design is very similar.

This is a high quality bag, made out of PU Leather, which is very durable and strong for a very affordable price. The inner material is Polyester.

This is a classic design bag, that is ideal for many occasions, including college, work, days out and other everyday situations.

The shoulder strap is removable, and if you don’t want to use it you can carry the bag from the handle without problems.

The approximate size is 11.81L * 8.27H * 5.12W inches (31cm*23cm*13cm), which is very spacious and allows you to carry all your belongings without stress.

This bag has 18 different styles, and if you are not sure about the quality, it is almost 5 stars on amazon, based on more than 2.200 reviewers.

6. MICOM Casual Signature Printing Pu Leather Tote Shoulder Handbag with Metal Decoration for Women

Chick Bag Dupe

This Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bag looks pretty similar to the original but not so similar. The pattern is a bit different, but you still can feel how it is inspired by the big brand.

This toten is almost a 5 star on Amazon, based on more than 1.700 reviewers. People are loving the quality and precticity of this bag.

The material is of high quality and it is made out of faux leather, 100% Pu Leather. With various compartments, you will have enough space to organize and carry all your stuff.

Another good thing is how it is lightweight, perfect for caring on novels, ipad, small laptops and so on.

7. 2E-youth Designer Purses and Handbags for Women Satchel Shoulder Bag Tote Top Handle Bag

Bag Kit

This 2E-youth Designer Purse is a set of five Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags. Yes, that’s right it is a set of five bags that costs $38,99 dollars.

The set of five bags contains one larger tote bag, one boston bag which is a bit smaller, one crossbody bag, one clutch bag and one card bag.

They look not only amazing but they are very resistant as well. It is a 4 stars on Amazon, based on more than 1.440 reviewers.

The large tote bag can hold a 14 inch laptop and tablets, a4 documents, books, even shoes. The medium shoulder bag can hold an umbrella, cosmetics, and medium items.   

One great thing about this set of bags, is that you have a 100% money back guarantee or you can ask for a replacement, if you find any problem with the bags.

On amazon you are gonna find this set of 5 bags in 22 different colors, I am sure you are gonna find the perfect style for you. 

If you are a lover of the animal cause, you are gonna love this bag as well, as it is made out of smooth faux leather.

With this set I am pretty sure you are gonna look great for any look you put together for the different occasions.

8. Lovematch Women Fashion Synthetic Leather Handbags Tote Bag Shoulder Bag Top Handle Satchel Purse Set 4pcs

The Lovematch Women Fashion Synthetic Leather Handbags is a set of four backs for a very affordable price.

3 Black Bags

With only $41.99 dollars, you bring home four high quality bags that will make you look chic for much less.

This set of Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags, are very popular on Amazon. They are almost five stars based on more than 1.060 reviewers.

These bags are really resistant as well. Their exterior revestment is made out of Synthetic Leather, while Polyester revests the inside.

If you are thinking about having these bags, you can be sure to carry on all your needs as they have well divided compartments.

9. Pahajim Women’s Pu Leather Tote Purse and Handbags Set Satchel Shoulder Crossbody Bag 4pcs Clutch Wallets for Ladies

This bag set contains four bags, and in my opinion, this is the set of bags that Look alike Louis Vuitton Bags the most.

3 black bags

I love the texture of these bags, they are pretty, classy which will make you look chic without breaking the bank.

You can find this set of Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags in four different colors, which are balck, royal blue, cream color and golden.

Set is formed by one large tote bag, a small hand bag, a smaller handbag with crossbody shoulder strap.

These bags are well divided by compartments meaning you are gonna have your stuff well organised.

These bags are very durable and they are a 4 star on Amazon, based on more than 700 reviewers. 

In my opinion, these bags are super pretty and I have put it on my wishlist. The reason I haven’t purchased them yet is because they don’t deliver to my area!

Now tell me what do you think about this bag? Remember to use the comments below to share with us if you have purchased it and how you feel about them.

10. ZENTEII Women Nylon Jacquard Handbag Tote Purse

This Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bag looks a lot like a Louis Viutton bag. It doesn’t look exactly the same especially the pattern, but still 

Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags: Small Shoulder Strap Bags On Amazon

So far we have talked about tote Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags, right? Now let’s take a look at some small shoulder strap LV dupes bags.

11. ANT EXPEDITION Small Quilted Crossbody Bags for Women Stylish Designer Purses and Handbags with Coin Purse and Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Bag Dupe Black

This small crossbody Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bag, looks a lot like the original Louis Vuitton bag. They are also as pretty as the original one.

This  Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bag is made out of high quality pu vegan leather, so if you are a fan of the animal cause, you are gonna love it.

To be honest, I would never buy the originals, because I don’t have the courage to purchase real leather, because of the animal cause.

Sure I respect who prefers to buy real leather, but if I can choose I sure will go for the vegan leather.

The bag is really soft and the stripe is removable and comes with a little coin bag which is really handy.

Even though this bag is classified as ‘small’, I don’t think this is so small. Of course this  Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bag is not as large as a tote.

 But it is large enough to let you carry most of your stuff without problems.

This bag you can find in three different versions. It is in black, white and cream color, I would get all three versions because they are really cute.

This LV Dupe is perfect to be used in all occasions. You will for sure look chic for less and very elegant.

Dimensions of this bag: Dimensions: 10.2×6.6x 3.0 inches.Round coin purse size:3.6*3.6inches.

How To Find Louis Vuitton Dupes On Amazon

Guys, let me tell you something. While I was doing my research to write this article, I tried to type Louis Viutton Dupes on Amazon search bar.

This was interesting to see that not many obvious results came up. Meaning, that if you are looking for the exact replica of LV bags, you are gonna have a hard time finding it over there.

If you look for fake LV bags, you are not gonna find it on amazon. However, there are ways to find products that are similar, but not exactly the same.

Even when I was looking on Pinterest, there are articles that are featuring fake LV bags with amazon links and these links are not working anymore, because Amazon has taken this type of product off.

What should you do then if you are looking for Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags?

While looking for Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags, you can just type for Louis Viutton bags on the Amazon search bar, and you will find a list of original bags.

The trick is to go to similar items right down below, and you may be able to find similar bags. The problem is that there are not many options.

Also, these bags are difficult to find but with a little bit of patience, you should be able to find some key pieces.

Or you can save this article and check it from time to time, because I may be updating this article soon with the Best LV Dupes on Amazon.

What Does Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags, LV Dupe Mean?

LV Dupes are the same as Louis Vuitton bags, as simple as that. But we need to talk a little about dupes in general.

LV dupes are not the same as fake Louis Viutton bags, as dupes are not the exact replica of these big brands.

Designer Dupes can be anything: a bag, a piece of fashion, a watch, anything really, that has a design that is inspired by big brands but doesn’t look exactly the same.

If you stop to take a look at the Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags that we featured here, they are very inspired on Louis Viutton bags but there are in fact great differences at the same time.

Still taking our bags for example, the logos are different, there is no allusion or intention to show that you are wearing a Louis Viutton bag. 

However, the look and feel is that you are wearing a very chic and sophisticated bag that is giving you a Louis Viutton vibe. 

Is It Wrong To Buy Dupes Of Louis Vuitton Bags?

No it is not, as long as you understand the concept of a dupe. You will probably see many articles out there with the title ‘Best Louis Viutton Bag Dupes’, right?

So far so good, the problem is that some blogs are promoting fake LV bags as LV dupes. This is not true.

Fake bags are illegal and support the industry of falsification that can be often time dangerous because may involve slave work and support to other illegal situations.

A dupe in its essence, is a product that is inspired by a brand, that may contain traces of these brands, but it is clear from the distance that this is another product.

This is what I am bringing in this article (Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags: Best LV Dupes). 

I am bringing to you bags that have the look and feel of Louis Viutton bags but they are pretty obvious from the distance that they are only inspired products.

LV Dupes Dupes Vs. Counterfeits: What Is The Difference?

We have talked about it already, but I think it is important to make it super clear. LV Dupes are Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags.

These bags are inspired by Louis Viutton original bags, but they are not a replica, right?

Another point to bring up is that dupes are legal to buy, counterfeits however are illegal and we encourage you not to use LV counterfeits.

What Is The Problem Of Buying Counterfeit products?

Guys, I am not going to go too deep in this subject here, but there are a few problems about buying counterfeit (aka fake) products.

Firstly, there is the risk that the money made by these types of businesses may be used in illicital projects, such as human traffic and things like that.

But also if you think about it, it is not fair with the original brand, that should not have their products copied in a way that looks like an exact replica.

We should use good sense. In my opinion, it is ok to wear a dupe, because what is beautiful can be used as an inspiration.

Also it will allow people to have a very good look and feel, if they can’t afford the original or if they just don’t have to pay for it.

But it is still good to be honest enough not to pretend to be using such a product pretending it is original.

Are LV Dupes & Designer Dupes legal or Ilegal?

Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags or Louis Viutton Dupes, and any other bag dupes, are not illegal. What is illegal is to buy fake bags that copy 100% of the original.

In the case of LV dupes displayed in this article, you will notice that they are not the exact replica and that they carry their own brands.

By purchasing and using these bags, you will look chic and very fashionable, pretty much as if you were wearing the original bags, paying much less for it.

However, you are not going to pretend that you are using a product that you are not using in reality.

Why Would Someone Buy Louis Viutton Dupes?

It is simple. Maybe you cannot afford to pray four thousand dollars for a bag. Maybe you don’t want to buy animal leather products.

There are some people that want to buy Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags to see if they like the style before stepping out to purchase the original ones.

Maybe you just want to save money and still look expensive, chic and fashionable. There are many reasons to buy Louis Vuitton designer inspired handbags.

Wherever reasons you have to buy a Louis Viuton bag dupe, know that it is totally ok and many people think just like you.

The most important thing is to feel good about yourself, be it with a high or low budget, to do your best to maintain your personality, be with an original or a Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bag.

What are the Louis Vuitton Amazon Dupes Called?

Amazon is not providing contrefaits LV bags anymore. You can find some similar Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags, that are inspired by the brands but they are quite not the same.

If you type Louis Vuitton Amazon Dupe on Amazon search, nothing is going to come up. I think they are being very restrictive to make sure they are not infringing the law.

What you can do however is to look for original Louis Vioutton bags, select a product and once you get on the product’s page, you can roll down to similar items and you will find similar items.

This is going to be the case not only if you are looking for Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags or Best LV Dupes on Amazon, but for other brands as well.

I can tell you that this search is not going to be so easy, and it may take a while to find something that is quite similar.

It is not easy as it used to be to find Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags, but you can still find somewhat similar bags that will for sure help your look become chic and stylish.

How To Spot A Fake Louis Vuitton Bag?

I think it would be nice to add here to this article a quick section just to clarify how to distinguish a fake Louis Viutton bag from an original one.

There are a few different ways to identify if a louis vuitton bag is genuine or fake. Here’s a quick guideline:

1. The material of the original will be obviously much higher than the fake ones. The first thing you can test is the touch.

Touch the bag. The original Louis Viutton bags are soft and smooth. The fake ones on the other hand feel rough and hard to the touch.

2. These bags come with tags but they are never pinned or attached. They are placed imputed into the bag.

3. Colors are more vivid

4. Perfect polishing finish 

6. Avoid buying the original bags on retailers that are not reputable, online shops that you don’t really know about.

If I were to buy a product like this, I would try to find an original certified physical shop or on the website of the griff.

Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags Conclusion

Hi guys I hope you have made till this end and have found some good options of Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags.

I am sure you are gonna look fabulous by wearing any of these bags. Before we finish, I may tell you that these dupes don’t look exactly the same as the original ones.

This is a good thing, because we have understood so far how dangerous it is to buy counterfeit and fake products.

Buying fake products is unethical and illegal. 

The bags we have here however, are designer inspired and have the same look and feel, even though they differ a lot from original Louis Viutton bags.

I hope you liked the bags and would love to know your thoughts. Please leave your comments on the comment section below for suggestions as well.

Look Alike Louis Vuitton Bags Disclaimer

Hi everyone, I would like to disclaim that this article contains affiliate links that I may earn a very small commission if you purchase these products, without any extra cost for you.

Leave Your Opinion, Suggestions and Comments

Guys, I will love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to send me your comments, with questions, thoughts and suggestions. 

If you want to talk to me today, for business queries and guest postings proposals, you can do it by visiting my about page!

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